WebStarts Review

WebStarts – is a full-featured website builder, which is simple and well-structured enough to come up to the needs of beginners and web design pros. The system makes it possible to create and manage websites of different types and styles, providing a nice set of features and tools needed to cover the prevailing amount of web building needs.

Being a drag-and-drop website builder, WebStarts provides clean and smooth interface that simplifies the process of website creation, making it more intuitive and convenient. What’s important, the service does not require coding skills to get started, but those, who have HTML knowledge, can use it for deeper website customization.

WebStarts comes with integrated eCommerce platform, SEO tools, social media integration and mobile optimization options as well as blogging and hosting features. There are also multiple responsive templates available in the system collection, which have modern look and can be edited with regard to your needs.

When it comes to deeper WebStarts analysis, though, we have come across a number of features that may pose problems to users looking for advanced web building solutions. Thus, it makes sense to review the website builder in details to figure out whether it really comes up to modern web design requirements and user needs. That’s exactly what we are going to do right now.

WebStarts Review
  • Drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Intuitive and smooth interface.
  • Easy navigation.

1. Ease of Use

As a drag-and-drop website builder, WebStarts is quite easy-to-use for everyone. The developers of the system had clear understanding of the fact how tedious, challenging and time-taking the process of creating traditional websites is. Taking care about users’ convenience, they tried their best effort to make the system intuitive and convenient to prevail over its complicated competitors. This is exactly what users appreciate most about WebStarts.

Nothing special is needed to sign up for the system. Just fill out the registration form, provide your login and password details and proceed to the web development process. The system will ask to submit your full name, email and password to set up the account. Another option is to sign up with your Facebook account data. In this case, the registration procedure will take around a minute – not more.

Webstarts Editor

Mind that to start working with WebStarts, you’ll have to confirm your account via the SMS sent to your phone number after you fill out the initial form. Choose your country of residence and activate the account. That’s quite easy, indeed!

There is no need to know coding basics. As a fully drag-and-drop website builder, WebStarts makes it easy to customize the look of your site simply by dragging, dropping and moving the elements on the canvas. Whether you’re arranging content blocks, editing images, adding blog posts or attaching a custom domain name – everything is done in the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get mode, with no coding involved.

The website editor looks quite minimalistic and easy-to-navigate. What you need is to pick the required element and further place it on the toolbar. The next step is to drag-and-drop the chosen item to the required position on a web page and resize it to fit the layout. Do you plan to fundamentally change your website design? Then access the ‘Insert Code’ or ‘Edit HTML code’ feature to inject the code into the specified website window and enjoy the result. An important merit is an opportunity to preview the way your website will look after you make the edits. This gives you full control over the web development process.

WebStarts Review
  • Simple registration process.
  • WYSIWYG mode.
  • No coding.

2. Features & Flexibility

When it comes down to the basic features, WebStarts is like most of its competition – you pick a pre-designed template and customize it using inbuilt editing tools and widgets. Speaking about advanced capabilities, the builder provides a pretty nice selection of features, with Blogging system, eCommerce and Membership options being among the leaders. Let’s review the major highlights of the website builder now to know what to expect from it.


WebStarts comes with integrated Blog Manager that lets you add, edit, format and publish posts. Scheduling feature is also enabled here, which is an undeniable advantage of the system. It should be mentioned, though, that the blog editor looks somewhat messy because of the limited amount of layout options.

Text formatting features are mediocre as well – they only allow to adjust the font types, create headings and add links. Speaking about media files integration, this is a bit complicated, which may be a hindrance to publishing media-rich articles.

Membership System

You can create members-only areas on your website and ask your visitors to sign up/log in to be able to view these areas. As an administrator, you can approve new members and manage their profiles (change the login, email and password).

To enable the feature, you should get access to the Members Only page, where you can grant access to certain website areas to specified members either in the automated or manual mode.

Mobile Editor

With WebStarts, you can build a mobile website, although, this feature is available for Pro Plus and Business account users. To get access to the mobile editor, you should reach the main website editor to further find and activate a mobile phone icon.

Webstarts Mobile Editor

The editor automatically converts the content submitted to the desktop version and adjusts it to perfectly fit the settings of your mobile device. Mind that you’ll have to adjust some of the elements on your own, but this is not that difficult even for first-timers.

Social Media and Widget Integration

This is another important feature that is a must-have for any modern website. WebStarts lets you provide the links to your social media accounts to stay aware of all the website/business updates, events, news and other information available there. By adding social media buttons to your website, you also let your visitors check out these profiles any time of the day.

Likewise, it is possible to integrate the Instagram feed into the project so that the photos you will publish there could be displayed at the website. What’s more, you can integrate numerous widgets into your website to boost its performance.


WebStarts Analytics tools help you keep track of your traffic-related info. By using the integrated Google Analytics as well as other available statistics collection features, you can find out the number of users visiting your website during a certain time interval, the number of people, who currently browse your resource, their activity, traffic sources, search inquiries and other important parameters that have impact upon your website performance. The website builder additionally comes with a hit counter app that shows the number of users visiting your page at a given period of time.

Marketing Tools

To drive user attention and boost customer engagement rate, Pro Plus and Business plan subscribers can use marketing tools WebStarts offers. These include free ads granted by Amazon, Bing Ads, Adwords, LinkedIn etc.

Application of these tools contributes to more effective website promotion by advertising your business on the web and generating traffic. Additionally, the system offers an email marketing suite available to Business Plan users only.

Search Engine Optimization

WebStarts comes with a handy SEO Wizard, which makes it possible to optimize your website for the search engines by filling out meta tags, uploading website favicons, setting up alt tags for images, creating sitemaps etc.

Integrated Photo Editor

Application of integrated photo editing tools makes it possible to fit the images into your web pages. To maximize the result, you can crop, resize and apply various effects upon the images of your choice. WebStarts offers a nice selection of stock photos available in the Image Library of the service you can pick and integrate into your website.

Among other features that make the system stand out from the crowd, it makes sense to mention custom forms, menu builder, audio players, guestbook, forum, selfie cam, free video hosting and many more.

WebStarts Review
  • eCommerce and blogging.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Integration options.

3. eCommerce Review

Whether you intend to sell physical or digital products online, you won’t go without creating a web store. WebStarts offers this feature only to Business plan users. The eCommerce system provides you with an extensive diversity of eCommerce features you can successfully use, when launching and managing your web store. When you first sign up for the system, you will be redirected to the web store creation mode by getting to the dashboard of the system. This is where you will see the “Edit Site” button that will let you get started with ease.

Webstarts store page

Being the drag-and-drop system, WebStarts will easily let you pick and arrange the required elements to form the dashboard structure and layout. What you can also do here is adding and editing pages, choosing the required ones from the drop-down menu. From the dashboard, you’ll gain access to the diversity of web store creation steps and features. This is where you can modify products, categories and orders, create coupons, view customer information and adjust the required settings (create store name, add store email and phone, upload logo). Let’s have an overview of the most crucial WebStarts eCommerce nuances now.

Product Management

With WebStarts, you can add products and create product categories. The system supports CSV product file import/export feature, which is very convenient for users, who are going to switch to WebStarts from another service. The feature saves your effort and time in the long run. To present your goods to the advantage, the system does not only offer an opportunity to compile a product list, but also makes it possible to categorize products by different parameters, organize mailouts etc.

Webstarts product management

You сan also choose to create your own products here – the system does not impose any limitations regarding the number of items added to the product list. When creating a product, you will have to add its title, description, upload photos or video reviews, assign prices and decide, whether you wish to charge taxes on the selected product. What’s more, you can pick a category for your product or create a new one, if it’s not listed in the catalogue. It’s up to you to set up shipping details or not.

Finally, you can assign versatile product variants, inventory management tools and set up product display parameters. If you are selling digital products, you can enable the “Digital Delivery” option, where you will have to specify the Download Link, Title, Description and Instructions.

As soon as you create and upload all the products, you can get back to the website dashboard to check the way the items are displayed there. Just pick the Store section from the drop-down menu and adjust the display options. What you can do here is changing the number of columns, rows and products presented on a web page, choosing image scaling and aspect ratio options. It’s also up to you to enable product search, categories and sorting options.

Having completed the product management process, just save the changes as a draft or publish the uploaded products at the live website. However, to be sure you’ve done everything right, put your web store in the test mode again and check how well the sales process is organized and whether all the checkout parameters are properly set up. It’s even possible to complete a test transaction here to find out, whether you will receive the order notification email to be able to track all your order statuses on time.

Payment Methods

To pick and set up payment methods, you should get back to the “Settings” section. By default, the system uses the WePay service, but it is also possible to make PayPal and Stripe payments here. The Shopping Cart lets you accept online payments and credit cards as well. As soon as you create and publish a web store, you will be ready to start accepting the payments.

Webstarts payment options

WePay will send you the details of cooperation, asking you to provide your email and banking account info so that you could be able to start accepting the payments. This is also the place, where you can enable comments as well as allow customers to login at the checkout, preserving their shipping and payment settings. Apart from the payment methods, you can also setup and modify tax parameters here, choosing between the state and country options here.

Transaction Refund Details

If you decide to choose PayPal or Stripe as a payment transaction method, you should be aware of how to refund your transactions made with each of these systems. Let’s start with PayPal now.

To transfer money from your PayPal account, just login and click the “Activity” tab found in the menu on the top of the page. All the recent transactions made with your PayPal account will be listed here. Pick the transaction you’d like to refund, view the details, scroll down the page, find the “Issue the Refund” button and click it to decide on the sum you’d like to refund (the system allows refunding both partial and full sums). Complete the refund procedure. Your customers will also get the email notification regarding the completed refund. That’s quick and quite easy and this takes a few minutes only.

In case you decide to accept payments via the Stripe system, login to your account and click the “Payments” tab found in the left sidebar of the dashboard. This is where you will see all the payments recently made with the system. Click the refund you wish to make and pick the reason for it from the drop-down menu. Then click the “Refund” button – that’s it! All the details of the transaction as well as the refund itself will be sent to your customer’s card within a couple of days.

Shipping Options

When setting up your web store, you can select and modify Shipping Details. By picking the UPS shipping option that is activated by default, the system will automatically calculate the estimated weight of the product that requires shipment as well as its destination (you need to specify the ZIP code for this purpose).

Webstarts shipment options

Apart from the UPS, you can also pick a variety of shipping options, including Ship by Weight, Price, Quantity. It’s possible to set up Flat Rate or even Free Shipping here. This depends upon your needs. Whatever shipping option you will go for, the system will offer you to specify the shipping rules and fill out certain categories. To check the settings you have made, you can publish your web store in the test mode to check, if you’ve done everything right. However, don’t forget to get back to the Live Mode afterwards.

WebStarts Review
  • Extensive product management features.
  • Selection of shipping options.
  • Variety of payment and transaction refund details.

4. Designs

Number of Themes:120
Free Themes: YES
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: YES
CSS Code Editing: NO

WebStarts offers a library of modern templates that are responsive from the start. The designs are fully-customizable and can be switched even midway through the web editing process in case of necessity. Template switch won’t trigger the loss of submitted content and edits made.

The website builder currently offers over 120 quality templates, which are categorized into several sections that are niche-specific and belong to a certain topic. There is also a search filter option here, which lets you sort out the designs by their major parameters to simplify the choice. Availability of the preview option lets you see the details of the theme you are interested in and increases the chances to pick the right template you won’t have to change afterwards.

Webstarts Designs

Can’t find a suitable theme? Then there is an opportunity to choose a blank template and create a website from scratch. Fortunately, design customization options are pretty versatile here. What you can do to modify the look of your project is to upload your own images, select color scheme, background, font style and size and some other parameters.

You can also add, adjust and delete content blocks, website sections, galleries, boxes, buttons, forms, slideshows and other elements available on a web page. Business and Pro Plan subscribers may use code integration option to insert the codes that will give their projects unique design and superior performance.

WebStarts Review
  • Responsive customizable templates.
  • Extensive template choice.
  • Code injection feature.

5. Customer Support

There’s an extensive knowledge base that provides the detailed information about the website builder and general nuances of its use. The Help Page encompasses a number of topics with posts that tackle the major issues most users are interested in, when working with the service. A separate FAQ section enlists the most widespread questions and answers about the system.

Additionally, WebStarts offers email support and phone assistance as well as video tutorials that provide visual guidelines on how to get the most while working with the website builder. In the low right corner of the website, you will see the “Get Expert Advice” button that grants access to the chat window, where you can type your question to get in touch with the customer support team. With this purpose, you should fill out the fields of the form and send it to the support team. They usually respond to the inquiries during several hours. Live chat option is currently unavailable.

WebStarts Review
  • Extensive Knowledge Base.
  • FAQ section.
  • “Get Expert Advice” chat.

6. Pricing Policy

WebStarts has a free ad-supported version that never expires and three paid plans: Pro, Pro Plus, and Business subscriptions, the cost of which constitutes $9.78, $14.32 and $39.98/mo correspondingly.

  • Free plan comes with certain restrictions and works well for testing the feature set of the service only.
  • Pro Plan encompasses social media integration options, absence of website ads, contacts forms and up to 5 galleries and slideshows.
  • Pro Plus Plan additionally offers SEO tools, unlimited galleries and slideshows, email and phone support, mobile website optimization, membership feature and custom HTML access.
  • Business Plan, in its turn, includes the unlimited number of contact forms, eCommerce platform, lead management, email marketing suite and other privileges. Mind that WebStart’s eCommerce feature is only included in the Business Plan.

WebStarts occasionally offers discounts and special programs for users, who wish to sign up for the system or upgrade to one of its paid subscriptions. These discounts make it possible to cut down the cost of the plans up to 50%, which is more than a beneficial offer. If you need more advanced design customization options and features, you can contact the system developers regarding enterprise and business development solutions.

WebStarts Review
  • Free unlimited ad-supported plan.
  • Three paid subscriptions.
  • Discount offers.

7. Pros and Cons

WebStarts is quite a controversial website builder, which comes with a list of positive and negative features. Awareness of these nuances is a must for everyone, who has decided to choose the system for personal or business web building needs. Here they go.

Stock image library.
Integration options.
Membership system.
eCommerce and blogging.
Responsive customizable templates, sorted by niche.
No live chat.
Ad-supporting free plan.
Lack of eCommerce features on all paid plans.
WebStarts Review
  • Nice design customization features.
  • eCommerce platform.
  • Versatile customer support.


WebStarts comes with quite a nice intuitive website editor, which appeals to users due to its simplicity and convenience. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will be able to easily create a web store, a blog, a portfolio or any other website with the system.

Its templates are quite modern and responsive, but they somewhat lack depth and flexibility of customization. The process of website editing is quite understandable and easy which allows launching a project in a couple of hours only. Customer support service is standard, but it definitely lacks the live chat tool.

Thus, WebStarts is a nice solution for DIY website development, but its feature set still leaves much to be desired for professional web designers. To get your own opinion about the website builder, go ahead to test it. This is the surefire way to decide, whether the platform comes up to your web design endeavours or not.

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