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Webflow Example Websites

Webflow Example Websites

Webflow – is a professional website builder, which was created with the needs, skills and requirements of qualified web designers in mind. The platform is mainly oriented on proficient web developers, agencies, and independent freelancers, who work on the creation of client projects and wish to avail top notch result without the need to utilize their coding knowledge and skills.

Comparing to its competitors, the system comes with powerful design customization tools, enabling users create stunning websites and providing them with intuitive content editing options. With Webflow, you can build professional portfolios, marketing websites, large commercial and community projects. Being quite a complicated platform (not far easier than Webydo), it still ensures convenient web building experience and comes with intuitive interface, which has a set of standard web elements.

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So, how difficult it really is to use Webflow and how can you benefit from working with the service? We have reviewed some of the most impressive Webflow samples to highlight their pros and cons. Have a look at them to decide, whether their quality and functionality adheres to your particular web building needs and whether the system comes up to your requirements.

1. Andre Givenchy

Andre Givenchy is a personal website of a web designer, Andre Givenchy, who has launched it with the only purpose in mind – to showcase his best projects. Let’s face it – he does that in a brilliant way! The website attracts user attention from the very first sight by the contrasting colour combination, which merges with simplicity and convenience.

The homepage of the website has striking black background, which changes by the white and purple colors as you scroll down the page. The most important elements and buttons are highlighted by the red colour, which cannot but focuses user attention on them and is used as a call-to-action implication. There is also the pop-up live chat window and customer reviews on the bottom of the page. Separate Shop section redirects a user directly to the online store, where all the fans of the designer can buy his best products. All in all, this is a great sample of a website launched with Webflow!

2. Overton Graphics

Overton Graphics is a splendid sample of a portfolio website launched by Josh Overton, a London-based designer focusing on UI//UX interface and web design. This is a one-page website, which looks strict and concise. You won’t find a multi-sectional menu here – all the pages are singled out on a separate left panel with pop-up windows. Social network buttons are available here as well. This is done not to distract user attention, focusing it on the most important part of the website – the portfolio.

The website is created in calm and simple green, white and grey colours, successful combination of which helps accentuate the most important sections. It creates pleasant impression and encourages users to keep browsing the website to find out more about the owner.

3. Velocity Black

Velocity Black is a promo website devoted to the presentation of the innovative Velocity Black App. The developers of the application call it the “lifestyle assistant”, which encompasses the team of trusted specialists to provide app users with travel-related recommendations they need. The first thing that catches user attention is the video background, which is the best presentation of the product.

As you scroll down the page, you come across information about the application, videos, quotes from well-known resources and mass media as well as other related information. The website generally creates the engaging user experience and triggers the desire to keep exploring the app.

4. Blaise Posmyouck

Blaise Posmyouck is an effective sample of a portfolio website belonging to Blaise Posmyouck, who specializes on website development. The website is presented in a simple yet informative way. There is no need to waste your time, scrolling down the page to find out more about the author. The homepage is presented against the star sky background, which looks mysterious and intriguing. This is where you will see brief information about the website owner, social network account buttons and contact data. Is there anything else that has to be provided on the homepage?

The menu is found at the left panel, featuring About, Portfolio, Conditions and Contacts sections. The website is available in two languages – English and French, which notably extends the target audience.

5. Disruptive Social Club

Disruptive Social Club is a promo website of the East London based creative agency, which offers a broad spectrum of web design, logo and branding, UX/UI, social media and marketing services. The website presents the explicit information about their strategy, approach, projects, news etc. It looks simple, but easy-to-navigate and search for the required information.

The prevailing background colour is white here, yet there are multiple elements that diversify website design. The gallery slider presents the most successful projects of the agency and there are also news articles posted in the Press section. The contact info and social network account buttons are available in the footer for the ease of search.

6. Reine Lungau

Reine Lungau is a promo website of the German Lungau region – one of the purest locations in the countryside, where dairy and healthcare products are produced. The website is launched in the German language, which may cause difficulties for users, who don’t know this language. However, the content of the website tells much more than the words. This is due to the structure of the website, which reveals the everyday life of farmers living and working in Lungau. As you scroll down the page, you see the time of the day and the work they do at this time. Watching this is interesting and engaging!

7. Ashley Janelle

Ashley Janelle is a portfolio website created by Ashley Janelle – the entrepreneur, UI/UX designer and blogger. The general colour scheme of the website is pink and white, which totally corresponds to preferences and taste of its owner. There is also a large photo of Ashley at the homepage, which creates comfortable and pleasant impression.

The menu of the website includes Blog, About, Portfolio and Contacts. Ashley personally manages and updates her blog, where she posts informative articles on web design. This may sound interesting for the representatives of the same niche. The website is a worthy sample in the Webflow collection.

8. Conservation Guide

Conservation Guide is a community website of the eco-startup tackling biodiversity loss. The website was launched in 2014 by Justin & Will – two friends from Nottingham University who share a passion for the living planet. This is the place, where conservationists and organizations submit their listings to share their ideas, get along with each other and popularize their interests.

The homepage of the website impresses everyone by its video sea life background. There is a convenient search filter option, which makes it possible to look for the organizations listed at the website. The site also abounds in lots of interesting articles, infographics, images and galleries about wild life and its protection.

9. The Commonwell at Tahoe City

The Commonwell at Tahoe City is a community website that represents the project regarding the restructurisation of the Tahoe City to make it the destination that will unite the community areas, local retail and recreation objects, food purveyors and other elements. The website vividly depicts the way the project should be completed.

Such sections as Concept, Site Plan, Renderings, Community Benefits, The Team and Contact tackle all the nuances of the project and provide detailed information about it. All in all, the website has simple design with prevalence of light colours and plain elements. This is exactly how a community website should look not to distract user attention from valuable information and the essence of the project itself.

10. Avenir Creative

Avenir Creative is a portfolio website of Avenir Creative studio, which develops innovative and contemporary interior design projects. The website completely comes up to the specialization of the studio. It comprises geometric elements that float against the background to be further followed by full-screen photos.

The menu of the website consists of the following points: Project, Studio, Services, Contact. The sections provide detailed information about the studio, its best works, clients and other related info. The website is easy to navigate and it encourages users to get to the essence. Nice sample of a Webflow portfolio and business website!

Bottom Line

Webflow is a decent web building platform, which works great exclusively for professional web designers and agencies working on the development of custom made client projects and in some cases could be a better substitute to a famous WordPress CMS. The website builder impresses even experienced web designers by its broad range of customization tools, opportunity to integrate parallax scrolling effects, multi-step animations and other features that are not available in simple website builders like Adobe Muse.

Websites reviewed above are the main proof of the fact that building an appealing and functional website with Webflow is convenient and engaging. However, in comparing with Squarespace, for example, it takes effort, knowledge, expertise and time to reach the required result. Websites launched with the platform have stunning designs, superior performance and multiple elements that make them stand out from the crowd. Do not be afraid to experiment with web design tools and options the system has in stock to get the project you expect.

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