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Weebly Blogs Examples

Weebly website builder offers a built-in blogging platform that is simple to manage and rich in features. Yet it’s the creativity of Weebly users that shows the Weebly blogging platform at its finest.

Ever since the Blogging engine was introduced and new beautiful Weebly themes were added, we’re continuously seeing Weebly blogs getting better and better, and here’s what they look like:

Example 1: Health Yeah Blog is a foodie blog that has a beautiful design that we just couldn’t pass up. High quality, mouthwatering photographs, high resolution videos and white background make this Weebly blog pure eye-candy.

Health Yeah

The blog contains everything a gourmet needs to have thrilling cooking experience – informative articles, step-by-step recipes of the most delicious dishes, catchy photos and even the incorporated online store, where one can order advanced kitchen appliances and accessories. What’s more, each recipe comes with the comment section, where users can share their thoughts and ideas concerning the dish.

All in all, the website is a nice combination of the blog and the online store.

Example 2: Luisana Cooks Blog is a blog created by Luisana Suegart, yet another foodie. Through her Weebly-powered blog she shares her fast, fresh, and accessible recipes. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, this blog is definitely a master class.

Luisana Cooks

The design of the website features great combination of attention-grabbing elements that contribute to the major mission of the blog – to make it user-friendly and exciting to browse. The white background of the pages helps focus the attention of users on the recipes that come with high quality photos.

All the recipes and articles are subdivided into different sections with regard to their topic. The list of categories is provided in the alphabetic order on the left panel of the home page and is long enough to choose the required section. There are also the monthly archives and the search filter option, which makes browsing through the resource easy and hassle-free.

Example 3: Stasia Rose Blog uses Weebly’s blogging engine to write about entrepreneurship, traveling, fashion and anything in between. Stasia’s website greets you with a clean, minimalist homepage and a sign up form asking her site visitors to join her newsletter. The sign up form contains Stasia’s photo and her personal invitation. These personalized elements help turn her blog readers into repeat visitors.

Stasia Rose

Stasia used one of the simplest Weebly themes to create her blog. Its neat layout, elegant fonts and high quality images make the blog easy-to-navigate and read. The scrolling option makes it convenient to browse through the homepage, where lots of interesting blog articles are published. The author of the blog updates them on a regular basis, thus attracting new visitors.

The list of the recently added posts as well as a rich choice of categories and archives are provided on the left panel of the homepage to keep users aware of the updates they may be interested in. These features make the website one of the best blog samples created on the basis of the Weebly platform!

Example 4: Contemporary Urbanism Blog inspires its readers with creative ideas on home decor, DIY craft, fashion and beauty. The smart use of whitespace, hi-res photos, easy navigation and unique author’s voice make this blog aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

Contemporary Urbanism

Contemporary Urbanism is a young blog – the site is published to a Weebly subdomain and has a Weebly brand favicon. We hope the site will grow and get a custom web address soon.

Speaking about the design, it looks quite simple and custom. This simplicity is revealed in the plain color scheme of the site. Bright photos that come with each blog post and article look quite contrasting on the white background of the homepage. This creates a trendy and appealing feeling, which drives the attention of the target audience! Nice job!

Example 5: Cold River Soap Works Blog

The neat design of is definitely worth your attention. It’s all about the colors here. The presentation of each individual post and the overall layout of the website are neat and eye-pleasing.

Cold River Soap Works

The design of the website is simple, but this simplicity contributes to the general impression the blog makes upon the users. It seems to be created for busy people, who do not have much time to browse through the website looking for the required products. The home page presents the major shaving and post shaving products with their general description.

For those, who have the desire to place an online order, the site offers the “Shop Now” button that redirects the user directly to the brief, but understandable catalogue. This is the blog, where “the old world tradition meets American innovation”!

Example 6: The Presentense NYC Fellowship Blog

The website of is a treat for the eyes. This simple yet admirable blog design belongs to a non-profit organization aimed at realizing the Jewish People’s collective potential by providing a platform that supports socially-minded startups among other projects.

The Presentense NYC Fellowship

The design of the site is comprised of the variety of elements, each of which contributes to the general idea of the site. The first and the major element that immediately attracts the attention of the user is a large homepage photo depicting the members of the community that welcomes other like-minded people to join the organization.

The white background of the site remains the same on all the pages, focusing the attention of visitors on the information, but not on other visual effects that are less important in this case. The main pop-up menu consists of five sections, which present the required information in the most favorable and easy-to-understand way.

Example 7: Saddle and Suede Blog

The website is a Weebly-based blog created and managed by the family couple Jonathon and Rachel. The couple lives in Fort Worth and has lots of similar hobbies, tastes and preferences. That is why they decided to dedicate the blog to the things, which make their life exciting and interesting.

Saddle and Suede Blog

The design of the blog is simple and neat. The elegance is manifested in each element, including the way the blog posts are written, the fonts, the headlines and the photos that reveal the essence of each post. The site’s background does not distract the attention of the readers, but focus it on the topics that are being discussed by the owners of the blog and their readers.

These discussions are so thrilling that most visitors immediately have the desire to join them. All in all, the blog is filled with warmth, love and care. What else is needed to get thrilling blogging experience?

Example 8: Howl Attire Blog

The website is a personal blog of the girl, whose name is Alicia. Her passion for nature and love for the surrounding world resulted in the idea to create “wearable art for the modern explorer”. The girl designs her own handmade collections of clothes, garments and accessories inspired by the US west coast motifs. She uses only natural fibers and vintage fabrics to implement her ideas into life.

Howl Attire Blog

Howl Attire is a nice combination of a blog and an Internet-shop. The blog, however, is the first thing that drives the attention of the user. The entire design of the site looks neat and elegant with all those extraordinary high resolution photos, blog posts, eye-catching videos and descriptions that stand out in the crowd.

The only drawback is that the site does not have its own favicon, using the one that originally belongs to Weebly. Hopefully, this is a temporary problem that will soon be solved.


Our exploration of these Weebly blogs examples was a really enjoyable experience. The Weebly users responsible for these sites should be applauded both for their devotion to share their experiences and views, and for establishing a creative, professional-looking and what’s more important – effective web presence.

Are you a Weebly user? Then share with us your blog!

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