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Wedding Website Examples

There are lots of things to handle when it comes to wedding preparations. Keeping your guests aware of all your Big Day news, plans and events is one of the most crucial issues. Starting a wedding website is the best way to do that.

A website may perform several essential functions at a time. To start with, this will be the top destination to reach for everyone, who is interested in all your wedding preparation details – schedule, location, attires, gifts, guests, ceremony nuances etc.

Along with informational value, a wedding website may contain the photo gallery of you and your partner and it can even tell your romantic story to set the tone for the special day in general.

Finally, a wedding website may become one of the best places to turn to after the Big Day. You can further update it to keep the history of one of the happiest days in your life. Thus, setting up this project is not a whim, but a necessity nowadays.

If you and your partner are both non-coders, don’t fall into despair. Modern website builders will help you launch a stunning wedding website you and your guests will certainly be impressed by. Just have a look at some of the best samples of these projects to pick suitable software.

1. Karl and Gina

Website's Name:Karl and Gina
Website's Type:One-Page
Powered by:Zyro
Domain Rating: DA 18
PageSpeed Insights: 93,5/100

Karl and Gina caprivates user attention by its interactive cartoon design the couple has chosen to make their special day memorable. Developed with Zyro website builder, the project features a blue sky background with light clouds with the landscape on the bottom of the page. This creates an airy atmosphere revealing the couple’s happiness. All information is presented on the homepage, which eliminates the need to browse several pages looking for the required info.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Up and Down button available in each section for simpler navigation;
  • One-page layout;
  • Playful and happy atmosphere;
  • Abundance of animations;
  • Links to external resources;
  • All the required info available in one place.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Information about the couple;
  • Photo/video gallery;
  • RSVP button;
  • More wedding-related details;
  • Online contact form.

2. Philip & Nicole

Website's Name:Philip & Nicole
Website's Type:Non-Profit
Powered by:Wix
Domain Rating: DA 12
PageSpeed Insights: 76,5/100

Philip & Nicole decided to call their wedding website “Phicole” like an abbreviated variant of their names’ combination. This is the very first thing that catches user attention when visiting the website. Created with Wix website builder, the project delivers the exhaustive info about the wedding day of the couple. As you scroll down the page, you can find out the date of the event, the video of the party, stories of preparations, multiple photos and other related info. This creates a unified feeling of the Big Day and its special meaning for the couple.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Multiple video integrations;
  • Photo galleries;
  • Effective combination of graphic details;
  • Drop down menu;
  • Gift registry;
  • Downloadable PDF with a rundown of the schedule;
  • Contacts;
  • Online form for guests to answer the questions of the couple;
  • Google Maps widget.

What the Website Lacks:

  • RSVP button;
  • More intuitive website navigation;
  • FAQs;
  • More distinct fonts and clearer typography to make the texts easier to read.

3. Conor & Rachel

Website's Name:Conor & Rachel
Website's Type:Non-Profit
Powered by:Webflow
Domain Rating: DA 8
PageSpeed Insights: 58,5/100

Conor & Rachel is a worthy wedding website example created with Webflow. The project looks stylish and concise, regardless of its initial implication and romantic atmosphere it should convey. The prevailing gray and green color palette creates a modern impression, even though there are no bright elements and integrations here. All the wedding-related info is available in the same place, making it easy for guests to find it.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Trendy color combinations;
  • R/C – couple’s logo;
  • Multiple photos of the couple;
  • Schedule of the event;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Video black-and-white integrations that create a documentary-like feeling;
  • FAQs and Covid-related issues;
  • Lodging and Travel details.

What the Website Lacks:

  • More distinct fonts and clearer typography to make the info easier to read;
  • Easier website navigation;
  • More contact options;
  • RSVP;
  • Online forms for simpler and more convenient interaction.

4. Brooke & Stephen

Website's Name:Brooke & Stephen
Website's Type:Non-Profit
Powered by:Wix
Domain Rating: DA 15
PageSpeed Insights: 75,5/100

Brooke & Stephen is another impressive sample of a Wix-powered wedding website. One of its undeniable highlights is a song the couple has decided to add to the project. The song is meaningful to the couple and, thus, it reflects their romantic mood, helping clients feel involved in the atmosphere of the upcoming event. The project also includes much info on how to get to the place of the celebration and nearby accommodations so that the guests could be able to plan the route in advance. This is a worthy sample of the wedding website, indeed!

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Photo slider of the couple on the homepage;
  • FAQs;
  • Nice and stylish typography;
  • Integrated song on the homepage;
  • Romantic history of the couple;
  • Detailed itinerary of the wedding day;
  • Video integrations;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Integrated registries.

What the Website Lacks:

  • More distinct typography to made the info easier to read;
  • Videos/photo galleries of the couple/wedding day;
  • More intuitive navigation.

5. Gen and Jay

Website's Name:Gen and Jay
Website's Type:Non-Profit
Powered by:Weebly
Domain Rating: DA 3
PageSpeed Insights: 66/100

Gen and Jay was created by the couple using the Weebly website builder, being the demonstration of their romantic story, their special history and the way to the wedding day. The project abounds in photos that make it stand out from the crowd. The template they have chosen for the project looks interesting and unusual as well. There are many website pages here that provide explicit info about the event.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Many photos of the couple on the homepage separated by romantic love quotes;
  • Multiple icons and menu with innovative ideas;
  • RSVP;
  • Registry;
  • Ceremony and reception pages;
  • Email to get in touch with the couple;
  • Wedding album with lots of photos.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Personal blog;
  • FAQs;
  • Contacts;
  • Online forms;
  • Website is available on the subdomain;
  • Video integrations.


Couples who are right about to get married should obligatorily include wedding website creation in their to-do list. This is no wonder as this type of project can tell more about the upcoming event than hundreds of words. This is the top destination for guests, family members and for everyone who is invited to the celebration or is just interested in viewing the schedule.

Website builders can help you get started with your wedding project in almost no time. They come with ready-made templates, abundance of design customization tools, integrations and special features to give your project the required look and feel. To pick the software that comes up to your requirements, skills and budget, just view the samples reviewed above and make your choice.

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