Weblium Review

Weblium review

Weblium – is a super-easy to use website building tool designed to help people build high-quality small business websites consisting mainly of a single page. The platform will be goods for those looking for ready-to-use templates that run equally well on all devices despite the OS type, carrier or screen resolution. At the same time, Weblium can be a good solution for users who want to build and publish their sites from scratch at no time at all.

The system has an AI Design Supervisor to help you keep up with a matching web style on all blocks in addition to a free plan. It will be good only for small and lightweight projects. Weblium offers several more paid plans for those eager to launch small digital stores to sell products online.

As for professional portfolios, blogs, business cards or small business websites, Weblium is likely to work out. Let’s have a closer look at features and instruments it offers.

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  • A FREE website builder.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • No coding skills required.

Pros and Cons

Weblium is worth paying attention to users who do not require tons of features or extended functionality. Although it looks a bit limited in terms of flexibility and further extension, it might still have some advantages.

Stylish design.
Simple and fast editing process.
Free plan and free options like SSL, cloud hosting and domain.
Professional templates with an adaptive design.
AI Design Supervisor.
Only good for small and one-page websites.
Limited integration capabilities.
Pricy Web Studio plans.
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  • Ready-made sites in 1 hour.
  • AI-based technology,
  • White Label Solution.

What Is It Good For?

The platform meets both individuals’ and entrepreneurs’ needs. On the one hand, it works great for personal usage whenever you need to create a stylish portfolio or represent your small business online. Also, the software is good for creating catchy landing pages. The system has recently added some eCommerce capabilities to build and launch small online shops.

As a result, Weblium cones as a flexible website builder that can be a great choice for business owners, individuals, marketers, and freelancers who are eager to create good-looking websites for their customers. The website builder does not require special technical knowledge. For example, it will take a non-technician about an hour to create a ready-to-go landing page.

So, we can say for sure that Weblium can be used for different projects and website types while technical feedback is not necessary.

Ease of Use

You already know that Weblium does not require technical or coding skills. Moreover, it used the AI-based functionality to create ready-made websites on the go. The building process from scratch will not take you more than 3 hours either you opt for a pre-designed template or start building a new site from scratch.

Weblium editor

But before you enter the website editor, you need to complete a simple registration and answer several questions regarding the future project.

Getting Started

First of all, a user needs to sign up. The process can be completed by logging with a Google or Facebook account. Another way is to indicate your email and password. The first variant is faster, as you may immediately move to the website building process.

Weblium registration

At the next stage, a user is asked to provide baseline information about the project. The system offers several typical options to identify who you are. Those options include:

  • Marketer.
  • Business Owner.
  • Web Designer.
  • Other.

Weblium information about the project step 1

The next step is to identify whether you have at least basic technical skills or you are a total newbie. For example, if you are good at web designing and coding, you need to pick “Building Websites Professionally”. Those who have some slight coding knowledge will appreciate “Used WordPress a few times”. Users who have zero technical skills should opt for “Never built a website before”.

Weblium information about the project step 2

Finally, you will need to indicate who you are going to build the website fore. Either you plan to build sites for customers as a freelancer or through the agency or build a site for personal usage or represent the business online.

Weblium information about the project step 3

To be honest, it does not really matter what options you choose during the registration process. You will get access to the same editing tools and list of templates right from the start. The features will change following the plan you will purchase later. A free trial works the same for all users despite their goals.

Website Editing

So, now you can see the list of templates. Users may start building a website from the blank. But if you need a site for personal usage, there is no sense in wasting time, as Weblium offers a diverse selection of layouts. Here you may find responsive templates divided into multiple categories ranging from stores and portfolios to events and real estate mockups.

Weblium create blank website

Each layout can be previewed and customized later during the editing process. Pick the one you lie and press the “edit” button to get inside the website builder. Weblium is a fully-featured drag-and-drop software. A user may choose from a selection of custom blocks, add them to the page, edit, and rearrange. The system has a separate function to manage all website blocks on a single screen. You are free to move them wherever you need as well as resize. Looks very easy.

Weblium preview

If you need a new block, click on the cross. The platform will redirect you to its module library with various on-page elements. Here we have some nice headers, feature sections, CTA blocks, contact forms, “About” modules, etc. There is a separate collection of additional elements with rewards, countdowns, or feeds for marketing need (for example for a product landing page or special personalized offer).

Weblium add block

When you have finally put all necessary blocks together, you can edit and customize them by adding the text, changing images, resizing, and restyling the content. Weblium comes with a simple tool to manage the website menu. You can easily add menu items, add anchor links, change click actions, and more. Users may select the item they want to hide or display.

Weblium menu editor

The overall editing process looks very simple. The only drawback here is that some of the features are available on separate screens. It means that you need to switch between different windows every time you want to add a new module or arrange it properly on the layout. On the other hand, inline editing lets you save all changes automatically without the need to re-publish all pages.

Going Live

Your website is ready to go. There is only one thing you need to do. Go to the website settings and fill in general info. Users can indicate website title and description, upload favicon, and connect domain. By the way, the platform has a 1-year domain free feature. However, it is available in the Pro plan only. We will describe Weblium pricing a bit further. So, stay tuned.

Weblium going live

After you have completed all the actions, preview your website and press the “publish” button.

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  • Om-page block management.
  • Mobile preview mode.
  • Custom image library.

Features & Flexibility

Weblium users will be able to try the website builder in a testing mode. There is a free plan to get started. Unfortunately, it does not provide enough features, so you will inevitably have to switch to a Pro plan with a full pack of platform’s functionality. What will you get with an upgraded plan?

Blogging Feature

Creating a blog with Weblium is super easy. Simply set up the author’s name, chose the post draft, or start creating a new article from scratch. The dashboard will display the number of already published posts as well as the amount of ready-to-use drafts.

Weblium blogging

Advanced post settings make it possible to edit the SEO title or set custom heading. Besides, you can change the post URL, set a preview image, type in post description, etc. If you do not want search engines to rank it, you may hide the article from search results with a click.

Weblium edit post


Although Weblium does not offer its own eCommerce solution, users will still have a chance to build digital stores and start selling products online. This is where third-party integration can do the trick. Keep in mind that the website builder has the code input option. In other words, you are able to paste any piece of code anywhere you want on the website.

One of the easiest ways to integrate a ready-to-use online shop is to opt for Ecwid. The eCommerce plugin is not only simple to implement but also lets you add up to 10 products, which is enough to get started with a small online store. Highly recommended!

Social Following

Each Weblium template or site comes with an integrated “Follow Us” box where you can indicate links to the connected social accounts. All you need is to choose the type of platform from the dropdown list and insert a link to it. The box with a social media link will be automatically displayed on your website. Apart from major social networks here, we have music and video streaming services, messengers, and other tools. They will help you to keep visitors engaged all the time.

Weblium social links

Analytic Apps

Users can monitor website traffic and other crucial parameters with the help of integrated analytic apps. You may choose from all major tracking platforms established by Google and Yandex in addition to Facebook pixel (to track social media engagement) and others. To activate the service, you only need to enter the app’s ID.

Weblium analitics

Form Management and Integration

Growing a mailing list can be vital for your business. You may need special email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Zapier, etc. They work fine not only when sending newsletters or personalized offers but also when collecting customers’ feedback. Weblium has them all in addition to the function that submits received data to your Telegram messenger.

Weblium integration

White Label Solution

The platform introduces its White Label Agency. A good idea for those who want to benefit from Weblium resources and functionality when delivering services to the customers. The solution will suit:

  • Freelancers who want to create responsive and up-to-date websites for their clients. It takes several hours to come up with a ready-to-go project with removed Weblium ads.
  • Web Studios that consists of 7-10 people who decided to team up and launch web design business. White Label solution makes it possible to complete up to 10 different projects simultaneously.
  • Big Agencies offers enhanced collaborative and workflow management tools to work in groups on several complex projects at the same time.

The solution provides access to more than 150 platform’s templates with the ability to create branded sites in hours.

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  • Integration and Add-ons.
  • SEO setting and promotion tools.
  • Email marketing campaigns and social following.

Design & Templates

Weblium has some good-looking and stylish templates. They are responsive and can be previewed from different types of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Available layouts make a good first impression. All themes are available from the editor. They are divided into categories and come with ready-designed modules, page elements, and blocks. So, you will not have to do much of customization.

Weblium design

Also, the system uses advanced technologies to ensure good-looking sites that follow the latest design trends. Apart from animation and visual effects, users will appreciate AI-based design assistance in addition to some other great functions. They include:

  • AI Design Supervisor™ – the main idea of this AI-instrument is to establish the matching style for your website based on the blocks and content you add. It will customize all site sections according to a chose style. It does not matter what changes you make, the overall picture looks harmonious and trendy.
  • Adjustable Blocks – You are not limited to a single layout even if you decide to choose a ready-to-use template. You can still customize it with any adjustable block from the list. Each new element will automatically get a matching style to meet your site concept.
  • Smart UI Kit – Delivered by the website builder, Smart UI Kit makes it easy to change buttons, forms, color schemes and background within a single toolbar. The system will detect and highlight possible errors and mistakes to ensure 100% flawless content that is easy to read and understand.
  • Do-It-for-Me Feature – Wemblium has its own design studio for those who do not want to outsource the entire process of website building. Simply send a request band gets a site’s prototype featuring custom design, the unique company’s logo with a personal manager and coding included. The feature comes in several plans depending on the project type.
  • Custom Code – A user can add a custom code to the website. This feature works only in a Pro mode.

The platform uses fast-responsive technologies to ensure good site performance via PC or laptops as well as mobile devices. It results in a pretty smooth loading process.

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  • Responsive and Stylish templates.
  • 158+ different mockups and layouts.
  • Dozens of categories and business niches.

Customer Support

You will hardly need any assistance when using Weblium. However, if there is still an issue you need to resolve, the platform offers several ways to solve the problem:

  • Live Support – get in touch with the company’s representatives via live chat. It usually takes support specialists 10-15 minutes to respond.
  • Video tutorials – once you have found yourself on the main page, you will see videos with the step-by-step instruction on how to get started. Users do not have to look it up in the separate section.
  • Blogs and Guides – both come as an extra source of useful info.

The bad thing is that we did not actually find the Contact section as well as email or phone to get in touch another way.

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  • Instant assistance.
  • Solid knowledge base.
  • Video tutorials for beginners.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Weblium Cost?

At first, Weblium looks like an affordable website builder with its zero-cost plan and low prices. But this is only until you dive deeper into the services provided. First of all, there are three baseline packages that include:

  • Free plan at no cost with a custom Weblium domain and ads.
  • Pro plan starts at $8.25 per month when paid annually. It includes all Webliu, features in addition to a free 1-year domain.
  • Landing Pro is a life-time plan that costs $196 lifetime. It does not have a free domain while the storage is limited 120 MB.

Weblium pricing

Note: Free and Pro plan both come with unlimited storage.

But if you need professional help to create professional landing pages, the prices go up instantly. Single landing page built by Weblium professionals will cost you from $124. If you need up to 10 pages, get ready to pay $224.20 landing pages will cost you $399.

Weblium pricing

White Label solution is available in three major plans as well:

  • Basic is for freelancers costing $24 per month.
  • Growth is designed or web studios costing $49 per month.
  • Enterprise is for bigger agencies costing $89 per month.
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  • Money-back guarantees.
  • Free plan with unlimited storage.
  • Flexible landing page packages.

Weblium Website Examples

Small Company Website

Small Company Website

Business Website Example

Business Website Example

eCommerce Website Example

eCommerce Website Example

Weblium Review Conclusion

Weblium is a fast and affordable solution in case of small projects. They may include blogs, portfolios, business representation sites, event cards, etc. The system is good for one-page products to be launched at no time. It is very easy to use with a bunch of design functions to create a unique style for your website.

However, it will hardly work out if you need a more complex site or project that will require further extension in the future. It does not have advanced SEO settings or eCommerce features. In this case you should use third-party solutions to connect an online store to your website.

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