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Weglot Review

Weglot – is a translation API developed for website localization. Launched as a simple snippet of code back in 2016, the service has eventually grown into a powerful and flexible tool to translate website content into various languages. It has also proved to be a fast way to create multilingual projects without coding skills. The solution comes with a bunch of great features and works great with all major website building platforms and CMS.

Over 60,000 website owners are currently using the solution to localize their sites. The tool offers automatic and manual translation options depending on the user’s demands in terms of language fluency, grammar, style, etc. It will suit different types of projects from simple content-based and small business sites developed with WordPress or Wix to eCommerce platforms and digital stores created using Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and more. You may use it with both SaaS and CMS website building platforms.

Do we really have an ultimate localization solution without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on high-quality content? Let’s have a look at what Weglot offers in terms of flexibility and translation functionality.

  • Website localization tool.
  • API-powered translation service.
  • No coding required.

Pros and Cons

The tool offers a set of great features in addition to a variety of translation tools. On the other hand, you should not consider it as an ultimate localization solution when used in automatic mode. In this case, users will still need to make corrections. Besides, some of the features are available for premium users only.

Support for 100+ Languages – create multilingual projects despite your target audience location and benefit from global outreach.
Ease of Use – no coding skills are necessary. The installation and setup are easy and fast thanks.
100% Compatibility – Weglot works great with different website builders. You may use it with CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal as well as with SaaS software such as Wix, Squarespace, and others.
Advanced Translation Tools – users may choose from manual and automatic translation for fast and hassle-free localization.
A Pool of Professional Translators – a good feature to save up several bucks and have multilingual content produced by custom professionals.
Multiple Domains – the feature is available in premium plans only and lets you use the service for several websites at the same time.

The automatic translation feature still requires corrections and editing.
Premium plans look too pricy.
Starting plans are limited to the number of words to be translated.
Translation will be automatically disabled in case of plan cancelation.
  • Over 100 destination languages.
  • Free trial for each plan.
  • Set of translation features.

What Is It Good For?

Weglot is a great solution for those who want to save money and stop ordering pricy texts from native speakers. It will suit content-based sites, digital stores, small business projects, landing pages, etc. If your particular project requires localization, Weglot might be the right pick.

Why Localization Is Important

Having a multilingual website version comes with a set of benefits. They are as follows:

  • Localized websites ensure wider outreach and better engagement with users from different countries.
  • The target audience is always aware, as translated websites are easier for them to understand.
  • Translated content results in competitive benefits for the website in a particular language zone. Besides, you might appreciate higher ranks in addition to SEO advantages.
  • The easier your site to understand, the higher the conversion rate.

Translation API opens new horizons and makes your projects competitively stronger.

  • Greta for any website type.
  • Compatible with major website builders and CMS.
  • Ensures a wider outreach.

Installation and Setup

While Weglot is initially a plugin, you need to have an already running website to use it. As we have mentioned earlier, it works great with all types of platforms and offers different integration options depending on the website builder or CMS you use.

Getting Started

The service has a free trial plan. Although it looks pretty limited with only up to 2,000 words and a single domain to be translated, it provides a clear vision of how Weglot actually works. To access the localization tool, you need to sign in.

Weglot registration

The registration process requires completing several easy steps. A user will be asked to indicate his or her email and password. When you are done, an automatic confirmation letter will be sent to your email. Open it and follow the link to access the service.

Weglot finish registration

Now, you are free to create a new project. Indicate its name and choose the website building platform from the drop-down list. Here we have all major CMS and SaaS solutions including WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and many others. Simply pick the one you use and move to the next stage. Keep in mind that each platform may require different ways to have the solution integrated with your particular website. Have a look at some examples.

Weglot creation project

WordPress Installation Example

Let’s say, you have a blog built with WordPress. You want to have it translated into several languages to bring more traffic to the content. In this case, the setup process requires completing the following steps:

Step 1 – Weglot Plugin Installation

The solution has developed a custom plugin for WordPress sites. All you need is to have it installed. The process is the same as for any other plugins used for WP-based sites. Once it has been activated, you will see it in the admin panel on your left.

Weglot Plugin Installation

Step 2 – Setup and Configuration

At this stage, you need to copy the API key from the Weglot dashboard and paste it to the plugin admin panel in the space provided. It is also necessary to indicate the website’s original and destination languages.

Weglot Setup and Configuration

Step 3 – Have the Website Translated

The system will automatically check if the plugin has been correctly installed and configured. If so, the switch language button will automatically appear on your website with all the content translated into the destination language.

The same method applies to other CMS platforms. Now, let’s have a look at how it works with SaaS website builders.

Wix Installation Example

If you have a small business site or online shop built with Wix, the installation process will be a bit different although hardly more difficult. It will take several minutes to have your Wix site localized.

Step 1 – Choose Languages

First of all, you will need to pick the original and translated languages. If you use a free-trial or entry plan, your account will be limited to a single translated language only. Those who crave for more options should opt for premium packages.

Weglot Choose Languages

Step 2 – Add Weglot Snippet

The system will automatically generate a JavaScript snippet. Copy it and add to your website. The reload it to see the language switch button. Click on the translated language icon to see the content already localized.

Add Weglot Snippet

As we have stated earlier, no coding or programming skills are necessary. With Weglot, you may have your project translated in minutes. It is high time we had a closer look at features delivered by the localization tool.

  • Simple installation and setup.
  • A WordPress plugin is available.
  • Compatible with SaaS platforms.

Features and Integrations

Weglot is an all-in-one solution where you only need to complete a fast installation process and do the primary setup. When the original and destination languages are set, the system will do the rest automatically. The tool comes with a set of extra features to make the website more user-friendly and engaging.

Translation Instruments

Apart from baseline localization functionality, Weglot has additional translation tools. They include:

  • Glossary – a user is free to add translations and terms that will be automatically added to the Weglot dictionary. For instance, you may keep your rand or company’s name that should be kept in the original language. Besides, the feature makes it possible to mark specific words as “Never translate” or “Always Translate” function.
  • Search and Replace – the system will automatically go back and detect words or phrases that have not been translated or translated incorrectly.

Account Dashboard

Weglot Account Dashboard

The system lets users track all translations from a single Weglot dashboard. It can be used to overview the content and all localizations at the same time. We generally do not see much use of it, as the dashboard does not allow creating new pages although it does depict stats.

SEO Optimization

Weglot translates web pages considering Google search engine practices. As a result, users may benefit from automated multilingual SEO optimization that includes enabled hreflang to define the website location, titles, descriptions, metadata, etc.

Auto Redirection

The system uses visitors’ browser settings to define their location. Then it automatically redirects users to the page with relevant language. Localization applies to not only pages but also contact forms, email confirmation, etc.

Collaboration Options

Website owners may invite other team members to work on localization together right from the Weglot dashboard.

Switch Button Design

Weglot Switch Button Design

While the language switch button appears automatically once you have connected the tool, you may still change the way it looks. It can be adjusted to the website’s main theme. Additional settings let you configure the button as well as enable the dropdown menu for it, change flag types, and more.

  • Language button design and positioning.
  • Great integration capabilities.
  • SEO friendliness and optimization.

Automatic vs Manual Translation

Weglot was developed to ensure a hassle-free website localization process by means of automatic translation tools. You will have all your pages translated in minutes. However, the automatic feature is not that good in case you target specific or demanding audience in terms of content quality. Users will have to do some corrections especially when it comes to professional and niche-oriented texts.

In this case, manual translation sounds like a better option. Weglot introduces a pool of experts who deliver their services. They mainly include native speakers with lower rates if compared to traditional freelance marketplaces. The price starts at $0.08 per word. You will see the final price depending on the number of pages you need to translate. Users are free to higher local professionals within the Weglot dashboard.

  • Automatic translation and redirection.
  • A pool of content experts.
  • Affordable prices.

Customer Support

Support options depend on the plan you choose. Baseline resources are available for every user. They include a Help Center with tutorials and guides describing ways to get started as well as connect the service with the website platform you use. Besides, here we have a blog with some handy articles and a typical email ticketing system.

Weglot Customer Support

If you urgently need to contact Weglot representatives, you may do it via the official Facebook account as well.

  • Comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Blog and social accounts.
  • Live Chat and email support.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Weglot Cost?

Weglot Pricing

As you already know, there is a free trial plan. However, it is limited with only one translation for up to 2,000 words. It is equal to an average blog post. So, you will certainly need to upgrade your plan in order to have the website fully-localized. Users may choose from 5 available plans:

  • Starter costs €9.9 per month for a single domain and up to 10,000 words.
  • Business costs €19 per month with up to 50,000 words and 3 domains.
  • Pro costs €49 per month with 5 sites and 200,000 words include.
  • Advanced costs €199 per month for 1 million words and 10 domains.
  • Enterprise starts at €499 depending on your demands.

Each plan has a free trial as well while Business, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise come with premium support and Live Chat.

Weglot Refund Policy

Subscribers have a chance to claim a full refund within 15 days after the plan has been purchased. To qualify for the moneyback, they need to:

  • Send a cancelation request not later than 15 days after the purchase;
  • Claim a refund for a prior subscription only. Renewals and upgrades are non-refundable.

If you meet those requirements, you will get your find back within up to 48 hours.

  • Free trial for every plan.
  • Multi-domain management.
  • Collaboration options.

Weglot Review Conclusion

Weglot is a SaaS website localization solution powered by the API. It does not require coding skills and delivers a set of translation and integration features. It might be a good solution for those who deal with entry and medium level texts, as automatic translation still calls for editing and correction.

If your project is mainly focused on a specific target audience that craves for high-quality content in terms of grammar, style, punctuation or formatting, you will still need to higher specialists either from Weglot hub or from other market places.