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Webflow Alternatives

Webflow is a platform created for professional web designers and developers. It delivers a bunch of great features including a powerful platform, multiple design and editing options, integrations, and add-ons. However, the system features a complex structure and tools newbies will certainly fail to figure out without special technical skills.

For this reason, many users look for simpler Webflow alternatives designed for people without web development or design skills. We have examined many available platforms and came to a conclusion that Wix and uKit are the best alternatives to a more complicated website building tool like Webflow.

  • Wix – an all-in-one web building platform to create websites of literally any type including stunning blogs, company’s websites, etc.
  • uKit – a cheaper and a simpler alternative to Webflow to build solid websites for small business, one-page sites, small digital stores, etc.

We are going to have a closer look at Wix and uKit to identify all their weak and strong sides as well as essential features that make those website builders better alternatives to Webflow.

1. Wix – The Best Alternative to Webflow

Wix home page

Wix has made a great name for itself boasting millions of beautiful websites on the Global Web. It has proved to be a simple and effective website building tool for users without coding or web designing background.

Wix delivers enough flexibility to deal with any type of website. Users can benefit from an intuitive interface and editing tools in addition to a wide selection of mobile-optimized templates, a huge collection of widgets and add-ons, integration capabilities and more.

What Types of Websites Is Wix Good for?

Wix lets you build literally any type of website. It delivers an endless selection of ready-to-use templates from over 70 different categories including eCommerce, blogs, business sites, etc.

You can use the platform to create professional portfolios featuring high-quality images that will certainly draw the attention of potential customers. Wix is a good option for landing pages or one-page websites. The platform has enough eCommerce features to build, manage, and promote a medium digital store. An AI-based software makes the building process even easier. It asks a user several simple questions and creates a custom template based on the answers and preferences.

Wix boasts a great blogging feature for those who want to speak volumes on the global web. Users can create a powerful blogging platform and implement available SEO settings to reach a wider audience and get the site to higher search engine ranks.

Why Wix Is A Better Alternative to Webflow?

The platform delivers a huge selection of handy features out of the box in addition to its simplicity:

  • Simple Editing Tools – Wix was designed for newbies. It means that you can build and publish any type of website within a couple of hours without special skills thanks to WYSIWYG Website Editor. It lets you take control over each and every building process as well as add content and media files using a drag-and-drop feature.
  • Mobile-Optimized Templates – A selection of mobile-friendly templates are available for users. A user should only pick a theme from a particular category and start editing.
  • Wix ADI – Artificial Intelligence makes the process of website building easier than ever before. Wix ADI tool will choose a template and organize the content in accordance with your preferences and goals.
  • Design – Wix makes it easy to integrate additional tools like visual effects. Moreover, you can experiment with the Wix Code in case you have at least basic coding skills to come up with a unique website design and stand out from competitors.
  • Flexibility and Features – The platform has its own App Store with endless widgets and add-ons from eCommerce and SEO features like SEO Wizard that will offer the ultimate SEO pan for your particular website to powerful blogging and marketing tools.

Wix has a free plan that is good for testing the system. It will come in handy whenever you want to check all the available tools free. However, it is not enough for building a solid website. You should start with a Combo plant for $8.50 per month. The paid package comes with a free domain name already included in the price in addition to a hosting, SSL security, customer support, and more.

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2. uKit – The Cheapest Webflow Alternative

uKit home page

Developed as a simple DIY software, uKit uses latest technologies to create websites for small business. It offers a selection of good-looking responsive templates combined with instruments to create content from scratch and manage sites digital identity.

What Types of Websites Can Your Build with uKit?

Just like Wix, the main uKit mission s to help newbies build a solid website from scratch. No special coding or programming skills are needed. A user only needs to log in, choose a template, edit it, add content, and publish a ready-to-use website.

uKit was designed to help you build small web shops, websites for small business, one-page sites, business cards, landing pages, etc. You can add some high-quality photos to create a professional portfolio or launch a personal blog.

CRM integration and eCommerce functionality make the platform a good option for small eCommerce websites. Users can come up with small digital stores and benefit from sales tracking and product management tools.

What Makes uKit a Better Webflow Alternative?

Let’s have a look at all major features that make uKit a better choice for non-technicians:

  • Mobile Responsive Templates – While uKit is a multipurpose website builder, it delivers a selection of different mobile-responsive templates including ready-to-use small digital stores, one-page templates, etc.
  • Mobile Site Preview – A great feature to see how your website will look like on different types of mobile devices. Users can not only a preview but also edit some of the site sections and blocks, hide or display them whenever needed.
  • Drag-and-Drop Function – Platform’s editor makes it easy to work with any type of content. You can organize the page structure as well as manage sections, texts or media files.
  • eCommerce Functionality – uKit lets users build small digital stores and provides tools to manage products, implement “add to cart” function, edit product descriptions and images.
  • Outsourcing Feature – The website builder lets you easily collaborate with third-party web developers and companies to work on the website using Developer Access feature.

You can try all available uKit functions free. The software features a 14-trial period. At the same time, its paid plans look like a bargain. The Premium plan costs $4 per month and is enough to create a professional on-page site or business card. If you crave for more features to build an eCommerce site, you can opt for advanced plan costing $12/month.

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The Bottom Line

Webflow is certainly worth paying attention due to its multiple features, powerful editing, and dosing tools integrations and add-ons. However, the platform is mainly focused on professional web designers and editors. Newbies will not manage to figure out how the system works due to its complexity.

This is where simpler website building platforms might help. Wix and uKit deliver more intuitive interface in addition to easier editing and design tools. They introduce flexible software efficient enough to handle the creation of different website types without special coding or programming skills. They appear to be a better Webflow alternative for non-technicians.

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