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Webflow Alternatives

The need for high quality websites has made the use of website builders widespread and popular. This is no wonder as these systems are versatile and differ in their parameters, pros and cons, features, purposes etc.

Most services are made with the needs of non-techies in mind, but there are also those, which are specially created for professionals willing to launch full-fledged websites with excellent performance and outstanding design. Webflow is one of the systems that are worth the attention of web design pros, who are involved in the development of custom made client projects and wish to simplify the web building process.

Webflow does not target newbies. Istead, it focuses on the needs of independent web designers, web studios, agencies and teams, who use it as a valuable web development tool to complete their everyday tasks. It is known for its powerful feature set, advanced design customization tools and options that distinguish it from other similar platforms.

However, there are users, who don’t find the system convenient or just cannot use it for other reasons. Consequently, they are looking for decent Webflow alternatives, which will ensure the same result. Let’s have a closer look at two website builders, which stand out from the crowd and, thus, can be used to build professional websites. These are Wix and uKit.

Easy of UseDrag-and-dropWYSIWYG editing tool
Feature Set:Wix ADI and Standard Wix Editor, Wix App Market, designer tools, Wix Arena, Wix Code, visual effectsMultilingual support, SSL certification, designer-oriented collection of widgets and add-ons
Templates:Free mobile-optimized templatesFree responsive templates
Technical Support:Callback, email supportSkype, e-mail support
eCommerce:Shopping cart, secure payments, and shippingStore widget, Ecwid plugin integration
SEO:Advanced SEO settingsPromotion and Optimization Capabilities
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Wix and uKit differ in the feature sets, designer tools and cost, but each website builder is worth the attention of professionals, who aim at simplifying the web design process and wish to bring down all the hassle of it to the minimum.

#1. Wix – The Best Webflow Alternative

Wix home page

Wix is, probably, the most well-known website builder, which can used to build any website type, with no exceptions at all. The system comes with a broad range of web design features and a set of tools, which have made it popular with web design pros and allow creating even the most complicated projects with ease. The service features decent price-quality correlation, professional web design approach and excellent performance.

Among the features that make the service a worthy choice, the following ones should be the first to mention:

  • Two Website Editing Options – while WIX ADI tool is a superb choice for newbies, standard Wix editor is a nice solution for professionals, who wish not only to launch decent projects, but also to improve their web building skills by exploring the options of a website builder;
  • Mobile-Optimized Templates – any professional website should be displayed well on mobile devices and Wix templates are mobile-optimized by default, which is a benefit in itself;
  • Wix Arena – this is a place, where professionals can get along with each other, share their skills and experience, discuss important job nuances and eventually find clients or decent offers from the developers of the system;
  • Wix App Market – the place, where users may find a broad range of functional widgets and add-ons, integration of which can bring any website to the brand new level;
  • Set of Remarkable Visual Effects – the website builder comes with a set of visual effects, which can give any website professional design and advanced functionality (custom animations, animated 3D elements, video background integration, mouseover effect, parallax scrolling, live video use etc.);
  • Wix Code – the feature allows building quality web apps and integrating unique website effects to boost website functionality.

Wix pricing policy won’t leave you indifferent as well. Professionals, who have already got used to impressive web design costs, will find the system more than affordable. As of today, the website builder has a free plan (which will work well for newbies, willing to explore the system) and five paid plans for web designers, who have more serious aspirations.

These include Connect Domain ($4.50/mo), Combo ($8.50/mo), Unlimited ($12.50/mo), eCommerce ($16.50/mo) and VIP ($24.50/mo) plans. If you are aware of professional web building costs, this information may become a decisive factor for you – so reasonable Wix costs are!

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#2. uKit – A Cheaper Alternative to Webflow

uKit home page

uKit is another decent alternative to Webflow, which has become a distinguished leader in the small business web development niche. The service is a perfect tool for professionals, who don’t wish to spend long hours working on the creation of complicated projects, but face the need to simplify the process, getting the most out of it.

Multiple uKit features are the major benefit of the website builder. The most remarkable of them are as follows:

  • Extensive Widget Collection – provides a range of widgets, the use of which can notably boost your website performance (Timer, LiveChat, Google Maps, Callback widget, Slideshare, SoundCloud etc.);
  • Responsive Designs – uKit templates are responsive by default, which makes all the websites created with the system accessible on all mobile devices without the need to create their mobile versions;
  • Affiliate Program – web designers can get extra benefit by using uKit partnership program, which grants access to website analytics, customer support and offers a chance to get around 30% of user payments;
  • Rich Image Galleries and Portfolios – it’s super easy to create a portfolio website in a few hours only by using the extensive collection of images the system offers, making manual edits, when needed.

uKit feature set is really powerful, but its cost may impress you much more. The website builder is known as the cheapest website builder ever as the cost of the plans is very affordable, considering the rich feature set of the system.

Currently, the service offers a 14-day trial version (which is also a useful option) and four paid plans, namely Premium ($4/month), Premium+ ($8/month), eCommerce ($9.6/month) and Pro ($12/month). So, mind the pricing aspect, if your budget is limited and you still need to get a professional website.

Bottom Line

Webflow is a worthy web building tool for professionals, which provides them with a broad range of features, advanced designer tools and customization options. However, it’s quite natural that the service may not come up to the needs, requirements and preferences of all users. This is where Wix and uKit are decent alternatives.

The website builders are both geared towards the development of professional websites with excellent feature sets and stunning design approaches. They allow solving multiple web building tasks with no effort at all. The systems are easy-to-use and powerful at a time. They are the best value for your money, which will not ruin your expectations.

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