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Best Weebly Website Examples

Weebly Example Websites

Weebly – is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to start a quality website in a matter of minutes. Many choose Weebly for its simplistic, widget-based in-browser editor that requires no programming experience at all. The website builder uses the so-called “box” model, which simplifies the process of website creation.

The system also comes with powerful integrated blogging and eCommerce engines as well as multiple design customization options. These features make it possible for newbies and proficient web developers to start different types of projects – from simple landing pages and up to full-featured online stores, portfolios and business websites.

Founded in 2006 by three 22-year-old students, this drag-and-drop site constructor is now hosting over 50 million websites all over the globe. So let’s take a look at some of the Weebly website examples.

In this article, we’re going to show you different Weebly-powered websites, from portfolios to e-stores. These aren’t the best Weebly sites – you’ll find a lot more creative and effective Weebly websites out there.



BLACKreBRANDED is an informative online travel and expatriation information aggregator, which partners with creatives, travellers and other users, who intend to publish travel-related posts at the website for public exposure.

The website contains dozens of niche articles, which fall into several categories based on the locations they refer to. These are Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. An interactive JS Map available at the home page urges readers’ interest and encourages for further website exploration. Social network buttons allow joining the group of website contributors, while the list of the recently submitted posts makes it more interesting to discover new facts about the world. This is a perfect example of a popular Weebly-powered website.

2. Ina Road Church of Christ

Ina Road Church of Christ

Ina Road Church of Christ sees its mission in encouraging people to join the church and to build up faith in Jesus Christ. The resource has a simple and calm colour palette, which does not distract user attention from the main point. The Radio Program section makes it possible to listen to the latest episodes of the sermons.

There is also an opportunity to watch videos of the recent sermons for youth and for small groups. You can apply for a membership form directly at the website to be invited by the website team. The Upcoming Events section notifies users about the expected events that are going to be held in the church. For everyone, who wants to stay informed about church-related basics, there is a detailed section in the footer to provide access to the major website categories, including worship schedules, times and directions, team members, FAQs, sermons, events, website blog etc.

3. Travmarket

Travmarket provides travel agencies with high end marketing automation program, which includes travel marketing funnels, broadcast email, landing pages along with professional travel social media platform. The company also ensures unique training approach and support.

The website delivers all the company-related information in a convenient, understandable and appealing way. It is well-structured enough to ensure intuitive website navigation and easy access to all the required data. All the info is available in several website sections, including Services, Content, Newsletters, Training & Support, Pricing. The content is displayed against the white background, featuring orange and black predominant colours that drive user attention.

For all those users, looking for the opportunity to get in touch with the team members, there is quick access to social network buttons available in web page header and footer. There is also the FAQ section as well as contact data that lets users find out all the info they are interested in. That’s a pretty nice sample of a business website created with Weebly.

4. Fusedale Design

Fusedale Design

Fusedale Design is a top destination for users, who are looking for outstanding designs of their projects. The studio is involved in the development and completion of versatile design tasks based on the needs and requirements of their customers. The design of the website speaks louder than a dozen of words.

A full-screen image slider grants access to the portfolios of works the studio has completed, while the long menu found in the side website panel grants access to numerous projects in a few clicks only. This ensures easy and convenient search and does not distract user attention from the website content.

5. Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group

Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group

Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group is a website belonging to Harry Caray; who is the owner and manager of a chain of restaurants in multiple locations. The business started in 1987 and has gained extreme popularity since that time.

The website has an interesting introduction photo of Harry Caray on the home page, which encourages to make the reservation right from the start. The website menu is available on the top of the home page and granta access to various sub-menu points with drop-down windows. These are Restaurants and their varieties, Private Events, Holidays and Events, Gift Cards and Retail, About Us and Contact sections. The highlight of the website is the gallery of celebrities, who have ever visited Harry Caray’s restaurants. This cannot but attracts the attention of everyone, who visits the website for the first time.

6. Castle Hill Resort and Spa

Castle Hill Resort and Spa

The very first thing that drives user attention when getting to Castle Hill Resort and Spa is a full-screen image slider featuring impressive locations of the Castle Hill Resort and Spa located in Vermont. The photos are so distinct and bright that they immediately urge the desire to see what the resort has to offer.

As you browse the website, you come across the accommodations, services, specials as well as wedding and dining options you can choose from. The “Check Rates” button available on the top of the home page lets you find out the prices of booking the services of the resort, specifying the dates you are interested in. If you wish to stay informed about the offers the Resort has, you can subscribe to their newsletter or join the groups in social networks.

7. April Borrelli

April Borrelli

April Borrelli is an eye-catching, minimalist personal modern project of an artist who works as a technical designer for a clothing company. April’s website has a blog, a simple gallery and a contact form. The site is linked to April’s Etsy shop where she sells her arts and crafts.

The navigation of the website could be more intuitive. The April Borelli has a default Weebly favicon. Using a lot of whitespace keeps a website tidy and makes it easier for your visitors to perceive visual information. Custom, hand-drawn images help create a cozy atmosphere and play an important role in establishing your brand (while overused stock images can hurt your image).

8. Farmigo


Farmigo is an innovative software that was designed with the only purpose in mind – to help CSA and food hub owners effectively grow and manage their businesses. The website provides all the required software-related information current and potential users may be interested in.

The interface of the project as well as its navigation are simple, convenient and intuitive for everyone. You won’t find too many pages here – all the info is available on the homepage. Just scroll down to find out more about the product, its special features, distinctions from other suchlike services, client reviews etc. There is also an opportunity to request a demo version of the software to test it before deciding to upgrade to the premium plan.

Wish to read customer testimonials to get the first hand info from users, who have already tested or bought the program? Then reach the corresponding web page to browse them and to make the unbiased decision on further use of the software.

9. New England Lighthouses

New England Lighthouses

New England Lighthouses delivers the exhaustive information about more than 200 lighthouses located in several New England states. This is where everyone interested in this kind of information can find out detailed facts about the history and current condition of these objects.

Website structure and navigation are understandable and simple at the very first glance. Just browse the main sections to discover the niche-specific information that may come in handy to you. To start the search and to make it simpler and more efficient, go to the “Lighthouses by State” section found in the website menu. Then pick your state and keep looking for the lighthouse info you are interested in. Other website sections include State Maps, Lighthouse Print & Book Shop, Contacts etc. The menu is quite rich and, thus, it comes with the drop down option to make the website intuitive and not that saturated with categories.

Website design is quite appealing and calming. All the content is displayed against the light blue background with high quality photos of lighthouses that drive user attention. The integrated calendar available at the home page provides information about the upcoming events, which is quite handy for regular and first-time users.

10. Leo Edwards Photography

Leo Edwards Photography

Leo Edwards Photography is a portfolio belonging to Leo Edwards – the environmental portrait photographer, whose passion is depicting people in their natural surroundings. Leo has lots of awards, while his best photos are exhibited in various locations worldwide. The website does not only tell the story of the photographer, but it also has a blog, a press section and a gallery displaying his most popular works.

As soon as you access the website, you are offered to download the Adventure Photography Handbook, where you can find out insider tricks and tips on how to boost your travel photography skills. That’s another feature that distinguished this portfolio website from other similar projects powered by Weebly.

11. Karen Hurd

Karen Hurd

Karen Hurd is an online nutritional practice owned and managed by Karen Hurd that helps her patients and other users interested in the topic learn the major dietary and lifestyle basics to unlock the most effective health principles.

There is much info you can find out, while browsing the resource. To find the topic you are interested in, you should explore the website sections available in the menu or use the search filter option to provide the exact search query. The menu is found in the corner of the homepage, which gives it clear look. The menu grants access to the main website sections, including Topics, About Karen (website owner), Contact, Podcasts, Speaking, Recipes, Testimonies and more. Additionally, there is the Store section, where users can order and buy products/e-courses Karen offers for sale.

The overall website design is quite simple yet convenient and appealing. Full-screen and high res images of picturesque landscapes cannot but attract user attention and create a comforting feeling of relaxation. That’s what many users appreciate about the project.

12. Saddle and Suede

Saddle and Suede

Saddle and Suede is a husband-and-wife team that writes about fashion, home and life. The website features lots of whitespace and simple navigation. The ‘About’ page worth to be seen. It’s probably the most creative page of such kind. We can read a full love-story and romantic relationship there. As a drawback I can mention that text formatting could be more consistent.

13. Awakening People

Awakening People

Awakening People is a blog committed to helping people get the insights of their lives, educating them and sharing the secrets of spiritual growth and development. Founded in 2011, the website has quickly become popular with users, who have decided to open their minds to the extensive spectrum of spiritual ideas. They are ready to share their experience, life views and to promote love, peace, forgiveness and gratitude – that’s what they actually do in their blog posts.

The blog abounds in posts, intricate tasks, tests and ideas that drive user attention and encourage them to keep browsing the resource. There are separate pages devoted to soulmate sketch drawing, astrology secrets, numerology facts and even love psychic readings. Users, who are fond of these topics, will surely like the website as well as information it contains. To find out more, you can also visit the accounts of the project in the social networks.

The entire website design absolutely comes up to its topic and specialization. This especially concerns color combination and versatility of elements/images used on the pages. The project looks quite simple yet it delivers much info to users interested in the topic. Great job!

14. The Box Bros

The Box Bros

The Box Bros is a beautiful Weebly project designed around large images that entice visitors and present product benefits. On the homepage, there’s a video showcasing the way the Box Bros products are being produced. The only drawback could be the scrolling impossibility at the main page. It’s a creative decision, but it looks strange.

15. Rose City Sweets

Rose City Sweets

Rose City Sweets entices visitors with high-quality images of confections. The owner of the website uses the cards or tiles framework to organize her content. This design trend is effective not only because it gives a page a clean look and feel but also because it easily adapts to a variety of screen sizes. The main page should be more informative and it should be used custom favicon. Link to online shop goes to Etsy marketplace. It’s a smart decision for those who have an Etsy account already.

16. Our Table

Our Table

Our Table is a great proof of what we’ve said before, and we’ll say it again: a great logo, custom domain name and beautiful, high-res images are some of the best ways to make your business look polished and professional. This site is a cooperative of farmers and producers who work together to create handcrafted, delicious food for the local community. It’s a perfect example of a local food supplier. An old-style flat design looks attractive and serious at the same time.

17. Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal is a website of the US-based company that manufactures high-resolution thermal imaging cameras to be used for a variety of purposes. The product is a great pick for firefighters as its application can help them determine the hottest spots without approaching them, thus safeguarding their lives. The innovation can also be applied in other life spheres.

The website represents the detailed product-related information, offering different types of thermal cameras for sale. When browsing it, you will find out general company info, reviews of the products they manufacture, samples of images the cameras take, applications one may reach and other related data.

The project includes video reviews of the innovative technology offered, press releases that tell about the product, warranty and legal information to provide users with the exhaustive information. This is a quite a nice example of a Weebly-powered website.

18. Crosley


Crosley is the US iconic brand specializing in electronics and world-class appliances that are sold by the company’s distributors and retailers. The brand has won recognition and popularity among millions of customers. The website of the company absolutely comes up to its status and niche specialization. Its design looks simple and quite minimalistic, but this is exactly what evokes users’ trust and proves the company’s credibility.

When you get to the homepage, you will be able to reach the website menu found in the left panel for quick access. The menu is extensive and provides maximum information about the major areas of the brand’s specialization. This is where you can browse such sections as Kitchen, Laundry, Home Comfort, Crosley Professional, Customer Service, About Us, Extended Warranty Registration, Purchase Extended Warranty etc.

What’s important, the website delivers detailed info about all the products offered for sale, including those, the manufacture of which has been discontinued. The search filter option helps find the required info with minimum time/effort investment on time. Crosley is a vivid sample of a quality website created with Weebly.

19. Coppers Dream

Coppers Dream

Coppers Dream is the non-profit all-breed dog rescue organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area, which offers dog adoption services. The name of the organization was inspired by the name of the dog – Copper – who belonged to the founder of the animal rescue.

The website of the organization looks appealing and niche-focused. There are lots of dog photos on all the pages as well as many stories and valuable info about them. Whatever facts you would like to find out about the organization and the services it offers, just reach the website menu to find it there. The menu is quite extensive and it comes with the drop down option to provide maximum information possible. This is where you can discover useful facts about the dogs and puppies you can adopt, donation and volunteering options, general info about the organization, online resources as well as multiple success stories Coppers Dream is proud of.

The project also has social network accounts you may subscribe to, if you wish to stay informed about recent news, events, updates and plans of the organization. All in all, this Weebly-based website deserves user attention as a quality sample of a simple yet informative website.

20. Bioidentical Doctors

Bioidentical Doctors

Bioidentical Doctors is a web-based project, where everyone, who requires bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, can get in touch with doctors specializing in the treatment of the problem to discuss the available options. The website offers access to the online local directory, with lots of clinics and doctors included into the list.

What you need to get started with your search is to pick the state you reside in from the extensive list of locations available on the homepage and then use the contacts of doctors to find the best possible variant with regard to your individual health problem. Apart from the online directory, the website grants access to numerous sections that deliver the required information about the project, its advantages, contacts etc. There is a separate FAQ section, where you can find out answers to all the questions you might be interested in.

Special attention should be given to the “Telemedicine” feature, which is accessible directly at the website and helps reach the patients in remote regions or those, who are physically unable to contact the doctors in person yet still require their help. Telemedicine involves special audiovisual equipment that makes it possible to provide health diagnostics, assessment, treatment and consultations in the remote mode. This feature is a real highlight of the website, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

21. The Geographer Online

The Geographer Online

The Geographer Online is a Weebly-powered educational website, which provides geography teaching resources for various levels of niche awareness. This is the place, where everyone interested in geography, can come across an impressive amount of information to help with geographical studies and deep understanding of the project.

Website design looks quite interesting and a bit unusual yet it absolutely adheres to the main mission of the project. Users get an opportunity to visit numerous pages using the abundant drop-down menu. The main pages include New IB Geography 2017 Onwards, IB Geography, IGCSE Geography, Key Stage 3, Geography Skills and more. There are also numerous interactive elements and videos here, which contribute to website design and performance as well as to higher customer engagement rate.

The sidebar grants access to popular social media channels, where you can dive deep into details and receive the updated website-related info. All in all, this is a handy project for everyone interested in geography.

22. The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is a website of one of the most luxurious historic hotels in Estes Park located around an hour away from Denver. If you are right planning a vacation in Colorado, this is a great destination to find out more about the hotel, its highlights, services, accommodations and prices.

The very first thing that captures user attention, when visiting the website is the full-screen video presentation of the hotel. As you scroll down the page, you will find out useful info about the types of accommodations available in the hotel, booking options, special services, menu highlights and other features that make the place stand out from the crowd. There are also lots of photos of the place here as well as social account buttons to stay informed about news and updates.

The detailed drop-down menu lets you find out more about the hotel itself, dining options, events, activities and special precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemy. Go ahead to clear out the info you are interested in.

Bottom Line

Looking for a decent website builder to launch a functional and visually-appealing website? Then Weebly is one of the best solutions you can go for. Whether you plan to create a blog, a business website, a web store or a portfolio, this platform will come up to any of these purposes. Websites reviewed above are the best proof of this fact. They feature a stunning combination of appealing design, functionality and rich feature set. They contain the required amount of menu sections to cover all the nuances users might be interested in.

What’s more, Weebly websites are easy-to-navigate and user-friendly. This cuts down the browsing time to the minimum. But even if you had started with Weebly and disappointed with it, you can easily turn your website into the other web builder or CMS; watch into this guide for more details: Weebly to WordPress migration.


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