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Weebly Users: Interview with Ben Tristem

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to create your own website, consider website builders as a brilliant alternative to complicated WordPress and expensive web design agencies. If you’re going to build a basic informational website consisting of approximately 5-20 pages, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and code each single page of your future website from scratch. Thanks to online website builders, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters – your business goals, leaving the technical side of things to pros.

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Millions of independent professionals have designed and published their own websites using online website builders. One of them is Ben Tristem, a world-class technologist based in Cambridge, UK. His website and his story inspired me to start the Interviews section on SWB. In this section we’ll bring you our interviews with successful website owners who run their sites on site makers.

So, our guest today is Ben Tristem who uses Weebly to support his business.

Weebly Interviews - Ben Tristem1. When and why did you create your website? My first site was, back when I was running it around 2011. This was a local personal-development group, and the site was to announce events, share photos, etc. I chose Weebly because it was so simple. I then chose Weebly again for my personal site in 2013. This personal site is a place to summarise all my business ventures, and a blog.

2. Why did you choose Weebly? Did you try any other site builders? I chose Weebly because it allows me to focus on content. I felt a strong pull towards WordPress but was unsatisfied with how non-visual the experience was, even with a good theme. I’ll probably break under the strain and move to WordPress one day, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the simplicity of Weebly.

3. Was prior webmastering experience necessary? If so, what was needed? I don’t think you need to know anything about the web to get started. If you want to master it, however, you’ll need to do some homework.

4. What were the biggest challenges you faced when creating your site using Weebly? The greatest challenge was getting the site to look how I wanted, but this was easily solved with a graphic designer.

5. What advice would you offer to aspiring bloggers and young entrepreneurs? Consider website builders strongly, as they allow you to “pivot” and change your idea and content structure very rapidly. Be caution of putting TOO much blog content on there though once you get traction, as it’s costly to transfer* when you eventually outgrow DIY website builders.

Here at SuperbWebsiteBuilders we avoid biased reviews and recommendations, and it’s extremely important for us to get your feedback and hear your story. If your website is powered by a website builder and you are ready to share your site building experience with us – feel free to contact us.

*Editor’s note: Some website builders offer excellent content import/export solutions. Furthermore, if you opt for a feature-rich website builder allowing direct access to your site’s code like uCoz, you’ll hardly ever need to transfer your site elsewhere.


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