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How to Select the Best Free Website Builder

I’ve already reviewed 50+ online website builders and what I’ve learnt so far is that it’s impossible to agree upon the best free website builder ever. Some platforms work better for small businesses, others are meant for webstores, while some are targeting both the end user and entire design agencies. It all depends on your needs, experience and budget.

As you may have seen from the homepage, I offer my own rating of site builders which is based on my personal experience. My background and expectations may differ from yours, so take this rating with a pitch of salt. My award of five stars for a super flexible site builder that opens up the codes doesn’t mean that people who expect to find a simple, drag-and-drop interface will also enjoy it.

Today, I bring you a bit different rating. In this post I will list some of the site builders which offer the most feature-rich free plans, as I’m often asked which is the best free website builder through the comments on my website.

Tips on Selecting the Best Free Website Builder Software

Choosing a site builder is a very important step. Your website’s look and performance will directly depend on the chosen web service.

So take your time to do your homework and find the site builder that suits your needs best.

  1. Know your needs. Once you have a blueprint of your future website in your mind, you’ll see which site builders don’t work for you, and which can be a good option.
  2. Read user comments and testimonials. Check out the official blog and/or forum of the chosen site builder to see how satisfied the audience is. Forums will show you the most common issues associated with the site builder.

Important: Even though you’re looking for a free site builder, pay attention to the paid add-ons. These will become crucial when your business grows and gains more clients.

So, now let’s see at the 5 most popular website building software that allow to create a website for free:

#1 Wix

I like this platform for its incredibly intuitive interface. With Wix you can create a website and go live in mere minutes! Another strong side of Wix is their rich collection of beautiful designs – there are hundreds of templates in over seventy industry categories.

How to Select the Best Free Website Builder

Wix is a versatile site builder – you can create literally any kind of site with it, thanks to the rich Application Market that provides access to both Wix-made and third-party widgets that you can add to your site with a few clicks.

Take a look at these Wix-powered website examples, handpicked from users comments and Wix’s official site.

Cons: You can’t change the template midway through the editing process.

Pricing:  A free ad-supported version; ad-free Wix sites start at $8.50/mo.

#2 uKit

In my opinion uKit is one of the easiest DIY website builders, developed with small businesses in mind. You may choose from hundreds of templates created by professional designers. The designs are divided into a number of categories, each of them featuring texts, images and set of pages specific for a certain business niche.


What I liked the most is that you do not need to be a Guru of Coding, just drag and drop widgets and blocks around the page to create a unique website pattern, and edit content in the visual mode.

Take a look at some websites made with uKit.

Cons: free-plan absence. But your website will be active for one year since your trial period is expired.

Pricing: three premium plans. The cheapest one – Premium, includes almost all uKit’s features (except custom code injection and some templates) for only $4/mo ($5/mo if you choose month-to-month subscription). In case of a promo-code using, you can discount that price by 25% – up to $3/mo.

#3 BizWebs

BizWebs is a unique eCommerce website builder. Just imagine – it offers creating online store for free! But with a free plan you can set up no more than 100 products and your website will be placed on BizWebs’ subdomain.


What I like most about BizWebs is that its free plan has a really tiny advert in the footer, which is almost invisible comparing to those of the competition.

Cons: The free plan of BizWebs is rather limiting.

Pricing: A free plan that never expires; paid subscription starts at $15/mo.

#4 uCoz

When I’m asked to build a website, I build it using uCoz site builder. I prefer this web service for its flexibility and scalability. uCoz opens up some the technologies that in most site builders are hidden from the user-side of the system.


To put it simply, I have full control over my site’s look and work. Besides, the platform offers a range of ready modules that you can enable anytime. Some of these are Blog, Forum, Eshop, Web Polls, Ad Board and more.

uCoz provides both responsive and standard templates, which means you can get a mobile-compatible website automatically, without lifting a finger. Another strong uCoz’s feature – you can connect your own domain name within free plan, that is not possible to do within free tariffs of other popular website builders.

Cons: The free plan of uCoz comes with a noticeable advert.

Pricing: uCoz has a free version that remains so until you decide to upgrade your account; ad-free uCoz sites start at $5.99/mo.

#5 Site123

Site123 is looks as simple website builder, but for most Internet users, easy-to-use is one of the key requirements to the website building software. With Site123 you can create websites of different types – from one-page site (landing page) to small or mid-sized e-store.


When you create an Site123 account you can create as many sites as you need. What’s interesting – the Site123’s ad flag that appears with a free plan is so small, that at first you may not catch sight of it.

Cons: website size and bandwidth limitations don’t allow to create a big site with a free plan.

Pricing: if you decide to upgrade your free plan, you can start from $4.20/mo (Basic Plan). but if you need a website with no limits of size and bandwidth you should select Gold Plan – $11.40/mo. I think that all pricing options are fit to services, provided by appropriate packages.

Bottom Line

Creating a website using a website builder is a smart choice: site builders are fast, simple and affordable. Though most site builders offer ‘never-expiring’ free plans, I would not take those seriously; these must be treated as free trials which let you explore the system, before making the purchase.

If you’re taking your website seriously, you’ll want to remove the copyright and attach a custom domain name. In most cases you can easily do that at a price of a cup of coffee.

Have a site built with a website builder? Share your experience in the comments!

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  • Amy Thomson

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  • Matt

    Thank you that’s a really informative blog. Has anybody used this software to create website?

  • Aman Khani

    Thanks for this useful post but you didn’t mentioned the other free website builders available free like wix and webstarttoday both are providing good services and webstarttoday also offering superior cloud hosting with reliability and speed which is offered by amazon AWS cloud service.

    • To find more site builders kindly check our Reviews section 😉

  • Michael Thompson

    Review “TemplateToaster” . You will like it .

  • Daniel Brown

    There is no such thing like free website builder. Everybody charge

    • Hi Daniel,
      I’m afraid you’re not fully right. Free site builders do exist – you can set up a functional site without paying a cent. The downside is that you’ll have to display the site builder’s advert on your site. Take Wix, uCoz or Weebly for instance – you can use their free plans without having to upgrade them as long as you wish.

    • Iain Maciver

      Wrong, Daniel. Zoho Sites is completely free. They don’t charge for connecting your own domain name or removing their own ad. Amazing.

    • Gev Balyan

      We at ucraft don’t charge anything for the free version. You may even connect your domain for free, check:

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  • Shayan Khan

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  • Barby White

    Hi Howard, if you have built your site correctly on wix (not just used their drag and drop but actually had someone write the files) could you not just use your hard copy of the files to migrate to another either similar service, or just your own domain hosted on something like godaddy? From what you wrote here, ucoz would be a similar service.

    • Hi, Barby,
      If you have a hard copy of your files used in your website, then you can use it at any website builder. uCoz in this case is a similar to another platforms but it has much more functions to customize your website (in terms of editing HTML/CSS code).

  • Sai Samvrita

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  • David

    Which is the best builder to use when it comes to publishing using my own isp?

    • Hi, David,
      It all depends on your needs and what kind of a website you want to create. If you need a business site – than you may try uKit, porfolio or blog – Wix and Weebly would be a better deal, ultimately customizable website – uCoz.

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  • Susan Hoppe

    I have a domain name and site host but no internet access at home. I am tired of trying to figure out code and type it correctly in Notepad on my laptop (with Vista) so that it shows up correctly when I am able to bring the laptop to a place with internet access.

    Is there free web design software that can be downloaded to my laptop so that I can work on it offline, while maintaining my current domain name and host?

    • Hi, Susan,
      If you don’t have an Internet connection, there is good offline website builder – Mobirise. You can download it to your laptop, configure your website offline and when you have an Internet access, simply upload your site to the web. For more details read my Mobisie review here:
      All the best,

      • Susan Hoppe

        Howard–Thank you for the suggestion! I will explore it and see if my laptop is up to the challenge. –Susan

        • You’re welcome, Susan!
          And feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
          All the best, Howard.

      • Ehab Reda

        Mobirise is a really good free one.

  • Ehab Reda

    Hello Howard,
    Any recommendation about what to use to make a newsletter email by HTML?

    • Hi, Enab,
      A far as I understand you need to create a static html-page which you want to send via email. For this issue you may use Adobe Muse website builder. It has various features to make a web-page as much attractive and as it’ a offline website builder, you may easily save a webpage you’ve made on your desktop.

      • Ehab Reda

        Thank you for answering. I have found a desktop software called Mailstyler for email newsletter, I think it is very basic comparing to all other web apps. My company insist to have a desktop software only. Any suggestions for a good one?

  • Charly

    I need a job board website, that will allow upgrade (member access /client member access ) profiles. I want to be able to verify client information through some type of background check or license number check — if this makes sense……any suggestions, definetly want the job board for caregivers…

    • Hi, Charly,
      The only website builder that can cope with your issue is uCoz. It has a specialized module called Ad-Board where you can implement all the functionality you’ve mentioned above.
      All the best,

  • Shreyansh Bisht

    Hi, I need to make an ERP website, with lots of algorithms and can any one give me suggestion , that which software i should use that too which is open source.

  • Cecil

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    • Hi, Cecil,
      Recently I’ve prepared a detailed review about how to create a personal website by yourself, where almost all nuances of its making are discovered. You may read it here:
      But if you need more information, have any questions or need my help in website building, feel free to email me.
      All the best,

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        How do i email pertaining to this issues about creating me a personal website please help

        • You can email me at and I’ll try to help you with your issue.

          • Cecil

            Hello I looked over all the information you posted and still don’t understand some of it will you please help

  • Jon Marks

    Looking to build a website for my camera club, so need a website builder with good gallery offerings for photos plus some CMS to allow other club officers to update the site. What would you recommend?

    • Hi, John,
      In your case I advise you to take a look at Weebly. It has convenient ‘membership’ option so you can give an different level access to other officers.

  • Paul Braam

    I would add Mobirise Free Website Builder. It’s my favourite web design tool.