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Imagine a small café serving customers organic coffee, a French bakery around the corner or that girl who operates a tiny flowershop located on the ground floor next to your house. Imagine thousands of other similar small and medium businesses, each with their own philosophy, audience and… challenges. Most of them realize the importance of having a website these days, yet not all of them are willing to invest thousands of dollars into their web presence. They don’t see the need to have their sites hand-coded from scratch by the best web design agency out there. They just want to have their own piece of the web that bridges the gap between their customers and products/services.

Many of these people have no idea about what it takes to design and publish a website, but they still have the right to create 🙂 . This is where DIY site builders come into play. They allow newbies to bring their ideas to life in one sitting without any prior coding experience. Today we take a look at, one of the freshest specimens of this kind. - Homepage

#1 Ease of Use

Created with small business owners in mind, is extremely easy-to-use. Its admin panel is well structured and quite intuitive. Similar to other site makers for newbies, it’s backed by a drag-and-drop editor that makes the entire process of website creation easy and fun. All content is customizable.

WebsiteBuilder - Color Settings

What I like most about their admin panel is that it combines the simplicity of the standard text editor with the power of professional web design suite. When editing images, for example, you can play with such properties as opacity, alignment, overlay, border roundness, element actions and behaviors etc.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility is a versatile site builder for creating various website types: from simple brochure-like corporate sites to online portfolios and webstores. It has a decent selection of built-in widgets to extend your site functionality: maps, forms, galleries, documents, eCommerce extensions and more.

WebsiteBuilder - Editing an Image

Each website is mobile-ready from the start. What’s more, users can completely rebuild mobile versions of their sites using the same easy-to-use tools of the builder. Changes made to the mobile view won’t affect the desktop version of your site.

WebsiteBuilder - Mobile Editor

#3 Designs offers a nice collection of templates grouped by industry: Restaurant, Music, Business, Wedding, Blog etc. All templates are highly customizable, so the way any template looks when you get it from the library is just the beginning. Good news for those knowing a thing or two about coding – you can inject your own HTML into the footer and header of your site.

WebsiteBuilder - Templates

#4 Customer Support has an extensive knowledge base comprised of how-to guides, top 5 FAQs and Billing support. You can also get in touch with their experts over email. Besides, most elements of the editor come with inline help icons that help you learn as you build.

#5 Pricing Policy

All projects are free while under construction and are published on a subdomain. In order to connect your own domain name, as well as unlock more capabilities* you need to purchase a paid package. There are Personal, Pro and Premium plans (see screenshot).

WebsiteBuilder - Pricing

*Mobile view support, included ad credits, larger site storage, unlimited bandwidth, second site special (50% off) and more.

Disadvantages gives the impression of being a solid, flexible web publishing platform suitable for creating various website types. The only downside of the product to my mind is that it doesn’t offer anything unique and thus can be easily lost among other similar products that have already built good credit. Review: Conclusion

Well, I can safely say that has the potential to be popular if its Team continues to develop the product and add more unique features to the platform’s arsenal. Try it yourself to see how it works and feels, and remember to share your experience in the comments 🙂 !

 It’s 100% FREE and Easy!

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  • Arnas

    you should have tried to upgrade from personal to pro, you would change your opinion. First they offer you huge 70% discount. but bill comes crazy big, but when your ask them they will explain to you. payment&upgrade about two weeks. When you contact them they tell you that is probably because you didn’t had enough money in you account. Another thing is, you will get feeling that there is only Chris, Natasha & Owen working.

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      • Paul G

        pure fraud…pure. Own Chris Natasha are all one guy, behind a computer defrauding everyone….

  • Lance Sniatkowski

    I found that contacting them was near, impossible. The Pro platform was not what I designed to the actual web view.
    Now I see their invoice is almost triple of what I signed up for and paid for via CC.
    There is not a phone number to be found to discuss billing

    • Sorry to hear that, Lance.

    • Paul G

      I tried calling them and surprise surprise. Their 1855 number does not work. PURE SCAM…Stay clear.

  • Kat

    I would give them zero stars. After three days of mind numbing confusion, double billing, delayed email communication (no phone or chat access at all except a computer generated bogus chat trying to get even more money), I am now trying to cancel and get a refund. Wish me luck!

  • Mark

    I share similar concerns. Luckily I haven’t upgraded yet but I think this forum has made up my mind. I tried to get in contact with someone before upgrading even to the personal package and no contact came back. This seemed very suspect so I am steering clear.

    • Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

  • svanneste

    I have tested Websitebuilder and had an awful experience. I am not against the fact of paying high prices but for the advertised service.

    When you upgrade to pro, you can add a lot of functions. One was a CDN. I subscribed and received a confirmation mail. It said that the site was moved to a less used server (not a CDN)…

    Premium support : you buy the option, you are served as if you were in the free plan. No more.

    I should have avoided the service

  • Chris


    I had a very bad experience too with them. I created an accounts, pay my upgrade but it never became true.

    They say they need to check some details.

    Impossible to close my account, they say:

    “We can completely cancel the account if you would like to place an order again with a different email address.”


    Guys do NOT use their website!

    • Paul G

      This a pure fraud. They are a scam and they got me too.

  • Laszlo Fazekas

    Unfortunately I upgraded to the “Pro” package. Right away I was billed for 3 different services with yearly and bi-yearly auto renew. You can not change auto renew. I might have to change my credit card number in order to get rid of this scam. “Customer support” took more than 2+ hours to spell my name. Not kidding! Rep promised refund for 1 of 2 fraudulent charges than hung up on me. It took 3.5+ hours on the phone.
    There was a comment about priority support. That’s true. It doesn’t exist. I emailed a fairly basic question wasn’t a real tech issue. Two days later I got a a total irrelevant email reply (a general template). Be aware.

  • Lorna Daniel

    I feel completely conned. I can’t believe it! I wish I had read these reviews before I payed.

    • Sorry to hear that, Lorna.

    • Simon

      I was about to sign up. Was it that bad? you won’t recommend, would you?

    • Paul G

      SO DO I. Pure fraud.

  • I don’t have much experience with their support or billing, but I think their website builder is really awesome. They probably improved it a bit since you looked at it in late 2014. I actually like it better than Wix, Squarespace and Weebly and think it combines a lot of the best things about their website builders. It also does a lot of things I haven’t seen in other builders. I like how they use Sections to break up the page and allow you to add different styles. It also uses behaviors to trigger animations and other events. The builder is also really FAST. You can move around it really quick. Designs seem really good too. I haven’t reviewed the ecommerce option yet but it uses ecwid.

    I’ve reviewed a lot of website builders on my site and use Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace often. So I’m familiar with what they all can do.

    I have a feeling they will be building out the infrastructure to deal with the growth in customers. It has been lacking based on comments here.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your comment. You know, I also liked the way they structured the workflow. It looks and feels really solid. But customer service is something they really need to improve to stay competitive.

      • That’s good to know about the customer service. It’s not something I usually test out too much when reviewing. They probably grew faster than their infrastructure. Hopefully they catch up but we’ll see.

      • Maria Vasquez

        Ryan, are you satisfied with this company? I am looking for a modestly priced website builder with a fair number of templates to choose from and I wondered if this will work for me.

        • Paul G

          this company is a pure fraud. you will sign up for one thing and after check out you will be billed 10 times more than you signed up for and be told you have registered for this service and that when you specifically did not register for any of the upgrades or extra domain names ect…IT IS A PURE SCAM.

  • steve

    Complete rip off merchants, told me my site would cost £10 per month then charged me £20. Billing is a joke they cancelled my account when i’d paid the monthly fee and they don’t reply to emails.
    Avoid at all costs !!!!

    • Simon

      I was about to sign up. Really that bad?

    • Paul G

      This is not a website company. This is a pure fraud company. PURE.



  • adam

    Well I can safely say that they are complete shit. My account was suspended because I ordered a new bank card. They never notified me that they were suspending my account. Now important customers (in a professional health service business) Will see that my website is down and I am going to loose thousands in lost business. yes that’s thousands. Please do your self a big favor and stay away.

    Customer service is disgraceful
    Run by arrogant fools
    No Loyalty (With them over 8 months)

    • Simon

      wow. I was about to sign up 🙁 really that bad?

  • Stephanie

    I am currently waiting for my ” request to upgrade is currently being processed by our sales team”. How is this not automatic? I did pay with PayPal so it should be easier to undo if necessary. Still, it’s annoying that the process isn’t automated and I sent an email but after reading these reviews I fear it will never be read.

    I feel like this is time being wasted after spending hours designing my site. (I did like that part and found it very easy and intuitive).

    • Simon

      I’m about to sign up. How did you go with the upgrade? all ok? would you recommend websitebuilder?

      • Paul G

        Pure fraud.

  • Hane Selmani

    WHAT A SCAM! They hook you in by promising free domain & free e-commerce…you work on creating your website for hours, or days or months, and when you go to activate your domain name they tell you you MUST PAY. WOW! Need I say more?
    I went with a company that told me up front that I had to pay, at least they had integrity!

    • Paul G

      exact same thing happened to me. pure fraud

  • Maria Vasquez

    Does anyone recommend this site?

    • Paul G

      pure fraud.

  • ANNA

    Bunch of wankers, advertise in $ and then charge in Sterling so costs 50% more…no support, automated responses and feeble excuses in inchoherrent English.. Had to contact my bank, cancel my card card, new business cards etc and also lost the domain I wanted.DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TO THESE IDIOTS

    • Simon

      wow! I almost sign up. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Paul G

        good you just saved your self a 100 and a ruined day and hours on the phone with your cc fraud department.

  • Wendy

    It has been such a disaster trying to work with the support for The chat technical support doesn’t seem to be able to answer questions. When you send an email to technical support it takes days before you get an answer (I have purchased the most expensive package ecommerce) and should get priority support. I am still waiting for a response from Technical support after a couple of days of sending my questions. This slows the process of trying to get the website finished. Also emailing billing, I never get a response unless I call them. So upgrading doesn’t help. I paid alot and not getting what I should get for support. Also the functionality that I ordered isn’t showing up, so still waiting for that so I can continue. Just a disaster. But I already paid so I am stuck. I can only hope it gets better

    • Hi Wendy. Unfortunately, you are not the first reporting this problem. It seems to be a chronic issue…

      • John Napoletano

        Hi Howard. Please either correct Wendy’s reference to by removing the S or delete her comment. I own the domain name with the S and I know she is not my customer. We are a private studio not open to the public. Thank you.

        • Hi John, deleted the ‘s’. Sorry for that.

          • John Napoletano

            Howard, please completely remove Maggie’s comment it is Libel, completely false, and implies that I and my business have cheated her. The two websites are completely different. My name and website can not be posted in comments like this. Thank you.

          • HI, John,

        • John Napoletano

          Hi Maggie. with the S never charged you — you are complaining about the wrong company. Several companies operate under similar names and tld like,, etc. I am here to warn people that if you just blast links and complaints around the internet that is Libel. You are damaging my reputation and that of my business for which I have the right to sue you. So please remove the S from any links and edit or remove your complaints about my company. You are not my customer.

      • Paul G

        Pure fraud.

    • C WE

      Thanks for the info, very helpful

    • John Napoletano

      Wendy. I am the owner of and you are not my customer. Please remove this and any other links/reference to my domain name anywhere online. If you look at your billing information I’m sure you’ll see that you used a different company. We are a private studio not open to the public.

  • Anne

    Has anyone gotten beyond the payment issues and published their website and had it up for at least 6 months. Did it crash (often, ever, or never). Was it slow to load or respond? Did it look good on your mobile devices? I love everything about using this site to design my website, I understand payment will be a nightmare when I get there and customer support may be lacking but what will it look like in 6 months? Is it smooth sailing once you are designed, paid, and published.

  • Simon

    Wow! I was about to sign up. Reading though, it seems no-one would recommend this websitebuilder?

    • Maggie

      No. Do not sign up with this website. Also they make it VERY difficult to cancel and you can only cancel by email.

    • Paul G

      good you saved your self a 100 dollars and a ruined day.

  • Paul G

    How does this pure fraud company even have ratings!! Pure FRAUD. Do not go near this site. Signed up for a 1 month 11.95 trial, went to check out and was charged 11.95 plus $34 for the upgrade which I specifically made sure was not clicked. I then went to complete my free domain name registration and made sure no other domains were clicked and they charge my card 64 dollars and are like thanks we have regirsered these 3 other domains. WTF! I tried to contact them, their telephone number does not work. Email, them and no response. PURE SCAM!

    • Paul G

      I am starting to realize buying things online is a very dangerous unsafe activity with a lot of parasitic scum out there to rob people. Always make sure, A, the company has a phone number which actually works, B, always make sure you have gone to google and searched up the company to make sure they are not a pure fraud before you give your decide to pay online with your credit card. Good lord, well that was a really good learning lesson. STAY FAR CLEAR. Another company very similar and they seem to all be out of the UK is, They stole 1000 dollars. Online trading platform which you deposit money to but can never withdraw….Fuckin brits…The dispute process is a long one and you will win but, it takes a few months. Oh well, lessons learned.

    • Hi, Paul,
      You’re not the first person who had such troubles with that website builder. Hope they’ll listen to your and others’ opinions and make their pricing policy more clear.
      With regards,

  • Liz Wells

    Don’t use this platform! It is almost impossible to cancel a subscription/account. You have to e-mail them to close it. I sent a handful of messages requesting the same thing: to cancel my subscription. But because you get a different customer service representative each time, you keep having to re-explaining yourself, and nothing gets done! In the end, I might have to go to my bank about this.