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Weebly Wedding Websites Examples

Wedding websites are a growing trend. It’s a way to not only spread news about your wedding, but also to share a bit of information on the couple and the logistics of the big day – everything that you can’t fit in the wedding invitation.

Recently I was asked to make a collection of Weebly wedding website examples, and I must say it was a very tough task! I wish Weebly had a ‘Showcase’ page or something like that. It was nearly impossible to find a wedding site built with Weebly. Probably, that’s partly due to the fact that Weebly has a few wedding templates and partly because many couples prevent their sites from being indexed.

Whatever the reason, here are four websites I managed to find.

Example 1: Lauren and James took a very simple approach to the wedding site. Their minimalist and to-the-point version of a wedding site presents all the essentials and gives you a sense of what’s to be expected from the ceremony.

Weebly Wedding Website Example - Lauren and James

Though minimalism is a good thing, it’s also a very complicated style to succeed in. Every essential detail of the wedding is represented on the website, but it’s not that exciting to explore it. It seems like the couple wanted it to be some sort of a digital postcard, but there is just too much blank space inside which could be filled with some visual material, not only text. The good thing is an image of the map that also looks like it is hand drawn – a nice personal touch. Probably that lovely couple prepared a big surprise for their guests on a wedding day and they just don’t want to spoil all the fun. Still, it would be nice to see at least one photo of them.

The color scheme is nice and it’s totally what you expect of a wedding website. There are no social networks buttons or contact information, but that’s not the most important part of a wedding website. The guests definitely know how to contact the bride and the groom, they will be more interested in the date, location and hotel reservations. This information is available and well-structured.

All in all, that’s a good example of what big day info a wedding website should contain. I would just suggest adding some pictures to the site to make it more appealing.

Example 2: Future Mrs Brake is a wedding planning site that shares the story of the couple and informs guests on the ceremony. The design for such event could be a little lighter, but on the other hand it doesn’t drag much attention to itself and lets you focus on the content.

Weebly Wedding Website Example - Future Mrs Brake

The menu is structured in the chronological order: proposal, ceremony, dress… And the last one is an online shop, where this couple is trying to sell some things they probably don’t need after the wedding (no, bride’s dress is not on the market). Each section has a short introduction and a photo gallery, showcasing the venue, possible dress and hair choices etc. You can see that the website is created as much for the guests, as for the bride herself – storing the wedding decor choices in one place is definitely handy. And by sharing them with her friends and family she can get feedback on which dress suits her best, for example.

I think the only thing missing is social media buttons, it’ll be lot more easier for the couple to share such amazing news. And I would add some sort of a contact form, because it’s very hard to sell a thing if there’s no way to reach a salesman.

Just take a look at their photographs – these two are meant to be with each other!

Example 3: Roan and Sara is a simple, but informative and eye-pleasing sample of the wedding website. The site looks quite minimalistic, with the most important wedding information represented against the white background. This minimalism, however, does not distract the attention of website visitors from the most important wedding nuances that are available on the five pages only.


The website starts with the love story of Ron and Sara and tells about their adventures until the wedding day. The couple has taken care of the searching convenience of their guests, having subdivided the info into distinct and clear categories. This is where their friend and family will be able to find all the essentials regarding the ceremony. The photos of the couple add a personal touch to the website, making people feel the atmosphere of the occasion well in advance. A simple, but well-created wedding website, which reveals all the vital details of the big day!

Example 4: Eric & Erin is a wedding planning website powered by Weebly. The site represents the most essential information both about the couple – Eric Michael and Erin Alyssa – and the wedding day itself. The information is well-structured and exhaustive, but the availability of wedding facts does not make the site look overwhelmed with details. This is a great sample of a wedding website, where each element is in its place.

Weebly Wedding Website Example - Eric & Erin

The homepage makes the visitors aware of the date of the wedding and involves the “Get the Details” button for all those willing to find out more about the big day. Other pages of the site enable the friends and family of the couple to watch the romantic slide show of their photos and learn more about the accommodations as well as the ceremony and reception location. The availability of Google maps widgets and social network buttons contributes to the ease of search, creating pleasant impression upon the guests. Ryan-Traut Wedding is the site developed in the best traditions of wedding planning projects!

A Short Conclusion

Weebly website builder provides all the tools to create an outstanding wedding website. Even though these four examples don’t show all the benefits of the platform, they still display great potential. It’s easy to create a website containing all the info your guests need to know about the upcoming event, share your ideas and photos. Preparing for a wedding? Don’t hesitate, create a website of your own!

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