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Weebly Wedding Websites Examples

Wedding websites are a growing trend. It’s a way to not only spread news about your wedding, but also to share a bit of information on the couple and the logistics of the big day – everything that you can’t fit in the wedding invitation.

Recently I was asked to make a collection of Weebly wedding website examples, and I must say it was a very tough task! I wish Weebly had a ‘Showcase’ page or something like that. It was nearly impossible to find a wedding site built with Weebly. Probably, that’s partly due to the fact that Weebly has a few wedding templates and partly because many couples prevent their sites from being indexed. Whatever the reason, here are four websites I managed to find.

Example 1: Sarah Owens and Ryan Gentry Wedding

Sarah Owens and Ryan Gentry Wedding looks simple yet romantic and informative at a time. This is a wedding website belonging to Sarah Owens and Ryan Gentry, who are really excited to bring their friends and family together on their special day. They tried really hard to plan their wedding and to launch a website that would contain explicit information about it. The design of the website is plain, but it highlights the photos of the couple that stand against the white background and reveal the love story of the couple.

The website offers an informative menu with several sections that provide the detailed info about each stage of the wedding preparation process. For those guests, who don’t know the love story of the couple, there is a special website page, where they share it. The rest of the sections – Wedding Party, Details and Hotels, Registry – help make each and every guest aware of the location the party and the wedding take place in, the guest list and other important nuances. The site uses an important RSVP section to track the guests count. By clicking the link, the guests will let the couple know about their presence at the wedding. This is very convenient, when it comes to planning the occasion.

Example 2: Liz and Chris

Liz and Chris is a wedding website of Liz Breen and Chris Ahern, which creates pleasant impression from the very first moment you reach it. This is because there are many photos of the happy couple there and abundance of information about the occasion. There is no need to browse the website looking for the most crucial data – just scroll down the homepage to find out the time of the wedding, the place where it will be held, the reception location etc. It’s also interesting to read the love story of the couple, their first date, the proposal day and the plans they have for the future.

The Events Page notifies the guests about the schedule the couple has compiled, including the rehearsal dinner, the welcome party, the wedding ceremony itself, the reception and the after party celebration. The Travel Page contains the details of the accommodation, travel and transportation, while the Registry Page provides the explicit guest list with regard to the places they will stay in. If you wish to enjoy the photos of the couple, reach the corresponding website page to view them. This is a pleasant and inspiring sample of a wedding website powered by Weebly!

Example 3: Lauren and Chad’s Wedding

Colemanlutzwedding is a simple yet informative wedding website that reveals the love story of Lauren and James and covers all the nuances of their wedding ceremony. The website interface is intuitive and ensures quick and easy browsing experience.

What attracts user attention is the combination of black-and-white and colorful homepage design elements. This creates the unusual feeling of romanticism associated with the couple’s love story and the wedding ceremony itself. Unusual interactive video effects, variety of photos of the couple, prevalence of light colours and abundance of information regarding the wedding ceremony add to the overall visual appeal and performance of the website.

The guests of the couple may browse several sections to find out the information about the upcoming wedding ceremony. These include Our Story, Registry, Our Wedding Party, Venue, FAQ and even Traveler’s Guide. The couple has taken care of their guests’ convenience by integrating a Google Maps widget specifying the wedding location, interactive accommodation guide and even the places of interest the guests may visit when staying in the city. This is a good sample of a wedding website that covers all the required aspects of the upcoming ceremony.

Example 4: Meghan and Thomas

Meghan and Thomas wedding website has simple, but pleasant and appealing design that creates romantic atmosphere and encourages a visitor to keep browsing it to find out more about the couple and their wedding day preparations.

The color scheme of the website is soothing and calm, with colourful photos of Meghan and Thomas distinctively standing out against the white background. The structure and the content of the wedding website is deliberately thought over. From the moment you get to the site, you understand that the couple has taken care of the searching convenience of their guests. The website has the following sections: Home, Details, Hotels, Wedding Party, Registry. The content of each section covers all the questions related to the topic. For those, who didn’t manage to find the info they need or just with to comment on the website, there is a contact form conveniently placed at the bottom of the home page. All in all, this wedding website creates pleasant impression and looks appealing.

Example 5: Clint and Kristin

Clint and Kristin is a powered wedding website that was created with users’ searching convenience and informational value in mind. The couple, Clint and Kristin, cheerfully shares information related to their preparations to the wedding day with their guests.

The website has a simple, but eye-pleasing design, with the domination of light colours. You won’t find many photos of the couple here, but those that are available at the site, look romantic and even intriguing. Just take a look at the central photo of the home page to understand that the couple has used unique approach to the design of their wedding website! The major facts about the Big Day can be found in the Wedding Info section of the website. There is also the Registry section linking to the wish list the couple has. This helps the guests save their effort and time when looking for the wedding gifts. The highlight of the website is the countdown widget that shows the exact time left to the wedding day. This is a must-have feature for any website of this type!

Example 6: Dave and Jade

Dave and Jade looks so romantic and gentle that it’s simply impossible to take your eyes off it until you browse it till the end. It is created in a simple, but thought out way, where each detail is on its place.

The light colour scheme of the website creates an appealing impression and doesn’t distract the attention of a user from the major part – the content. The couple has certainly put much effort and time into their wedding website design. Whatever question or inquiry you have, you will find an answer here.

The website contains general information about the couple, their love story, photos, gifts and wedding info that covers all the details of the wedding day planned to the second. Guests will certainly appreciate the availability of a map with the exact location of the wedding ceremony and transportation guidelines. There is also the RSVP section with a convenient online form the guests can fill out to notify the couple about their presence and even dietary preferences. What a thoughtful and touching attribute!

Example 7: Christine and David

Christine and David stands out from the crowd due to its design features. The home page of the site attracts the attention by the widescreen landscape photo set as a background for a page. You won’t find much info here – just the names of the couple in the mid of a page and a standard menu in the upper part of it redirecting you to the major sections of the website providing detailed information about the wedding day.

The menu consists of those sections that are a must-have for any wedding website, I guess. These are the love story of the couple with a romantic photo gallery, the wedding weekend info with a pop-up submenu, the ceremony, gift registry and even the FAQ section, which is a nice addition to the website of this type. A simple but informative sample of a wedding website powered by Weebly!

Example 8: Lauren and James

Lauren and James

Lauren and James took a very simple approach to their wedding site Their minimalist and to-the-point version of a wedding site presents all the essentials and gives you a sense of what’s to be expected from the ceremony.

Though minimalism is a good thing, it’s also a very complicated style to succeed in. Every essential detail of the wedding is represented on the website, but it’s not that exciting to explore it. It seems like the couple wanted it to be some sort of a digital postcard, but there is just too much blank space inside which could be filled with some visual material, not only text. The good thing is an image of the map that also looks like it is hand drawn – a nice personal touch. Probably that lovely couple prepared a big surprise for their guests on a wedding day and they just don’t want to spoil all the fun. Still, it would be nice to see at least one photo of them.

All in all, that’s a good example of what big day info a wedding website should contain. I would just suggest adding some pictures to the site to make it more appealing.

Example 9: Future Mrs Brake

Future Mrs Brake is a wedding planning site that shares the story of the couple and informs guests on the ceremony. The design for such event could be a little lighter, but on the other hand it doesn’t drag much attention to itself and lets you focus on the content.

The menu is structured in the chronological order: proposal, ceremony, dress… And the last one is an online shop, where this couple is trying to sell some things they probably don’t need after the wedding (no, bride’s dress is not on the market). Each section has a short introduction and a photo gallery, showcasing the venue, possible dress and hair choices etc. You can see that the website is created as much for the guests, as for the bride herself – storing the wedding decor choices in one place is definitely handy. And by sharing them with her friends and family she can get feedback on which dress suits her best, for example.

Example 10: Myer-Robbins Wedding

Myer-Robbinswedding is a bright and attention-grabbing sample of a wedding website created with Weebly. As soon as you get to the homepage, you will be amazed by its colourful design, which creates cheerful and festive mood. A lovely photo of the couple and their love story are available at the homepage as well. This is a must-have feature of any wedding website, which always remains trendy and looks appropriate.

Website design is a bit unusual as each page comes with its own background and content the guests are interested in. The major menu sections include About Us, Our Proposal, Ceremony and Reception, Wedding Party, Our Registries and more. A separate RSVP section is also available at the website. By filling out its fields, the guests will notify the couple about their ability to accept the invitation and the number of people, who will be present at the ceremony. This is a nice sample of a wedding website, which delivers all the required information about the couple and the wedding in general.


Weebly website builder provides all the tools to create an outstanding wedding website. Even though these four examples don’t show all the benefits of the platform, they still display great potential. It’s easy to create a website containing all the info your guests need to know about the upcoming event, share your ideas and photos. Preparing for a wedding? Don’t hesitate, create a website of your own!

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