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Webydo vs Adobe Muse

Web design is both an art and science: while beautiful designs, layouts and fonts require a creative approach, seamless performance of these elements requires the expertise of coding professionals. But is there a way to transform visual works into functioning websites without having to rely on developers?

We’re not talking about Do-It-Yourself website builders for newbies like Weebly or Wix meant for the average web user. We’re talking about products providing designers with top-notch web design toolkits.

Today, we bring you our comparison of two platforms that promise to deliver code-free design: Adobe Muse and Webydo. In this post we’ll try to outline the key differences between these products.

#1 Ease of Use

  • Webydo. Webydo provides designers with full control over the process, from design to hosting and client management. Everything can be done within a single Webydo account, thanks to the clean interface and series of prompts attentively guiding designers through all the stages of the process.

    Webydo Editor

  • Adobe Muse. Muse does offer an excellent website design toolkit, but it seems to have gaps between different stages of the process. Muse is more focused on the creative part of the process, rather than on project management – they have Adobe Business Catalyst for that.

    Adobe Muse editor

Adobe Muse vs Webydo. Neither Webydo, nor Adobe Muse are aimed at the causal web user. Both provide a Photoshop-like interface chock-full of advanced design options familiar to pros but overwhelming to the regular consumer.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Webydo. Webydo requires no downloads – everything is done in the cloud, through your Webydo account. Apart from the DMS (Design Management System), they offer a separate CMS for clients and a handy dashboard. The dashboard allows designers to manage multiple projects: they can change main settings of the websites, add collaborators (Content Managers and Designers) and even send invoices to their clients.

  • Adobe Muse. Muse has more design-specific features. Being a part of Creative Cloud it offers a number of perks to designers: access to such online services as Typekit font library, Behance and Muse Resources where you can find free and paid design elements, themes and widgets.

    Adobe Muse widgets

Webydo vs Adobe Muse. Webydo has many additional built-in services. It comes with a full content management system where you can add CMS users and even tag elements that CMS users are not allowed to edit. What’s more, you can fully replace the Webydo branding with your own. Muse is also very feature-rich, yet it doesn’t operate as an all-in-one web service. Its feature set is built around design-specific features, rather than business needs.

#3 Designs

Design Comparison Chart

WebydoAdobe Muse
Number of Themes:32No ready themes
Theme Import: NO NO
Visual Editor: YES YES
CSS Code Editing: YES YES
Responsive Design: YES YES
  • Webydo. When you create a new website with Webydo, you can start from scratch, choose a template that will define your future website’s structure or even go with a pre-designed template. Webydo themes are fully customizable.

  • Adobe Muse. The builder itself offers no ready templates, but you can purchase one from a featured provider. Creating a website with Adobe Muse starts with defining the structure or ‘plan’ of your website.

Adobe Muse vs Webydo. Both site builders let designers create websites from a blank canvas as well as use ready templates. You will find both free and premium Muse themes. Paid themes start at around $9.

#4 Customer Support

  • Webydo. Webydo offers an extensive support center where you can view video tutorials, participate in forum discussions, suggest a feature and also vote for prioritizing existing suggestions. Live chat support is available to anyone through the control panel, regardless of the chosen plan.

  • Adobe Muse. Adobe Muse has a huge community of designers who can help you through the forum should you have any issues. There are also numerous video walkthroughs and other resources. There’s also phone and livechat support.

Webydo vs Adobe Muse. Both companies have amassed thousands of designers around their product. In our opinion, both Webydo and Adobe Muse offer enough support options.

#5 Pricing Policy

  • Webydo. You can try Webydo free during a 7-day trial without having to enter your credit card info. Paid plans range from $90/mo to $480/mo depending on how many websites you’re going to build and whether you need project collaborators and other add-ons.

WebydoAdobe Muse
Pricing Options:✓ Pro ($90/mo);
✓ Business ($180/mo);
✓ Agency ($480/mo).
✓ Annual Plan, paid monthly ($14.99/mo);
✓ Annual Plan,
prepaid ($179.88/yr);
✓ Monthly Plan ($24.99/mo).
Features:✓ Free Hosting;
✓ White Label;
✓ Client Billing;
✓ Dedicated Account Manager.
✓ Free Updates;
✓ Premium Fonts;
✓ Huge Cloud Storage.
  • Adobe Muse. Adobe Muse comes as part of Creative Cloud ($49.99/month), or you can purchase it as a separate product at $14.99/mo.

Adobe Muse vs Webydo. Both design studio are reasonably priced. Please note that Webydo plans cover hosting, while Adobe Muse isn’t tied to any hosting provider.


Both platforms target the same audience: professional web designers looking for code-free software allowing them to create and publish websites for their clients without having to hire coders. While Webydo ensures more streamlined website creation process (it’s an ‘all-in-one’ platform), Muse covers just a part of the entire task. Both platforms allow you to export your works as HTML to the web host of your choice.

Overview Comparison Chart

WebydoAdobe Muse
Ease of Use:
Customer Support:
Overall Score:

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  • Dave

    “I can assume that Muse works best for those who are familiar with Adobe’s ecosystem.” Yes, this review seems based on assumptions about Muse, as opposed to experience, with a heavy bias toward Webydo.

    • Hi Dave,
      I’m not a heavy Adobe user, so I can only assume that Muse works best for those who are familiar with Adobe’s ecosystem. Feel free to share your own experience. I welcome constructive comments.

      • Neithan

        What Dave is basically saying, IMHO, is that you don’t have actual knowledge of Muse. And that means it’s pointless to review something you don’t actually know, producing a poor review.

        Also “The key benefit of Muse is that it allows designers to export their works as HTML to the web host of their choice”. Well, 15 seconds looking into Webydo and they have that exact “key benefit” too. So seemingly you don’t really know Webydo either.

        I wish wannabe writers made clear at the top of their reviews what EXPERIENCE they have with the products they are reviewing. That way we would know in advance what’s worth reading and what’s not.

  • Max Mitchell

    I’ve been using Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS6 for a while now and the learning curve is extremely steep but it’s probably the best web design software available. After a few years, I still struggle with it. I’m just about to switch to Muse because it just seems so much easier and simpler.

  • i have create a website with it, its a nice BhoomiBazaar

    • Hi!
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your Webydo website. Was it difficult to build your site using this platform?

    • Great job! Let us know if we can help you at all with it.

  • Trumpet experience as a graphic designer who has used Muse. There is no Adobe support for Muse software at all.There is for their Business Catalyst – that’s it.

    • Sorry to hear that.

      • Trumpet

        Sorry – I spoke with one of their BC advisors last Friday and apparently they do now support Muse. Historically in my experience, their advisors take a long time to understand the issues that you have unless you can send them examples.

        • Happy to hear that. Feel free to share your works created with Adobe Muse.

  • I’m a graphic designer with 40 year experience in print design, who’s FINALLY willing to get into web design, and ONLY because I can now approach it as I would approach a page layout. I’m here ’cause I need to choose between the two programs, and the reason I’m heavily leaning toward Webydo, is because it’s a SMALL company from which I can expect a more immediate and personal approach when it comes to tech support and service in general… Adobe is just way too large, a real behemoth.

  • Noman Mirza

    I’m New in WebDesigniing.My first website with Muse
    I will use soon Webydo .


    You show the difference between Webydo vs Adobe Muse. Actually both are need in different causes. But i fell so comfortable in Adobe mouse.


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    I think web design is very creative job. The people need to more knowledge to work for webdesign. Your post should be help them to get more tips on this work.