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What Are CMS Templates?

MotoCMS Templates

When it comes to creating a website, you can choose from countless options, from hiring a leading web design agency to using a DIY site construction kit. One of the most recent, unique developments in the web publishing industry are CMS templates. At first glance, they bear a strong resemblance to online website builders, but in fact, they differ in many aspects. Today we take a look at CMS templates developed by MotoCMS website builder.

CMS Templates Are Almost Ready Websites

CMS templates make up a separate web templates category. These are ‘all-in-one’ themes which are actually almost ready websites: each CMS template has a baked-in website builder containing a set of predetermined tools and widgets. In other words, you get a theme along with a content management system with one purchase. Once you have purchased a theme, all you need is to get a domain and hosting.

MotoCMS - 3 Steps to Create a Website

Now let’s look have a closer look at these unique, all-in-one templates.

MotoCMS Templates

MotoCMS site maker sells HTML and Flash CMS templates. Both types come with an advanced admin panel allowing users to change website elements, integrate third-party extensions, create new web pages, menus, contact forms and even upload custom fonts (for Flash templates). In 2012 the MotoCMS Mobile Editor was released and integrated into MotoCMS templates. This means you don’t need to install any additional software or scour the web for plug-ins to extend your site’s functionality or to optimize your site for mobile viewing – everything is included from the start. Specifically, each MotoCMS template includes the following widgets:

  • Dropdown menu.
  • Buy now button.
  • Media and music players.
  • RSS reader.
  • HTML and rich content widgets.
  • Photo and video galleries.
  • Google maps and other widgets.

These widgets can be activated and modified in a few mouse clicks. If there’s a need to add a custom extension, you may develop your own widget and add it to the control panel.

MotoCMS Template Description - Features

Benefits and Disadvantages

CMS templates providers target a specific audience. While one-stop site builders like Weebly or uCoz cater to the novice expecting to get everything in a single place (domain, theme, tools, hosting etc.) obviating the need to purchase those elsewhere, CMS templates like those offered by MotoCMS work best for people who already have a hosting account and domain, or at least know how and where to buy them. Based on these differences, I can define the following benefits and disadvantages of CMS templates compared to online site makers.

Possible drawbacks:

  1. You’ll have to purchase a hosting plan and domain name independently (according to the hosting requirements specified in the CMS template description).
  2. You’ll have to administer your hosting issues yourself: back ups, security measures etc.
  3. Most CMS templates have no division into separate accounts (one for content editing, another – for design and administration) – everything is integrated into the same panel. This can be fairly inconvenient. For example, your client can mess up the design, as well as change important website settings.

MotoCMS - Admin Panel

Aside from these disadvantages, CMS templates combine the benefits of online website builders and independent content management systems:

  1. Your template (=website) is yours. You can host it anywhere on the web (while with 90% of website builders you can’t move your site).
  2. Cost. You make a one-time payment to get a template along with support and updates. No need to pay monthly fee for the website builder, you will pay only for your hosting.

What You Get With the Purchase

Have you ever used CMS templates? If yes, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us!


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