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Weebly Alternatives

Weebly Alternatives

Weebly – is a website builder that allows creating quality blogs, online stores, and business websites. It comes with lots of professional templates, convenient drag-and-drop editor, tailor step-by-step guidelines, and other features that contribute to the quick and effective web building process.

Such a variety of tools and options, however, may seem a bit perplexing for users with little or no coding knowledge at all. It takes time to explore and master all the features of the system. This is one of the major reasons that make users look for simpler Weebly alternatives.

WIX – The Best Weebly Alternative

WIX – The Best Weebly Alternative

Wix – is the website builder that serves various needs. It delivers enough flexibility to create different sites with no coding skills. While Weebly still requires a bit of technical knowledge, Wix is a much simpler solution thanks to its drag-and-drop editor and AI-based feature. Built-in advanced technology creates websites for a user based on his or her expectations.

Besides, you may benefit from extra features:

  • Responsive Templates – Wix has probably the biggest collection of responsive templates among other SaaS website builders. It currently offers 500+ themes for any business niche. Users may choose from ready-made portfolios, real estate mockups, small business sites, digital stores, etc. All templates refer to a particular category. What’s more, they are free to use, edit, or customize.
  • Wix App Market – despite the fact Weebly has its own App Center, Wix offers a wider selection of add-ons and widgets. From counters, galleries, and contact forms to analytics and payment options – users may connect any service with a click. Only some slight manual setup is required. Once again, platform subscribers get free access to the app market.
  • eCommerce – building a digital store using Wix is easy. You get a full set of options from ready-made online shop templates with integrated features to the Wix custom promotion package. The editor comes with an intuitive product management system where you may add and edit items, upload photos, set prices, connect payment gateways, and more with no technical skills.
  • Wix ADI – the feature that makes the software one of the easiest website builders in the market. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence made it possible to create ready-to-go sites in less than 10 minutes. A user should only provide basic info about the future website and business, while the system will automatically pick a layout and a set of built-in features without the need to customize the site.

Wix price: users may benefit from an unlimited free plan with no timeframes. However, it does not provide full access to all features. Besides, you will have to buy a domain name separately. It makes no sense, as Wix is an all-in-one solution. For only $13 per month, you get a full set of options in addition to a 1-year free domain and hosting. Those who deal with online shops might require a bit more resources. The system offers spate eCommerce plans that start at $23 per month.

WordPress – Self-Hosted Weebly Alternative (CMS)

WordPress – Self-Hosted Weebly Alternative (CMS)

WordPress – is one of the longest-running CMS in the market. The fact that it was initially developed for content-based sites, makes WP a better alternative to Weebly when it comes to building blogs, news portals, online magazines, etc. The open-source content management system offers endless customization capabilities. Moreover, it appears to be more flexible in terms of budget planning or choosing a place to host your website.

On the one hand, the system is not as easy to master for newbies right from the start. But after you have figured out how it works, you benefit from enhanced flexibility and the following features:

  • Integration & Plugins – a WordPress website may have as many plugins as you need. The selection of add-ons is overwhelming. Here we have both paid plugins as well as their free alternatives. Some are available on subscription-bases while others at a life-time payment. From contact forms, calendars, scripts, and source code boxes to eCommerce, email marketing, ad campaigns, visual effects, and real-time analytics – simply pick the one and have it installed in your dashboard. Also note, that most plugins require manual setup and updates. But this can be solved with the help of WP-optimized hosting (learn more in the “WordPress price” paragraph).
  • Thousands of Templates – another reason to opt for WordPress. Users may select from literally thousands of free and paid templates. Most themes work great for content-based and other types of websites. Although some look a bit similar you may customize them by editing the source code or with the help of numerous plugins.
  • SEO and Content Management – WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms in terms of content promotion and SEO optimization. First of all, the system is open source. It means that you can edit the code and make it more search engines-friendly. It will require some technical skills. Secondly, different plugins help users to come up with proper text formatting making the content easier to read and more attractive to search bots. Last but not least, users are able to edit advanced SEO settings including metadata, URLs, focus keywords, etc. Some services help to see if the content is readable and SEO-friendly enough.

WordPress price: You will be able to edit and customize the website at no cost. However, to go live with it, you will need a domain and hosting. WP-optimized servers appear to be affordable. They offer seamless integration, automated plugin and system updates, advanced security means, and enhanced performance. Bluehost is yet one of the best and WordPress-recommended hosting providers with WP plans to cost from $2.95 per month.

Shopify – Best Ecommerce Alternative

Shopify - Best Ecommerce Alternative

Shopify – is an eCommerce oriented platform. It was developed to help entrepreneurs and companies sell products online. It comes with enhanced functionality not only to create digital stores of any size but also to launch marketing campaigns, promotions, personalized offers, and boost sales. The platform delivers a set of extra perks, which make it a better alternative to Weebly in terms of eCommerce.

  • Advanced Product Management System – apart from baseline product images, titles, and descriptions, Shopify offers a wider range of tools to represent your goods in the most attractive manner. Here we have custom galleries to highlight products in 3D, featured item function, integrated catalog modules, tools to set discounts or sales, offer coupons and promo codes, etc.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways – selling goods with Shopify is easy. You can offer flexible solutions for the buyer in the face if multiple payment methods that can be integrated with a click. Apart from traditional PayPal and Stripe, the system has support for Amazon Pay, Klarna, Worldpay, and others.
  • Widgets and Apps – the platform boasts its own App Store with tools to prevent cart abandonment, promotion instruments, countdowns, product image sliders and galleries, business charts, etc.
  • Analytic Tools – eCommerce projects require enhanced analytics and this is what Shopify can do. The system has a custom dashboard to track sales and customers. It generates automated reports with the most favorable and top-selling products including shopping sessions or sources of revenue. Users can also benefit from ad camping and promotion insights.
  • POS Integration – Shopify lets you expand the selling influence and distribute products not only online but also at live sites. The system can be integrated with different POS solutions such as Square to sell merchandising and physical products.

Shopify price: there are three available Shopify pans depending on the shop size and the amount of goods you are going to sell. The plans include Basic, Shopify main, and Advanced plan costing $29, $79, and $299 respectively.

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uKit – The Cheapest and The Easiest Website Builder

uKit - The Cheapest and The Easiest Website Builder

uKit – is a simple platform that lets users create ready-to-go websites at minimum cost and effort. It does not require any technical background, while the building process will hardly take you more than 30 minutes. What’s more, uKit is an all-in-one solution. It means zero hassle when looking for a boasting or registering a domain name. Users will appreciate a collection of responsive templates with baseline SEO settings and built-in features.

  • Great for Small Business Needs – uKit is the best platform to create professional portfolios, landing pages, small business, or one-page sites. Because of the ease of use, it cannot complete with Weebly in terms of customization but it is definitely a cheaper and simpler alternative for newbies who want to build online representation fast.
  • Responsive Templates – the template collection is pretty wide. It contains about 400 themes and each of them looks stylish. They run well on different devices and come with a mobile preview and editing option. In the available categories, users may find different layouts to create landing pages, portfolios, or even small digital shops with already integrated apps and add-ons.
  • eCommerce – despite the fact digital stores are not the main uKit specialization the platform still offers baseline eCommerce functionality. It is good for entrepreneurs who only want to get started with a small number of products to sell online. Simplified functionality comes with intuitive product management tools, built-in payment gateways, cart management instruments, and more.

uKit price: each of 4 available plans comes with a 14-day free trial. If you need a simple small business site or a portfolio, the Minimal plan costing $5 per month would be enough. The Basic plan is for users who require advanced insights and stats. It costs $10 monthly. There is a separate eCommerce subscription costing $12 and a Pro plan for $15 with coding possibilities for experienced users.

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Webflow – Responsive Web Design Tool and CMS

Webflow – Responsive Web Design Tool and CMS

Webflow – is a platform developed for experienced pros. Both Webflow and Weebly are focused on dedicated web developers but in a different way. The key difference is that Webflow has its custom content management system that makes it easier for users to work with the software.

  • Advanced CMS – the system has its custom CMS tool to edit and manage on-site content. It makes it possible to add texts, media content, images, etc. Users are free to create the layout template and apply it to different pages as well as identify the content type with pre-designed custom fields. Extra CMS capabilities include collaborative work with other developers and web designers.
  • Custom Site Designer – this feature will be useful for developers who work with HTML/CSS/JS. It is an automation instrument that helps to edit the source code without programming. All you need is to select a required function and adjust it using the Site Editor to any place on the page. When we say “function”, we mean some elements, components, or parts of the site layout.
  • Animation – Webflow delivers advanced interaction instruments out of the box. Animation feature is one of them. The idea is to bring literally every on-page element to life. The function can be applied to any component from a menu block to a particular piece of content making it move every time a user interacts.

Webflow price: the platform offers flexible pricing options that are divided into two major categories: website and account plans. Website plans are available in three major options costing $12, $16, and $36 per month. There is also a separate package for eCommerce needs. Account plans include Starter, Lite, and Pro that cost $0, $16, and $35 per month. Users may try each package for free.

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Squarespace – All-in-one Website Builder

Squarespace - All-in-one Website Builder

Squarespace – is a website builder that delivers highly-flexible templates that can be changed and edited to create a truly unique layout for the future website. The building process is much easier than with Weebly, it does not require technical skills, while responsive themes look very stylish and up-to-date. The website builder may serve multiple needs. It is good for eCommerce as well.

  • Stylish Template Design – the theme collection has more than 90 different layouts. They look superb and are 100% responsive. Most mockups mainly refer to blogs and small business sites. However, the eCommerce section has several good-looking online shop templates as well. All themes are easy to modify. Users may edit every element, rearrange components, change styling, etc.
  • Cover Page Builder – a great instrument to create professional landing pages on the fly. It contains about 30 pre-designed templates with access to HTML/CSS. The code customization feature is available with Premium plans only.
  • eCommerce – if you want to sell online, the platform offers an intuitive product management system with the ability to integrate PayPal, Stripe, or Apple Pay. Users may sort items by categories, edit prices, set images, descriptions, and additional info. There is a built-in alert system that tracks the amount of products ion stock and notifies when you run out of some item.
  • Promotion Tools – to drive more traffic and improve users’ satisfaction, Squarespace provides marketing options that include free shipping coupons, ad pop-ups, personalized offers, upcoming sales announcements, and more.

Squarespace price: the four available Squarespace plans include Personal costing $12 per month (twice higher if compared to Weebly Starter plan), Business ($18 per month), Basic eCommerce ($26 per month), and Advanced eCommerce ($40 per month). The prices are indicated in case of annual billing. For actually the same price.


Weebly is a good website builder you can use to create and manage quality landing pages, business websites and online stores. The system has much to offer to users and its feature set keeps rapidly developing. However, it’s not altogether convenient and easy-to-use for beginners. It somewhat lacks drag-and-drop options and it requires time to be mastered.

Users, who always lack time and effort to explore Weebly, can select from the reviewed platforms that are worth alternatives to the website builder with multiple advantages and specific parameters to offer. Whatever Weebly alternative you will go for, you won’t regret that. These services are the leaders on the list of the best website builders. They are definitely worth using!


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