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Best Free Website Builder Software

When it comes to selecting the best free website builder software, you may come across several options.They differ in complexity levels, degree of web design expertise required to complete the project, implications, cost and other important aspects.

Contemporary website builders are not the same they have used to be even several years ago. They offer a variety of advanced web building tools, features and innovative approaches.

You may choose between versatile software that can be used to launch different types of websites as well as specialized niche systems meant for the development of a certain website type, be it a business website, a wedding project or an online store. Website builders are not only easy-to-use for everyone, but they are also convenient, intuitive and affordable. Is there anything else you might need to get started with your new project?

To help you with the choice of the best website builder software, we have decided to review the most popular and full-featured free services you can use to solve the required web building tasks.

There are many all-in-one and specialized free website builders available out there, but it’s still important to make a profound search to select the best service to come up to your needs. The right choice will eventually save your time and effort, optimizing your web development process. Let’s review the most worthy services now.

Wix – The Best Free Website Builder (Software As a Service)


Wix – is the best free website builder based on software as a service principles. The system equally comes up to the needs of newbies and web design pros and allows creating different types of websites for personal and business use. Websites created with Wix look visually appealing and optimized for mobile devices. They are functional and can be customized with regard to your needs due to the rich feature set and options the system provides. The most crucial of them include:

  • Rich Template Collection. The website builder currently offers 550+ mobile-optimized free templates, which are intentionally subdivided into categories based on the themes they belong to.
  • App Market. Wix provides a stunning choice of widgets, apps and extensions you can choose and integrate into your website. These aps are flexible and versatile, which allows using them for a variety of marketing, design, promotion, social networking, eCommerce and other purposes. It’s up to you to choose between free and paid options.
  • Wix ADI. The website builder offers an advanced Artificial Design Intelligence tool that notably simplifies the process of website creation by automatically creating a project for you based on the information you submit. If you feel, however, that you are ready to launch a unique website on your own, you can make use of Standard Wix Editor to do that. Mobile editor is available here as well.
  • Blogging and eCommerce. Wix makes it possible to launch free blogs and small-to-mid online stores. Its blogging and eCommerce engines are powerful enough to do that with ease.
  • Multilingual Support. The platform offers multilingual support, which allows creating different language versions of your website for free.

Wix covers the broad spectrum of web design needs, irrespective of the expertise level you have. Even though, the website builder has a free plan that never expires, it still makes sense to upgrade to the paid subscription to get the most out of the system features. The minimum paid plan will cost you $4.50/mo, while the rest of the plans are also quite affordable for everyone.

WordPress – Free Hosted Platform for Any Website


WordPress (current version 5.3) – is a free Content Management System, which is rightfully considered the most popular software of this type in the world. The system was initially built as a blogging platform, but it’s now in demand with users, who intend to develop different types of websites with it.

WordPress is not the best choice for first-time users. It mostly works well for experienced web developers or for those users, who have at least a bit of experience in website building or coding skills. Here is a brief overview of the most remarkable features of the platform:

  • 100% Website Customization. It’s up to you to select and adjust the major settings to create unique website design. The system allows setting up fonts, colors, images that are available in stock or can be uploaded as you wish. You can also add your own documents, social media files, create galleries to impress your audience.
  • Multiple Plugins and Third-Party Integrations. To boost your website performance, you can integrate plugins, templates or extensions that are developed by other designers as well as those that are provided by the system by default. When choosing between third-party integrations, make sure to check their safety and credibility of web developers.
  • Powerful Blogging Engine. WordPress is initially known as a blogging platform and, thus, its integrated blogging engine is on the top notch level. The system makes it possible to create and manage blogs as well as to update them on the go.

You don’t have to pay money for using WordPress – the CMS is free for everyone. However, to make your website accessible on the web and to promote it effectively, you’ll have to pay for the hosting, the cost of which depends upon the provider and the plan you will go for.

Webflow – Responsive Web Design Tool (no coding)


Webflow – is a responsive website builder, which mainly targets professionals yet can also be used by those users, who have little web design awareness. However, it will take time and effort to master the service and get used to its dashboard and control panel, the structure of which is similar to that offered by contemporary CMS. The website builder requires programming knowledge and it’s also desirable to possess certain web design background to work with it.

Webflow offers sophisticated web design approach and lots of features that make it possible to give your project professional look and exquisite performance. Here are the top features that make the service a worthy choice for everyone:

  • HTML/CSS Editing. Webflow allows for HTML/CSS project editing and it’s also possible to integrate custom HTML codes into your website header or footer. No extra financial expenditures are required to do that, but get ready to use some coding skills to succeed with the task.
  • eCommerce. With Webflow, you can start and manage feature-laden online stores. What’s important, no special coding skills are required to complete the assignment. When working on your web store development, you can integrate and customize the shopping cart, create product lists, upload items and descriptions, add prices and track inventory tools, watch statistics and current product statuses, introduce discounts and coupons codes etc.
  • Responsive Designs. Webflow template collection currently enlists over 200 responsive designs. There is an opportunity to choose from free and paid themes that are sorted by industry for quick and convenient access.
  • Lightbox Gallery. Webflow developers have recently made it possible to create professional Lightbox galleries out of CMS and eCommerce videos and photos. This option is free and allows creating full-screen immersive experience for better presentation of visual content.
  • After Effects and Lottie Integration. The website builder successfully integrates with Lottie and After Effects to let users independently control the playback of vector animations by using lots of Webflow interactions. This contributes to the creation of visually-impressive websites with professional content display.

Webflow can be used for free during the unlimited period of time, but a user will still encounter certain system limitations revealed in the functionality restrictions. As to the paid plans, Webflow offers two large groups of subscriptions – Site and Account Plans. Each group is further divided into smaller groups, namely Website (Basic, CMS, Business) and eCommerce (Standard, Plus, Advanced) subscriptions offered in terms of the Site Plan and Individual (Free, Lite, Pro) and Team (Team, Enterprise) subscriptions offered by Account Plans. Additionally, there is an advanced client billing solution the system has developed specially for freelancers, who won’t have to pay for using the system, but will need to discuss the final cost directly with a client.

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SITE123 – The Easiest Free Website Builder

SITE123 website builder

Site123 – is by far one of the easiest website builders and the most convenient for beginners. The system is used to launch blogs, landing pages, promo websites and small web stores, but you can also use it to develop other types of projects. Websites built with SITE123 are responsive and you can access them from any desktop or mobile device. The system comes with a drag-and-drop editor, which lets you easily customize the project with regard to your needs.

SITE123 mainly targets entrepreneurs, who need quality websites yet don’t have skills or desire to master complex projects. It’s absolutely code-free, which makes it a great pick equally for proficient web developers and beginners. It’s high time to enlist some of its highlights now:

  • eCommerce. Launching a web store with the website builder is super-easy and engaging. The system allows creating small and mid-sized eCommerce projects, where you can upload and manage orders/products, create appealing show windows, add/update versatile payment and shipping options, introduce discount coupons, set product parameters, create groups of items, evaluate user testimonials, adjust shopping cart display options etc.
  • Blogging. With SITE123, you can start a worthy blogto gibe your project nice online exposure and drive user attention. This is the place, where you can post articles, enable comments, generate the RSS feed, add media files, images and other required content. The system offers a set of blog designs to let you pick those that match your web design needs most.
  • Free Customer Interaction Tools. The system grants access to the set of customer interaction tools, including Schedule Booking feature, Restaurant Reservations etc. This gives websites advanced functionality and high end performance.
  • Shared Website Access. SITE123 makes it possible to set website access rights depending upon your requirements and needs. Thus, you can set your project to the Members Only status to make it accessible only by a certain group of users, who will have access to the project. This is easy and convenient, especially on the stage of website development process.
  • Free Logo Tools. The system lets you design a business logo to further integrate it into your project. It offers access to the toolset (cropping, size slider, logo style selection, header size adjustment etc.), which helps make your logo appealing and memorable.
  • Multilingual Support. With SITE123, you can easily create a multilingual website that will be accessible in several languages. There is no need to create a separate website in another language – what you have to do is just to add a new language to your project.
  • App Market. The system boasts an extensive App Market with multiple free/paid add-ons and extensions you can pick and integrate into your project. The app choice is really spectacular and you can pick from multiple apps, such as Live Support Chat, Marketing Tools, Pricing, Online Store, Analytics Tools, Webmaster Tools, Forms, Galleries, Social, Payment Gateway and more.

SITE123 has moderate pricing policy. There is a free plan that never expires and four paid subscriptions, the cost of which ranges between $10.80/mo and $28.80/mo. All subscriptions come with multiple features users may choose from based on their actual needs.

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IM Creator – Free Website Maker Software

IM Creator

IM Creator – is a free website builder, which comes with a handy WYSIWYG editor and multiple high end design customization features. The system is used to start business websites, promo sites, landing pages, blogs and web stores. It works well for beginners and web design pros as it has much to offer to both user categories. IM Creator is a great pick for the majority of commercial and non-commercial projects.

The website builder is rightfully considered a leader of the WYSIWYG niche. It currently empowers over 17 millions websites and this number keeps growing with every passing year. If you are right about to choose a trusted, affordable and functional website builder, have a look at the major IM Creator features now:

  • eCommerce. The system has a powerful eCommerce engine, which lets you launch and then manage professional web stores with a standard set of features. As far as the system is Stripe-based, you need to add a corresponding eCommerce Stripe to the website to start managing its settings.
  • Blogging. The website builder also has a quality blogging platform, which lets you set up and manage a pretty nice blog. You can choose from multiple blog templates, types, styles, 5 news feed structure variants and other options. It’s also possible to integrate media files into the content field to give your blog functional and appealing look.
  • Integrations. The service makes it possible to integrate Google Analytics, popular social media links, Google Maps widget and other add-ons into the project to share the content you wish with your blog readers.
  • Free Templates. IM Creator comes with a rich collection of free templates, which are responsive, versatile and customizable. They fall into niche categories to simplify users’ choice and cut down the process of design selection.
  • Multilingual Support. The website builder offers multilingual support, letting website developers start and manage projects in different languages. That’s a handy feature for entrepreneurs willing to target partners abroad.

IM Creator is absolutely free for artists, students and users, who intend to launch non-commercial websites. However, the system also has three paid plans for other user categories. The cost of the plans starts with $8/mo and goes up to $21/mo. There is also an advanced White Label tool that works great for web designers willing to use the system to develop their web design businesses. White Label solutions are more expensive and their cost ranges between $350/year and $25000/year.

Mobirise – Free Website Building Program for Mac & Windows


Mobirise (current version 4.11.5) – is a completely free downloadable software, which does not rely on the Internet connection at all. To use the broad spectrum of Mobirise features, you should initially install it on your desktop.

The platform is extremely easy, flexible and simple for everyone. It mostly focuses on the creation of landing pages and business websites, but it’s also possible to launch portfolios, promo sites and other projects with it. Listed below are the major features of the system:

  • Block-Based Structure. The website builder allows building websites out of content blocks, the number of which exceeds 800 pieces and keeps growing on a regular basis. You can select and arrange them as you need to form the desired website structure. This is very convenient and allows controlling the web design process. Mobirise websites are responsive by default.
  • AMP Website Builder. The software makes it possible to create websites, which are ideally optimized for the unsurpassed mobile browsing experience and provide quick loading of website pages.
  • “Out-Of-the-Box” Design Customization Tools. The service provides extensive “out-of-the-box” feature set, which encompasses design editing tools, adjustment of style and font settings, media integration options and more.
  • Free GitHub Pages Hosting. Websites created with Mobirise can be freely hosted with GitHub Pages, which adds to their performance.

Mobirise is absolutely free for everyone, but mind that you’ll need to pay for hosting and domain name to make your website accessible on the web. As to the system itself, you can use it for the unlimited time interval and with no serious restrictions.

You can also purchase the all-in-one kit at moderate cost, which includes all the extensions in one package. Having bought them once, you will be able to use these extensions for as long as you need to create appealing and functional websites for commercial and non-commercial use.

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Weebly – Professional Website and eCommerce Store Builder


Weebly – is a popular free DIY website builder, which is used for a variety of web building purposes. The system does not imply any coding awareness, while its drag-and-drop editor contributes to simple and convenient web design process. Weebly uses a “box” model that lets you modify your project design and structure based on the objective you pursue.

The system is user-friendly and it comes with a strong eCommerce focus, which lets you design professional web stores. However, it’s also possible to start and manage business websites, portfolios, landing pages, blogs and other types of projects with the system. Let’s enlist the major advantages of the website builder right away:

  • eCommerce. Weebly was initially created as a blogging system, but it has recently gained strong eCommerce focus, being acquired by Square. The website builder is chock-full of eCommerce features, which effectively boost web store performance. It offers an integrated shopping cart, bulk product upload and management, several payment and shipping options, search filter, mobile app and lots of other features that make it possible to start a quality online store from scratch.
  • Blogging. The website builder lets you connect a free feature-laden blog to your website to further let you modify it with regard to your needs. You can add and schedule posts here, pick blog templates, integrate media files, enable commenting feature, fill out meta tags for each post, add headers/footers etc.
  • Marketing Tools. Weebly marketing tools are also worth the attention. The website builder has introduced its Promote tool for the development of email marketing campaigns. This is a beneficial feature for those, who wish to launch business and eCommerce websites.
  • Video Hosting and Image Editor. Weebly makes it possible to publish and update videos at the website. It is also possible to make use of the advanced Image Editor the system comes with. These features are free and they will notably boost your website performance as well as general design.
  • App Center. Weebly App Center features a collection of services and applications you can integrate into your project with one click only. Widgets available there are free and paid – choose those that match your website most and integrate them into your project.
  • Form Builder. Another highlight of the website builder is its free drag and drop online Form Builder. It lets you create custom contact forms, RSVP lists, surveys and other forms that can ensure better web browsing experience for website visitors.

Weebly has a free neverending plan, while the cost of plans for standard websites ranges between $4/mo and $25/mo. Additionally, the website builder offers the advanced Performance Plan for retailers, who wish to promote their websites. The cost of this plan constitutes $38/mo, which is also a worthy deal.

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uCoz – Free Website, Forum and Blog Builder


uCoz – is one of the most renowned DIY website builders, which has been and now remains a truly unspeakable leader of the web design niche. The platform is used for versatile web building purposes as you can start and manage business and personal websites with it. It follows the module-based structure, letting you create individual web page design out of ready-made content blocks.

The website builder does not require preliminary coding skills, but it allows for HTML/CSS code editing, if you possess this knowledge and wish to launch high end projects. The system stands out from the crowd due to its list of advantages, the major of which are as follows:

  • Module Integration. As mentioned above, the website builder allows creating exclusive website design by means of module integration. It comes with an extensive selection of content modules, each of which works well for the completion of certain task. Some of them include Guest Book, Blog, Ad Board, Forum, Tests, FAQ, Site Catalogue, Photo Catalogue and SEO to mention a few. All the modules are customizable and free. You can insert any of them into your website to give it desired performance and visual appeal.
  • eCommerce. The website builder comes with advanced eCommerce engine, which can be enabled via the uShop module integration. The feature lets you start and effectively manage online stores, where you can deal with the product management system, adjusting of SEO parameters, shipping and payment details etc. Web stores built with uCoz are feature-laden and functional.
  • Free Designs. The system offers a distinctive collection of built-in niche-specific templates, but users also have access to the marketplace of themes that are available at extra cost. The prices, however are quite affordable (they range between $5 and $30 per theme), while the quality is above the average and, thus, it is worth the investment.

There is a complete free uCoz subscription, which never expires and five paid plans, the cost of which starts with $2.99/mo to reach $15.99/mo for the most expensive solution. What’s important, uCoz doesn’t place its ad banners on non-commercial websites.

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Ucraft – Free Online Web Design Software

Ucraft website builder

Ucraft – is a cloud-based website builder, which has distinguished itself as a trusted, full-featured, flexible, simple and intuitive platform. The system is not complicated for newbies and it has an extensive feature set to offer to proficient web developers. There is no need to possess coding skills as the service has intuitive nature, which makes it understandable to everyone.

Ucraft comes with a set of high end Designer Tools, Logo Maker, lots of responsive themes and other options that make it one of the leaders of the modern web design niche. Have a look at its major features right away:

  • Responsive Templates. The website builder comes with an extensive selection of responsive designs, which are free and 100% customizable. The templates are conveniently subdivided into thematic sections based on the niches they belong to. Apart from multiple ready-made designs, there is also an opportunity to pick a blank theme and further customize it from scratch. All the templates are absolutely free and they are also switchable, which allows changing the designs in case of necessity.
  • Designer Tools. The website builder allows using its high end Designer Tools at no cost at all to give a chosen theme professional finishing touch. Designer Tools you can choose from include UIKit, Typography and Layout.
  • Free Logo Maker. If your company does not have a brand logo yet or you wish to get another one, Ucraft free Logo Maker is at your disposal. When designing your website logo you can pick a unique icon, upload your own elements, customize the design by experimenting with texts, shapes, style and colours to finally export the ready-made logo design in the required format.
  • Free Landing Page Creator. The feature lets you launch a landing page to provide your company info all in one place. What you should do is picking the required landing page template and then customizing it to showcase your brand info, drive organic traffic, generate new leads and popularize your services on the web.
  • Blogging. The website builder has a worthy built-in blogging engine that lets you share your content, drive traffic, establish niche authority, build customer loyalty and grow the audience via post uploading/management. There are over 80 ready-made themes to pick for your blog. Top blogging features of the system include RSS feed, tags and categories, advanced SEO tools, commenting system etc.
  • External Integrations. Ucrafts grants access to lots of widgets and add-ons developed by third-party design experts. This is needed to grow customer engagement and conversion rates as well as to boost project performance. The apps are free and paid, which depends upon your needs and individual preferences. Among the widgets you may go for, it makes sense to mention Intercom, LiveAgent, Jivosite, Uservoice, Disqus, Zendesk Chat, Facebook Messenger as well as lots of other extensions that may contribute to website marketing, promotion and development needs.
  • Multilanguage Support. Getting a multilingual website is easy with Ucraft. This is due to the fact that the system offers free multilanguage support that lets you build several language versions of your project.

When it comes to the pricing aspect, Ucraft proves to be quite an affordable system. There is a free plan you can use to test the service as well as three paid subscriptions, which come with 14-day trials. The cost of the cheapest Ucraft plan constitutes $10/mo, while the most expensive subscription costs $39/mo. Logo Maker and Landing Page Creator are available for free access.

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Bottom Line

Launching a website doesn’t have to be a complicated process, even though, it may initially look like this. The use of website builder software will notably simplify the task for newbies and professionals. These systems are easy to use, convenient, intuitive, feature-laden and flexible. They come with ready-made templates abundance of customization tools to give them required look. Website builders are also much more affordable as compared to other web building options.

Each of the programs reviewed in the post features quality, functionality and deserves the attention of users, who intend to create appealing websites on their own. These are the best free website builder software, which can come up to various needs and web design aspirations. If you are unsure about the website builder that will work best for you, take your time to test and explore each of them to make the right choice.

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