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Best Wedding Website Builders

Whether you wish to share your love story, engagement memories, photos and videos of you and your loved one, a wedding website will be the perfect place to start.

It will also become a nice place to share your wedding day schedule, the lists of invited guests, registry, logistics and other things a wedding is unthinkable without. That’s a perfect solution for couples, who intend to reach two goals at a time: keep their guests aware of the crucial wedding day plans and control each step of the preparation process.

It can be somewhat overwhelming to decide, when and where to start your wedding website, if you’ve never been involved in website building before. To help you get through this task with ease, we’ve analyzed and summarized the most popular and affordable website building options. Check them out now.

Are you right about to start working on your wedding website? Then it’s high time to have a look at the most popular all-in-one and specialized wedding website builders to get a general idea of the functionality and ease of use of both system types.

1. Wix

Product Name:WIX
Wedding Templates:28
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the best wedding website builder, which allows creating a full-featured project, irrespective of your web design expertise. This is the very first service that comes to mind, when it comes to the creation of feature-laden wedding websites. This is because the platform has distinguished itself as a trusted web building tool with lots of high end features and highlights that contribute to successful website development. Here they go:

  • Wedding Templates. The website builder is known for its rich collection of wedding templates, which are free and mobile-responsive by default. Wedding themes are available in the “Events” category. They are fully-customizable, visually-appealing and profesional. Just access the dashboard and browse a wide selection of design customization tools to give your wedding project impressive look. You can also make use of the convenient preview feature to see the template you intend to pick in details. That’s important as Wix does not allow switching the themes during the process of website development. Take a look at the most impressive wedding website templates:
  • Wedding RSVP

    Wedding RSVP

    Wedding Invite

    Wedding Invite

    Wedding Event

    Wedding Event

  • Wedding Widgets and Apps. The website builder grants access to multiple widgets and applications available in Wix App Market. Pick those that will become a perfect addition to your wedding website and go ahead to integrate them. Some of the apps you can choose from include Wix Events, Wix Photo Album, Wix Weather, Calendar, Portfolio, Google Maps, Eventbrite, Countdown Clock, Moovit – Maps and Routes, Social Network Buttons, Lumifish Chronicles, 123 Form Builder, Wix Chat, Wix Pro Gallery, Wix Video etc.
  • RSVP Feature. Wix allows using the advantages of the RSVP feature that lets you stay connected with your guests, find out their ideas and intentions as well as get the feedback from them. This is a must-have element for any wedding website.
  • Registry. This is another crucial element for a wedding website that lets you make up the list of guests, send invitations, add your gift preferences etc. The Registry section may be updated anytime and anywhere.
  • Blogging. The website builder boasts a powerful blogging engine, which lets you connect a blog to your wedding website. This is where you can add wedding-related posts, which may also be interesting for your guests. Commenting option will contribute to user engagement rate, letting you stay connected with each and every guest.

Wix offers generous pricing options to its subscribers. Everyone has an opportunity to test the system’s functionality on the free plan. If you are sure that you are going to use the website builder for your wedding website creation, you should obligatory upgrade to one of the plans the system offers. The thing is that a wedding website should definitely come with a domain name to be easy-to-remember for your guests and to have impressive look. When upgrading for the paid subscription, you will get a bonus domain for a year.

This means that you won’t have to pay for its use during this period of time. Are you right about to get a paid plan? Then browse Standard Wix subscriptions, the cost of which starts with $13/mo. This is definitely a great solution for your wedding website.

2. WordPress

Product Name:WordPress
Wedding Templates:Dozens of themes
Free plan:Completely free
Paid plan:Paid themes and hosting

WordPress – is the world-popular free CMS and wedding website builder that comes with a powerful feature set and abundance of design customization tools needed to start and manage a quality wedding project. The platform works great for all user categories, but coding awareness and web design background are still required here, if you really intend to get a website to come up to all the requirements and needs. Have a look at the system’s functionality to understand how to make use of it to the advantage:

  • Wedding Templates. The CMS comes with the built-in template collection, but there are also hundreds of quality themes available out there. Just browse them to pick the one you and your partner will be completely satisfied with. These designs are free and paid, but mind that free themes are not altogether safe because of the increased malware threat.
  • Plugins for Wedding Websites. WordPress plugin collection is rich and extensive. It includes different types of plugins, including those meant for wedding websites. Among the apps and plugins you can choose and integrate into your wedding project, it initially makes sense to mention the following: Countdown Clock, Wedding Registry, Wedding Countdown Widget, Love Quotes Widget, Wedding Gifts, Wedding City Lite – Wedding Directory and Listing, WeddingPress, RSVP Plugin, WordPress Media Gallery, Heart Card, Google Docs Guestlist, Item Reservation, Gift Registry etc.
  • Hosting and Domain Choice. The platform allows hosting your wedding website with any provider that works best for your website design needs. The choice of hosting options is versatile and rich – just like the selection of domain names. So it’s up to you to decide, what company to deal with.
  • Blogging. WordPress was initially created with blogging needs in mind and, thuis, it’s the best pick for blog creation. If you wish to connect a blog to your wedding website, you are welcome to do that to keep your audience interested and aware of your recent news, updates, plans, schedule and other wedding-related nuances.

WordPress is a free Content Management System. You can download and install it anytime and at no cost at all. It’s even possible to pick and customize any of the built-in templates the platform offers without investing into the process. However, if you really wish to give your wedding website high end performance and publish it on the web, you won’t go without plugin integration and hosting choice.

Speaking about hosting, Bluehost seems to be the most reasonable solution. The company is not only credible, safe and functional, but it’s also amazingly affordable for everyone. Thus, you have a perfect chance to get a bonus domain from Bluehost, when choosing the platform for hosting your WordPress website. Currently, the cheapest Bluehost subscription costs $2.95/mo, providing extensive integrated functionality to come up to any needs.

3. uKit

Product Name:uKit
Wedding Templates:11
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $4/mo

uKit – is the easiest website maker for wedding websites, which was initially known as the small business development tool. The platform has also revealed itself as quite a nice solution for the creation of other project types. The system is known for its stunning ease of use, convenience and intuitive web design approach, which allows newbies and web design pros create feature-laden projects with no coding expertise required. To find out what exactly uKit offers you, pay attention to its feature set first:

  • Wedding Templates. uKit has a collection of responsive wedding templates, which are customizable, free and professional. The collection includes themes for wedding websites, bouquet services, wedding agencies, decor companies and more. There is no need to be a coding pro to launch a wedding project with one of these themes – just follow the guidelines the system generates and watch the result. uKit allows switching between the themes, which means that you can choose another template on any stage of the website customization process without losing the previously submitted content.
  • Widget Collection. The website builder comes with a collection of widgets, which includes multiple apps and extensions that can be easily integrated into your wedding website to give it advanced performance. Some of the most popular and functional uKit widgets you may pick and integrate into your wedding website include Slideshare, Social Networking Buttons, Timer, Comments, Online Chat, User Comments etc.
  • Photo and Video Galleries. A convenient WYSIWYG website editor allows creating and managing photo/video galleries. Whatever template you will go for, it will come with image and video background integration options, preview feature that lets you control the process of website development and other image-related nuances that can make your wedding website image galleries more appealing and professional.
  • Blogging Engine. uKit also comes with a powerful blogging engine, which allows connecting a blog to your wedding website in order to make it more interesting and informative for readers. This is where you can add posts related to the wedding topic, enable user commenting features and encourage your guests for more effective communication.
  • Shared Website Access. If you plan to update your wedding website with other users (partner, family member, friends etc.), uKit allows doing that with ease due to the shared website access feature. It’s up to you to define people you will work with to grant project management rights to them.

uKit is one of the most affordable website builders available in the modern web development niche. The platform has a free trial version that lasts for 14 days and four paid subscriptions. The cost starts with $4/mo for the cheapest plan that comes with multiple features and tools needed to launch and manage a quality wedding website.

4. Bluehost

Product Name:Bluehost
Wedding Templates:-
Free plan:No
Paid plan:From $2.95/mo

Bluehost – is the best hosting for your wedding site, which currently holds one of the leading positions in the list of the most credible and functional hosting companies. What’s more, this is the top platform, which is officially recommended by WordPress for hosting purposes. Bluehost comes with a distinctive feature set, which is more than enough to host and secure a feature-laden project. The list of its highlights is as follows:

  • Advanced Safety Measures. Bluehost takes care of your website safety, ensuring high protection level. For this very reason, the company uses specialized tools (Spam Hammer, Spam Expert, hotlink protection measures etc.) that can notably enhance your website safety and preservation of its confidential data.
  • Flexibility and High End Performance. Bluehost seamlessly integrates with lots of external add-ons, services and applications that can boost your wedding website performance.
  • Fast Page Load Speed. Bluehost ensures fast web page load speed along with high uptime rates. This is achieved due to the application of advanced system tools and special integrated features. What’s important, page load time does not depend upon the amount of website traffic – this is one of the platform’s highlights.
  • Integrated Marketplace. The platform offers access to multiple scripts, apps and add-ons you can extensively use for wedding website customization. Additionally, you are allowed to choose from multiple WordPress templates, eCommerce and marketing tools as well as photo galleries etc.

Bluehost is an amazingly affordable hosting platform. Even though, there is no free plan here, the system lets you choose from several paid subscriptions. Additionally, the company offers a free bonus domain to each user, who subscribes to one of its paid plans. This is a great advantage, when it comes to wedding website development. The cost of the cheapest Bluehost plan constitutes $2.95/mo. The subscription allows connecting free SSL Certificate for maximum website safety and data preservation, tracking regular WordPress updates, using unlimited bandwidth and other undeniable merits.

5. Squarespace

Product Name:Squarespace
Wedding Templates:8
Free Plan:No
Premium Plan:from $12/mo

Squarespace – is a wedding RSVP website builder, which can be used to start and customize quality projects with no coding skills required. The system comes with an abundance of themes and tools to give them a unique look. It may take some effort and time to master the software, but even a beginner will cope with the task quite well. The range of advantages Squarespace as in stock is as follows:

  • Professional Wedding Templates. The system has a collection of ready-made wedding templates, which have quality and professional look. They are free and responsive by default and everyone can customize them, using a set of tools available in stock.
  • RSVP Feature. With Squarespace, you can create wedding websites with customized cash gift registries. Embedding/linking other registries is possible here as well with a few clicks only.
  • Unfold App. The advanced application makes it possible to create impressive and professional-looking social content to further share it in the social networks. There are multiple themes, fonts, filters and stickers you can choose from to add them to your stories, if required.
  • Custom Domain Connection. You can personalize a wedding website by connecting a custom domain to it. The feature is free for any account billed annually.
  • Impressive Galleries. The platform allows creating and customizing visually-impressive galleries to capture and store your best wedding memories. You can add photos and videos here as well as share them with your family and friends.

Squarespace does not have a free unlimited plan. If you still need time to explore some of its major features, you can use the 14-day free trial. To get access to advanced features and tools, you will need to upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions. Their cost starts at $12/mo.

6. HostGator

Product Name:HostGator
Wedding Templates:108
Free plan:No
Paid plan:From $2.75/mo

HostGator – is a wedding site builder and host, which provides an all-in-one approach to the process of website development. The platform lets you create feature-rich wedding projects with its Gator website builder to further host them on its servers. This eliminates the need to look for third-party hosting elsewhere, thus, saving user time and effort. The list of HostGator benefits includes:

  • Mobile-Ready Wedding Templates. When starting a wedding project with the system, you can browse an extensive collection of mobile-optimized templates available in the wedding category. The designs are stylish. Due to the drag-and-drop editor, customizing them is simple and fast.
  • Integrations. The software lets you embed multiple add-ons and extensions to give your wedding website high end design and performance. Thus, it is possible to integrate contact forms, special networks buttons, Live Feeds, Google Maps, SoundCloud, PayPal, media files and other elements available in its App Market.
  • Image Galleries. To add a wedding album, you may pick one of the image gallery apps the system has in stock. This lets you store the best moments of your wedding day for the future.
  • HostGator Hosting. Along with a website builder, HostGators offers reliable hosting to store your project on the system servers. Likewise, it is possible to pick a domain name here, choosing one of the available subscriptions.

HostGator is a moderately-priced software, offering multiple plan packages to choose from. The subscriptions can be billed monthly and annually. Two-year sign up option is available here as well. There is no free plan here, but all the subscriptions are quite affordable and versatile. Thus, the cheapest HostGator plan currently costs $2.75/mo.

7. The Knot

Product Name:The Knot
Wedding Templates:Hundreds of themes
Free plan:Free system
Paid plan:-

The Knot – is the all-in-one solution for wedding planning that lets you start and manage these projects as well as plan the entire wedding from the very beginning to the very end. The platform comes with a distinctive set of wedding-focused features, application of which allows creating professional wedding projects with high end functionality.

If you are not a coding pro, it may take time to master the service as it is somewhat oversaturated with features that sometimes prove to be unnecessary. The system implies fast and simple sign up process and it can be quickly explored even by inexperienced users. The website builder is a part of The Knot wedding planning system, which allows making the process enjoyable and hassle-free. Have a look at some of the most advanced features the website builder encompasses:

  • Wedding Templates. The Knot comes with hundreds of quality wedding templates, the quality of which is above the average. All the themes are fresh, frequently updated and responsive by default. You can customize any of them, using a set of integrated tools and features that are specially meant for wedding website creation.
  • Unique Wedding Website Design. The website builder allows creating unique wedding website design to match your specific requirements and wedding details. You can make your website unique by creating a personalized URL, adding custom cover photo, choosing unique color palette etc.
  • Wedding Planning Tools. The Knot grants access to the powerful and extensive set of wedding planning tools that will certainly come in handy to you, when working on your website development and event planning. What you can make use of here is wedding checklist, integrated budgeter, RSVP feature, registry, guest list etc.
  • Local Vendors – The Knot allows browsing the list of local vendors you might need in the process of your wedding preparations and planning. These include the lists of reception venues, wedding photographers, bridal salons, videographers, popular wedding brands, beauty salons, florists, wedding planners, jewellers, hotel accomodations and more.

The Knot doesn’t charge any fees for the development of wedding websites. The system subscribers are all entitled to creating their wedding projects absolutely for free. That’s one of the distinctive features of the platform.

8. Minted Weddings

Product Name:Minted Weddings
Wedding Templates:1450+
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $15

Minted Weddings – is a free wedding website builder, which is one of the specialized systems that come to mind, when it tackles the process of designing a quality wedding website to attract your guests and keep them informed about the updates and details of the upcoming occasion. The platform is functional, visually-appealing and convenient, but it’s not altogether easy for ordinary users. Minted Weddings lacks some of the must-have features that matter a lot for wedding website development. If you are still interested in the feature set the platform offers, have a look at them now:

  • Free Wedding Templates. The website builder boasts a unique collection of free wedding templates, which match a variety of printed invitations available for versatile designs and are developed by independent artists.
  • Professional Image Galleries. Minted Weddings unveils an opportunity to create and manage an image gallery, showcasing the photos of your couple. This is a great way to give your wedding website a touch of personalization.
  • RSVP. The website builder also supports the online RSVP feature to enable your guests to leave their responses and inquiries, ask and answer the questions and stay in touch with you in other possible ways.
  • URL Personalization. The website builder offers a nice URL adding option. Due to it, your domain name will look like, which is quite concise to be remembered by your guests.

Minted Weddings is a bit more complicated as compared to other specialized wedding website builders reviewed in the post. It has limited free options, while the paid features are unlocked on premium plans.

9. WeddingWire

Product Name:WeddingWire
Wedding Templates:400+
Free plan:Free system
Paid plan:-

WeddingWire – is an easy-to-use platform for wedding sites, which comes with an abundance of free customizable designs and multiple options to give your project superior functionality. The developers of the service have taken care of its ease of use, making it possible to provide all the wedding-related information you might wish to present to your guests.

WeddingWire seems to be a pretty nice variant of a specialized wedding website builder, which deserves the attention of couples, who expect to get a worthy result that will impress their guests. Despite its strong niche focus, however, the system abounds in features that complicate the process of website creation. This makes it challenging for newbies. The list of major WeddingWire advantages includes:

  • Responsive Wedding Templates. WeddingWire boasts a collection of unique and responsive wedding templates. Their number exceeds 400 themes. All of them are free and you can choose any theme to come up to your current needs and design preferences.
  • Photo Gallery Creation. To give your wedding website personalized design, you can create and manage a photo gallery. Due to the drag-and-drop website editor, this won’t take much time and effort, making your website individual and alluring.
  • RSVP Feature. The service allows integrating a useful RSVP feature, making it possible for guests to leave their responds on a separate website page, if needed.
  • Wedding-Focused Features. Among the other special features of the website builder, it makes sense to mention WedSocial integration, wedding planning checklist calendar, online guest list manager, address collector, seating chart and budget builder, vendor manager and other wedding-specific options that will certainly come in handy to you.

Building a wedding website with WeddingWire is absolutely free for everyone. The website builder allows making use of its integrated feature set to set up, manage and update your wedding project anywhere and anytime.

Bottom Line

All web building platforms reviewed above work great for the development of quality and feature-laden wedding websites. They allow creating RSVP websites with almost no hassle at all. The question is: how would you like your website to look like and what exactly do you expect from it?

If you need any website just to present your wedding-related information to the guests, then you can use any specialized free wedding website builder to launch your project in no time. However, if you want your wedding website to be the reflection of your love story and detailed preparations to one of the most remarkable occasions in your lifetime, then it definitely makes sense to consider using popular all-in-one website builders.

Wix and uKit are the most convenient wedding website builders. They don’t require any special presentation to be remembered due to the extensive feature sets offered. Due to their convenient editors, stunning wedding templates, abundance of design customization tools and multiple widgets, the platforms stand out from the crowd, remaining the best in the contemporary web building niche.

Squarespace is a simple and feature-rich do-it-yourself website builder that brings many benefits and features to your wedding website builder, such as wedding templates and an RSVP feature for better communication with other users.

WordPress is a popular CMS that lets you start and manage professional wedding websites, irrespective of your coding and web design skills. The system boasts extensive integration options and it also allows choosing from multiple built-in and external designs that let you create one-of-a-kind wedding projects.

Bluehost and HostGator are the best hosting solutions for WordPress websites as well as for projects created with other systems.

WeddingWire, The Knot and Minted Weddings are three specialized wedding website builders. They were created with the only purpose in mind – to ensure quick, simple and effective creation of wedding websites. Thus, they come with a set of features needed to launch a worthy project of this type. These include wedding-specific templates, RSVP option, URL personalization, photo album and calendar creation and more. Despite the abundance of these features, specialized wedding website builders still lack some of the must-have features and tools provided by the top website builders. This is what makes them not quite a reasonable wedding web building solution.

By using diverse web building tools, you will be able to design a wedding website that can create a wow-effect upon your guests. This is where they will be able not only to view your wedding information, but also to browse quality photos or videos as well as to share their ideas and opinions. You don’t need any programming, design or technical skills at all. You’ll get all the required tools to reach this goal for an affordable cost.