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Best Wedding Website Builders

The best way to create a wedding website today is to use wedding website builder. This is the simplest and the most affordable variant, but it’s not the only one, of course. You can also use CMS, a framework or manually write a code in a notepad. This works well, but only for professionals. What’s the sense in complicating the task, when you need to make a classic website only? This can be compared to shooting the sparrows. Theoretically, this is possible, but who needs that in the long run? This does not mean, by the way, that the result will be better than that you can get when working with a wedding website builder.

As soon as you decide to launch a wedding website, you will come across two types of web building services. These are universal website builders and specialized services, which are basically a part of complex wedding planning systems, which encompass the most important steps of this responsible process.

Wedding Website Builders – Key Features Overview Chart:
Website BuilderWixuKit
Best for:Wedding couple, Wedding event agencyWedding Agency
EasinessTakes a little time to learnVery easy
Wedding Templates:On BoardResponsive for wedding website
Technical Support:24/7 email supportLive chat support
Additional Options for Wedding:Wedding BlogTimeline widget
SEO Options:SEO WizardPromotion widget
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

It is up to you to decide, which platform to go for. Each of them has its pros and cons and each of them works great for certain web building purposes. The choice should eventually depend upon the goals you eventually pursue and web design preferences you have. If you have a desire to impress your guests with a stunning website – the one you will create on your own – then universal website builders are the best solution.

Most couples, who need wedding websites, are not experienced in website development and, thus, they look for simpler web building tools that come with powerful feature sets. Let’s have a closer look at the most suitable options now.

Best Versatile Website Builders to Create a Wedding Website

When it comes to building powerful and full-featured wedding websites, you need a simple and convenient service, the use of which won’t take much of your time and effort, ensuring decent result. Wix and uKit are the most popular website builders that come to mind in this case.

Wix – The Best Free Wedding Website Builder

Wix home page

If you are looking for a simple yet quality way to launch a wedding website, then Wix will definitely serve this purpose with maximum efficacy. The website builder is also a nice solution to create a website of a large event agency that needs online promotion. The system has all the features users need to get the most out of the web building process. It is simple, intuitive, convenient, affordable and it doesn’t imply the awareness of web design skills to be used properly.

Wix Features For a Wedding Website

  • Rich Collection of Wedding Templates. One of the major things that make any wedding website unique is the design. Wix has much to offer in this respect and, thus, it ensures individual approach to the web building process by means of customizing specialized wedding templates. Do you wish to have a look at them prior to choosing the one you need? Then take your time to visit the “Events” category (namely, the “Weddings and Parties” section), where you will find a range of templates to meet you needs. Some of the most popular samples include Wedding, Wedding Invitation (several themes), Event Organization, Engagement Announcement, Holiday Party to mention a few.

  • Easy Design Customization Tools. Having selected the most suitable wedding theme, you won’t bother with its customization. This is due to another Wix option, which offers easy and understandable dashboard that is easy to master even to newbies. What you need to do is to replace the demo content with that of your own, edit the design (if necessary) and publish a website. This is the most effective option. Wix interface is simple and appealing, it’s pleasant to work in it. Almost all the actions in the system are done with a mouse. This includes dragging the widgets, adding the effects and modifying general website settings.

  • Wix Editor

  • Mobile Version. Wix has a mobile version for Android and iOS, which allows efficiently updating the content at your wedding website after the installation on your smartphone. For example, you can upload interesting photos right after you make them and add any new wedding-related info even on the go. What’s more, all Wix templates are mobile-ready by default, so, you guests won’t have problems, when visiting your website on their mobile devices.

  • Advanced Image Editor. The system comes with an advanced image editor. You can apply the effects, crop images and make other actions without the need to use Photoshop and other complex editors. This option is very useful in combination with a mobile application. It allows uploading beautiful photos to website albums wherever you are. It’s also possible to present your photos in one of various design formats to create an appealing image gallery. If you wish, you can set a video as a background or make use of 3D effects (like parallax scrolling, for example) to enhance visual appeal of your wedding website.

  • Wix Image Edito

  • Wix App Market. Wix App Market is one of the highlights of the system, which allows selecting and integrating any quality widgets and tools into your wedding website. Whatever app you’ll decide to integrate, it will surely add great visual appeal and functionality to your wedding or event website. Some of the apps you might like include Wix Events, Calendar, Moovit – Maps and Routes, Google Maps, Eventbrite, Meetup, Countdown Clock, Lumifish Chronicles, Social Network Buttons and what not.

  • Wix ADI. If you are not a web design pro, but still wish to launch a quality wedding website, then Wix ADI tool will certainly be of great help to you. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) makes it possible to create websites in a hassle free and quick way. What you need is to provide your own info so that the system could use it to automatically build a website for you and fill it with the content provided.

Wix Cost

Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

Wix has several pricing plans to meet any needs and budget. There is also a free version that allows testing the major features of the system prior to selecting a plan you’ll work with. As to the paid plans, there are five of them.

If you need a quality wedding website, then Free and Connect Domain plans won’t be a nice choice for you. These plans have specific restrictions and ad banners, which will not only prevent you from getting the most out of your wedding website performance, but will also distract the attention of visitors. So, if you need a decent website, then it makes sense to upgrade to one of the advanced plans that come with numerous features and options needed to create a nice wedding website.


If you need a quality, logically-structured and affordable wedding or event agency website that will feature decent performance, then Wix will be an ideal solution for this purpose. The website builder comprises such features as ease of use, convenience, reasonable cost etc. as well as rich feature set that will maximize your wedding website performance by using lots of special effects and attention-grabbing features. It’s easy to build a decent wedding website with Wix, no matter what experience and skills you have.

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uKit – The Easiest Website Builder for Wedding


When it comes to uKit, this website builder works for wedding websites not worse than Wix. The system is easy to use for people with diverse web design knowledge and skills. It is intuitive, simple and convenient, but it makes it possible to create full-featured websites that stand out from the crowd due to their quality and performance.

uKit Features For a Wedding Agency Website

  • Modern Responsive Wedding Templates. Just like Wix, uKit offers an extensive collection of wedding templates. The quality of these templates is on the top notch level. They come with the readymade content and it’s up to you to edit it and customize the design with regard to your needs. Thus, the template collection includes themes for wedding websites, wedding bouquet services, wedding agencies, wedding decor companies and more. All the templates have modern design and are responsive right from the start. By using them, you can easily build a quality wedding website from scratch with no special skills and expertise rate at all.

  • Widget Integration. Wix has a collection of widgets that are easily integrated into your wedding website in a couple of clicks only. Widget integration does not only give your website impressive look and draw the attention of visitors, but also enhances its functionality. Some of the most popular widgets that may be a good addition to your wedding website are LiveChat, Slideshare, Social Networking Buttons, Timer, Comments etc.

  • uKit Free Widgets

  • Ease of Use and Convenience. uKit is simple and convenient for everyone as it doesn’t require any serious web design skills and knowledge to launch a decent wedding website. The entire web building process won’t take it longer than a couple of hours, while the result will impress you by the quality and professional look of the readymade project. It’s easy to master the dashboard to edit the website as you need.

  • uKit Editor

  • Gallery Posting. uKit is an ideal choice for gallery posting. All the templates are widescreen, while the images included into their design look awesome with large miniatures, convenient preview interface, signatures, frames etc. Such website ensures festive atmosphere as it is. What’s more, the WYSIWYG editor of the system makes it possible to customize the design, add pages, widgets or remove extra elements you don’t currently need.

uKit Cost

uKit Paid Plans:

uKit pricing policy is a real bonus for those users, who have made up their mind to use the system to build a wedding website with it. There is no unlimited free plan here, but it’s actually not needed at all. The website builder has four pricing plans, each of which allows testing the system for 14 days at no cost to understand and explore the features it offers.

Comparing uKit cost to that of the rest of website builders, it becomes obvious that the system is definitely worth trying. The prices are moderate and affordable to all categories of users. They won’t hit you on the pocket, but will ensure stunning web building experience.


uKit is a decent alternative to Wix, which works great for building wedding websites as well as sites for wedding and event agencies. The website builder is known for its simplicity, ease of use, affordable prices and decent feature set that does not compromise with the quality of the ready made product. It allows creating wedding websites in the easiest way possible. In this respect, it doesn’t have any competitors at all.

Considering the pricing aspect and stunning templates allowing for impressive graphic content presentation, we can conclude that uKit is almost an ideal website builder to create a wedding website. Why almost? Just because its design customization options are inferior to those offered by Wix. At the same time, it’s easier to use them and it’s close to impossible to spoil something here. Anyway, it’s always better to see that with your own eyes. You’ll definitely like it.

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Specialized Wedding Website Builders

Specialized website builders come with a set of specific features and characteristics that will make your wedding website alluring and functional. Reviews of the most popular specialized website builders that are worth the attention and are easy-to-use are provided below.



This is a specialized wedding website builder, which comes with an abundance of free customizable designs and multiple options to give your website superior functionality. The developers of the WeddingWire service have taken care of its ease of use, making it possible to provide all the wedding-related information you might wish to present to your guests.

The major WeddingWire benefits are as follows:

  • Rich Collection of Wedding Templates – the system offers a rich selection of wedding themes (there are over 400 of them here), which are free.
  • RSPV Feature – the website builder allows your guests RSPV on a separate page of a website.
  • Unique URL Choice – it will be the reflection of your individuality and special approach to the wedding preparation process.
  • Photo Gallery – you can drag and drop photos from your computer to the website to make it personal and alluring.
  • A Set of Extra Features – the system additionally offers WedSocial integration, wedding planning checklist calendar, online guest list manager, address collector, seating chart and budget builder, vendor manager and other wedding-specific features that will certainly come in handy to you.

WeddingWire is a pretty nice variant of a specialized wedding website builder, which deserves the attention of couples, who don’t wish to bother with complicated systems, but still expect to get a decent result to create positive impact upon their guests.

The Knot

The Knot

This is another variant of a quality wedding website builder featuring decent performance. The Knot implies fast and simple sign up process and it can be quickly explored even by inexperienced users. The website builder is a part of The Knot wedding planning system, which allows making the process enjoyable and hassle-free.

If you need to find out the advantages that differ The Knot from other specialized wedding website builders, they are enlisted below:

  • Hundreds of Quality Wedding Themes – the website builder has less wedding templates as compared to WeddingWire (currently, there are a bit more than 100 of them here), but the are all fresh, frequently updated and feature quality, which is above the average.
  • Versatile Design Customization Tools – style selection, URL and cover photo personalization, color scheme choice, customizable background images etc.
  • Photo Gallery – upload your photos from your own computer or import them from your Facebook/Instagram account.
  • Extra Features – address collection option, free charity on registry page, a set of budgeting tools, vendor manager option, wedding planning checklist calendar etc.

If you intend to cut down your wedding-related troubles to the minimum, then The Knot is a pretty nice option. The website builder lets you focus on your wedding planning preparations, encouraging your guests and family members to join you at the website.

Minted Weddings


When it comes to designing a quality website to attract your guests and keep them informed about the updates and details of the upcoming occasion, Minted Weddings is one of the services that are the first that come to mind. It is simple, functional, visually-appealing, easy-to-browse and convenient – this is right what you need to get started with your wedding website!

Minted Weddings merits are worth the attention and include:

  • Unique Niche Designs – free wedding templates, which match a variety of printed invitations available for versatile designs and are developed by independent artists.
  • Photo Gallery.
  • Best URL Adding Option – your domain name will look like, which is quite concise to be remembered by your guests.
  • Online RSVP Support.

Minted Weddings is a bit more complicated as compared to other specialized wedding website builders reviewed in the post. It has limited free options, while the paid features are unlocked on premium plans.

Benefits of Specialized Website Builders

Specialized wedding website builders are quite popular in the contemporary world and here is why:

  • They are easy to use even for couples with zero web design experience.
  • These systems come with a variety of wedding templates to come up to your preferences and requirements.
  • They make it possible to launch stylish and modern wedding websites, which encompass information about your wedding and preparations to it all in one place (accommodation booking, registry info, guest list, map directions, love story and personal photos or videos etc.).
  • These services often come with RSVP online support, which eliminates the necessity to track news and info updates in other sources.
  • The platforms allow saving money, time and effort as you don’t have to hire a web design pro to create a website for you (it is you, who is in charge of the process instead).

Disadvantages of Specialized Wedding Website Builders

Just like any other type of website builders, specialized services come with a list of drawbacks, which includes the following points:

  • Most systems offer limited options for building wedding websites on free plans and unlock multiple features on paid subscriptions.
  • Functionality of these services is limited to the creation of wedding websites only and you won’t be able to launch any other website with it, even after your sign up for a paid plan.
  • These services lack credibility and powerful features, which will give your wedding website trusted look and high performance.

Bottom Line

There are two types of website builders you can make use of when launching a wedding website. These are specialized wedding website builders and universal systems. Both types of platforms allow creating wedding websites with almost no hassle at all. The question is: how would you like your website to look like and what exactly do you expect from it?

If you need any website just to present your wedding-related information to the guests, then you can use any specialized free wedding website builder to launch your project in no time. However, if you want your wedding website to be the reflection of your love story and detailed preparations to one of the most remarkable occasions in your lifetime, then it definitely makes sense to consider using popular universal website builders like Wix or uKit.

By using Wix or uKit, you will be able to design a wedding website that can create a wow- effect upon your guests. This is where they will be able not only to view your wedding information, but also to browse quality photos or videos as well as to share their ideas and opinions. You don’t need any programming, design or technical skills at all. You’ll get all the required tools to reach this goal for affordable cost.

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