Webydo Website Builder Review

Webydo – is a truly unique website builder that stands out among its counterparts that claim to be designed via DIY tools for small businesses and hobbyists. Webydo is a far more serious platform catered to web designers who seek a powerful platform to set up code-free responsive sites for their clients. The company was established in Tel Aviv, 2012 and was immensely popular during the first few years. However, currently the platform has only around 2, 500 live sites 2, 000 of which source to Israel and the United States.

Web designers compare Webydo with the tools by Adobe with Photoshop and InDesign products in particular. Using this platform, website designers will get a huge bunch of third-party plugins at their disposal to choose from in order to set up professional-looking and complex websites – particularly what Webydo can best serve. Apparently, the service comes packed with eCommerce integrated, parallax scrolling tools, a wide range of fonts, contemporary-looking responsive templates, and an array of other amazing features.

The suggested diversity of templates is not impressive, yet the abundance of opportunities for website customization allows users to create grandiose sites throughout to the smallest details.

Webydo can also serve as a CMS for content management, and yet, website building is its primary mission. Stay with us to get a well-thought review on Webydo.

  • Professional website builder;
  • Advanced functionality;
  • Allows creating different types of complex projects.

Webydo Features

Webydo offers two different work environments, both of which are, yet, integrated. These are DMS, where you can design and create fabulous HTML sites, and CMS, where you can update your website content and get it to the final look of the user interface. And even though Webydo doesn’t demand any IT development knowledge or experience, you still have to devote enough time to get head or tail out of the immense quantity of features suggested. This website builder ensures an array of powerful tools to take advantage of. Here are several most crucial ones reviewed.

Form Builder

The robust tool Form Builder is definitely one of the strongest sides of Webydo. Powered by POWr, it enables the users to create the particular contact form they wish with every button and every element adjusted to one’s preference. To enhance the safety of your site built with Webydo, you can add a password-protected entry or Captchas.

Nevertheless, to make use of these advanced tools, you have to subscribe to a paid plan of POWr’s form builder. So, unless you are setting up a website for a large corporation or business with quite a big budget to invest in site building, you may find this feature not mandatory.


Webydo’s Microblog is a POWr feature, too. This is a comprehensive and elegant tool aimed at enhancing the importance of a website. It enables adding images and videos, or anything that you may find appropriate to add to a blog section on a website. What we don’t like about this feature, however, is the limited free version. Apparently, the Microblog feature is available for free only for the first twenty posts. Furthermore, your posts will hold the POWr logo. The Microblog subscription, priced anywhere between $2.69 and $44.99 per month, can help you hide a plugin behind a password, remove any limitation on the number of posts, add JS/CSS code, etc.

3D Parallax

Webydo 3D Parallax

The 3D Parallax element, one of the perks of Webydo, allows the creation of graphical elements that comes helpful especially with dimensionally-changed parallaxes. Use this feature to set up graphical elements layered to move in relation to the cursor when you wave it around the target element. The 3D Parallax, unlike the above-described tools, is not a freemium feature.


Webydo features a standard dashboard. It gives access to the site built with Webydo, and its settings. The dashboard also serves as the access point for adding CMS users to the site and billing your site customers.

Webydo dashboard

When you need to add email hosting with your personal domain, you must do it manually from the dashboard.


The eCommerce feature at Webydo is actually a POWr freemium feature. It allows users to sell physical and digital goods under the best conditions. Implementing this tool, you will get a chance to create fantastic products lists. Add and edit products, change shipping costs, and maneuver the products’ list without any difficulty. For this, you need to connect the feature to a PayPal account since payments can be made only through this payment method.

However, there is a limitation on product listings. To remove it and allow even more downloads of digital products, you have to buy an appropriate subscription.


Generally, most website hosting companies offer website building services, too. But only a few website builders offer hosting services. Webydo not only gives its users a place to host the website they create but also does it entirely for free. All the pricing plans of Webydo include a dynamic content management system and free website hosting.

Smart Guides

Snapping features and Smart Guides are short while snap-to guides. When you move elements on the canvas, these snap-to guides appear. And once any element you are moving comes to the edge of another element, it snaps to it just like if you were using a magnet. This guarantees complete precision and control over all the particles of your website design.


Webydo SEO

Webydo impresses with pretty many features including the drag and drop tool that helps you save time and effort in site-building and customization. And yet, the SEO features are perhaps what we liked Webydo for most of all. With this service, you acquire an SEO-oriented design workflow with a number of SEO options. All this comes included in all plans of the company. Moreover, many website designers choose Webydo, particularly for the exhaustive free SEO tool package.

Generally, it’s recommended to use the site builder that offers different SEO tools. This way you can increase the organic traffic of your site while maintaining high conversion rates. Webydo, for instance, suggests redirecting your old website visitors straight to the brand new page, creating meta tags for all pages of your site one by one, adding Google analytics and webmaster tools, and so forth. If you are not experienced in Search Engine Optimization, Webydo has a blog section devoted particularly to SEO.

Webydo Website Design and Templates

Using Webydo means choosing a functionality template and not a web design theme. This platform gives an abundance of customization options. Moreover, users can use the same element in various ways. This comes logically when we remember that the platform is created more for website designers rather than DIY people.

Webydo themes

Well acknowledging the importance of social media integration nowadays, Webydo has made it possible for all the sites created with the system to go mobile responsive.

All the templates are equally well-formed. You can switch between PC, tablet, and smartphone views from the top-right menu by clicking the respective icon.

When you start working on a website, you get three starting points at once. These are Inspiration, wireframe, and Blank Canvas. The first point shows where different design elements will appear on your site depending on the chosen template. The second point indicates the basic structure on the current page. And the last option provides the most passionate website designers with an opportunity to fulfill their most intricate and creative ideas!


As we have mentioned, the pre-structured templates aren’t many at Webydo. Instead, the emphasis is on the customization of the themes. Nevertheless, the preformatted templates are beautiful enough to go the way they are. And still, enthusiastic website designers will augment them to get a customized stunning result.

Currently, there are over 30 preformatted templates. The newest editions are:

  • MLB Corporation: Ideal for corporate businesses and organizations. It comes with as many as 9 premade pages each with a diversity of layouts. Other features of the theme include interactive buttons, hovering images and shapes, split-grid and full-width layouts, contact forms and fixed grid galleries, free bespoke symbols. The template is fully mobile optimized and responsive.
  • Creative Mess Agency: This template is catered to a modern, colorful agency that will best express a client’s design aesthetic. Just like the previous template, this one is mobile responsive and comes with a myriad of features involving fluid grid galleries, client logo rotator, interactive buttons, subtle parallax animation, contact page, etc.
  • Webydo creative mess

  • Un Mari Di Pomodoro Restaurant: What can best present a premium-class restaurant on the virtual platform if not a website with fresh colors, bespoke details that meet form and function, crisp typography?! Add interactive buttons, reservation forms, an image displaying rotator, a full-width hero slider, pages for the restaurant menu and events, and a range of new galleries, and you will get a stunning result. You can achieve it with this mobile-optimized and responsive theme by Webydo.
  • Travelwide Nature Guide Society: Webydo built this travel-themed template with powerful imagery, as well as crisp and clear graphics to bring the client’s visual presence to life. The template comes packed with a contact form, image gallery, full background hero section, and a testimonials slider. It builds only a one-page responsive website.

Customer Support

If you are a self-reliant website designer, you will love working on your own, getting recommendations and tips only from the video tutorials and knowledge base of Webydo. By the way, the company features an exhaustive knowledge base or blog, the way you would like to name it. Accessing it, you will face numerous articles classified into respective sections such as Web Design, Graphic Design, Community, and News. These blog posts will provide you with authentic information on various embedments and add-ons thus helping you elevate your creative spirit.

Nevertheless, if you would still like to get in touch directly with Webydo tech support, you can make use of the Live Chat option. Otherwise, you can submit a help ticket and wait for its answer. This is a good option as long as your issue is not urgent. The company answers tickets through email messages.

What Webydo stands out for is its self-improvement desire. Apparently, the company allows users to suggest a feature they would like to get as a part of Webydo services. Later, the suggested features are voted for (you can vote for others’ suggestions, too, or report a bug) by Webydo users. The company takes this feature seriously and works out the offers to see which features will be really expedient to add.

Webydo Pricing

When describing Webydo, the most appropriate terms are powerful, innovative, flexible, and reliable. However, what we can’t say about Webydo is that it’s cheap. The prices for Webydo services are some of the highest in the market. But you definitely get what you pay for.

Webydo offers a 30-day trial period completely for free. And yet, you have to subscribe for a plan and provide your PayPal details so that Webydo can bill automatically once the trial period is over.

Webydo pricing

Overall, there are 4 pricing tiers at Webydo. They are:

  1. Pro: Priced at $75 per month (if purchased for a year), the plan offers 1 designer account, email support, client billing, and free CMS and hosting for up to 10 websites.
  2. Team: Costing $150 per month (if purchased for a year), this tier involves 3 designer accounts, full onboarding and setup, client billing, code adding to the site, white label CMS and branding, free hosting & CMS for up to 30 websites.
  3. Agency: Priced at $400 per month (if purchased for a year), the plan provides clients with 10 designer accounts, client billing free hosting and CMS for 100 sites, 100 site exports, code adding, dedicated account manager, full white label & site coding, and customer template generator.
  4. Enterprise: The price for this plan is to be checked out with the company, yet it’s definitely the most expensive one. The plan involves all the features included in the Agency plan yet with an unlimited number, plus individual customer support. To obtain the plan, contact Webydo calling +1-800-705-0316.

Webydo Competitors and Alternatives

Hands down, Webydo is a powerful and worthwhile website builder and CMS. And yet, the market is competitive, and there are other companies, which you can give your preference to. Some of them include Webflow, Wix, Web.com, and WordPress, of course. All of them got a place in this range on the basis of popularity, similarity, and user reviews. Web.com has 5 features in common with Webydo and can boast of such tools as threat response, endpoint protection, and site monitoring. Wix site builder delivers social advertising, a product catalog, collaboration tools, etc.

The design customization tools and the overall array of features that Webflow offers at the same cost as Webydo are more advanced and impressive. This platform allows users to set up various projects regardless of their type – from simple business sites to eCommerce projects.

All these reviewed and mentioned website building companies are easier to use and come at less expensive prices compared to Webydo.


Webydo is a grandiose tool for creating and launching responsive sites. If you are a photoshop artist or have experience in site designing, you will find the working process at Webydo a breeze. Functional and sophisticated sites here are set up quickly and effectively thanks to the impressive abundance of features including web fonts, parallax scrolling animator, built-in CMS, drag-and-drop control, etc. Webydo is a code-free site builder and offers amazing SEO options and round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring in all its plans.

However, during the recent years, Webydo seems to have lost its trust and reputation among users. Furthermore, the statistics show hardly any new users register for Webydo services. That’s why all the actively operating 2, 500 websites built with Webydo are old ones, registered years ago. The website doesn’t update its blog, either. You see, the latest post in the company’s blog dates to September, 2016.

We want to warn that beginners might find it hard to work with Webydo even with the presence of reliable video tutorials and blog posts that Webydo offers on its official website. Therefore, they had better consider other more user-friendly website builders such as the mentioned Webydo alternatives.

All the features and possibilities that Webydo provides can’t but please the eye of any professional website designer. But the prices here are expensive and won’t fit users who have small budgets assigned for the project. Furthermore, you will end up spending even more, if you find some extensions are necessary for a perfect final result.

Summing up the review with the suggested features related to the pricing of Webydo, we can conclude that this website builder and CMS is especially suitable for digital agencies and web design professionals, who prioritize creative design over code-based development.

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