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Weebly Users: Interview with Benk

Earlier this month, as you may have seen from our Facebook and Twitter feeds, we had the pleasure of discovering some beautiful Weebly-powered portfolios. Today, we bring you our interview with Benk, who designed one of these sites –

Weebly example site - Benk

SWB: Hello, please tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in the field of web design and development.

Benk: Hey, I’m an artist/human based in Melbourne, Australia. I illustrate, animate and design. I have a little bit of experience in the field of web design, mostly in the early 2000’s. I created simple but unique pages usually for bands or young professionals. I’ve also always had my own site as a folio and blog.

SWB: How did you learn about Weebly? What was your first experience with the builder like?

Benk: I was sitting on a bed in an artist warehouse when I watched a performer with no web design knowledge login to Weebly and add a couple of new hula hoop photos to her site. I remember being impressed at how simple the process was. A few years later a work colleague mentioned Weebly at around the time I was wanting a change for my website. There was a good range of themes, it didn’t take long to get my site looking how I wanted and it wasn’t too restrictive in what I could customise.

new Weebly themes

SWB: Did you try any other DIY website builders? If yes, what was your impression of them?

Benk: Oh hell yeah, I was using DIY website builders in the late 90s. I made a bunch with GeoCities and FortuneCity. They were basically dark textured backgrounds with a glowing wall of gif images, as I said, the 90s.


Years later, around the time I signed up to Weebly, I remember trying about three or four DIY website builders. I don’t really recall what I thought of them.

SWB: What were the biggest challenges you faced when creating your site using Weebly?

Benk: Challenges hmmm.. I was a little bothered that when you have two images after another, both with no border, there is still a space between them. This is fine now, but the original design I went for suffered from this.

SWB: If you could change anything about Weebly what would it be and why?

Benk:  I’d like independent control over how the mobile site looks. Being able to set a background image or header just for the mobile site would be nice.

Also I’d raise the restriction of 25 Products in the store for Weebly Pro.

SWB: What do you consider the most underappreciated feature of Weebly?

Benk: The staff seem pretty tireless. I’ve used the support a few times and had fairly quick and thorough responses. There are also pretty cool new themes being released regularly. And last but not least, the simplicity of maintaining a good looking website that compliments my works.

SWB: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us!

See Benk’s work at

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