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The importance of white labeling in the contemporary web design niche should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to successful website development. White Labeling is a powerful strategy that allows increasing distribution rates, while staying focused on marketing the products instead of creating it. As a result, you get multiple benefits, including the increase of customer base, website traffic, business potential and, of course, profit.

We’ve done some research on this topic to bring you a list of website builders that either offer a white label solution or interesting alternatives to it. Whether you’re an independent designer, a startup, or an established company, we’ve got you covered.

If you are right about to start your own white label business, you might be encouraged to find out more about these types of website builder software as well as the programs they offer. Each of the systems is worth the attention as each of them offers multiple white label advantages that contribute to your business performance and promotion. Let’s review the most popular and full-featured website builders that provide advanced white label solutions.

IM Creator Pro – The Best White Label & Reseller Program

Product Name:IM Creator
Official Website:https://imcreator.com
Number of Websites:11,017
White Label Cost:From $350/year
Paid plan:From $8/mo

IM Creator – is a full-featured website builder, which offers the best and the cheapest White Label solution targeted at enterprising web designers, web design agencies, resellers and startups. You start with a very small initial investment (a $350 yearly payment) and you can create and publish as many sites as you want. Also all sites get unlimited hosting for free no matter how much traffic they get. There are also tiers relevant to agencies and hosting companies that gives them the ability to host the sites on their servers and charge users for that as well.

If you need those and more options like cPanel integration, own domains API and other developers features, IM Creator offers two White Label Packages: ‘Host It Yourself‘ and ‘Servers Control‘. In addition to ‘Standard White Label‘ you (or your company) receive an unlimited potential to manage website builder’s functional under your brand. The cost of those packs are $2500 and $25000 respectively.

Helpful Tip: you can reduce ‘Standard White Label’ cost by 20% using a special promocode for SWB visitors – superb20off.

Key Features of IM Creator White Label Program

  • Full Control. With the White Label solution, you get full control over the elements of the website editor. These include languages (you can make your website available in any language, if there is such a need), pricing, template choice, user creation, website editing and more.
  • Website Brand Style. The system integrates with your company brand style, making it possible to set up your own project that will feature brand identity and recognition. By replacing the original IM Creator branding, you get an opportunity to make your project recognizable for current and potential customers.
  • Domain Registration. The tool allows creating and registering the unlimited number of websites and domain on the selected plan.
  • Control Panel. The website builder comes with the Control Panel, which is created with the needs of resellers in mind and offers multiple project performance tracking functions.
  • Customer Support. When using the White Label tool, you will avail 24/7 customer support assistance you can use to solve any system-related issues.
  • Security. The service ensures ultimate security of all the payments and personal information available at the website via the use of the integrated SSL Certificate.
  • Host Anywhere. The system unveils the opportunity to host your project anywhere you wish – either on your own servers or on the third-party platform. Integrated hosting option, though, is available here as well.

Ucraft – White Label Website Builder Software

Product Name:Ucraft
Official Website:https://ucraft.com
Number of Websites:8,966
White Label Cost:From $599/mo
Paid plan:From $10/mo

Ucraft – is an advanced website builder, which has launched its White Label program in June 2017. Its offer is catchy enough for all user categories. If you’re a small design studio, a marketing agency or a freelancer, who operates with dozens of simple or near-simple websites per year, then you may use an ‘Agency Plan’ solution, which costs $599/month. For this cost, you will receive and opportunity to start and host up to 100 websites, use up to 10 designs created by Ucraft, access to the drag-and-drop website builder, eCommerce App, Logo Maker tool, domain reseller program, over 20 integrations with marketing, analytics and design platforms.

This White Label program also comes with a complete billing system to manage subscriptions and payments, all in one Admin Dashboard to manage your business, dedicated account manager and other privileges. This is a really unique feature for such whitelabel cost.

The second Ucraft’s whitelabel plan – ‘Partner’ ($1999/month) suits the best for large web studios, which create hundreds of websites yearly. It is also good for large marketing agencies and independent webmasters. In addition to previous options, you’ll get an opportunity to host up to 500 websites on your hosting platform, create your own referral program, extend and override the core, use restful API for custom website integrations, powerful tech support and many other options.

Finally, the system offers an Enterprise Plan, the cost of which is discussed with the platform managers independently. The plan is great for domain and hosting providers. It grants access to the unlimited number of templates created by Ucraft, opportunity to override and extend the core, integrated API for custom integrations, personal hosting and other merits.

Key Features of Ucraft White Label Program:

  • Own Brand Name. If you’re a web-designer, you can create websites without Ucraft branding. For a web-design or a hosting company there’s an option to use Ucarft’s editor interface with its own logo.
  • Own Pricing Model. You can bill your clients with the pricing model you choose to manage payments and subscriptions as required. Sale campaigns and discount promo-codes are also included.
  • Own Referral Program. You can promote your branded website builder through the referral or affiliate programs. You can set up referral fee as you want.
  • Own Templates. Design of new templates will make your branded website builder completely unique. Additionally, you will get 5 templates designed by the Ucraft team.
  • Own Hosting. Setting up your branded website builder you can choose between hosting on Ucraft’s servers, Google Cloud or your own servers host. It’s useful for the hosting providers who use a website builders service for their clients.
  • Own Web Store. You can successfully launch and manage your own online store, using the unlimited advantages of the White Label Program and its integrated eCommerce App in particular.
  • Own Integrations. Irrespective of the White Label Plan you will go for, you’ll be able to pick and use over 20 integrations with advanced design, marketing and analytics platforms. Cooperation with these platforms effectively contributes to your conversion rates and client retention.

Wix – White Label & Resellers Program Explained

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:https://wix.com
Number of Websites:4,565,423
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the all-in-one website builder, which doesn’t currently offer white labeling, but they do have two attractive options, though:

  • Become an affiliate to earn money on revenue generated from your site. Once you have created an affiliate account and got your unique links, you can direct new users from your site to Wix and get compensated for everyone who ends up upgrading to Premium.
  • Become a Wix partner Being a popular and world-renowned brand, Wix has won user trust due to the advanced feature set and myriads of design customization and website promotion options.

Key Features of Wix Partner Program:

  • No Need to Launch a Separate Design Agency Website. If you face the need to create your own web design studio, you won’t have to bother about the customization of your admin panel interface to meet your brand style requirements. Instead, it makes sense to become Wix expert to be able to access the system any time of the day and offer your web design services there. As a Wix partner, you’ll create websites for your clients using the Wix system, and get paid not only for your design work by your clients, but also by Wix for each Premium site.

    This plan works similar to their affiliate program. This is where you’ll be able to showcase your portfolio to another Wix members looking for a professional web designer. Among the benefits you will avail, the following ones are worth mentioning:

  • Possibility to display your portfolio to potential clients;
  • Access to the Experts Dashboard, which includes the following sections: News & Resources, Experts Blog, Tools & Guides, Experts Webinars, Experts Hub etc. Mind that initial dashboard access will be somewhat limited, but as you keep creating new websites for clients, your access rights will become more extensive. To automatically get the unlimited Experts Dashboard access, you have to launch 4 or more Premium Wix websites.
  • Wix Marketplace. The website builder partners with professional web developers, unveiling an opportunity to hire an expert to complete your project. Just get in touch with the system managers, provide your requirements and they will pick an independent freelance web designer or a web agency to work on your project. This is also the place, where you can find a marketing expert to promote a ready-made project and a specialist to develop your digital store or any other project type.

Weebly for Web Designers – +In-Depth Program Review

Product Name:Weebly
Official Website:https://weebly.com
Number of Websites:1,033,781
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $4/mo

Weebly – is a website builder that is a good pick for freelance web designers. Their small-scale white label solution also known as Designer Platform provides users with a back end dashboard, which can be fully rebranded.

There are no upfront fees to get started here. The platform allows designers to use the system’s WYSIWYG editor, templates and hosting free of charge. You are only charged once the site is published live to the client’s domain ($8-$25/mo) for each published website. Weebly allows designers to charge their clients higher than their fees to earn recurring income month after month.

To make use of the advanced web design features and tools, the website builder offers the WebPro Plan to the “Design Platform” members. The cost of the subscription constitutes $30/mo. What you will get here is unlimited hosting, free SSL Certificate connection as well as an opportunity to create custom branded websites.

Key Features of Weebly White Label Program:

  • Code Control. You get full control over each and every project you develop. It’s up to you to create a feature-laden website to boost your customers’ engagement rate by using code embedding options, adding Javascript/HTMl codes, customizing CSS etc.
  • eCommerce. The plan makes it possible to provide your future clients with advanced eCommerce features and tools, such as product reviews, real-time shipping options, multiple payment gateways and more.
  • Shared Admin Access Rights. It’s up to you to grant shared admin panel access rights to individual users and team members. This matters a lot for effective cooperation on website development, especially when it comes to easy access and management of client accounts.
  • Custom Client Portal. The built-in custom client portal along with the integrated website dashboard make it possible to share the access rights with your clients, who wish to manage their projects, while sticking to your branding.
  • Client Permissions. You have an opportunity to set a broad range of permissions for those clients, who wish to work on their websites development and to be able to edit them independently.

The Squarespace Developer Platform Explained

Product Name:Squarespace
Official Website:https://squarespace.com
Number of Websites:2,536,744
Free plan:No, free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $12/mo

Squarespace – is a feature-rich website builder that has a separate system for advanced users called Developer platform where you get full code control. However, there’s no currently any white label version or affiliate program of Squarespace. By using the Developer Platform, however, you will avail multiple advantages that will let you create and customize full-featured websites, integrating third-party tools. To launch a website, you just need to pick the preferred template or design a project from scratch.

Key Features of Squarespace Developer Platform:

  • Code Editing. With full HTML/CSS editing, you get access to JavaScript and a JSON API to output source content created using the content management system.
  • Tools and Modules. The system offers a set of tools and modules to simplify the web development process. These include Development Tools (Server, Toolbelt, ESLint Config), Frontend Modules (Core, Controller, Mercury, Darwin, Ancillary, Layout: Base Class, Layout: Autocolumns, Polyfills, Social Links, Video Background, Video Background Rendering), Template Frameworks (Wright, Endeavor, Bureau, Doncab, Dossier) and more.
  • Team Collaboration. Squarespace comes with template repositories that are automatically displayed via Git, thus contributing to effective DIY and team collaboration.
  • Extended Content Delivery Network. The website builder comes with the integrated Content Delivery Network, which cuts down website load time, using geographically distributed servers.

Apart from the Developer Platform, Squarespace also stands out from the crowd due to its Circle solution. It lets you start a web design business, learning from the renowned creative entrepreneurs and website developers from around the world. What you will get from the offer niche-specific knowledge, advanced web design tools and powerful support to boost the development of your web-based business.

Key Features of Squarespace Circle:

  • Professional Design Toolkit. Members, who have joined Squarespace Circle, get instant access to the advanced design customization tools, community recommendations, guides, marketing materials and tips for effective web design set up and promotion.
  • Resource Hub. Apart from the Design Toolkit, you also avail the assistance of expert guides that provide you with top recommendations on successful business promotion, customer generation and basics of staying ahead on the niche curve. Authorized Trainer Program is also available here.
  • Community Access. Having joined the Circle, you get an opportunity to exchange and share ideas with the extensive and vibrant Squarespace community. This can be done via the participation in the Community Member Forum, Circle Events, multiple creative collaboration opportunities.
  • Exclusive Squarespace Offers. Along with powerful customer support, the website builder offers 20% discount, 6-months trial period, access to beta tests, weekly product news, global recognition manifested via the unique Squarespace Circle badge displayed at the website and other notable merits.
  • Squarespace Expert Hire. The website builder allows hiring an expert to develop a project for you. Anyone, who is going to use the feature, can either browse the directory and choose a web designer independently or apply for the required services online. What you need to get started is to outline your requirements and project specifications, view the available portfolio, pick an expert, submit a brief and wait until your order will be completed.

Duda – Website Builder with Client Management

Product Name:Duda
Official Website:https://www.duda.co
Number of Websites:893,123
Free plan:14-day free trial
Paid plan:From $14/mo

Duda – is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows creating customizable web projects to come up to the needs of first-timers and web design experts. The system comes with a convenient client management platform as well as with a high end White Label solution for web agencies and independent professionals.

The tool makes it possible to use the platform under your own brand name to get the most out of its integrated feature set. Currently, the platform is available to Team, Agency and Custom plan subscribers. To decide on its further application, users can initially test the integrated functionality of each plan.

Key Features of Duda White Label Program:

  • Client Login Screen. The feature provides an opportunity for your clients to log in the system from the customized white label login screen, which ideally matches your website branding.
  • Own Website Builder. Your customers will be able to see and used the customized and rebranded website builder featuring your brand identity colors, logo and other elements. As they reach the site builder, they will correspondingly see your domain name.
  • Client Dashboard. Clients gain access to the shared white label dashboard, where they can view website statistics, support portal and other business-related information.
  • Website Preview. You can generate website preview version that will feature your business branding to further send it to your clients. It will give your customers the understanding of how your website will look on different mobile and desktop devices.
  • Easy Editing. Your clients will be able to edit their projects even on the go under your brand name. Due to the integrated mobile editor, it becomes possible to edit the websites even from tablets, updating the content any time of the day.
  • Email Notifications. Whether you need to notify your clients about any events or news or just plan to keep them aware of your business info, you can send branded emails providing the required information.
  • Permissions and Control. It is you, who has full control over the customers’ editing process, website permissions and access rights. What you can do in this respect is picking the features your clients will be able to access, grant individual access rights for your team members.
  • Agency Solutions. Duda offers a number of benefits for web agencies to contribute to their effective development. The systems allows for successful brand boosting, granting access to high end White Label options, powerful editor to launch websites fast, intuitive integrated client management tools, superior resources and support options as well as hosting and SSL certificates included.
  • SaaS Integration Options. There is an opportunity to embed Duda’s White Label web design solution into your SaaS platform. This is required to give your users quality online presence via seamless integration with your platform. Along with the API and White Label access, you’ll be able to use the widget builder to start and embed your own custom widgets, automatically generate niche-specific websites and effectively synchronize them with your client data.
  • Duda for Host. Hosting providers can also benefit, when choosing Duda for their business needs. The system provides high end web design solutions integrated with your basic domain and hosting services. This is a nice way to expand your offerings, boost client satisfaction rate and maximize profits.

Webydo – An All-In-One Web Design Platform

Product Name:Webydo
Official Website:https://www.webydo.com
Number of Websites:9,877
Free plan:Free 30-day trial
Paid plan:From $90/mo

Webydo – is a trusted website builder that clearly aims at web design agencies and independent designers, offering white labeling as Webydo for Agencies solution. This feature allows you to fully rebrand the system, offering the complete web design platform to effectively start and grow your agency.

As a web designer and the agency owner, you get a number of merits that ensure impressive result and increase of the customer base in the long run.

Key Features of Webydo White Label Program:

  • Full Creative Control. You get the unlimited control over the website creation process, which eventually results in the increased ROI (no coding is required to build websites with the system) and customer retention rate. Webydo experts have calculated that the final time of website development is decreased by 70%, which lets you complete much more projects than before.
  • Team Cooperation. You are welcome to grant shared website management access rights to all the team members, who are responsible for different stages of the web development process.
  • Full-Time Servicing. When subscribing to the “Webydo for Agencies” solution, you get both customer support and full-time servicing. Dedicated account specialists and professional tech support assistants will take care of your project as well as of the efficacy of the website creation process.

Bookmark – White Label Design Agency Program

Product Name:Bookmark
Official Website:https://www.bookmark.com
Number of Websites:979
Free plan:Free 30-day trial
Paid plan:From $90/mo

Bookmark – is a new generation website builder that comes with the advanced Agency Program, which effectively contributes to the growth and extension of your business. The program lets you set up and manage your own website design agency website, making use of the powerful integrated Artificial Intelligence tool. Signing up for the program is super easy.

As of today, you can become the registered Bookmark Agent for $99/year only, availing the revenue based on the billing option and the terms of the plan you will go for. Among the major advantages of the program, we cannot but mention advanced analytic tools, absence of Bookmark ads, video background integration options, unlimited number of customers, bandwidth and disk space, domain connection feature etc.

Another White Label plan is provided at $249/year. The subscription allows making all the website elements branded for your agency and comes with flexible billing options that comply with your preferences and requirements. There is also an opportunity to pick a revenue share option here or to bill clients in person, charging low flat-free costs. Additionally, you will get unlimited licences along with powerful earning potential.

Key Features of Bookmark Agency Program:

  • AIDA Assistant. Due to the integrated AIDA tool, Bookmark agency Program lets you get the ready-made project in almost no time and with minimum effort investment. The AI-based AIDA Assistant automatically creates a website, using the content you provide, while answering the questions the system generates. Bookmark leverages the power of the Artificial Intelligence to boost conversion and user engagement rates.
  • Multiple Business Types. To start a full-featured responsive website with Bookmark Agency Program, you may select from over 750 business types based on the niche you specialize in and the business you plan to launch.
  • Quick Website Management. The terms of the program imply the ongoing website management and billing, which correspondingly contributes to effective project performance.
  • Billing Options. You can choose between several billing options that work best for your business specification. Thus, the system may handle all the billing nuances for your clients or you may be responsible for the payment aspects on your own. The revenue you will get in return will depend upon the billing option selected.
  • Custom Code Embedding. Just like the system makes it possible to start a website with no coding needed, it also allows making use of custom code embedding feature, when launching the Website Agency.
  • Stripe Integration. Bookmark handles all the payments and other related billing nuances via Stripe, a reliable and well-known merchant processor. Your customers will be billed on a monthly basis, while you will get the 60% profit. That’s very convenient and time-saving.
  • eCommerce. The website builder is eCommerce ready right from the start, thus, letting your clients create and manage their own web stores. Among the eCommerce features the system offers by default, it makes sense to mention an opportunity to sell the unlimited number of products either online or via Facebook and Instagram, absence of transaction fees, customizable email notifications, wholesale pricing groups, powerful web store management tools, secure payment options, discount coupons, integrated shopping cart, availability of web store statistics, shipping options and more.
  • SSL Certificate Connection. The system allows connecting the SSL Certificate to ensure maximum protection of payments and confidential information provided by website users.

Site.pro – White Label Website Builder for Hosting Providers

Product Name:Site.pro
Official Website:https://site.pro
Number of Websites:2,669
White Label Cost:From $48/mo
Paid plan:From $48/mo

Site.pro – is a 100% White Label website builder for hosting providers, which delivers a broad spectrum of advantages and tools to boost your brand popularity. The system is compatible with the most popular hosting panels. It provides multiple advantages, including eCommerce options, quality responsive templates, multilanguage support, abundance of plugins, website imports and more.

The website builder has a completely free White Label plan for hosting providers that lets you test baseline system functionality. To avail deeper flexibility, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium plans. Currently, there are 10 paid options to choose from and this really looks quite unusual as compared to other white label website builders.

“Plan 200” allows hosting up to 200 websites and delivers the utmost eCommerce functionality, opportunity of cloud and on-premises hosting, absence of ad banners and tech support options. “Plan 500” makes it possible to host up to 500 websites, mass website import, UX audit upon the request and 30-day trial for all new customers. The same features are included into other premium packages. The only difference between these subscriptions is in the number of websites you can host. The name of the plan signifies the amount of projects implied by its terms. Thus, you can choose from the following subscriptions: “Plan 1000”, “Plan 2000”, “Plan 3000”, “Plan 5000”, “Plan 10000”, “Plan 25000”, “Plan 50000”, “Plan 100000”. The cost of the plans starts from $48/mo and goes up to $5900/mo.

Key Features of Site.pro White Label Program:

  • Unlimited White Label Opportunities. The website builder comes with custom Logo, custom domain, removable custom logo from the footer badge and test version that includes your domain name.
  • Full Customization. The system allows adding your own logo, selecting and integrating plugins to boost your project performance, styling your toolbar and even designing your own templates. This is required to create and host a truly personalized product.
  • Nginx Support. Site.pro-powered websites and products support Nginx features, which has positive impact upon their speed of work. Projects built with the system are based on PHP and HTML and do ot include any databases. This allows them working at the highest speed possible.
  • Statistics Access. You can personally monitor and control user behaviour, domain statistics and other website-related nuances.
  • Mass Import Feature. The system allows for mass website import from other platforms. This is done with a few clicks only and does not take much time. What you need to import the required number of websites is to pick the brand, reach the “Mass Import” menu, add a list of domains and wait for the process completion.

Ecwid – White Label eCommerce Solution

Product Name:Ecwid
Official Website:https://www.ecwid.com/
Number of Websites:949,571
White Label Cost:From $299/year
Paid plan:From $15/mo

Ecwid – is a platform offering a high end White Label eCommerce solution to help promote your digital store. The white label program is specially designed to comply with your company requirements and business focus. It is a perfect pick for agencies (including cloud eCommerce platforms), website builders, hosting providers, POS (Point-of-Sale) systems and more.

For users willing to resell Ecwid under their brands and set their prices with the White Label eCommerce program, the software unveils an opportunity to pick one of two premium plans. Silver Membership available at $299/year is the easiest way to get started with your project by means of eCommerce selling. The offer implies a 30% discount of subscription plans and intuitive Partner Dashboard for comfy store management.

Looking for advanced eCommerce reselling features with Ecwid? Then go ahead to upgrade to the Gold Membership, which costs $899/year. The plan lets you set your business apart via a fully integrated solution. It comes with a 45% discount on subscription plans and a partner API for automated web store setup and management.

Key Features of Ecwid White Label Program:

  • Simplicity and Convenience. There is no need to be aware of tech details and eCommerce aspects to successfully resell your projects. With Ecwid, your web stores will be supported, powered and maintained by the software, which lets you focus on sales.
  • Cost-Efficacy. You get your personal eCommerce brand with a White Label Store management tool, priority tech support and website maintenance for quite a reasonable cost.
  • Profitability. You don’t have to spend money and time to launch and develop your own eCommerce project. What you need is to join the White Label program and start selling online. Ecwid will additionally provide you with regular discounts on its plans that let you resell your project at any suitable cost.

Bottom Line

The reasons to start and grow your web design business may be versatile. Whatever intentions and aspirations you have, there are two ways you can choose from to make this happen. You can select either a White Label solution or a reselling alternative. Which option works best for your particular business? This depends upon the specifications of each of these options as well as your personal requirements.

White Label programs make it possible to launch a brand web design business, while reseller solutions allow building a customer base via the existing website or blog. Both options are worth the attention, although, they differ in their approaches, strategies, features, techniques and tools offered. It’s only up to you to select the best variant based on the objectives and business models you initially set.


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