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Weebly Example Websites

Weebly is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to start a quality website in a matter of minutes. Many choose Weebly for its simplistic, widget-based in-browser editor that requires no programming experience at all.

Founded in 2006 by three 22-year-old students, this drag-and-drop site constructor is now hosting over 25 million websites all over the globe. So let’s take a look at some of the Weebly website examples 🙂 .

In this article we’re going to show you different Weebly-powered websites, from portfolios to e-stores. These aren’t the best Weebly sites – you’ll find a lot more creative and effective Weebly websites out there. In this article we feature the sites we managed to handpick from Weebly’s official blog.

Example 1: AprilBorrelli is an eye-catching, minimalist personal website of an artist who works as a technical designer for a clothing company. April’s website has a blog, a simple gallery and a contact form. The site is linked to April’s Etsy shop where she sells her arts and crafts.

Weebly Sample Website - AprilBorrelli


Areas for improvement: The navigation could be more intuitive. The website has a default Weebly favicon.

What you can learn from it: Using a lot of whitespace keeps your website tidy and makes it easier for your visitors to perceive visual information. Custom, hand-drawn images help create a cozy atmosphere and play an important role in establishing your brand (while overused stock images can hurt your image).

Example 2: Java to Go is a Houston-based premium gourmet coffee vendor. The site transforms one of Weebly’s simplest templates into an entire coffee ecosystem: it guides the visitor from the rainforest where local coffee pickers gather coffee cherries to the shop where you can purchase Java to Go products. With its high-quality images, smart use of typefaces and lots of whitespace the company displays its products in a natural, non-pushy way.

From the favicon, to the footer, the website elements look consistent and well-thought-out. We especially enjoyed the use of icons throughout the website. The website uses Weebly’s eCommerce and blogging engine.

Weebly sample site - Java to Go


Areas for improvement: We’d avoid combining skeumorphic and flat graphics.

What you can learn from it: While there are a lot of things that can be learned from Java to Go, the most important, in our opinion, is that of simplicity. It’s a great example of a site where less is more.

Example 3: Chairigami is owned by an artist who creates furniture out of recycled cardboard. The website is as good as the idea itself. It’s clean, neat and offers an excellent user experience. There’s a Blog, The Story page, Trade Shows and also a full-fledged built-in webstore. This section makes Chairigami a nice example of a web store built with Weebly. So, if you’re wondering whether or not it’s possible to integrate a decent shopping cart into your Weebly site, the answer is yes.

Weebly Sample Website - Chairigami


Areas for improvement: The website has a narrow layout which looks a bit outdated. I think Chairigami would benefit from an eye-catching landing page with a full-screen background emphasizing the brand.

What you can learn from it: Nothing lends credibility to your company like impressive ‘In the news’ and ‘Our clients’ sections featuring recognizable, splashy logos and actual, unbiased reviews.

Example 4: RachelBrenke is a great example of a well-structured, energetic portfolio. An author, lawyer, photographer and business-consultant, Rachel uses her website to promote her business and personality to the world. Some of the elements that really make this website stand out are a great structure, fresh and clean design, lots of high quality videos and images.

Weebly Sample Website - RachelBrenke


Areas for improvement: The website lacks a custom favicon.

What you can learn from it: High quality visuals make a positive, long-lasting impression on your visitors.

Example 5: IndyPlush is an eco-friendly company that is committed to making toys and clothing using recycled materials or materials that are environmentally sustainable. The website has a built-in shop, which is very easy-to-navigate. All products are displayed on white backgrounds and have unique, funny descriptions.

Weebly Sample Website - IndyPlush


Areas for improvement: It’s just perfect 🙂 .

What you can learn from it: A strong mission statement is vital for any business. It makes it crystal clear to your future customers/collaborators who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Example 6: Fiel Sol is owned and operated by a jewelry designer Marissa who along with her dedicated team creates handcrafted, vibrant and unique jewellery inspired by cultures from across the globe. FielSol is a great example of a Weebly-powered webstore.

Websites built with Weebly - FielSol Websites built with Weebly – FielSol


Areas for improvement: The design is somewhat outdated.

What you can learn from it: Showing client testimonials on the homepage helps build trust. Contact information is repeated on all pages – that’s handy!

Example 7: Howl is a Weebly-based webstore that sells quality handmade garments inspired by all things west coast America. The website is well-structured and features modern web design trends. The store section offers multiple high-quality product images and unique product descriptions. Alicia, the owner of the website, also runs a blog that is quite popular, primarily thanks to Alicia’s beautiful photographs. HowlAttire includes social media sharing buttons with every post and image, making it easy for visitors to share them.

Weebly Sample Site - Howl


Areas for improvement: The website certainly needs a custom favicon. Other than that, it’s just great!

What you can learn from it: High-quality photos are an invaluable asset of any successful webstore.

Example 8: Saddle and Suede is a husband-and-wife team that writes about fashion, home and life. The website features lots of whitespace and simple navigation.

Saddle and Suede

Areas for improvement: Text formatting could be more consistent.

What you can learn from it: Every blogger needs a unique style and voice to make his or her blog successful.

Example 9: Star Cleaner is a fully responsive Weebly website that’s very simple in its concept. You can easily see what the company is selling and the results they offer. Users can add a product to the cart and make a purchase directly from the homepage.

Websites built with Weebly - Star Cleaner Websites built with Weebly – Star Cleaner


Example 10: The Box Bros is a beautiful Weebly website designed around large images that entice visitors and present product benefits. On the homepage, there’s a video showcasing the way the Box Bros products are being produced.

Websites built with Weebly - The Box Bros Websites built with Weebly – The Box Bros


Example 11: Small Batch Baking

Based in Bedford, NH and Durham, NC is run by Susan and Sheryl who bake and sell the traditional babka loaf (an Eastern European sweet yeast cake). The website is very clean and easy-to-navigate.

Websites built with Weebly - Small Batch Baking Websites built with Weebly – Small Batch Baking


Example 12: SodaBuild

Ever wondered what those soda cans and can tabs are good for? Check out, a project started by Kevin Champagne, age 13, as a way to recycle. The purpose of the project is to support recycling, not to make money.

Websites built with Weebly - SodaBuild Websites built with Weebly – SodaBuild

Do you still think of Weebly as of a tool for amateurs and hobbyists? Check out our collections of Weebly blogs examples and portfolio websites.


Example 13: East Brentwood Fire Department Website was created as both a community resource and as a tool for volunteers to access important training materials. This website is one of the ‘Where do You Weebly’ contest winners.

What’s great about MYEBFD is that they manage to provide visitors with a huge amount of information while still maintaining an attractive, easy-to-navigate, and well-organized site. They provide much of this info by taking full advantage of the built-in Weebly features and apps, as well as several third-party widgets. Let’s take a closer look at a few: homepage slider, clock and event calendar, news gallery, Donate button, Google maps and contact form.

Weebly Example Website - East Brentwood Fire Department


Example 14: Plug&Play

You’d never guess that was built using a site builder. It features a creative layout, minimal fonts and many other modern web design trends, including ghost buttons, parallax scrolling and a fullscreen background. The large image on the homeage has a great visual impact – it showcases the brand without overwhelming the visitor with lots of unnecessary information.

The website has a beatifully formatted portfolio and an engaging blog section. Did I mention Plug&Play is a team of professional designers, developers and marketers 🙂 ? Great design, valuable content.

What you can learn from it: used in moderation, modern design trends can work nicely together.

Weebly Sample Site - PlugandPlaydesign


Example 15: Rose City Sweets entices visitors with high-quaity images of confections. The owner of the website uses the cards or tiles framework to organize her content. This design trend is effective not only because it gives a page a clean look and feel but also because it easily adapts to a variety of screen sizes.

Weebly Sample Site - RoseCitySweets


Example 16: Core Athletic is yet another Weebly website that uses the cards framework on the homepage. There are text-style cards with bold lettering over faded images with a contrasting hover state that makes reading even easier. The website has a blog and even a class schedule where you can sign up for a workout.

Weebly Sample Site - Core Athletic


Example 17: Our Table

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: a great logo, custom domain name and beautiful, high-res images are some of the best ways to make your business look polished and professional. Just like Our Table’s website. is a cooperative of farmers and producers who work together to create handcrafted, delicious food for the local community.

Weebly Example Website - Our Table


Example 18: The Whiskey Ball

Putting a high-quality video on your homepage is a great way to grab visitors’ attention when they first arrive, and keep them engaged. Especially if that video describes your key product. owners do know how that works in reality. This website uses a beautiful background image and introductory video with a clear call-to-action.

Weebly Example Website - The Whiskey Ball

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