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Webydo Example Websites

Today, we bring you a compilation of websites created with Webydo website builder. You, as a frequent reader of our website, definitely know a lot about this web service. If not, let me fill you in.

Webydo isn’t just another DIY site builder for newbies, it’s a community-led software designed by designers, for designers. Its closest competitors are Adobe Muse and Webflow. These web services are targeting both the end user and professionals, including web design agencies. So let’s take a look at the websites designed using Webydo. Hopefully they will serve you as an inspiration for your future works:

Example 1: Stella and Lori is a stylish website that represents a small company producing handmade leather goods and unique clothing. Long scrolling pages, interactive details, simple navigation and hi-res photos create a very special, fashionable atmosphere.

Stella and Lori

Each page is well organized and clean. However, you can’t buy any items through the website. The ‘Shop Online’ button takes you to the owners’ Etsy profile.

Areas for improvement: it would be great if the shop was integrated into the site.

What you can learn from it: high qaulity images make a great visual impression and increase sales.

Example 2: Andreas Houmann is a nice example of a photography portfolio. The navigation is made simple, the photos are amazing, it loads fast and runs smoothly. The short background videos and unusual content layout give a unique style to this website.

Andreas Houmann

Areas for improvement: there are places where the text gets lost in the design and it’s barely readable (on the Biography page, for instance, the white copy gets lost on the light background).

What you can learn from it: keeping your photography portfolio simple and clean focuses your visitors’ attention on your works, rather than the website design.

Example 3: Boatguard is a beautifully designed website that promotes a boat monitoring solution. With a simple fixed top menu, calming colors, ghost buttons and minimal fonts, the website is a great example of a modern website. The website uses a clean ‘card design style’ to present the most important information about the product. This approach keeps users engaged and makes the text easy-to-read.


Areas for improvement: I’d use more vivid colors for their CTAs, but that’s the matter of taste. When it comes to boats and apps for them, I don’t think the color of the button plays a crucial role.

What you can learn from it: card-style website design makes it easy to organize lots of content.

Example 4: Interesting Products is a great example of a Webydo-based webstore. The site owner used the Ecwid widget to add the storefront to the site (Webydo has no native eCommerce tools, yet let users easily integrate their Ecwid storefront using the Ecwid widget in the control panel).

Interesting Products

The good news about the widget is that your customers will enjoy the convenience of browsing the store and checking out securely right from your site, without being redirected elsewhere.

Areas for improvement: they certainly need an About Us page.

What you can learn from it: building a webstore with Webydo is easy if you have an Ecwid account.

Example 5: Kristen Williams is a website of the passionate designer who is committed to making the world a better, more beautiful place through design while maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Her online portfolio is simply beautiful – she uses lots of white space, high-res images and refined fonts. The website is fast, really easy-to-navigate and makes a great visual impression. The website is fast, really easy-to-navigate and makes a great visual impression.

Kristen Williams

Each section of the website is informative and provides the most valuable facts a visitor may be interested in. The white and yellow color scheme of the blog creates the feeling of space. The website comes with an integrated online shop and a rich choice of items the owner of the site offers for sale.

Areas for improvement: The blog font is really tiny; I’d make it bigger. The menu is hardly visible at the right bottom of the page, so, it would be better to move it to the top of the home page.

What you can learn from it: Simplicity rules. The only look at the website elements helps create a user-friendly experience, which is manifested in each detail.

Example 6: Scott Barbey is a website of the Creative Director/Art Director/Designer who had the good fortune to work with such brands as Canon, Casio, Toyota, HBO and Bacardi among others. Scott incorporates a simple color scheme into his well-thought-out website. The simple color scheme design is achieved by merging primarily monochromatic colors of the layout with the vivid colors of his design projects.

Scott Barbey

The very first thing that drives the attention of a visitor is a bright slider with the samples of Scott’s projects. Actually, there are many of them presented right at the website and everyone has an opportunity to view them online. The My Broadcast section should be singled out due to its exquisiteness and interesting representation approach.

Areas for improvement: It makes sense to move the Contact section to the top of the page to make the search of it simpler and faster.

What you can learn from it: Even a single out-of-a-kind element like “My Broadcast” idea can make a difference, driving the attention of users to other projects!

Example 7: Big Blue Roo‘s smart use of color, white space and impeccably executed animation is the perfect web presentation of this design studio. With its subtle parallax scrolling effects, Big Bloo Roo easily draws their viewers’ attention exactly where they want it.

Big Blue Roo

There is no need to look for the information about the owner of the site – a talented freelance web designer Jody Faux – somewhere on its pages. Everything is provided at one page.

A visitor has an opportunity to view the portfolio of the specialist, make use of the social networking panel found at the right side of the page and even contact him using a pop-up Contact Us form – this is very convenient and time saving!

Areas for improvement: Contact info could be more visible – it takes time to find is at the bottom of the page right now.

What you can learn from it: The site is one of the best samples of a personal website, which can provide maximum information about the owner within one page. Looks very bright and attractive – nice job done with Webydo!

Example 8: LondonEdge

When Webydo users start customizing one of the inspirational templates, you never know what the end result will look like. Take a look at global showcase website. The designer took full advantage of the advanced customization options to get the exhibition as visual as possible. It’s easy to navigate so visitors can find what they’re looking for with just a few clicks.


The availability of the News Blog and social networking buttons provided at the very top of the home page creates a welcoming and friendly impression encouraging visitors to keep browsing through the page. The top menu of the site comprises several sections that matter most when it comes to fashion, which is the website owner’s passion!

Areas for improvement: The abundance of photos, videos and news at the home page of the site seems a bit overwhelming, making it difficult for a user to find the required material.

What you can learn from it: Harmonious and effective presentation of the material against the snow-white background focuses the attention of users and represents the products and news in the most favorable light.

Have you a Webydo-powered website? Share with us your experience!

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