Webydo Review

Webydo – is a website builder that stands out from the crowd due to its advanced functionality, multiple design customization options and versatility of tools offered. The system has distinguished itself as a tool geared towards the needs of professional web developers.

While the prevailing amount of its niche competitors generally work well both for web design enthusiasts and experts, Webydo comes with the feature set that was created mainly for professionals, who intend to launch code-free responsive websites for their clients.

Launched in 2013 by Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz, who actually needed the system for their own web design needs, the platform quickly evolved into one of the niche leaders in terms of functionality and flexibility. The website builder covers a broad array of web design needs and comes with a feature set, which allows completing any project type, irrespective of its complexity level.

So, what makes Webydo unique? Is it suited to the regular user? The best way to judge whether a service fits your needs is to try it out. So join us testing Webydo website builder.


  • Professional website builder;
  • Advanced functionality;
  • Allows creating different types of complex projects.

1. Ease of Use

Considering niche specialization and the target audience of the platform, it’s impossible to call Webydo a simple website builder. The system’s editor is so overloaded with features, sections, tools and settings that a newbie will easily get lost there. However, registering with the service is quite fast and convenient for everyone. Just provide your login and password details to get access to the dashboard. Mind that it will definitely take time to master it, especially if you are a beginner.

Webydo dashboard

Just like any modern website builder, Webydo provides an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Combined with a minimalist interface, it creates a cozy, easy-to-navigate website building environment. Anyone familiar with Adobe’s ecosystem will find Webydo intuitive and well-structured, but those who have no experience of working in Photoshop or InDesign will be overwhelmed with the editor.

Webydo offers at least four toolbars each hiding more options making it difficult to understand where to start. For a beginner, there’s certainly a steep learning curve. The builder is conveniently divided into Dashboard and Design Studio. The latter has three working modes: Design, Content and Preview.

  • The Design mode gives you complete control over the design: you can add new pages, edit existing ones, rearrange objects on the canvas, edit text styles and more. Even if you are a designer, make sure you watch Webydo’s introductory video and take a quick interactive tour – that will save you lots of time and effort, and help make the most out of the platform.

    For instance, you may not notice some of the hidden automation features, such as Liquid Element Groupings that allow you to resize and relocate groups of elements, and change their settings; or Automated Layouts that let you easily reorder layouts and sort elements into columns for multiple device sizes. But what’s more interesting is the fact you can customize your Studio environment: Webydo lets you organize control panel elements according to your preferences.

  • By switching to the Content mode you’ll see your site as a CMS user: you’ll be able to update content, but have no control over the design. It’s noteworthy that while in the Design mode you can make certain elements non-editable by CMS users simply by ticking the corresponding checkbox (see screenshot).

    Webydo’s smart Text Editor is worth a special mention. It makes the Design mode even more efficient by automating many operations, generating cleaner code and saving you a lot of time. In particular, you can set to apply new changes globally, all over the website. For instance, you can alter all subtitles on your website with a single click, without having to manually change them on each page.

  • The Preview mode lets you see exactly how your published content will look and act across various devices. Another feature worth mentioning is the Updates window that pops up each time you enter the control panel. It shows you what’s new in Webydo, so you’ll never miss an update.

  • The Revision History feature. With it you can now preview older versions of the site and recover the version you like most. Great job!

As you keep exploring the system, you will clearly understand what differs it from standard DIY website builders. The professional focus of the service is traced in the layout and functionality of the website editor, which abounds in details and elements. Webydo is not an easy platform for first-timers, but a handy and effective tool for web design pros, who don’t wish to bother about code editing nuances.


  • Complicated and feature-laden website editor;
  • Intuitive and logically-structured dashboard;
  • Divided into the Dashboard and Design Studio for great convenience.

2. Features & Flexibility

Webydo allows creating pixel-perfect responsive websites that do not imply any coding awareness at all yet look sophisticated and feature-laden. Whatever project type you are planning to launch, the system will automatically convert the design into the advanced HTML code project that encompasses state-of-the-art CMS features. It’s high time to look under the hood of the website builder to see what exactly it has to offer and how it differs from standard systems.

  • eCommerce
  • Webydo has powerful in-house eCommerce functionality. It’s system contains all webstore needed features and even more. To activate you store, just click on ‘Store’ button at the main menu and you’ll be transferred to store interface.

    With a trial mode you can sell up to 5 products. To activate a full features of Webydo Store instruments, you have to subscribe with one of the paid plans. Besides, Webydo has its own app market from where you can install lots of items that could make your store more attractive.

    Additionally, the system partners with Ecwid. Thus, it is possible to create online stores via the integration of the Ecwid eCommerce widget. Ecwid also accepts a broad variety of payment types, allows adding impressive product descriptions and configurations, integrate and manage media-rich categories and control the stock options of your web store.

  • Article Creation
  • The website builder makes it possible to create and publish all kinds of articles, blog posts, news feeds, product collections etc. In case of shared website management approach, your co-workers will be able to independently update and add new posts right from the dashboard of the CMS without affecting website design. What’s important, each new post will be displayed in the same format and design as those published before.

  • Website Management Options
  • Webydo is not about website development only, but it’s also about advanced content management. When you start working on your website design, the system automatically creates a user-friendly CMS that can equally be managed by you and your clients or team members, who have access to the project. Thus, you will be able to edit, delete, change and update our website content and even point out those elements of your project that will be further locked from unauthorized access for the enhanced project security.

  • User Voting Encouragement
  • Webydo developers are sincerely interested in their user opinions regarding the products and features the website builder offers. They encourage each and every registered user for actie voting and participation via offering their suggestions, reporting bugs and expressing their opinions/voting for the features they would like to be added to the system.

  • Advanced Publication Options
  • The website builder offers individual custom domain connection that comes with advanced website management and cloud hosting tools. The system developers have integrated secure enterprise-level database safety measures across their hosting network to prevent the attacks of hackers and loss of confidentiality data. Due to Google Cloud partnership, Webydo servers are fast, reliable and stable at a time. This makes you feel safe about your project protection. Automatic backup option additionally lets you preserve your website data, which is another advantage of the system.

  • Powerful Integrations and Add Ons
  • Apart from Ecwid plugin integration, Webydo is also known for its third-party add-ons and widgets you can use to add functionality to your project. Some of the most remarkable of them include a search box from Swiftype, Disqus comments, Olark and Tidio live chats, Wufoo forms, Powtoon animated presentations, appointment booking from SimplyBook, charts and graphs from CompareNinja, visitor engagement tools from GetSiteControl, social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and Pinterest, Meerkat live streaming, YouTube and Vimeo galleries as well as Blogging, Form Builder and eCommerce from POWr.

  • Detailed Control Panel
  • Webydo has a Photoshop-like control panel packed with advanced web design tools that let you fine tune your website with pixel accuracy. So what kind of elements can you drag to the page? Webydo includes most conventional elements: shapes, images, text, videos, Flash files, galleries, menus, and various widgets.

    Webydo editor

    What I found immediately when reviewing Webydo is their focus on responsive design. Designers can easily manage all versions of their site from a single dashboard by creating breakpoints for different screens and devices. Users can hide and unhide elements on the page, adapt typography and navigation to create different experiences for all their visitors.

    Webydo adaptive

  • Custom Typography
  • While most site builders limit you to using their in-house font libraries only, Webydo lets users easily upload custom fonts. In the Webydo studio, click on any text element and select ‘Add fonts’ in the design panel. Then, in the ‘Manage Your Fonts’ window, click the ‘Upload Your Fonts’ tab to easily upload any font from your PC.

    Besides, you can connect to your Adobe Typekit account to use your saved fonts in the Webydo Studio. In the ‘Add Fonts’, select ‘Connect Typekit Fonts’ and follow the cues to swiftly add your API Typekit token.

  • Blogging
  • Webydo has a full-featured blogging system called ‘Blog Content Mode’. Using this feature, designers can create a template to allow CMS users add and publish new articles following the same design format. The Blog feature also works for creating product collections, news feeds and other repetitive elements.

    Webydo blogging

    You won’t find lots of apps and widgets in Webydo. Unlike Wix or Jimdo which have whole app markets, Webydo is more focused on the look of your website, rather than its operation and offers applications for e-store only. If you need to insert some custom code, you can either use the Custom code widget or export your site’s code and share it with developers if any serious changes need to be made.

  • Business-Related Options
  • As far as Webydo is primarily intended for freelance designers and agencies, it comes with a set of business-related options which can’t be found in other website builders. These include Bill my client and Build your brand options.

    • The Bill my client service gives designers the ability to bill their clients directly from the dashboard. Webydo charges a 5% fee per successful transaction.
    • The Build my brand feature lets you replace Webydo logos with your own brand, including your clients’ login page and CMS. This feature allows designers to present Webydo’s interface as their own. They can also connect a custom domain to publish their projects under their own subdomain.
    • Webydo site setting

  • SEO
  • In terms of SEO, Webydo offers a basic toolset:

    • First, users can specify meta tags (Title, Description, and Keywords) for each individual page.
    • Second, there’s an easy way to connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
    • Third, users can set 301 redirect to safely migrate pages from their old sites.
    • Webydo SEO

    When your site is ready, you can either export its CSS and HTML code or host your site with Webydo. Since recently, you can even purchase domain names directly through the control panel.

White Label Opportunities

Webydo for Agencies

Webydo for Agencies

One of the undeniable highlights of the website builder is its separate Webydo for agencies platform. This is an advanced web design solution that lets you start and grow your web design agency with no tech barriers at all. It is you, who has full creative control over the project and it’s up to you to manage it with regard to your web design needs.

Among the advantages you will avail, when working with the platform, it initially makes sense to mention the increased ROI and SEO parameters, advanced support assistance with dedicated account specialist assigned individually to you, client billing and CMS options, White Label branding and site code, customer template generator and other notable privileges.

Another distinctive feature of the Webydo for Agencies program is the fact that it allows for team cooperation. This means that you and your team members will be able to work on multiple projects at a time, sharing website access and management rights.

White Label

Webydo offers the high end White Label feature that lets you make use of the complete feature set of the service, using it under your own brand name. This is an advantage in itself as the website builder definitely stands out from the crowd due to its functionality and feature set. What you can do here is uploading your business logo (or creating the one, if you don’t have it yet), managing the website from the dashboard and even create websites for your clients. What’s more, you will be able to bill your customers here without using third-party services.


  • Advanced website management options;
  • White Label Opportunities;
  • eCommerce and blogging.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:32
Free Themes YES
Responsive Design YES
Sort by Industry: NO
CSS Code Editing: YES

There are three options when it comes to design: you can pick a ready design (these are fully customizable, no worries); start with a layout defining the structure of your future website; or start from scratch.

Webydo’s template collection isn’t huge, yet it allows you to see what Webydo websites may look like when published. Currently, the number of themes the system offers for customization constitutes 32 designs. All of them are free and responsive by default. However, the templates are not sorted by industry, which may somewhat complicate the choice of the required theme. When it comes to the process of design editing, you are offered multiple options and creative freedom – the system really ahs much to offer in this respect to let you create a truly unique website design.

Apart from the extensive design collection, the website builder offers a set of design-related options that make it possible to create and manage appealing projects. It’s high time to enlist them now.

  • Responsive Breakpoints
  • Webydo lets you create websites with unique design with no coding at all. You can easily manage all website versions from the single dashboard by creating breakpoints for various devices, screen sizes and resolutions.

  • Parallax Scrolling Animator
  • The website builder allows applying parallax scrolling effects upon your website elements to give your project state-of-the art look and advanced animated focus. You can enrich your website design with unique motion graphics elements, transitions, paths and speed via the use of pixel-perfect WYSIWYG interface.

  • Professional Web Design Tools
  • The system grants access to the set of advanced web design tools that make it possible to create any design you need with regard to your niche specialization, objectives and requirements. Among the tools you can access, browse and use lots of free open-source web fonts that are perfectly optimized for online use, smart guides and snapping, drag-and-drop control for easy uploading of website elements (texts, media files, online forms, menus, widgets etc.) as well as a powerful video tool meant for those users, who wish to upload video files to their projects.


  • Several web design options;
  • Limited template collection;
  • Free and responsive designs.

4. Customer Support

Webydo stands out from the crowd due to its multiple customer support options. The system boasts an extensive and user-friendly community as well as a professional support center, which is ready to help you solve all the web design-related issues 24/7. The platform comes with the live chat feature available in the Webydo account, impressive Knowledge Base comprised of video and text tutorials.

Each newbie is offered a detailed guide on how to use the system. There is also a possibility to get in touch with the system support team either by phone or by filling out a feedback form available in the corresponding section. As mentioned above, the website builder interacts with clients not only via the Support page, but also through the Suggest a Feature, Report a Bug and Vote! Pages. That’s the feature that is not provided by other website builders and the one that makes Webydo a customer-focused system. So, if you feel that Webydo lacks a certain option – just suggest it. It works! By the way, the aforementioned parallax animator, the responsive editor, white label, custom 404 error pages and more were once suggested features.

Among other customer support options Webydo offers, it makes sense to mention a broad FAQ section, email assistance, community forum etc. All in all, Webydo customer support system is really powerful and helpful which is partially explained by the complexity of the service and its professional focus.


  • 24/7 Live chat, phone and email support;
  • Suggest a Feature, Report a Bug and Vote! Pages;
  • Extensive Knowledge Base, FAQ and video tutorials.

5. Pricing Policy

Pricing OptionCostFeatures
Pro:$90/mo✓ Hosting + CMS;
✓ Up to 10 Websites.
Team:$180/moIn Addition to previous:
✓ Up to 30 Websites;
✓ White Label.
Agency:$480/moIn Addition to previous:
✓ Dedicated Manager;
✓ Custom Code.

There are four paid options, each comes with a free 30-day trial. But before you receive your trial, you should fill in your card data. It’s a normal practice, during 30 days trial you may cancel the subsription at any time without any charge.

The paid versions include Pro ($90/mo), Team ($180/mo) and Agency ($480/mo). Your choice will mainly depend on how many websites you plan to build, whether your need the ‘site exports’ feature, and collaborators. The third Webydo plan (called Agency) comes with the following add-ons: branded sub-domain, professional training, 10 team members, client DIY wizard and what’s more – dedicated account manager. If you need more than these plans offer, there is an ‘Enterprise’ solution. Additionally, you can get a 20% discount, having made the one-time annual payment.

Webydo pricing

There are also discounted plans for students and enterprises. Contact one of the Webydo experts directly to learn more about discounts.


  • 30-day free trial;
  • Four paid subscriptions;
  • 20% discount, if billed annually.

6. Pros and Cons

Webydo is a full-featured website builder aimed at professionals. This means that it’s somewhat difficult to work with the service for first-timers as well as for users, who just lack web design expertise. Thus, there emerges the need to specify the entire set of pros and cons Webydo comes with to let users know exactly what they can expect from the system.

Abundance of design customization features;
Blogging and eCommerce;
Professional and versatile customer support assistance;
Responsive templates;
White Label Opportunities;
User voting encouragement;
Numerous integrations and add-ons etc.

Limited template choice;
Expensive subscriptions;
Requires steep learning curve for newbies;
“Static” website builder that focuses on design more than on functionality etc.

  • Webydo for Agencies platform;
  • White Label;
  • Advanced design customization and editing options.

7. Competitors

Although Webydo positions itself as a completely unique service, it has lots of competitors in web building niche. We are constantly testing and comparing website builders’ features in order to find a better solution for users’ tasks. Take a look at these head-to-head Webydo comparisons:


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