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Weblium – is a super-easy to use website building tool designed to help people build high-quality small business websites consisting mainly of a single page. The platform will be goods for those looking for ready-to-use templates that run equally well on all devices despite the OS type, carrier or screen dimensions. At the same time, Weblium can be a good solution for users who want to build and publish their sites from scratch at no time at all.

The system has an AI Design Supervisor to help you keep up with a matching web style on all blocks in addition to a free plan. It will be good only for small and lightweight projects. Weblium offers several more paid plans though it does not offer eCommerce module or enhanced integration capabilities, which is bad news for those eager to launch a complex digital store and manage their products online.

As for professional portfolios, blogs, business cards or small business websites, Weblium is likely to work out. Let’s have a closer look at features and instruments it offers.

1. Ease of Use

As we have mentioned before, the plat platform is very easy to use. Getting started will take you a couple of minutes. Once you have signed in, you can choose a template or start building a website from scratch. The process is very easy:

  1. Choose “build the website” option.
  2. Add customized blocks from the list.
  3. Type in texts and upload images.
  4. Preview your website before going online.
  5. Publish your project.

Choose Your Site Style

You can choose the website style right from the start by clicking “Site style” feature. Here users will be able to choose a matching color pallet as well as change text and button styles. Everything is very simple and fast.

Weblium Editor

The selection of customized blocks ranges from headers of various types, main screen blocks, Call to Action and Contact forms, features, Gallery, social buttons, and many more. Users only need to click on the block they need to form the list and type in necessary info.

Customize the Pages

You can customize each element within the block by pressing the Settings button. You will see an extra small menu with additional capabilities to add animated effects, change the element’s design or edit its dimensions. Weblium is a good tool for people who do not want to dive deep into technical issues.

The system comes as a simple instrument to come up with trendy sites that work well on mobile devices as well. Instant editing features let users keep all updates and changes under control without the need to switch between several screens.

You have all the necessary settings in the floating toolbar located right next to the editing area. Replace, move or re-order any of the blocks the same way you play LEGO. Texts, images, videos and other types of content can be added automatically.

2. Features Set and Flexibility

Weblium serves its purposes well. Designed for professionally-looking content-based websites, it offers a bunch of features to come up with a solid portfolio, business representation site, blog, landing pages, etc. The platform delivers a set of baseline functions that you might need when getting started with your future website.

The building process is as simple as engaging. You will find a huge collection of pre-designed blocks and sections that are ready to use. Start creating your site piece by piece by simply picking the block you need from the dashboard on the left starting from the header, first screen, product or service page, gallery, features, etc. In other words, yu actually get a well-structured project will all necessary blocks on it. Simply chose the section and modify it in accordance with your needs, add content and get your site online.

Weblium Blocks

Pay attention that most of the features below are mainly included in paid plans. The free package comes with only baseline functionality with Weblium domain and branding. So, the main features are as follows:

  • Free Domain + Cloud Hosting – Weblium is an all-in-one solution. Each paid package comes with a free domain and cloud hosting which is good news considering pretty low entry prices. You can use a custom domain or one of your own.
  • Free SSL Certificate – Although the feature is not new, it always great to know you have the SSL security included in the plan.
  • Stylish Templates – What is really good about the platform is the selection of its stylish and professionally looking ready-to-use templates. They include various categories form event, eating out or portfolio websites to company’s representation templates, studios, etc.
  • Mobile Adaptive Websites – Weblium uses fast engines to ensure good site performance on various devices, Adaptive design makes them run equally well on various mobile gadgets no matter what OS or screen size they use.

As for SEO, users can work with its settings to preview the way their websites will look like in search results. The dashboard makes it easy to add favicon and create SEO-friendly site title as well as edit meta titles and descriptions. Using the settings, you can allow or disallow page indexing as well as enable or disable nofollow links.

Weblium Page Settings

Weblium offers some integration capabilities as well. However, most of them are available with Pro plan only. Users can integrate Google Maps to create a custom Contact section with the exact company’s location. If you need more integration capabilities, feel free to connect your website with Google Analytics, Tag Manager or Hotjar.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:79
Free Themes YES
Sort by Industry: YES
Responsive Design YES
CSS Code Editing: NO

The system uses advanced technologies to ensure good-looking sites that follow the latest design trends. Apart from animation and visual effects, users will appreciate AI-based design assistance in addition to some other great functions. They include:

  • AI Design Supervisor™ – the main idea of this AI-instrument is to establish the matching style for your website based on the blocks and content you add. It will customize all site sections according to a chose style. It does not matter what changes you make, the overall picture looks harmonious and trendy.
  • Adjustable Blocks – You are not limited to a single layout even if you decide to choose a ready-to-use template. You can still customize it with any adjustable block from the list. Each new element will automatically get a matching style to meet your site concept.
  • Smart UI Kit – Delivered by the website builder, Smart UI Kit makes it easy to change buttons, forms, color schemes and background within a single toolbar. The system will detect and highlight possible errors and mistakes to ensure 100% flawless content that is easy to read and understand.
  • Do-It-for-Me Feature – Wemblium has its own design studio for those who do not want to outsource the entire process of website building. Simply send a request band gets a site’s prototype featuring custom design, the unique company’s logo with a personal manager and coding included. The feature comes in several plans depending on the project type.
  • Custom Code – A user can add a custom code to the website. This feature works only in a Pro mode.

Weblium Templates

The platform uses fast-responsive technologies to ensure good site performance via PC or laptops as well as mobile devices. It results in a pretty smooth loading process.

4. Customer Support

You will hardly need any assistance when using Weblium. However, if there is still an issue you need to resolve, the platform offers several ways to solve the problem:

  • Live Support – get in touch with the company’s representatives via live chat. It usually takes support specialists 10-15 minutes to respond.
  • Video tutorials – once you have found yourself on the main page, you will see videos with the step-by-step instruction on how to get started. Users do not have to look it up in the separate section.
  • Blogs and Guides – both come as an extra source of useful info.

The bad thing is that we did not actually find the Contact section as well as email or phone to get in touch another way.

5. Pricing

Weblium is a fairly affordable service with a free plan and paid packages designed for budget projects. Although the free plan lets you build and publish a website at no cost plus unlimited editing, it delivers only basic features in addition to the company’s branding. As for the paid packages, they are as follows:

  • Pro Plan costing $10.5 per month with a free domain and hosting, SSL, SEO, and marketing tools.
  • Agency – the package is for users who require more than 5 websites at a time. The package features special pricing provided upon request.

As for website design studio, users can choose from several plans as well:

  • Landing Page costing $49 with 2 available revisions and money-back guarantee.
  • Up to 5 Pages costing $99 including template and 2 revisions.
  • Up to 10 Pages costing $149.

Summing up, Weblium can be fairly affordable considering its basic plans. However, if you need a more complex website, you should probably look for another tool. $149 is too pricy for a basic template and only 10 pages.

6. Pros and Cons

Weblium is worth paying attention to users who do not require tons of features or extended functionality. Although it looks a bit limited in terms of flexibility and further extension, it might still have some advantages.

Stylish design.
Simple and fast editing process.
Free plan and free options like SSL, cloud hosting and domain.
Professional templates with an adaptive design.
AI Design Supervisor.
Only good for small and one-page websites.
Limited integration capabilities.
No eCommerce modules.
Pricy Web Studio plans.

Bottom Line

Ease of Use:9/10
Tech Support:9/10
Overall Score:8.4/10

As a result, Weblium can be a fast and affordable solution in case of small projects. They may include blogs, portfolios, business representation sites, event cards, etc. The system is good for one-page products to be launched at no time. It is very easy to use with a bunch of design functions to create a unique style for your website.

However, it will hardly work out if you need a more complex site or project that will require further extension in the future. It does not have advanced SEO settings or eCommerce features. That is certainly a miss for users aiming to launch a digital store and manage their products online.

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