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Weebly for Education

Weebly for education is a project aimed at creating Weebly accounts geared specially for teachers. In addition to the education-specific add-ons, the platform provides the same Weebly features we are used to.

Weebly for Education Features

To avail the benefits of the project you must be a teacher and the primary use of your Weebly account must be for education purposes. If you violate these rules, your account will be flagged and potentially banned.

Weebly for Education

In the Teacher’s dashboard you can create and manage your students’ accounts which in their turn can also create websites.

You can create student accounts either one by one or in bulk – no email address required. Websites created by your students will be under your full control – you can make them publicly viewable or password-protected.

This makes Weebly for education perfect for class assignments: when under development, the project remains password-protected; when it is ready – you can easily share it with your class and discuss it.

Weebly for Education - Student Website Accounts

When your virtual classroom is ready, share user credentials with your students (usernames and passwords) and provide them with a login address –

Now they can create their own sites using Weebly’s intuitive interface and rich feature set. As a teacher, you can disable website editing as well as delete published sites anytime.

Weebly for Education Pricing

Weebly for education is absolutely free. Using the platform’s basic functionality, each student can create one site containing up to 5 pages. If you upgrade to PRO ($12/month), each student will get access to all PRO features of Weebly and will be able to publish 10 websites with unlimited pages. You can also get Weebly Pro as a gift by inviting your fellow teachers.

Weebly for Education - Create a Free Class Website

Weebly Campus Education

You may also want to explore Weebly Campus Edition for districts and schools. This edition allows to digitize the entire campus in an easy and professional manner.

Weebly Campus Edition

Weebly Campus administrators will be able to manage teacher and student accounts from one integrated dashboard (virtual classrooms, student e-portfolios, websites for assigned projects etc.). This scalable solution costs $499/year. You can try it free during a 30-day trial.

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