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Wow. I’m impressed. WebStarts is one of the most well-structured and simplest website builders I’ve ever tested. With the exception of its outdated homepage and clunky dashboard, WebStarts is straightforward, easy and clean.

Of course, advantages are never the full story, and there are areas for improvement in WebStarts as well. In our review we’re going to discuss both the pros and cons.

#1 Ease of Use

As a fully drag-and-drop website builder, WebStarts makes it easy to customize the look of your site simply by dragging, dropping and moving the elements on the canvas. Whether you’re arranging content blocks, editing images, adding blog posts or attaching a custom domain name – everything is done in the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get mode, with no coding involved.


#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

When it comes down to the basic features, WebStarts is like most of its competition – you pick a pre-designed template and customize it using inbuilt editing tools and widgets. Speaking about advanced capabilities, the builder provides a Blogging system, eCommerce and Membership options.

The eCommerce system lets you accept PayPal and credit card payments, sell both digital and tangible goods, manage your customer data and create mailing lists among other commerce-specific features.

You can create members-only areas on your website and ask your visitors to sign up/log in to be able to view these areas. As an administrator, you can approve new members and manage their profiles (change the login, email and password).

Here are some other features:

  • free advertising credits from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and;
  • custom forms;
  • built-in photo editor (filters, cropping, rotation, opacity etc.);
  • audio players;
  • forum;
  • guestbook;
  • SEO wizard.

You don’t have to know how to code to use any of these features, but if you want to tweak your site’s code – simply use the ‘Edit HTML code’ or ‘Insert Code’ feature. The custom HTML feature makes it easy to add any kind of embeddable widget to your site. Simply paste the code into the window provided, save it, and then drag the widget to where you want it to appear on the page. Note that both features are available within paid plans only.

Webstarts HTML code widget

#3 Designs

WebStarts offers a library of modern templates that are responsive from the start. Make sure you choose the right theme from the start, as there’s no way to switch it midway through the editing process.

WebStarts templates

#4 Customer Support

There’s an extensive knowledge base comprised of video tutorials and FAQs, email support and also phone support. See their video on how to use the WebStarts SEO Wizard:

#5 Pricing Policy

WebStarts has a free ad-supported version that never expires and three paid plans: Pro, Pro Plus, and Business ranging from $4.89 to $19.99/mo. Be aware that Webstart’s ecommerce is only included in the $19.99 plan.



I think their homepage and dashboard requires a redesign. I would also add the ability to add multiple contributors so that you can add several authors to your blog for instance.

WebStarts Review: Conclusion

WebStarts is a great destination for a non-coder who wants to create a website independently, from start to finish, and be able to maintain it without having to rely on developers. It’s completely code-free unless you decide to use the Edit HTML code feature.

WebStarts supports blogging, eCommerce and even allows you to create password-protected pages. Its reasonable pricing makes it highly competitive.

 It’s free

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  • Adam Barger

    To clarify… You can customize the mobile version of your website. Content is added in the desktop view and then you can place it wherever you want, resize it, etc.

    • Hi Adam,
      Thanks for your comment!

    • Cn Adl

      Webstarts needs an option of adding to cart. There is no cart for multi-tasking.

      • Adam Barger

        We do have an add to cart button you can add. You need to access it by clicking on Shopping Cart on the dashboard. We’re also going to release some new ecommerce options in the next couple of weeks 😀

  • Josh V.

    Web Starts is amazing. .. I hate when i see reviews from people that don’t fully understand the capabilites of webstarts. You can not get this type of builder anywhere else. Yes there are limits to certain types of coding (php etc.) but this is absolutely the best builder that i have come across. WordPress limits you to layouts, and weebly limits your ability to customize (you are stuck using predefined columns). I hope webstarts rules the marketplace as they truly offer the best service by far. Not to mention thier customer service is excellent and you always get a detailed response within a day or so. The only recommendation i would give is that they offer a subscription method for their members area, and possibly implement a way to add advanced coding outside of html/java. Go WebStarts! Keep up the good work!