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Weebly vs Shopify

When it comes to building functional and appealing eCommerce websites, the choice of the most suitable website builder proves to be a real challenge. This especially concerns the newbies, who lack information about the most popular web building platforms and their major characteristics.

Overview Comparison Chart

Ease of Use:5/54/5
Overall Score:4.6/54.4/5

Meanwhile, there are numerous options you can choose from. With so many website builders out there, it’s crucial to be aware of their features to choose the one that will be the best value for your money.

A good piece of news, though, is that there is the tendency for the website builders to become more functional and flexible. This means that you will hardly make the choice that will completely spoil your web building experience.

At the same time, there are website builders that meet your eCommerce web building needs better than other. By using them, you will avail the desired result with no particular waste of time and energy.

We decided to make this decision easier for you and prepared this Weebly and Shopify comparison. In this article, we will focus on the major features of these website builders from an eCommerce point of view to show that both platforms are worth your attention. Let’s get started now.

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1. Ease of Use

  • Weebly. With a detailed and informative startup guide, Weebly is a smart choice for those users, who are going to switch to this platform from another one. It comes with an understandable dashboard that ensures quick access to the information required, including website statistics, blog comments, store orders, useful tips etc.

    Weebly Editor

    The highlight of the platform is that it uses a “box model”, which means that all the content you will add to the page falls into specific containers (boxes), when you drag and drop it to the page. Due to this approach, you won’t face problems when transferring the content you need from one theme to another.

    No coding skills or experience are needed to create a powerful eCommerce website with Weebly. Just select a theme that suits your business most of all and customize it to your liking. Choose between dozens of apps and widgets (such as slideshows, picture galleries, audios and video files, maps, search box etc.) that are easily integrated into any Weebly template. The number of elements you can add to the page is unlimited.

  • Shopify. When it comes to Shopify, you just won’t be able to spoil something there. This is one of the features that make this website builder a nice choice for any user, irrespective of his/her web building experience and knowledge. Having registered with the platform, follow the guidelines to get through all the stages of the web building process with ease and convenience.

    Shopify Dashboard

    Having adjusted all the required settings for your online store, you are welcome to enhance its design by using the Shopify Storefront Editor. It notably simplifies the process of building your online store by dividing the screen into two parts: the one, where you will make the changes and the one, where these changes will be reflected.

    Another Shopify benefit is that it comes with free iOS and Android applications that make it possible to manage your eCommerce site on the go. All the changes you make on your mobile device are automatically synchronized with your online store and Shopify POS.

Weebly vs Shopify. In terms of usability, Weebly is a bit simpler than Shopify. There is no need to spend much time mastering the nuances of the web building process with this website builder. Just select a template and customize it with regard to your needs, making use of the intuitive interface and simple web design tools that are always at hand.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

Weebly. This webiste builder is very flexible. Just take a look at the samples of Weebly-powered websites to understand what we mean. The feature set of this website builder is very extensive and each user can make use of the required options when needed. Let’s have a quick overview of the major features Weebly is ready to offer nowadays:

  • eCommerce Engine. Even though, Weebly is considered a universal website builder, it comes with an eCommerce module offering lots of niche-specific features, such as flexible shipping options, inventory management, coupon codes, physical/digital goods, filtered product search, mobile store etc.

  • Weebly commerce

  • Advanced Weebly Analytics System. Due to the advanced options offered by the Weebly system, viewing and gathering information submitted by the site visitors doesn’t cause any problems. This info is stored at the dashboard and can be exported to a separate spreadsheet when necessary.

  • IFTTT Benefits. Weebly makes use of the IFTTT benefits, offering users a nice chance to connect different products and applications in order to develop automated events and tasks. That’s very convenient when it comes to promoting your products or services through the social networks or other resources.

  • New Image Editor. At the beginning of 2017, Weebly has introduced a new HTML5-based Image Editor, which offers versatile image management options (such as rotating, cropping and adjusting), around 29 image filters, text adding options etc.

  • App Center. Weebly’s App Center is dynamically developing, offering a collection of services and applications, any of which can be integrated into your online store with few clicks only. The apps that are used to create unique content, include Live Chat, PinPoll and Call-Out-Box to mention a few.

  • Weebly App Center

    Extended Domain Name Offerings. After the release of the fourth version of the platform, Weebly has offered a chance to choose between 6 domain name zones, such as .com, .net, .org, .us, and .info etc.

  • Mobile Version. This point does not require any explanations. Due to the availability of iOS and Android apps, Weebly users can create and manage their websites on the go.

Shopify. When it comes to functionality, Shopify definitely ranks high. The website builder can be used both to develop and manage online stores as well as to sell products at your retail storefront. Regardless of the option selected, you won’t be disappointed with the flexibility and feature set offered. Some of the features Shopify can boast include:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Software. With the POS software, online store owners avail a number of benefits, such as an ability to use their external card terminals, create secure multiple stuff accounts, accept orders when being offline, integrate with other Shopify software etc. These options allow for the enhanced business management.

  • A Full-Featured eCommerce CMS, which is optimized for mobile commerce as well.

  • Amazon Marketplace Integration Options. A few clicks only are required to synchronize your Shopify-powered website with your Amazon account.

  • A Blogging Platform allowing for the advanced user communication.

  • Shopify Blogging

    A set of other features that contribute to the functionality and flexibility of the platform. These include 70 payment gateways, abandoned checkout recovery, automatic taxes, multiple languages, Shopify App Store, free Google and Facebook credits, customer profile options, product reviews, automatic taxes, secured credit card info, future publishing option and what not.

Shopify vs Weebly. It’s quite difficult to choose between Weebly and Shopify, when it comes to the feature set and flexibility. These web building platforms can equally be used to develop a decent eCommerce project. They offer a variety of options that help enhance the functionality of your online store. So, the choice depends upon your particular needs and expectations.

3. Designs

Design Comparison Chart

Number of Themes:5553
Theme Cost:Free$0-$180
Theme Import: YES YES
Drag&Drop Editor: YES NO
Theme Change: YES YES
Mobile Optimized: YES YES
CSS Code Editor: YES YES
  • Weebly. In terms of design, Weebly offers 3 options depending upon the web building skills, experience and needs of users. Thus, one may use readymade templates, customize a theme chosen or create and integrate a personal template.

    As far as Weebly developers try their best effort to keep up with the time, the platform offers an extensive selection of new responsive templates that will make your eCommerce store well-optimized for mobile browsing.

    This, however does not mean that you won’t be able to use old themes when creating mobile responsive eCommerce projects. With this purpose, Weebly has an integrated mobile editor that will give your online store mobile look and functionality. Regardless of the mode you are using when editing your website (a desktop or a mobile), all the changes are automatically synchronized. Check out what real Weebly-powered web stores look like.

  • Shopify. Just like Weebly, Shopify also offers 3 available web building options users may choose from. These are high quality templates developed by popular designers like Pixel Union, Happy Cog and Clearleft (free and paid), Shopify custom made themes and HTML/CSS editing options.

    The choice of a template is not limited at all – just consider your needs and skills when making the selection. Mind that your eCommerce website may be available in more than 50 languages depending upon the area you target at. You may want to check out our compilation of real Shopify stores.

Weebly or Shopify. Speaking about the design aspect, Weebly proves to be a more preferable option. While some of the Shopify themes imply the availability of coding skills and knowledge, Weebly allows for simpler and more effective customization. The selection of templates it offers is quite extensive and there is a chance to choose between three popular options depending upon the web design skills of a user.

4. Customer Support

  • Weebly. Users can avail different customer support services from Weebly. Whatever problem you encounter, you will surely get professional assistance provided by the Weebly team. Thus, you can make use of the valuable hints and pop-ups at the control panel, try phone/email/live chat assistance or get in touch with Weebly Help Center. It’s also possible to contact the customer support team of the service through the platform’s social network accounts in Facebook or Twitter.

  • Shopify. The customer support options provided by the website builder are definitely worth the subscription investments. The platform has an informative forum with lots of topics, sections, tips, how-to guidelines etc. It’s also possible to get in touch with Shopify experts through email or live chat. For those users, who just with to hang around and have a talk, Shopify offers a separate off-topic forum section.

Shopify and Weebly. Both Weebly and Shopify offer reliable customer support options. Users have a chance to get in touch with the customer support teams of these services any time of the day and find the info they need directly at the websites.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Weebly. When it comes to pricing, Weebly has different offers to suit any needs and budget. The platform offers a free unlimited plan and 4 paid plans. If you choose a free version of the website builder, you won’t be bored with the system ads. Instead, there will be a small Weebly link found in the footer of your website.

Shopify&Weebly Pricing Comparison Chart

Pricing Options:✓ Starter ($8/mo);
✓ Pro ($12/mo);
✓ Business ($25/mo);
✓ Performance ($38/mo).
✓ Lite ($9/mo);
✓ Basic Shopify ($29/mo);
✓ Shopify ($79/mo);
✓ Advanced Shopify ($299/mo).
Features:✓ Free Plan;
✓ Drag&Drop Editor;
✓ Membership Options;
✓ Online Store;
✓ Email Marketing Campaigns.
✓ Unlimited number of products;
✓ Free SSL-certificate;
✓ Professional reports;
✓ Abandoned cart recovery;
✓ Advanced report builder;
✓ Real-time carrier shipping.
  • Shopify. Unlike Weebly, Shopify doesn’t offer any free plans (although, it has a 14-day free trial period to enable users to test the system). Consequently, using and managing the system may eventually be more expensive as compared to Weebly.

    However, that’s not the reason to refuse from the abundance of features Shopify offers, especially if you aim at creating a full-featured and functional website. By the way, Shopify doesn’t charge any transaction fees, but you will still have to pay for the credit card transactions.

Weebly versus Shopify. Weebly and Shopify offer nice pricing policies, which differ with regard to the needs, business goals and budgets of users. For all those looking for an affordable, but effective eCommerce web building solution, Weebly grants a chance to select between several pricing plans, including a free version.

Unlike Weebly, Shopify doesn’t have the unlimited free version, but it offers a 14-day trial to enable the users test the system before choosing any of the paid plans, which are, however, more expensive than those provided by Weebly.

Bottom Line

So, what option should you eventually go for – Weebly or Shopify? This depends upon your business specialization and web building needs. The thing is that both platforms are full-featured, flexible and functional, but each of them is used to meet different requirements.

  • Weebly is a pretty nice option for small- and medium-sized eCommerce websites, but it also works great for building other types of projects. However, Weebly is moderately-priced and this is what makes it popular with business owners. For just around $38/month, you will get a full-featured online store with a possibility to add the unlimited amount of products, absence of transaction fees, an opportunity to generate coupon codes and a built-in shopping cart on your own domain name.

  • Speaking about Shopify, this website builder will cost you more, but the range of features and services you will avail here will exceed your eCommerce building expectations. This platform is extremely flexible and this is what makes it a great choice for business owners, who intend to run a powerful online store with lots of niche-specific features and functions.

That being said, your final choice should be based upon your current business needs and budget. If you are ready to invest into a powerful eCommerce project, then you won’t regret using Shopify. However, if you wish to launch a decent and multi-purpose online store with a nice blogging platform for reasonable cost, then Weebly will be a better value for your money.

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