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Webydo vs Squarespace

The DIY web design industry is changing. It was once dominated by drag-and-drop builders for do-it-yourselfers who have very little or no design experience at all. Then tools evolved to help both veteran web developers and new users alike easily create and publish beautiful websites in a professional manner: with different access levels for clients and designers; white label solutions allowing designers to place their own logos instead of the builders’ ones; built-in business features; full HTML/CSS control and more.

So, a new generation of site builders has arrived, with Webydo and Squarespace as some of the major players. But which one is better?

Both platforms are great and seem to have a common goal. But despite the shared goal, their approach to the web creation process is actually quite unique. In this article, we’ll try to show the key differences between Webydo and Squarespace, rather than decide which one is better 🙂 .

#1 Ease of Use

  • Webydo. Webydo isn’t just another drag-and-drop site builder. It’s a community-led design software developed in the tradition of Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, so it’s literally packed with all those advanced design features that the average non-techie isn’t familiar with. Therefore, the Webydo editor can seem complicated to a new user.

    Webydo Editor

    But if you’re familiar with Adobe’s ecosystem, you’ll find Webydo very easy-to-use. Images, forms, widgets and other items are easily added to the canvas through dragging and dropping them onto the page. The builder is conveniently divided into the Design and Content management systems.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace is now running in its seventh version which is more intuitive than its predecessors. The editor doesn’t support drag-and-drop at its finest, yet it’s quite easy to use.

Webydo vs Squarespace. Webydo is more complicated, as it is mainly targeting professionals, while Squarespace is easier, as it’s designed for non-techies.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Webydo. Webydo is a design-centered platform. Thus, it focuses on providing design-specific features in the first place, including the code-free parallax scrolling animator, grid generator, smart guides and snapping, the ability to download your site’s HTML and CSS code and more.

    Webydo Elements

    Along with the design-related features, Webydo offers a set of business options: ‘white label’ (users can replace Webydo logos with their own brand); ‘bill my client’ (designers can charge their clients directly through the system); ‘share design’ and others.

    There’s a simple blogging solution, called ‘Articles’ that lets you design a template that will allow your content manager to add new posts following the same design format. In terms of eCommerce, Webydo supports Ecwid integration.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace is very feature-rich. I really like the extensive degree of customization it provides. Here’re my favorite Squarespace features:

    • Content import/export.
    • Multiple contributors.
    • Powerful blogging platform and native commenting system.
    • eCommerce engine and more.

    Squarespace has a family of iOS apps that let you manage your website on the go.

    Squarespace Editor

    But what’s more important, Squarespace provides an option for developers – Developer Platform – where they can change everything in their sites, from the opening doctype tag to the footer.

Squarespace vs Webydo. Webydo is chock-full of design-specific features, while Squarespace is more flexible. It allows for deeper customization and opens up the source code. But it doesn’t offer any advanced design solutions like those of Webydo.

#3 Designs

Design Comparison Chart

Webydo Squarespace
Number of Themes: 32 67
Theme Import: NO NO
Visual Editor: YES YES
CSS Code Editing: YES YES
Responsive Design: YES YES

    Webydo. When you start a website with Webydo, there are three options: a ready, customizable design; layout; blank canvas. Webydo designs aren’t numerous. Each Webydo design is responsive from the start.

    You can create different experiences for different devices by setting the breakpoints activating the mobile/tablet view.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace offers a richer collection of templates, some created in collaboration ‘with a few of the world’s most influential people’. These templates are industry specific, and come equipped with the most wanted features for the industry.

    For instance, templates for musicians let you easily add audio tracks and format albums, while photographers and artists can benefit from the built-in cropping feature. Regardless of the chosen template, every feature is always available, simply find and configure it in your editor.

    Squarespace designs are responsive.

Webydo vs Squarespace. Squarespace’s collection is bigger, and the builder lets you make changes to the HTML/CSS of your site. The advantage of Webydo is that it lets you start with a blank canvas.

#4 Customer Support

  • Webydo. Webydo offers an extensive support center where you can find many helpful video walkthroughs and how-to articles. You can contact one of their experts either via email or through the editor – they respond instantly! There’s also an official forum and ‘suggest a feature’ page.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace provides 24/7 email support and live chat assistance during weekdays from 3am to 8pm EST. There’s also a support center and community-driven Q&A website.

Squarespace vs Webydo. Both site builders provide enough support options.

#5 Pricing Policy

  • Webydo. Your subscription will mainly depend on the number of websites you plan to build. Thus, there’s a One Site, Pro (10 websites), Team (30 websites) and Agency (100 websites) plans. You can try Webydo free during a seven-day trial. For more details, see the pricing page.

    Webydo Squarespace
    Pricing Options: ✓ Pro ($90/mo);
    ✓ Business ($180/mo);
    ✓ Agency ($480/mo).
    ✓ Personal ($12/mo);
    ✓ Business ($18/mo);
    ✓ Basic store ($26/mo);
    ✓ Advanced Store ($40/mo).
    Features: ✓ Free Hosting;
    ✓ White Label;
    ✓ Client Billing;
    ✓ Dedicated Account Manager.
    ✓ Free Domain Name;
    ✓ SSL-Certificate;
    ✓ 24/7 Support;
    ✓ Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth;
    ✓ Mobile-Friendly Website.
  • Squarespace. There’s a free 14-day trial and four paid plans: Personal, Business, Basic Store and Advanced Store ranging from $12/mo to $40/mo. To see the full list of included features for each plan, please visit the official pricing page.

Webydo vs Squarespace. Both site builders seem to be reasonably priced.


Both Squarespace and Webydo are highly robust web publishing systems, but with different approaches which make them suitable for two very different audiences.

While Webydo is specifically created for professional designers, Squarespace is meant for those who have no design experience (though it reserves the ability to make changes to the code). Sign up to both to see which one is better for your case.

Overview Comparison Chart

Webydo Squarespace
Ease of Use:
Customer Support:
Overall Score:
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  • Jose Benavent Colomo

    I have used squarespace several times but no webydo. I’d like to share the fact that sqp does not have an easy way to create a multilingual web page. Thank for your writing

  • Vicente Isern

    Squarespace, doesn’t have multilingual support or interface translated to Spanish or other european language.