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Webydo vs Webflow

The Internet is getting more and more visual. Today, we can create so many complex things in a visual way without having any coding knowledge, be it an infographic, a website or even a mobile application.

Surely, not anyone has an aesthetic sense to create a beautiful, usable product, even if everything is maximally simplified. Creating a professional-looking website requires a thorough planning and knowing at least some basic usability rules, as well as web design trends.

Today, we’re talking about two professional website builders developed specially for designers: Webflow and Webydo. Loaded with design-specific features, these Photoshop-like platforms let designers concentrate on the design and creating prototypes with all the code generated automatically.

Webydo and Webflow target the same user market and share the same approach to web design, so it can be really difficult to decide which one works best for you. In this article we attempt to define the key differences between these hosted design suites.

#1 Ease of Use

  • Webydo. Webydo has a clean, visual interface. There’s a dashboard where you can manage your sites’ settings and a studio where you can actually create your designs. The studio has three working modes: Design, Content and Preview.

    Webydo Editor

    The Design mode is meant for making changes to the design, and in the Content Mode you will see your website as a CMS user. The Preview mode lets you see what your website looks like when live across different screens: desktop, tablet and mobile. There’s a slight learning curve.

  • Webflow. As a platform clearly aimed at those who has already worked in design-focused programs, Webflow doesn’t feel like a DIY site builder for beginners. When you first enter it, it can be a bit overwhelming, but with a little time and practice you’ll certainly grasp its logic.

    Webflow Editor

    Similar to Webydo, Webflow’s editing interface is dominated by a preview of your site and has multiple toolbars.

Webydo vs Webflow. Anyone familiar with Adobe programs like Photoshop will immediately notice that both Webydo and Webflow share a similar interface. Each has at least four active toolbars, each hiding more options, making it hard to understand where to start. As a beginner, you’ll find both a bit overwhelming. But designers will certainly love these platforms.

Speaking about the workflow itself, it’s pretty intuitive in both platforms, as they support dragging and dropping. For instance, you can resize images simply by dragging one of the corners of an image. For convenience, there’s also automatic snapping to 1x, 0.5x, and 2x native image size.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Webydo. Webydo has a wealth of design-specific features, but can’t boast deep customization in terms of site functionality. It doesn’t provide any advanced blogging solutions, but there’s a handy feature called Articles – you can create a template for your posts to allow your clients add new articles following the same design format.

    Webydo Elements

    There’s also a full-featured eCommerce solution: you can create a complete online store. You can manage your eCommerce project like in any other specialized CMS.

    What’s really handy about Webydo is the multi-purpose dashboard where you can add new CMS users, set up 301 redirections, manage your domains, send payment requests to your clients and even fully re-brand the platform. Designers can upload their own logotypes to their clients’ login page, the CMS and also dashboard.

  • Webflow. Weblfow’s feature set is pretty similar. Though it lacks the ‘re-brand’ and ‘bill your client’ features, it boasts some advanced CSS and HTML features. For instance, you can assign your own classes to content in the Style manager or add custom HTML to the header and footer.

    Webydo vs Webflow

    Other features worth mentioning include Zapier integration, which means users can automate many tasks connected with their site, and the ability to work collaboratively.

Webflow vs Webydo. Both website builders generate production-ready code that is W3C compliant and can be shared with developers if custom changes need to be made. When your site is ready, you can publish it with one click through the platform or you can export the code and do with it what you wish.

#3 Designs

Design Comparison Chart

Number of Themes:32100
Theme Import: NO NO
Visual Editor: YES YES
CSS Code Editing: YES YES
Responsive Design: YES YES
  • Webydo. Webydo lets you start with a blank canvas, a layout or a pre-designed theme. The library is small, but all their templates are responsive. Users can manually create breakpoints for different screens.

  • Webflow. Webflow’s library is bigger. There are paid and free responsive templates to start with. You can start with a blank canvas, too.

Webydo bvs Webflow. Both Webydo and Webflow offer pre-designed templates that make it easier to start a site. Advanced users will benefit from the blank option.

#4 Customer Support

  • Webydo. Webydo has a massive forum, a knowledge base comprised of detailed video tutorials and what’s more important – free live chat support. You can also get in touch via email and by phone, if you reside in the US.

  • Webflow. Webflow’s support center is also pretty extensive. There are many handy walkthroughs, a forum, and email support.

Webflow vs Webydo. Both site builders provide enough help materials, in our opinion, yet Webydo’s offering is more attractive, since they provide live support.

#5 Pricing Policy

  • Webydo. There’s no free version available with this website builder. You can try a full-featured Webydo plan for free during a 7-day trial period. Then you need to choose from four plans: One site, Pro, Team, and Agency that range from $90 to $480/mo. The names are quite self-explanatory. There are also a separate plan for Enterprises. For more details see the official pricing page.

Pricing Options:✓ Pro ($90/mo);
✓ Business ($180/mo);
✓ Agency ($480/mo).
✓ Starter ($0/mo);
✓ Lite ($24/mo);
✓ Pro ($42/mo).
Features:✓ Free Hosting;
✓ White Label;
✓ Client Billing;
✓ Dedicated Account Manager.
✓ Free Plan;
✓ Client Billing;
✓ 24/7 Support;
✓ Unlimited Storage;
✓ White label.
  • Webflow. Webflow’s free plan lets you create one private and twenty public sites. Paid options range from $14/mo to $42/mo. See the full list of features for each plan here.

Webydo vs Webflow. Such close rates will hardly come into the reckoning, though cost considerations certainly play a part in choosing a software.


Webydo and Webflow are very close competitors. They follow the same goal – to help professional designers build websites in a visual way, without having to manually convert their designs into code. They also target design agencies.

The platforms are very, very similar and it’s really difficult to decide on the clear winner. You can try them both free to decide which one is more comfortable for you.

Overview Comparison Chart

Ease of Use:
Customer Support:
Overall Score:
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  • Christopher Jacobs

    Webflow has a new CMS feature which brings it up a notch. Fantastic tool if you learn how to use it to its fullest potential.

  • A & D Partners

    Webydo will also host all your websites for free so you can bill your clients not only for making the website but for hosting it too, though it has a limited amount of exports for selling the actual code. You can generate additional income hosting sites for people. Where as Webflow offers hosting for $5 per website.

    • Yes, Webflow’s client billing allows you to charge the client for an amount you define, so you can charge the client the hosting price, and then add on whatever continuing charges you need/want, so you don’t have to pay for hosting for a client’s site.

  • Findme4u

    In my opinion Webflow is the one to go for..I don’t know when this post was published but they’ve included some new features like client billing and white label to customise it for your brand and also the price is very reasonable especially if your a freelancer and work on multiple clients sites.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment, this review will be updated soon and it will contain all the new Webflow’s features you’ve mentioned.
      With regards,

  • Hariec

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