WebHostingPad Hosting Provider Review

WebHostingPad is a US-based well-known hosting company launched in 2005 by “real industry veterans.” Its founders strive to provide the highest quality at the lowest possible price so that everyone can find a place on the Internet and receive first-class service. At the moment the company delivers reliable hosting services for more than 200,000 web projects around the globe and facilitates over 300,000+ domains. This is a web hosting company that everyone can afford.

In this WebhostingPad review, we will present you with the features and functionality. Let’s walk you through how it performs in terms of usability, functionality, speed, and support.

Pros and Cons

Let’s go over WebHostingPad to see what benefits it offers and what drawbacks it has.

Technical simplicity;
Fast and trustworthy servers;
1-Click WordPress installation;
Novice-focused customer area;
eCommerce involved;
Guarantee of a 30-day refund;
SSL Encryption at zero cost;
Hosting plans at reduced price;
Free website builder;
Unlimited domains, websites;
1-year-long domain name free;
Analytics tools at zero cost;
Data centers at several locations.
Website transfers are limited;
The backup option is limited;
99.65% low uptime;
‘Free’ strings-attached domain.

Despite the pros like cheap price and technical simplicity, there are some significant drawbacks that some customers had complained about, like slow servers and delayed responses to queries. There were some rare cases where the servers crashed without any possibility of recovery. The brand has, however, improved the quality of servers and reduced the response time as well. Now that you’ve seen the pluses and minuses of the provider, explore its functions and pricing to make your ultimate decision.

WebHostingPad Features


On the official website, WebHostingPad emphasizes that it pays the utmost attention to ensuring that the hardware of the hosting always corresponds to the time. For this purpose, the data center equipment is regularly updated. The company also pays special attention to the safety and security of customer information. Datacenter servers are protected from various emergencies at the highest level. Let’s dive deep into what features the service offers:

cPanel. The company offers its users the most popular, convenient, and progressive control panel to date – cPanel. This is a convenient solution that can greatly simplify your work and is handy for beginners. cPanel makes it easy to work with

  • your website’s files;
  • databases;
  • domains;
  • everything hosting-related.

Databases. The provider supports MySQL DBMS, so users can access an unlimited variety of MySQL databases for their sites, whereas SSD database storage is accessible as an advanced feature for premium-plan subscriptions. The number of allowed databases for creation is unlimited.

  • If you purchase the company plan Power Plus, you’ll obtain a free powerful m filter and SSH access. Thus, the possibility of remote access via SSH will be implemented without any restrictions.
  • The service does not limit its clients in the number of FTP accounts created.

Professional email. You can create as many @ email addresses for your domain as you wish using free-of-charge spam filtering, autoresponders, and much more.

  • Both of the provider’s flagship hosting packages boast of having no limits on email forwarders and email accounts. Both POP3 and IMAP support is built-in, and clients – especially those involved in eCommerce – can practically create dedicated mailing lists to contact their clientele.

Free tools and perks. The company plans include a set of free tools for hosting.

  • Free website builder. The company lets users create a professional and responsive site or store in minutes with one of the company’s builders. With the service’s basic plan, you can install Weebly into your system.
  • Free analytics tools. All company plans come with tools for free that help users monitor, analyze and expand the performance of your site.
  • Free domain names. The hosting package subscription allows buyers to have a one-year-long free domain name. Yet, you can have an unlimited number of integrations and parked domains for your account. Users can order their unique domain name at zero cost for the first year with any company’s hosting plan.
  • Free SSL Security. You should not worry about unsafe browsing as the trusted SSL Security certificate is already covered in all hosting plans.
    • The company gives out a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate with their low-cost Power Plan. This ensures that your site is safe to browse.
    • If you upgrade your package to Power Plus, you’ll also obtain a free cutting-edge spam filter accompanied with SSH access.

1-Click WordPress. Note that the WordPress.org platform’s one-click installation is available only for owners of the Power Plan Plus service. Doing so makes it easier to use WordPress, but it also simplifies site creation.

  • WordPress installation also provides clients access to all 65,000 plugins to rise site functionality, free SSL certificates for every single domain, and an unlimited number of email aliases. This is a good option for more advanced users.

Refund guarantee. There is a rock-solid, refund guarantee within 30 days in case you don’t find their services dependable.

  • Yet, it covers only purchases of hosting and does not apply to renewals, site transfer fees, and addons.

Site Staging. One of the best features that the company brings to the provider is the way you can use its apps to make staging websites where you can test your site’s functionality before making it live.

eCommerce: If you’re subscribed to the most basic of plans, you can practically use Weebly eCommerce as it comes with your subscription.

  • For users who want to create more original or elaborate sites, the service essentially offers three other choices, that is osCommerce, ZenCart, and CubeCart.

Extra Features and Applications


The regular WebHostingPad package already has the listed tools built into the UI:

  • Hotlink Protection;
  • IP Address Deny;
  • Softaculous apps;
  • phpMyAdmin;
  • File Manager;
  • East Script Installer;
  • A proprietary tool for generating and maintaining access and logs error.

You can use the mentioned apps for the website’s utmost functionality.

WebHostingPad Dashboard


The provider’s client area is intuitive and understandable. From there you can manage all your services, domains, website security, and billing and account details. Support is also reachable from the dashboard.

  • Like many other providers, the company uses cPanel as its main control panel. You can find the cPanel login from the tab called “Services”. Its hosting plans include Linux-based cPanel, a convenient solution that will greatly simplify the work, particularly for beginners.
  • Those who choose VPS hosting will have a choice between several control panels depending on the OS they use. However, selecting a WordPress hosting will leave you without a control panel, but with access to a CMS.
  • WebHostingPad also provides one-click installation of WordPress and many other widespread applications. In any case, WordPress is only a click away, as well as various useful apps (such as Joomla, ZenCart, osCommerce, etc.), and all this is thanks to the one-click installer.
  • Using these applications, you will easily create and manage an online store without any prior experience. You can start creating your online store in no time, as the service includes a free site builder.
  • Another handy feature that the service provides is the Weebly website constructor, which allows users to create a store or a professional website with a different strategy.



Once you have decided on the choice of service, you can proceed directly to registration in WebHostingPad. You will need to fill out a form with personal and financial data, after which you will be able to make a payment. Any service is purchased for at least one year, but if you choose the maximum option, the cost of hosting for you will be impressively reduced.

  • The provider accepts Visa and MasterCard, as well as PayPal, Alipay and even Bitcoin. To get full access to the knowledge base and ticket system in technical support, you must register separately in the support section.

Overall, the provider’s user interface is attractive. The UI displays a pastel color scheme that is calming to the eye and the interface itself is easy to navigate, therefore your website is easy to manage. It’s easy to use and you will not have any difficulties navigating (because there is also a search bar). In cPanel you can freely manage your website’s databases, files, domains, and everything hosting-related is done there, which is handy.



Online security is provided by the service in two ways:

  • Trusted CA certificate for users on Power Plan Plus and
  • Let’s Encrypt for users on the Power Plan.

To note, Malware scanning is accessible only for Power Plan Plus.

Automated backups are offered with both hosting plans, but they may be severely limited. Backups for users on Power Plan only use up to 3GB of data and do not comprise email and database backups. As for Power Plan Plus users, they have a feature of one-click backup and can back up an unmetered data amount.

Customer Support


As with most other services, you can contact the provider’s technical assistance by phone, via an online chat, and by issuing a ticket. The easiest way to get assistance is to contact them via LiveChat – as the CSR will reply to you in just seconds.

  • To communicate via the chat, you will need to fill out a simple form with your name and email address, select a specific department (Sales, Billing, Support), and start the chat. The sales department and technical support are available round the clock.
  • To provide tech-focused support services, a specially created section works in the hosting system. It contains up-to-date information, news, knowledge base, instructions, answers to commonly asked queries, and, the ticket system itself.
  • They also offer special useful tutorials on hosting, email, database creation, and others.


WebHostingPad struggles to make A website up and running for potential clients or visitors to use. Let’s see how it works.

Server Locations

The corporate offices of WebHostingPad are based in the Rolling Meadows, IL whereas their data centers are situated mainly in Chicago.

Speed Test Results

During the past 12 months, WebHostingPad has shown an average speed of 787 ms which is an industry-average result.

Besides, the service has performed gradually more sluggishly throughout the last year and is only slightly below 850 ms – the industry standard.

WebHostingPad sites typically load in approximately less than a minute, thus on average showing a result between 0.71 and 0.81 seconds.

Average Uptime, Bandwidth, and Storage/ Webspace Limits

Speed Test Results

With most web hosting platforms showing and boasting of 99.99% uptime, WebHostingPad’s average uptime may appear somewhat disappointing.

In our uptime test, the system showed a below-average of 99.65% uptime over the last 12-months. The service performed with an uptime below average throughout the whole year.

  • Average uptime in the last 12-months: 99.35% – 99.94%

Although the company claims its website has 99.9% uptime, it did not come close to this indicator. Its average uptime ranges between 99.35% and 99.97% – acceptable, on the whole, but it will need to improve when it comes to site availability.

Pricing and Plans


WebHostingPad, like many other modern hosting providers, decided to opt for simplifying the choice of a package of services as much as possible. Here is what it offers in terms of prices.

Shared Web Hosting

So, for the services of shared hosting, a key plan is offered — the Power Plan. It covers a full unlimited set for absolutely everything: number of email addresses, disk space, traffic volume, number of sites, etc. And as a nice bonus to a long list of services, an incredibly low price is also offered, subject to payment for several years in advance.

Although the plan for shared hosting is one, there is a kind of add-on to it — Power Plan Plus. When choosing this add-in, the possibility of remote access via SSH, a particularly advanced spam filter, more advanced statistics, and a few more options will be added to all of the above.

Currently, there are only two main packages under its Power Plan:

  • Power Plan’s price is $1.99 per month and offers technical assistance at Level 1.
  • Power Plan Plus costs $2.99 a month and comes with optimized server power and speed, SSH access, and an anti-spam filter.
  • They also offer exclusive Power Plan Mini which costs $3.00 per month and is best for smaller sites.

Note that, although costs are calculated per month, the payment is made every year.


VPS Hosting

The company also has VPS hosting set that supports more powerful and resource-intensive web projects. The service’s VPS-based features give its users full control over their websites. Costs are, expectedly, higher than standard options, with prices running from $19.95 to $84.95 per month.

  • Remember to always benefit from the provider’s coupon code so you can reduce your subscription costs.

There is a division into three plans:

  • Beginner (1 GB of RAM, disk space – 20 GB, 100 GB of traffic, one dedicated IP address);
  • Professional (2 GB of RAM, disk space – 80 GB, unlimited traffic, 2 dedicated IP addresses);
  • Premium (4 GB of RAM, disk space – 160 GB, unlimited traffic, 3 dedicated IP addresses).

As you can see, there are noticeable restrictions on the Beginner plan, but at the same time, the price of this service is more than competitive. It is ideal for those web projects for which the usual shared hosting is no longer enough, but there is also no need for exorbitant capacities.

WordPress Hosting

Currently, there are three fully managed packages of WordPress hosting offered and the price range varies from $2.99 to $5.99 per month. Billing works on a twelve-monthly basis.

The feature-set offered is standard for a managed hosting service and the kits include free analytics and professional email.

Free Plan

The hosting platform also gives you the use of a free site builder, which is called Free Website Builder. With this tool, you can create with your own hands a modern, stylish resource that will be multifunctional and presentable without much effort and deep knowledge. It offers more than 100 variants of the original design and a whole set of tools for working with images and videos, creating modules, etc.

  • WebHostingPad also provides a coupon code so you can subscribe at a reduced price.

Refund Guarantee

Though WebHostingPad doesn’t offer a free trial, across all plans it provides a 30-day guarantee of refund. It covers only the price of the hosting package and not taxes or extra fees.

The first thing we noticed in the WebHostingPad hosting plans is that there are no restrictions on their functions. Hence, you can get an unlimited number of domains, databases, email accounts, storage, and bandwidth, which we don’t find often enough, especially at the following price.


WebHostingPad is a robust, reliable hosting, deliberately built without frills, but with an emphasis on reliability, security, and stability. The founders of the service coped with their task, as clearly evidenced by the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of customers and the fact that for 17 years of work on the market, the company has earned several professional awards. This is an excellent solution for both a small page and a very large commercial resource. The system is very easy to figure out on your own, and technical support will always come to the rescue with any questions.

We would recommend WebHostingPad for people on a tight budget who just need the simple basics of setting up a website. Nevertheless, the provider may not be the best for those seeking more robust and established hosting solutions because its uptime tends to fluctuate.

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