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How to Create a Wedding Website by Yourself

Wedding websites (or wedsites as they are also called) become quite popular with online users nowadays. This is because they help keep your wedding preparation organized and well-planned, making it easier for you to keep track of versatile aspects of the upcoming event. Actually, a functional wedding website is no longer a whim, but a necessity for couples who wish to get the most out of their wedding preparation.

This is the resource where all your to-do lists will be gathered in one place, helping save your time, effort and even money.

You don’t need to spend hours handling all those wedding tasks each couple faces on the preparation stage. Instead, you will just control their accomplishment at the wedsite, which is specially created to provide the most important information about the event and the couple, including:

  • the location and time of the wedding ceremony;
  • the list of guests and their contact info;
  • the number of things you have to handle;
  • the contact data of the organizations and companies responsible for the wedding preparation;
  • the hotel accommodation info;
  • photos and videos;
  • other wedding-related tasks.

The Best Wedsite Building Solution: What Is It?

Now that you realize the importance of having a wedding website, you just have to decide on the best web creation option.

Building such a website from scratch is a real challenge for those who have never done that before, so, if you really want the process to be time saving and successful, using the DIY website builder is the best solution.

The fact is that these tools help develop a functional and attention grabbing wedding website in less than a few hours. They are easy to use, have intuitive interfaces and pre-designed wedding-oriented templates that will ideally suit the occasion. This is exactly what you need right now, don’t you?

At this point, let’s touch upon different types of website builders. When choosing a platform for your future website, you should know that there are industry-specific (specialized) site builders and versatile platforms.

The former are meant for creating certain website types, such as eCommerce sites, real estate sites, restaurant sites and what’s more important – wedding websites. Versatile website builders, in their turn, aren’t industry-specific and can be used for creating any website type, from a blog to a portfolio and a webstore.

Both options have their own benefits and disadvantages. The obvious benefit is that industry-specific sites offer feature sets that are exclusively related to the industry, making it impossible to get lost there, while versatile platforms offer extensive functionality, and it can be difficult to weed out unnecessary features.

Regardless of the website builder you will go for, there are a few steps the process of creating a wedding site will consist of. These are:

  • the sign-up procedure;
  • template selection;
  • editing the layout and design of the site (optional);
  • choosing a name for your website;
  • uploading content;
  • getting a domain name (this is usually done right in your created account);
  • publishing.

These are the main steps the process will involve and if they seem too scary at first sight, there is no need to worry about that! The thing is that web-building software is specifically created for non-techs and comes with detailed guidelines you just have to follow to make it a success.

What Wedding Website Builder Will Work Best for Your Wedsite?

The choice of the website builder that will work best for your wedding website depends on how in depth you want to customize your website. If your wedsite is meant for simply viewing pictures, then a free wedding site builder is probably fine.

But if you’re inviting people from all over the world, it may be helpful to build a wedding site in great detail so it can answer many of the questions for you. To simplify your choice, we’ve created a brief overview of the best software that may ideally cater to your current needs.

Wix – The Best Wedding Website Builder

Wix Website Builder

When it comes to creating a wedding website, Wix is one of the most reasonable solutions that may come to your mind. The software possesses all those features which can make any site a success.

It allows adding and editing wedding-based widgets, choosing the best thematic templates, editing the pages using the drag-and-drop functions and, what is really important, using the benefits provided by the integrated AppMarket.

The cost of the cheapest Wix paid plan where you can connect your own domain (like ‘‘) is $4.50/mo with a year subscription.

uKit – The Website Builder With Responsive Templates

uKit Website Builder

uKit is one of the easiest examples of website builders. It offers a rich selection of high quality wedding templates, WYSIWYG editing options, responsive designs, wedding-oriented widgets and other features required to make a functional and ready-to-use wedsite.

The software is characterized by adequate search engine optimization and on site connection to the domain name. Your wedding site will also look great across any device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet.

All features are available during the free trial, which gives you the opportunity to try out everything before upgrading to Premium, which costs only $4/mo.

Bottom Line

Having a wedding website at your disposal will help you avoid lots of troubles and frustrations associated with the preparation process. Instead, you will focus on more pleasant and important things. Listed above are the best website builders you can use to develop a functional and topic-oriented site.

To be able to choose the one that will cater to your specific needs and preferences, it makes sense to test and analyze the pros and cons of all of them. Good luck!

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