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Weebly Alternatives

Weebly allows building quality blogs, online stores and business websites. It comes with lots of professional templates, convenient drag-and-drop editor, tailor step-by-step guideline and other features that contribute to quick and effective web building process.

Such a variety of tools and options, however, may seem a bit perplexing for users with little or no coding knowledge at all. It takes time to explore and master all the features of the system. This is one of the major reasons that make users look for simpler Weebly alternatives. For those of you, who don’t with to bother about the choice of a decent website builder to use instead of Weebly, Wix, Shopify and uKit prove to be the best solutions.

  • Wix is an all-in-all website builder, which can be used to launch almost any type of website, providing the unsurpassed functionality and great design customization options;
  • Shopify is the world renowned eCommerce website builder, which allows building outstanding online stores with excellent performance and multiple eCommerce features;
  • uKit is the simplest and the cheapest website builder, which is used to create small business websites, but it can also be used to launch other types of quality projects.

Let’s review each of the systems in details now to find out their major parameters, pros and cons as well as pricing solutions.

1. Wix – The Best Weebly Alternative

Wix website builder

Wix is rightfully considered to be the world-renowned website builder. Just have a look at the statistics: as of today, its audience constitutes over 130 million users and this number keeps growing rapidly due to the platform’s credibility, professionalism and exceptional ease of use.

Wix ensures safe, quick and intuitive web building process, which matters a lot for newbies looking for a simple website builder as well as for design pros, who value quality and time economy most of all.

What Websites Can You Create with Wix?

Being a universal web building solution, Wix can be used to create almost any web-based project, starting from a simple one-page website and up to a small/medium online store.

The feature set of the service is enough to build any of the websites you need, be it a landing page, a business website, a modeling portfolio, a blog, a forum, a web store and what not.

Wix comes with a rich template collection, where you can select a theme to come up to your niche specialization. It also offers a set of design customization tools to give your website decent look and performance.

There is also an opportunity to choose a blank template to design a unique and personalized website. The service has powerful integrated blogging and eCommerce engines, which make it possible to launch blogs and online stores with no hassle and waste of time at all.

What Makes Wix Better Than Weebly?

Wix provides an amazing variety of advantages that make it prevail over Weebly in several aspects. The most obvious Wix benefits include:

  • Rich Template Gallery – the website builder can boast an impressive template collection, the number of themes in which currently exceeds 550 items. The templates (all of which are mobile-optimized) are developed by professional designers with the ease-of-customization in mind;
  • WYSIWYG Editor – the service comes with a simple and understandable WYSIWYG website editor, which puts a user in charge of the web design process. This matters a lot for beginners, who are just getting used to the web building process;
  • Wix ADI – the advanced AI tool, which simplifies the process of website development by automatically generating the project based on the information a user provides;
  • Website Mobile Editor – allows creating a separate website version for mobile browsing with no hassle at all;
  • Wix Code– a powerful tool used to build web applications with minimum time and effort investment;
  • Wix Forum – allows you building a full-featured forum and connecting it to your website. This is the option that is not available in Weebly and other website builders.

2. Shopify – The Best Ecommerce Alternative

Shopify eCommerce software

Weebly allows building a small-to-mid-sized online stores. As it starts expanding, however, the website builder lacks features and tools for its decent development. This is where Shopify proves to be the best alternative.

Shopify comes with an extensive set of tools and features needed to design a functional online store from scratch. The platform features simplicity and convenience. It’s easy to work with it, even if you lack eCommerce web building skills.

What Websites Can You Create with Shopify?

Shopify is a specialized eCommerce platform, which places the focus on launching eCommerce websites only. Whether you plan to launch a simple web store with a couple of dozens of products or a large hypermarket with thousands of products in stock, doing that with Shopify will be much simpler and more effective as compared to Weebly or any other all-in-one website builder.

The scale of platform’s popularity is tremendous. Shopify was founded in 2004 and it has grown into the world’s most renowned eCommerce website builder since that time.

As of today, the number of active stores running on Shopify has exceeded 500,000. They have brought over 40 billion worth of sales during the time of the system’s functioning. More than 3000 people are working for the company, while the overall amount of merchants dealing with the platform currently constitutes about 600,000 people. Shopify has its listing in the stock market. This is another proof of the company’s reputability and credibility.

What Makes Shopify Better Than Weebly?

Shopify excels Weebly in terms of eCommerce and design customization features. Among the most distinctive advantages of the system, it makes sense to mention the following:

  • POS Software – Shopify is known for its Point of Sale software, which allows creating and managing web stores and selling products at the retail storefront by using the available external card terminal, accepting orders in the offline mode, creating multiple staff accounts, integrating with external services and accounting software etc.;
  • Amazon Integration – you can synchronize your Shopify account with that of Amazon Marketplace to effectively boost your sales volume;
  • Blogging Platform – unlike many other eCommerce website builders, Shopify has a powerful blogging platform, which makes it possible to publish and manage the posts, interact with current and potential customers, initiate and support discussions etc.;
  • Payment Options – Shopify has over 70 payment gateways, thus allowing customers select the preferred option;
  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery – the system automatically sends notifications to those customers, who have not completed their purchases;
  • Multilanguage Support – the service offers multilanguage support, due to which you can create several language versions of your online store;
  • Product Reviews – to ensure the unsurpassed user experience, Shopify provides detailed product reviews with descriptions and major product specifications;
  • SSL Encryption – to protect your web store from unauthorized access of spammers, Shopify allows connecting the SSL Certificate to it.

3. uKit – The Cheapest and The Easiest Website Builder

uKit website builder

uKit is a renowned website builder, the feature set of which is more than enough to create high quality small business websites. At the same time, it is possible to launch other projects with the system, which will also have professional look and advanced performance.

With over one million users, the service is included into the list of top website builders that are in demand with people. This makes uKit a worthy Weebly alternative.

What Websites Can You Create with uKit?

The major uKit specialization is centered around the creation of small business websites. The platform provides a broad range of web design tools and features needed to create projects for contemporary entrepreneurs.

It doesn’t really matter what business niche you focus on – with uKit, you will be able to run and manage professional websites with excellent performance.

Apart from that, uKit is a nice eCommerce building solution. It works well for those users, however, who plan to launch or already own small online stores. The platform offers two ways to start an online store – either by integrating an eCommerce widget or by connecting the Ecwid account.

Whatever option you will go for, it won’t take much of your effort and time as the process is quick and intuitive especially for non-coders.

What Makes uKit Better Than Weebly?

uKit initially deserves the attention as a simple, understandable yet functional website builder. Its major advantage is ease-of-use, which allows beginners to create and then manage quality websites with no hassle at all. As to the other highlights of the service, they are enlisted below:

  • Designs – uKit templates are quality, versatile and responsive. Their number currently exceeds 400 themes, which are subdivided into over 40 categories based on the niche aspect;
  • uKit Widgets – the website builder comes with a set of customizable widgets (LiveChat, Timer, SoundCloud, Google Maps, Callback etc.), which can come up to any business web design needs. Their integration can notably contribute to website performance and customer engagement rate;
  • Mobile View Customization – the system lets you create, customize and control the mobile and tablet view of your uKit website to ensure stunning mobile experience;
  • SSL Encryption – you can make your business website protected from the unwanted access of third-party users by connecting the SSL Certificate to it;
  • Cost – uKit is one of the most affordable website builders, which offers a broad range of settings at flexible rates. The price range of the paid plans constitutes from $4/mo for a standard Premium Plan and up to $12/mo for the advanced Pro Plan. By using our SWB-25 promo code, you can avail the 25% discount. Thus, you’ll be able to use uKit Premium Plan for $3.5/mo only.

Bottom Line

Weebly is a decent website builder you can use to create and manage quality landing pages, business websites and online stores. The system has much to offer to users and its feature set keeps rapidly developing. However, it’s not altogether convenient and easy-to-use for beginners. The system somewhat lacks drag-and-drop options and it requires time to be mastered.

Users, who always lack time and effort to explore Weebly, can select between Wix, Shopify and uKit depending on their needs and goals. These are decent alternatives to the website builder, each of which has multiple advantages and specific parameters.

  • Wix is rightfully called the world’s best website builder as its features (Wix ADI, Wix Code), templates and design customization tools come up to various web building needs and users skills.
  • Shopify is the advanced eCommerce website builder, which lets everyone create and manage professional online stores.
  • uKit is the easiest and the most affordable small business website builder, which is intuitive and understandable to everyone.

Whatever Weebly alternative you will go for, you won’t regret that. These services are the leaders on the list of the best website builders. They are definitely worth using!


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