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Best Weebly Blog Examples

Weebly Blogs Examples

Weebly – is a cloud website builder, which has gained popularity with over 50 millions of users worldwide. It comes with integrated blogging and eCommerce engines and allows building these and other types of websites without the need to possess programming skills. The system features ease of use, but this does not mean that proficient web designers cannot use it to create large-scale blogs.

Instead, Weebly grants this opportunity to everyone, irrespective of the web design expertise and creativity skills. Intuitive drag-and-drop editor of the website builder, its convenience and rich feature set have made the service one of the most user-friendly website builders available out there.

However, is Weebly really so easy to use as it seems? Can it cover a broad spectrum of your web design skills or there is still much to be desired here? To answer these questions, let’s have a quick overview of the most effective Weebly blog samples. This will give you the idea of how functional and convenient the website builder is.

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1. Leadapreneur


Leadapreneur is a website of the company that helps businesses boost employee productivity by upgrading them to the status of “agile digital innovators” known as leadapreneurs. This mission may seem somewhat awkward or not quite understandable for users, but the wide-screen video available at the homepage of the website helps clear up the situation. There is also a bright and detailed explanation of the entire process and its stages.

Users get access to social network accounts and a blog section with multiple posts written and added by the team members. The commenting option is enabled here as well so that each reader could leave his/her impressions and thoughts about the article. If you are interested in other blog posts, you are welcome to browse the Archive section, where all the posts are divided into months for the ease of search. The blog is also available in the Spanish language.

2. LyBlog


LyBlog is a blog that focuses on the author’s personal battle with chronic Lyme disease and grants access to dozens of topic-related articles, updates, news, progress reports as well as individual experiences associated with the health condition. The blog makes it possible to find out more about the methods the authors undertook, when dealing with the disease. With this very purpose, he has published his own story, the symptoms he faced, the treatment protocol and other ways of overcoming the problem. Users also have an opportunity to send a personal message to the author of the blog to find out those nuances that have not been discussed at the website yet trigger their genuine interest.

The blog itself is easy-to-browse, irrespective of your previous experience – just scroll down the page to see the recently added articles and to read them in details. To simplify the search process, it is also possible to view the list of categories available to the right of the page or view the archive section that encompasses all the materials available at the website listed in the chronological order. The entire LyBlog design is simple yet modern. The blog is intuitive and well-structured to ensure maximum ease of use to each and every reader.

3. We Talk Money

We Talk Money

We Talk Money is the Australia-based financial advertising company, which provides its clients with the unbiased and objective recommendations and advice without being sponsored by the third-party users. They claim that their financial recommendations are absolutely reliable and balanced. The website of the company is logically-structured. You can find out the most important information you are interested in as you scroll down the web page.

The menu available in the left website panel grants access to the most important section, including a blog. The Blog Section is concise yet informative. It contains multiple posts that cover the most crucial topics users are mostly interested in. The blog is regularly updated, while the posts it contains are subdivided into thematic categories for the ease of search. There is the Contacts Section in the footer, which offers access to social media accounts, recent updates and CTA button, which makes it possible to get in touch with the company managers.

4. Detailed Engagements

Detailed Engagements

Detailed Engagements is a worthy sample of the website that will certainly come in handy for everyone looking for a full-service wedding and event planning company or wishing to launch the one. The business is focused on planning and management of weddings and other types of events in the New England area. When browsing the website, you will find out more about the mission of the company and the services it offers.

The Blog section, however, is a bit different. You won’t come across standard posts here, but you will be offered interesting articles about real weddings and events, specifying real facts, numbers, expectations and budgets. The blog is about wedding trends, bridal bouquets, attires and other staff website visitors are mostly interested in. The posts are divided into thematic categories and there is the archive with all the articles listed in the blog.

5. Butch Wonders

Butch Wonders

Butch Wonders is a personal blog of a butch lesbian woman, who has started it with the only purpose in mind – to tell other people, who share hew life views, more about her own experiences, including fashion, the most widespread life situations and other related issues. This and other information is provided in the convenient and easy-to-browse way at the website. There are several thematic sections here based on the topics tackled. These include Blog, About, Contact etc. Special attention should be given to the Butch Store: Genderqueer Us section, which grants access to the online store with a rich assortment of clothes and accessories for butches.

The website also makes it possible to browse other blogs related to the same topic the author recommends. Additionally, there is an opportunity to view posts published in multiple website sections as well as look through the articles available in the archives. Such website structure contributes to the ease of search and time economy. What’s more, Butch Wonders allows getting in touch with the author of the blog via social network accounts and email available at the website.

6. Stasia Rose Blog

Stasia Rose Blog

Stasiarose uses Weebly’s blogging engine to write about entrepreneurship, traveling, fashion and anything in between. Stasia’s website greets you with a clean, minimalist homepage and a sign up form asking her site visitors to join her newsletter. The sign up form contains Stasia’s photo and her personal invitation. These personalized elements help turn her blog readers into repeat visitors.

Stasia used one of the simplest Weebly themes to create her blog. Its neat layout, elegant fonts and high quality images make the blog easy-to-navigate and read. The scrolling option makes it convenient to browse through the homepage, where lots of interesting blog articles are published. The author of the blog updates them on a regular basis, thus attracting new visitors.

The list of the recently added posts as well as a rich choice of categories and archives are provided on the left panel of the homepage to keep users aware of the updates they may be interested in. These features make the website one of the best blog samples created on the basis of the Weebly platform!

7. Cold River Soap Works Blog

Cold River Soap Works Blog

Cold River Soap Works is a vivid sample of a quality website launched with Weebly. The website has neat design, which makes it worth user attention. It’s all about the colors here. The presentation of each individual post and the overall layout of the website are neat and eye-pleasing.

The design of the website is simple, but this simplicity contributes to the general impression the blog makes upon the users. It seems to be created for busy people, who do not have much time to browse through the website looking for the required products. The home page presents the major shaving and post shaving products with their general description.

For those, who have the desire to place an online order, the site offers the “Shop Now” button that redirects the user directly to the brief, but understandable catalogue. This is the blog, where “the old world tradition meets American innovation”!

8. 2Care2Teach4Kids Blog

2Care2Teach4Kids Blog

2Care2Teach4Kids is a website belonging to Miss Kelly – the founder and manager of the web-based early childhood care and education resource. The project was launched more than 20 years ago and it still enjoys popularity with parents and other users, who are somehow connected with early childhood education. The project contains useful content and plenty of web-based resources that help make early education simple, interesting, effective and engaging for everyone.

The blog contains lots of articles related to the process of early kids education, which are divided into thematic categories. Additionally, there is an opportunity to browse the archives, which also contain multiple resources related to early education. Blog design is simple yet intuitive and understandable for everyone. Moreover, it is child-oriented, which is revealed in the fonts, images and graphic elements used. All in all, this is a worthy sample of a quality website blog designed with Weebly.

9. K9 Instinct

K9 Instinct is a website dedicated to helping dog owners from all over the world choose the best solutions for their pets’ care and health support as well as the best nutrition and training options. The website is run and managed by the Certified Animal Care Technician focusing on helping dog lovers in different countries find and use the resources they will find helpful when taking care of their pets.

The blog section is wirth separate attention. It contains multiple articles that tackle dog health, nutrition, exercising and other life spheres. All the posts are regularly updated to provide readers with recent information only. There is the search filter option here that simplifies the choice of the required content, while all the posts are deliberately divided into thematic categories most dog owners are interested in. These include Diet, Dental Health, disease, Dog Products & Reviews, Chews, Bonding, Exercise, Dog Training, Hunter, News, Nutrition, Raw Food Diet, Socialization, Treats, Vaccines and more. Most articles are based on real life situations and facts and contain photos/videos of events described there. This is quite a handy and informative web resource most dog owners will appreciate to the advantage.

10. The Ancestor Hunt

The Ancestor Hunt

The Ancestor Hunt is a website launched and updated by Kenneth R Marks, who lives in Arizona and focuses on helping people find their relatives or discovering facts about their family history. The website owner calls the process “ancestor hunting”, which describes the major specialization of the resource best. The website contains multiple sections, each of which is devoted to a certain topic. This is where you can browse such sections as Blog, Newspapers, Links, Photos, Obituaries, Divorce Records, Yearbooks and many more.

Blog section is one of the most informative and popular website pages, which delivers plenty of useful info associated with the project’s specialization. The blog mainly contains multiple online church records divided by the US states. This is very convenient, when it comes to looking for the required info. Additionally, there is an opportunity to browse and use free resource links, subscribe to the email to get the record and other related website info directly to your email box and search the site to read the required data. Blog design is quite simple and niche-related. The site contains black-and-white and retro photos that completely come up to its niche specialization.

11. KidSparkz


KidSparkz is a website, which is created and managed by Susan Portman, wh sees her mission in helping parents and teachers find and use different kinds of childhood printables and activity packs. These downloadable, free and low-cost early childhood printables fall into different categories based on major kids’ interests and education areas.

Lots of these resources are found in the Blog section, which is regularly updated with new packs. All the resources are easy-to-find, while their use does not require any preliminary preparation or specific knowledge. To ensure maximum ease of use, the blog author has subdivided the materials into thematic categories based on versatile criteria. Some of the most popular and widely-browsed categories encompass Alphabet, Back to School, Christmas, Fall, Free Downloads, New Year, Numbers, Science, Spring, Summer, Winter and many more. The entire blog design totally adheres to the major website specialization. This is revealed through the extensive use of colours, bright images, font types, graphic elements and other website items that come up to the interests of kids of kindergarten, pre-school and school age.

12. Calvary Chapel Relief

Calvary Chapel Relief

Calvary Chapel Relief is an informational hub that coordinates Calvary Chapel Affiliates, Calvary Chapels and some other Christ-focused ministries related to international and domestic calamities. The website contains the most updated and fresh information about natural disasters that happen in corresponding locations. To provide unique information and to let website visitors find out the most recent news and event updates, there is an opportunity to browse several website sections. These include Get Involved, News, General Info, Donate, Archives.

Considering the overall website specialization, special attention is centered around the News section. This is where you may come across recent information related to the events that have taken place in one of the locations the website focuses on. The news are added on a regular basis to keep readers informed about the disasters that happened not quite long ago. There is also access to the Archives section, where you can come across all the news divided by the time of their uploading. Along with the text info, many news come with videos that provide visual content related to the event. This makes news presentation more engaging and informative.

13. ThroBak


ThroBak is a website of the manufacturer of the most accurate and quality vintage reproduction PAF pickups. They thoroughly hand-build each item, making use of the best quality components and equipment that date back to the 1950s and correspond to the original products. The entire assortment of ThroBak goods and services is listed on their website – just browse the major sections to come across the required products. Some of the categories include PAF Pickups, Tele Pickups, Strat Pickups, Pedals, P-90 Pickups, Strings, Parts & Gear etc. The website also grants access to the shopping cart, where you can add the selected items to further place the order.

Apart from the rich product assortment and a web store, ThroBak also comes with a Blog section managed by two authors. The blog contains multiple products reviews, tips and recommendations on boosting the efficacy of the product pickup process as well as other related info. The entire blog design is appealing and intuitive – simple and intuitive navigation is what most users like about it. This is a nice sample of a full-featured project created with Weebly!

14. Cat Nutrition

Cat Nutrition

Cat Nutrition is a website, the major mission of which is to provide the most explicit and useful information about cat nutrition and feeding principles. The project also delivers info on cat diseases, foodmaking, care, veterinarians and other issues most cat owners are concerned with. Additionally, there is an opportunity to browse informative web-based resources that also contain valuable data on cat care and feeding. The Donate section allows you investing a bit into website development.

Cat Nutrition blog cannot but attracts user attention due to the extensive availability of cat-related information. This is where you may browse multiple posts that tackle the website topic and are updated on a regular basis to provide cat owners with valuable and useful information only. The posts come with the commenting feature that lets readers share their opinions and ideas regarding the articles they read. If there is anything you cannot find at once or you just lack time to browse the posts catalogue, go ahead to look through the blog Archive, which includes all the articles structured by the publication date. The blog looks appealing, containing multiple thematic photos and videos most cat owners will value to the advantage.

15. The Student Physical Therapist

The Student Physical Therapist

The Student Physical Therapist is a Weebly-based website, which sees its mission in challenging sports and orthopedic physical therapists to improve their professional awareness and become clinical experts by providing residency level education. The website is owned and run by three physical therapists, who are dedicated to sharing their professional experience, knowledge, achievements and recent industry-related info.

Special attention is given to the Orthopedic & Manual Therapy Blog available at the website. The blog is updated on a regular basis to provide only recent and up-to-date niche news and data. This is the place, where the authors write about their treatment philosophy that might be interesting to the readers. For maximum convenience, all the blog posts are divided into categories based on the topics tackled. There is also access to the Archive section, where you can browse the entire list of articles that have ever been published in the blog. The project also provides lots of industry-related images and videos related to the blog topics covered. This contributes to its informational value and gives the blog posts reliable look and feel.

Bottom Line

Our exploration of these Weebly blogs examples was a really enjoyable experience. The Weebly users responsible for these sites should be applauded both for their devotion to share their experiences and views, and for establishing a creative, professional-looking and what’s more important – effective web presence.

Are you a Weebly user? Then share with us your blog!


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