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Weebly Alternatives

Weebly is one of the ‘big’ website builders most people are familiar with. Being one of the first DIY website creation platforms, Weebly quickly built a strong audience and achieved a prominent position. But there are dozens of other website builders out there. Some Weebly alternatives can provide additional functionality, a better choice of templates, or better pricing options. Following are the few alternatives that are likely to challenge Weebly.

Best Weebly Competitors

1WixFree to $24.50/mo
2uKit$4 to $12/mo
3XPRSFree to $8/mo

After in-depth research I’ve selected TOP 3 website builders that have almost the same set of tools like Weebly. These are Wix, uKit and XPRS.

As a brief description to each of them I should admit that Wix is the most popular and probably the most featured Weebly competitor, uKit – the easiest and the cheapest one, and XPRS – the best free alternative if you’re a student or a creative person.

Weebly Alternative #1 – Wix

Wix Benefits and Pricing

Wix is a universal website builder. It has everything a quality web building tool should have to ensure quick, safe and effective web building experience. The service is easy-to-use and convenient. Due to the simple and intuitive dashboard, both newbies and web design pros can create different types of websites with no hassle at all. Whether you need a business website, a landing page, a portfolio, a blog or any other website, you’ll create it with Wix in no time.

Wix Features

  • Opportunity to Launch a Decent Website. Wix offers lots of options that make it possible to launch a functional and appealing website. It has a rich collection of free templates and a set of powerful web customization tools, which allow launching a unique website with superior functionality. The templates the system offers are not only free, but they are responsive as well and can be easily viewed on any mobile device. Users can make use of graphic elements, slideshows, versatile design settings and other elements that contribute to decent result.
  • Wix - Site Editor

  • Powerful eCommerce Functionality. Wix offers many eCommerce templates, customization of which allows creating quality and functional online stores. What’s more, the system has an integrated eCommerce widget which also makes it possible to build eCommerce websites with it. It’s possible to add and manage products and their categories, adjust payment settings, taxation and shipping details etc. The service offers numerous marketing tools used to enhance eCommerce functionality. Apart from that, it has a separate eCommerce plan, which comes at affordable cost and allows creating top notch online stores with ease.
  • Wix Store Editor

  • Blogging Options. If you are going to launch your own blog, Wix will ideally come up to this purpose. By using the system, you can add a blog to your website and manage it to your liking by adding and scheduling blog posts, tag clouds, user comments etc. It’s even possible to add a Featured Posts section and your own custom feed here.
  • Wix Blog

  • Forum Creation. Wix has one more feature, which can notably enhance your web building experience. The system allows adding a forum to your website in a few steps only. You just need to install a special application available in the integrated AppMarket to start building and managing your forum.
  • Wix Forum

  • SEO Wiz. SEO Wiz tool is another benefit of the system. It allows setting up SEO parameters of your website, contributing to its effective web promotion. For inexperienced users, the service offers step-by-step instructions that help avoid problems and overlook crucial parameters.
  • Wix SEO Wiz

How Much Does Wix Cost per Month?

Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

Wix is considered an affordable website builder, which charges reasonable fees for its plans that differ in terms and features offered. There is also a free lifetime plan, which is mostly used by newbies willing to test the major system features.

If you wish to create a full-fledged website, then it makes sense to upgrade to one of the paid plans. These are Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP plans. Their cost currently ranges from $4.50 and up to $24.50 per month. Mind that it’s possible to save big with Wix by using the discounts, bonuses and special offers the system provides on a regular basis.

Wix Pros and Cons

Advantages: Wix’s free. Like in Weebly, you can create your website and use it as long as you want without paying anything. Of course, free website will have lots of limitations to its using. But if it’s your first website after Weebly, Wix is the best alternative. All in all, you can upgrade your subscription plan at any time.

Drawbacks: once you’ve selected a template you cannot change it. It is the price for the deepest customization options.


Wix is a powerful WYSIWYG website builder, which is used for a variety of purposes. You can build any website type with the system by making use of its advanced features and versatile options. The service can boast a diversity of thematic responsive templates, intuitive and understandable dashboard, superior functionality, advanced marketing and customization tools, nice SEO optimization features, original web design elements etc. These features, in combination with the integrated AppMarket and advanced eCommerce functionality, make the website builder a perfect Weebly alternative.

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Weebly Alternative #2 – uKit

uKIt Benefits and Pricing

uKit is a drag-and-drop website builder, which is mainly used for building small business websites. The system has all the features a business website should have to come up to the needs of users. Correspondingly, it will be of great help to entrepreneurs willing to launch different types of business websites to establish quality web presence at affordable cost. It can be used by newbies and professional web designers, who work on the development of client projects.

uKit Features

  • Ease of Use. uKit is one of the simplest website builders, which can be explored and used by non-techies as well as by web design experts. There is no need to learn or know web coding basics to launch quality websites with uKit. The website builder has an intuitive dashboard, which is quite easy to understand. It is flexible and convenient for everyone and allows building a website almost in no time.
  • uKit Editor

  • Ideal for Small Business. uKit is an ideal choice for any small business. It offers a set of customizable templates to meet any niche requirements. These include photography, medicine, law, tourism, finance, education and what not. Whatever niche you specialize in, you will surely find a quality template, proper customization of which will ensure decent result.
  • Templates - uKit

  • eCommerce Features. It’s possible to build small and medium-sized online stores with uKit in less than an hour. Apart from the niche eCommerce templates, uKit has partnership relations with the Ecwid platform, which helps integrate the existing Ecwid account into a website you create with uKit. If you don’t have the one, you can easily create it here as well. As a result, you can set up a functional online store and adjust the required settings, including payment options (there are over 40 of them here), multicurrency and multilanguage support, useful widgets like timer, livechat, callback widget, SoundCloud, Google maps, e-mail forms, SlideShare etc. These options make it possible to create and set up a small online store in a short period of time with uKit.
  • uKit Online Store

  • CRM Integration. uKit has a convenient CRM integration feature. This makes it possible to track the number of potential clients and deals, thus, controlling and increasing the amount of sales. To use the feature, you’ll need to get a paid account. This investment, however, is worth the result. By using it, you’ll be able to hold effective promo campaigns, which will correspondingly result in business success.

How Much Does uKit Cost per Month?

uKit Paid Plans:

uKit doesn’t have any free plans, but there is a possibility to test the system for free for 7 days, when choosing one of the paid plans. The latter include Premium, Premium +, eCommerce and Pro. The cheapest plan is Premium ($4 per month), while the most expensive option is Pro Plan ($12).

These prices, however, are more than affordable, when it comes to business advancement. What’s more, you can save big, when using the bonuses and discounts the system offers on a regular basis.

uKit Pros and Cons

Advantages: uKit is very simple and easy to use for newbies. Comparing to Weebly’s menus, submenus where different site options are hidden, in uKit you can do all of that from the main site editor screen. Another benefit goes with 250+ professional business templates divided into 35 categories, from nail master and DJ to construction and legal website templates.

Drawbacks: uKit doesn’t offer a free plan. But as it’s a website builder for business, it means by default that you have to invest for your business and website is also a part of it.


If you are looking for the easiest Weebly alternative, it really makes sense to explore uKit. This is especially true, if you have made up your mind to launch a small business website. This website builder is simple, convenient and affordable. It offers many features that can bring your business website performance to the top notch level, ensuring profit generation and business advancement. This is a decent web building tool for entrepreneurs, who are just starting their business and well as for those, who wish to enhance its popularity and drive new customers. Whatever goal you have, uKit is definitely worth your attention.

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Weebly Alternative #3 – XPRS

XPRS Benefits and Pricing

XPRS is a website builder, which was created with the needs of artists and creatives in mind. The service, however, has beneficial offers for entrepreneurs, thus, being a nice web building tool for this category of users as well. It is simple and can be used by users with no web design skills at all as well as by web developers, who have the experience of building websites already.

XPRS Features

  • Ease of Use. XPRS is very simple and convenient, which matters a lot to creatives, who frequently lack web building experience. Due to the intuitive interface, it’s easy to create, customize and manage a website here. There is even no need to create you own account to start building a website with XPRS. Just click the “Start Now” button and proceed to choosing and customizing a template. It’s super easy to add and edit pages here and you will feel excited to do that on your own.
  • XPRS Editor

  • Appealing Templates. XPRS has a rich library of modern and stylish themes for creative individuals. To simplify the search, the templates are subdivided into a number of categories based on their topics. These include landing pages, portfolios, wedding websites, online stores, restaurants, fashion, real estate etc. What’s more, there is a separate “4min sites” category here, which comes with 10 templates, the customization of which is so simple that it allows creating a quality website in a few minutes only.
  • XPRS Templates

  • White Label Solution. XPRS is a website builder, which has a White Label Plan that makes it possible to use the system under a user’s brand name to build customer trust and boost business popularity. This is quite a generous offer, which allows getting control over the website builder by making use of the unlimited hosting and other features offered for $350 per year only.

How Much Does XPRS Cost per Month?

XPRS Paid Plans:
White Label$350/yr.

XPRS has a free plan for students, creatives and non-commercial organizations. The major benefit of this plan is the absence of restrictions and ads at the ready made websites.

You will avail unlimited hosting, individual domain connection option, versatility of templates and other advantages here. Paid plans, in their turn, are meant for businesses and include Premium and White Label solutions, which also come at affordable cost.

XPRS Pros and Cons

Advantages: XPRS could be a good solution to those students, artists or non-profits who want to move from Weebly into a free platform. If you belong to one of the mentioned categories, you can even run an eCommerce project for free there.

Drawbacks: XPRS features are looking poor, comparing with first two Weebly competitors and the site’s editor at the first sight is not intuitive.


XPRS a nice alternative to Weebly for people of creative professions, students, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs. The website builder covers a broad range of users’ needs, encompassing superior functionality and ease-of-use. The system is not that feature-laden, but it is simple and convenient for all users, irrespective of their web design experience. The only notable disadvantage of the platform is poor eCommerce functionality.

By creating an online store with the system, you’ll be able to get the payments made by your customers via PayPal or Wire Transfer only once a month. This is because the money is stored not on your own account, but on the XPRS deposit. However, there are lots of other specialized and universal web building solutions, which offer advanced eCommerce features and, thus, are more preferable for online store owners. As to the rest of features, XPRS ranks high on the list of modern website builders.

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All website builders, mentioned above, have a trial period or a free plan. Definitely, not all of features are available with a free or trial versions. But you can easily test the main functional of each website builder before taking sides.

To cut a long story short, here’s a comparison table of Weebly alternatives. Each website builder has unique features, advantages and disadvantages. You may try all three systems and choose you like the most.

Weebly Alternatives Comparison Chart

#NameBest for:Ease of UseFeaturesDesignPrice
1WixNewbies WYSIWYG editor;
Full drag&drop;
Interactive tips
App Market;
Change everything;
Strong eCommerce
Over 500 templates;
Mobile editor;
Video background
Free to $24.50/mo
Cheaper than Weebly
2uKitSmall Business Smart block elements;
Easy editor;
Discount Timer;
Business Widgets;
Map Markers
Responsive Design;
Template change;
Parallax scrolling
$4 to $12/mo
Cheaper than Weebly
3XPRSCreative People Polydom technology
Block-based system;
Smart eCommerce;
Scalable website;
White label
Free themes;
Mouse-over effects;
Free icons and fonts
Free to $8/mo
Cheaper than Weebly

Have your own opinion about Weebly alternatives? Share it with us in comments!

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