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Webs Example Websites

Every month or so we feature exemplary websites created using one of the site builders featured on SWВ, so you can see what these platforms are capable of.

Today’s example websites come from users. As you go through the websites below, remember that you can do it even better!

Example 1: Dog Eat Dog Inc

From the moment you land on, you get what their brand is about (don’t let the name of the company fool you). The company uses high quality images to winningly display what they do best: customized catering carts.

Dog Eat Dog

This Ireland-based business uses the following Webs features to showcase their services: Photo Gallery, Testimonials, Video blog and more.

The very first thing that attracts the attention of a user is a bright slider with HD photos of trucks the website focuses on. The availability of social networking buttons enables the visitors share the company info in no time, while the detailed popup menu makes navigation simple and understandable for everyone.

Example 2: TigeRoy is an Australian company that invents, creates and sells practical and fun gifts for children: school planners, greeting cards, bibs, money boxes, bag tags etc. I would never guess it was built with a site constructor. Their eCommerce section is very clean yet colorful.


The minimalist design of the website is one of its undeniable benefits. This is because each element is in its place here, with all the items displayed against the white background.

This does not distract customers’ attention and focuses it instead on the menu sections that help save effort, making it possible to find the required item. Great job, TigeRoy!

Example 3: BehaviorWorks is a Wisconsin-based dog training center. By showcasing the successes of their past clients they instantly build good credit, and their vivid, energetic class photos let their service speak for itself.

Behavior Works

The design of the website is clean and tidy, with each element representing valuable information. There is a detailed website menu, but you can find out everything you need about the dog training center right at the homepage – so informative and useful it is!

A single look at the slider found at the homepage, the photos of training classes and the testimonials of clients create the feeling of the professionalism and talent of the entire club’s team.

Example 4: RSM Montessori School is a private preschool located in Orange County, CA. The site’s owner uses both still images and image sliders to instantly create an emotional connection with its visitors, among other practical Webs tools, like calendar, forms, curriculum and extracurricular activities, drop-down navigation and social media feed integration.

RSM Montessori

The developers of the website focused the attention of parents on the essence and principles of Montessori child development system and masterfully introduced those principles on each page of the website, having pointed them out by the vivid and bright photos of satisfied kids.

What else parents need to get encouraged by the idea of Montessori private preschool learning?

Example 5: The Foresters is a young but creative music band consisting of three Nork brothers from Bethany Connecticut. The group was founded in 2010, but they have shown great results since that time and even created a Webs-powered website to reveal the versatility of their creative life.

The Foresters

The design of the site is well-structured and looks quite impressive with energetic videos, funny photos, the GIGs section making the fans of the band aware of the upcoming concerts, detailed bio and availability of articles about the band published in newspapers.

There is also a social network widget that allows staying in touch with the fans of the band any time of the day.

Example 6: Afrobeat is a team of inspired and devoted people, who deliver African drumming & dance classes, courses, workshops and interactive shows for kids, schools, community, private and corporate events in Australia.


The ”craze” and emotionality of the team are manifested in their website created on the basis of the Webs platform.

The site is developed in the contrasting black and orange color scheme and abounds in bright still and slider photos that depict the Afrobeat creativity. This gives a user energetic and vigorous feeling, encouraging him/her to keep browsing through the website’s menu section to see what they are ready to offer them there. A great example of a user-friendly and attention-grabbing website!

Example 7: Washivore is a website of Washington family farmers who grow over 300 different crops and are ready to boast their results on the pages of the website created with Webs site builder.


The website provides maximum information about farming all in one place and contains an integrated social networking and e-mail signup form widgets to get in touch with each other and website users round-the-clock.

The categories of the main pop-up menu are more than informative, providing facts about the families of farmers, their crops, recent posts, farming videos and photos and even delicious recipes that make each user feel a part of the farming process! One of the best examples of websites created with Webs!


Active website examples described above are the best proof of the fact that the website builder is definitely worth the attention of users who aim at creating informative, interesting and easy-to-navigate personal and business websites.

You don’t have to be a site building pro to create an interactive and professional website with Webs. The process is so intuitive, easy-to-handle, creative and positive that you will be amazed with the result!

Have you ever tried to build a website using Webs? If yes, what was your impression of it? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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