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Weebly Store Examples

While creating a webstore is relatively easy with so many DIY website builders out there, getting website visitors to make a purchase from your store can be a challenge.

The good news is that to sell online like a pro, you don’t have to be a marketing champion. All you need is to know the habits of highly successful webstores, and gradually adopt them in your website! Luckily, you are not the first webstore on the Internet.

Today we will showcase seven Weebly webstores that we managed to find on the web. Some of these could pass as professionally designed projects, others have lots of areas to improve. Have fun and be creative!

Example 1: Shantique Designs is an excellent example of a Weebly shop. Take a look at how they use the long description section to present their unique products. From the welcome page to the Contact Us section, the site is jam-packed with high-quality images that are undoubtedly instrumental in converting visitors into loyal customers.

Shantique Designs - screenshot

The design of the site features exquisiteness and style, which is manifested in each element. Some of the most glamorous accessories are listed on the bottom of the home page to encourage the users to keep browsing through other sections of the catalogue and main menu in general. Each product comes with unique descriptions and the cost. This facilitates the shopping process and makes it more convenient and hassle-free! Nice job!

Example 2: The Ready Desk chose Weebly to sell adaptable standing desks which help people avoid the health risks of spending all day sitting in front of their computers. The guys behind The Ready Desk are doing a great job of showing how their products will benefit their users: the long-scrolling homepage gives you an easy and pleasant navigation experience with its hero header, card design style, image slider and anchor buttons, which is one of the hottest web design trends.

The Ready Desk - screenshot

The well thought-out structure of the website makes it easy to find useful information quickly – there are only 6 tabs in the menu, and all have the standard names – Home, About, Gallery, Store, Contact, Cart. I emphasize this because sometimes site owners go overboard experimenting with the menu. It goes without saying that you must have a fresh, creative approach if you want to stand out. However, you should never overcomplicate things. Keep your navigation solid and simple.

Now let’s talk shop. The Store section is clean and informative. Each product has multiple photos, including in-context photos which means the customer’s expectations of the product are more likely to meet reality. Each product has a unique description, product options and also a set of social media icons. The Ready Desk makes their products easy to share, and that certainly helps spread the word about the company. Our congratulations on a beautiful webstore!

Example 3: My Mountain Studio is a website owned by Nikki Weiss who creates handmade goods and writes insightful lifestyle articles. As described on her homepage, Nikki shares how she is ‘finding little ways to enjoy life more and share inspiration for you to enjoy life more, too’.

My Mountain Studio - screenshot

The Weebly-based website is one of the best examples of Internet-shops, which comes with a unique highlight. This special feature is the harmonious combination of nature-inspired photos and beautiful handmade accessories that can come up to any taste and preferences. Personally, I have never seen such a tremendous online shop before.

A single look at it urges the desire to keep browsing through other sections provided at the top of the home page and buy one of the fantastic products created by the owner of the site. Interesting, user-friendly, informative and attention grabbing – the site surely stands out in the crowd!

Example 4: Cattitude is a brand established by illustrator Michi Leung. Her illustration features her cats Mea Strong and Faroll as main characters, and reinterprets the stories of them in the products.

Cattitude - screenshot

Michi Leung is no stranger to the fashion and design world, having started to work as an illustrator through an illustration column in Milk and Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2007. Since then, she has collaborated with the Hong Kong environmental Department, Hopewell Holdings Ltd., TaoTi, Nestle (HK) etc. and then started her own business venture.

With her Weebly-powered webstire, the designer showcases her works with strong images and product descriptions, and the clean design with lots of space between elements winningly highlights each item. Note how cool and simple her logo is! Great job!

Example 5: Backwoods Soap and Body – this company chose Weebly website builder to create an outstanding design of their site for them. The Internet-shop focuses on the production and selling unique soap, hop infused balms and candles made out of beer and/or hops from the Pacific Northwest. The unique and unusual specialization of the site is manifested in its design, which combines the most important elements and information the prospective clients are interested in.

Backwoods Soap and Body - screenshot

The highlight of the website is the slider found at the top of the home page, which reveals the photos of products and the ingredients they involve. This catches the attention of the target audience and helps promote different types of soap. The major information about the company is provided on the white background, which does not distract the attention of the customers, but helps focus on the basic moments.

For those clients, who wish to find out more about the company and the assortment of products it offers, there is a chance to browse through the points of the main menu, namely “About”, “Shop”, “FAQ”, “Contact” and “Cart”. The only disadvantage that can affect the shopping experience is lack of contact information, which is limited to the e-mail address and online contact form only. This is a bit puzzling and inconvenient. The rest of the design elements are quite okay, which makes the resource user-friendly and exciting to browse!

Example 6: Bad Pickle Tees is an interesting example of the e-shop created on the basis of the Weebly platform. The website is devoted to the manufacture and selling fashion accessories and clothes for foodies. The assortment of products they offer is represented by the rich choice of totes and T-shirts for men, women, babies and elder kids.

Bad Pickle Tees - screenshot

The design of the site seems quite plain at the first sight, but this simplicity is exactly what drives the attention of the customers. The white background of the site helps attract the attention of the potential clients and focus it on the products the company offers. A large slider that reveals the products for sale is that special catchy element that cannot be left unnoticed.

The main menu of the resource involves 5 tabs that have recognizable and easy-to-understand names, including “About”, “Home”, “Store”, “Cart” and “Contact”. These categories are more than enough for an online-shop that aims at growing its customer base. The catalogue of products is easy to browse and involves the major categories of clothes and accessories with detailed characteristics and price information. Due to these and other features, the webstore is likely to be a success!

Example 7: The Pretzel Princess – the website of a small private manufacturing company, which offers customized handmade chocolate covered pretzels and treats. This website, powered by Weebly, which is manifested in the elaborate design and outstanding appeal.

The Pretzel Princess - screenshot

The first and the most exquisite element that astonishes a visitor is a bulky image with eye-catching chocolate pretzels, which look so delicious and tempting that trigger the desire to keep browsing through the resource to see what else one can purchase there.

The website abounds in the photos of chocolate treats manufactured and sold by the company, while the catalogue of products includes the photos of each treat and the list of 24 flavors you may choose from with regard to your special needs and taste. This is very convenient and helps people see the samples of treats they can purchase.

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