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Weebly Users: Interview with Gianflavio Gordillo

When looking for websites to feature here on SWB, we’re always delighted to find samples with well-thought-out, minimalist design. Such is the case with today’s Weebly example site, Its owner really knows how to take full advantage of the sitebuilder.

Meet Gianflavio Gordillo who uses his Weebly site to promote his personality and share his passion for motion graphics and visual effects.

Gianflavio Gordillo

SWB: Hi Gianflavio, thanks for agreeing to talk about your experiences with Weebly site builder. Please tell us how did you settle on Weebly? Did you try any other website builders? If yes, what was your impression of them?

Gianflavio: The only other two website builders I’ve used are Wix and Squarespace. Wix was too overwhelming at first, I just gave up on it. Squarespace is quite nice but too expensive, and some essential things for my needs can’t be customized.

SWB: How long did it take you to build your Weebly site?

Gianflavio: I’ve had my site for a while, for about a year or two. Though I have only began to use it a lot more recently since I’ve been getting a lot more clients and attention. I’d say it took me about a day or so to build it and put all my content on it, Weebly is great.

SWB: In your opinion, is Weebly reasonably priced?

Gianflavio: Yes! $7 a month for a Pro plan is a no brainer.

SWB: What were the biggest challenges you faced using Weebly?

Gianflavio: No challenges, but I think my biggest pet peeve is the lack of “transitions” or in other words, fancy effects. For example when you hover over a picture I’d like something to happen, unfortunately it’s not something that’s available yet. Also I’m sure a lot more people would be inclined to upgrade if such features were available.

SWB: What do you like most about Weebly?

Gianflavio: Its easiness, as most people would say. Also the unlimited bandwidth and the customizability.

SWB: Describe Weebly in two adjectives.

Gianflavio: Easy, great.

SWB: Do you have any other Weebly websites?

Gianflavio: No, just my personal site, but I’ve recommended Weebly to many of my friends and they also have their websites up. Wish I knew about the referral system before I told them though! Haha.

SWB: Thanks for your time today! Do you have any closing comments?

Gianflavio: No problem, it’s a pleasure. Weebly is great especially if you lack the time or resources to really get into building your own website the way you want it, it’s easy and it looks pretty great. I’ve found Weebly to fit my needs for the most part and I’m really happy with it.

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