Get Started Today, It's Easy! Review Review – is a full-cycle platform designed to help small businesses go online. It comes as an all-in-one solution along with the custom website builder, hosting, domain registration, and marketing services. Launched in 1999, the Florida-based company currently boasts over 3 million active subscribers. The software is good for entrepreneurs looking for a simple way to develop their business from scratch and get it live without a technical background.

While we are mainly focused on the website building features, we will have a closer look at the website editor, templates, editing, and web design tools offered by The platform promises a cool design and an intuitive control panel with all necessary instruments to create a responsive site in minutes. It’s high time we check if it is true or false.
  • Small Business Website Builder.
  • 20+ years of experience.
  • Full-Cycle development and promotion services.

1. Ease of Use has introduced its WYSIWYG website builder with the aim of helping newbies to create sites with no coding or web design skills. While editing pages might be not as easy form the start, the overall impression is pretty good.

The only drawback here is that you won’t be able to test the system free, as there is no free trial option. It means that you will need to purchase a plan without having a clear vision of how the editor works. This where our review will come in handy.

Getting Started

The sign-in the procedure may be a bit more time-consuming that some expect. Unlike many other SaaS platforms, you will not have a chance to test it free, as well as there are no options for seamless registration via social media or Google accounts. To get started with, you will need to complete several states before entering the dashboard.

Step 1 – Select a Domain

The good news is that each plan comes with a free domain. It means that you will not have to pay for it separately. At the same, users are free to connect their already existing domain names. Simply choose the relevant option in the spec provided.

choose domain name

As we have stated earlier, is not only a website builder but also a domain registration service. This fact addы some flexibility to users. For example, if your domain is already taken, the system will offer a range of alternatives without the need to look for another variant on your own. You may select the on that applies to you most and move on to the next stage.

registered domain name

Step 2 – Create Account

Once the domain name has been successfully registered, you will be asked to create a new account. The procedure is quite typical. However, apart from name, surname and email address, you will need to submit additional personal info such as a valid phone number. We recommend indicating real data, as you may want to request a refund.

Step 2 – Create Account

Step 3 – Complete the Purchase

The last stage is to provide your billing info. Once again, users will be asked to indicate billing address, zip code, and other information to complete the purchase. After the transaction has been processed, you will get a receipt and a confirmation letter sent to your email. Now, you are ready to start building your first website.

Complete the Purchase

Visual Editor

The system does not let you create a new website form blank, which is bad. The only way to get started is to choose any of the pre-made templates. On the one hand, it saves time although creative minds would still appreciate the chance of building their own website structure from the ground. The good news is that pre-designed layouts are super easy to modify and customize to cover users’ needs.

So, the first stage of the building process includes selecting a template. Users may choose from a variety of categories that apply to their niches. By the way, you will be able to opt for a single or multi-page website layout, which is a cool feature a few platforms have.

Choose a template

Finally, here you at the visual editor. It looks pretty clear and intuitive with all core settings and tools located in the left sidebar. Here we have some building elements and blocks in addition to general settings, page management options, theme settings, and digital store integration buttons.

visual editor

If you need to add a new element, simply click on the “Build” button with a cross and choose from the list of pre-designed blocks. Users will find everything necessary to create a more engaging and interactive website. The blocks include contact and subscription forms, galleries, slideshows, CTA blocks, headers, footers, social media buttons, and more.

visual editor

To add a block to page simply drag-and-drop it to the space you need. Each element can be additionally edited. Click on it to open a new window with general and advanced settings. Here we may change layouts, some of the element’s design features, work with typography change fonts, backgrounds, etc.

visual editor

Despite the fact pre-made templates offer a fixed structure, you may place additional blocks wherever you want. At the same time, users can manage all the blocks they have on-page and rearrange them anyhow. The features are also powered by drag-and-drop technology. Simply hover the needed element to the required space in a simple interface.

visual editor

Those looking for advanced editing capabilities will appreciate a separate block to have the code embedded. All you need is to place the container to space on the website, press the “edit” icon to copy and paste the piece of code.

Page Manager

Those who opt for a multi-page layout will be able to manage every page separately in the same way as we have described earlier. Simply go to the Page section where you will find them all in one place. Click on the page you want to edit and add extra blocks, modify the existing elements or rearrange sections using the same visual editing tools.

Page Manager

Preview and Go Live

After you have created a website, you may preview it on various mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Don’t forget t visit general settings to add favicon, website title and description, and other crucial configurations. The system lets you add an online store or blog with a click to sell products online and engage with potential customers. We will review both options a bit further in the features & Flexibility section. Now you may preview your site and press the “Publish” button to go live.

The main downside here is that does not have its app marketplace. There are no custom widgets to add. Users may only count on third-party services including Google Analytics and some of the popular payment gateways that are still easy to integrate. Users will mainly rely on built-in blocks and elements offered by the platform.
  • Full control over editing process.
  • Simple page management system.
  • Plenty of blocks to add.

2. Features & Flexibility

As was designed mainly for small business owners and entrepreneurs, the system comes with additional features to let users sell goods online or promote their projects. The company offers an array of services that include marketing and optimization solutions in addition to custom web development. If you still want to manage the building process on your own, here are some crucial features you might need in the long run.

eCommerce and Product Management

Integrating a fully-featured digital store is super easy with It can be implemented with a single click right from the dashboard. The system will automatically add the “Store” page to your website structure along with the ready-to-use shopping cart. Go to the store page and user settings to manage your products.


Product Management

The platform lets you depict your products in the most beneficial way. Users may add item images, titles, and descriptions. You may create product categories and unite them into groups. To narrow down the search, simply indicate item dimensions.

Product Management

The system makes it easy to set an initial price as well as price on sale. Users may also indicate the product availability as well as keep control over stock.

Payment Options supports various popular payment gateways including PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Each of them can be enabled and connected with a click. Besides, business owners can make the use of manual payments through the phone ordering system that is enabled on default.

Payment Options


To boost customers’ loyalty, small businesses can launch special promotions and marketing campaigns. The setting makes it possible to create different discount coupons, special sales, and links to the separate products or categories from your shopping list.

Blogging Feature

Connecting a blog to your site is the same easy as connecting a digital store. Simply go to general settings and click on the Blog button. Then you need to enable it while the system will automatically add it to the list of website pages that you may edit. Here users may choose the post format, enable or disable comments, indicate the number of comments per post, add and edit social media buttons, etc.

Blogging Feature

Marketing and Promotion

As a full-cycle company, helps to gain recognition and improve search engine ranks. It has a pool of experts in SEO and marketing. The services include:

  • SEO Optimization – the feature consists of initial consultation, keyword planning strategy, website listed in Google directories and other databases, link development, content formatting, analytics, etc.
  • PPC Ads – local specialists will configure and fine-tune PPC Ad campaigns to bring a targeted audience to your website.

Website Development and Design

As we have mentioned earlier, does not have its custom marketplace. That might be a challenge when customizing a website. The only solution to the problem is to opt for a custom web development and design team. They create fully functional digital stores, design sites on WordPress, customize already existing projects, etc.

Summing up, the set of features is not that rich. The system offers only baseline elements to create, run and maintain small business websites with eCommerce functionality.
  • Product Management system.
  • eCommerce functionality.
  • Marketing and promotion tools.

3. Design & Templates boasts a huge selection of stylish templates. There are several hundreds of cool layouts that refer to different niches. Users may choose from business templates, portfolio themes, art & design, food & restaurant, health & beauty, etc. Overall, the system offers 13 different categories. The templates look pretty good. They do not require additional customization, as they feature all necessary blocks and elements. All you need is to paste in the text, add media content, and go live.


Inline mobile editing is a great feature for those who want to have 100% responsive sites. Users may switch between different mobile modes and modify the pages and sections inside that mode. In other words, if you edit a smartphone version, all changes will be saved automatically for that particular version. Certainly, a great feature.

Adaptive Templates

If you still require some extra customization, you may benefit from theme settings. They make it possible to implement different colors and styles, change the button design, edit fonts, manage typography settings for headers and plain texts, etc. In addition, we have already mentioned the ability to add embedded code.

embedded code

4. Customer Support has several ways for users to get in touch. Besides, the platform has a pretty helpful pack of guides and tutorials that are automatically enabled once you have entered the website builder for the first time. In addition, users can generate necessary info during the editing process and lookup for the answer in the knowledge base that covers different aspects for site management to blocks configuration and connecting domains.

Customer Support

As for the direct ways to contact the support team, they include:

  • International support via phone.
  • Ticketing system to send requests via email.

There is also a blog with some typical articles featuring business ideas, leadership tips, etc.
  • International free phone.
  • Tutorials and guides for beginners.
  • Custom blog with creative business ideas.

5. Plans & Pricing

The system currently has three major plans for different website types and users’ expectations. They include:

  • Starter costs $13 per month. It is good for tiny projects for individuals eager to go live.
  • The website costs $20 per month. It is good for larger and fully-featured projects.
  • Marketing costs $27 per month with all eCommerce and marketing features include in the package.

The above-mentioned prices are indicated when billed monthly. However, users may save up to 45% if buying a yearly subscription. In this case, plans would cost $10, $15, and $20 respectively.


There is a 30-day refund policy. We came across several negative reviews when it came to refunding policy. To see it with our own eyes, we have claimed a full refund via the ticketing system. It took managers some time to come with a response. You should not expect account cancelation to be a walk in the park.

First of all, to get your money back, you will be forced to log in to a seperate Network Solution help center following the link. This is actually the only way to claim a refund for users outside the USA and Canada unless you are ready to pay for an expensive international call.

money back

We tried to send a request several times but failed due to the fact they were unable to process the request for unknown reasons. All is left to keep on trying with the whole they will come back with response. It all seems like getting a refund will be a tough challenge.

money back

One month has passed and there is no sign of refund from Moreover, they still charge monthly fees despite the fact we claimed to call of the subscription via email. Ticketing system is not working while phone for non-Canadian users will appear to cost a fortune.

We made the last effort to delete the account and it appeared to be a challenge as well. You wont’ be able to sign off until the current subscription expires. If you do not want to get into a financial trap, try to dismiss your billing info as soon as possible.
  • Domain and hosting included.
  • 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Up to 45% discount with annual billing.

6. Pros and Cons might be a good option only if you are not bothered by the lack of some customization features and pricy plans. On the whole, the system is pretty easy to use with baseline functionality to create ready-to-go small business and eCommerce websites.

Ease of Use;
Stylish Templates;
All-in-one Platform;
Mobile editing;
Responsive websites;
eCommerce and Marketing.
No free trial;
No Widget Marketplace;
Expensive starter plan.
  • Good for entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Tools for a simple online establishment.
  • Ready-to-go responsive sites in minutes.


Summing up, the platform may be a good solution to cover small business needs with its ease of use and some built-in fundamental technologies. Users will appreciate cool and responsive layouts, simple product management and third-party service integration. Working with the visual editor will hardly be a hassle even for non-technicians.

On the other hand, certainly lacks some crucial options. Moreover, entry plans look overpriced. Considering this, users may look for a more flexible and affordable solution to create small business websites such as Wix.

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