Web.com Website Builder and Hosting Review

Web.com, a USA-based dependable hosting and website building platform invites first-time users to establish their dream website for their startup businesses with an all-inclusive package. It was founded in 1999 and has since then been working its way up to becoming one of the leading web hosting technology companies. Today it manages more than 9 million domain names for clients worldwide having employed over 3,500 personnel. Both headquarters of Web.com are located in the States – in Jacksonville and Florida, to be precise.

The company targets customers of all sizes and shapes covering many areas. And yet, it is especially perfect for creating welcoming online stores, personal blogs, and small businesses. To find out if Web.com is the service that will help your business thrive easier, we suggest you spend a couple of minutes reading this informative detailed review.

Web.com Hosting Review

Web.com claims to be a one-stop venue for everything related to a website starting with website building tools and ending with shared hosting. But since there’s no such concept as a perfect host, let’s see the qualities that can either make Web.com a great fit to your requirements or not. Be certain, it’s much more expedient to spot a host that’s catered to your particular needs rather than a unicorn of a hosting provider.

Web.com Hosting Review

Web.com Features

This is a full-service host with a number of necessary tools you might expect including:

  • SSL support (with no free certificates, though);
  • PHP support;
  • Automatic backups;
  • cPanel access.

Web.com doesn’t offer site migration services. Hence, if you are currently using another host, upon moving to Web.com, you will be obliged to start the website anew. It can’t boast of resources in basic plans. You can hope for SSL certificates only when using a higher-priced plan.

The hosting company supports many programming languages with PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python in particular.

Web.com Security

Web.com Security

Web.com exploits CatchGuard to provide scam protection, email virus detection, and removal, thus safeguarding a website. The company’s emails support Sender Policy Framework authentication and DomainKeys Identified Mail tech that ensure additional security.

However, if a customer wants to back up his site with a Secure Socket Layer certificate, it will cost him $24 and up per year.

Web.com Performance

Web.com hasn’t built a reputation as a perfectly performing hosting company. After testing it through the Sucuri Load Time Tester, we got a D grade for the overall performance. Surely, it’s satisfactory yet definitely not impressive. For US located customers the speed of launching is higher. Hence, New York, Toronto, and Montreal sites load quicker than 2 seconds – the average for loading sites in other locations.

The uptime guarantee at the service is 99.9%. It’s supported by an actual Service Level Agreement and thoroughly meets the industry standards. Moreover, some third-party tests show up to 99.97% uptime results.

Web.com Website Builder Review

Web.com Website Builder Review

The website builder by Web.com catches the eye with the simplicity of use. It needs only three steps to have a website ready for launching – choosing a domain, selecting a package, and customizing the design. You can even have your business-specific email for better recognition. In fact, creating a website is hardly ever easier with any other website builder. Its drag-and-drop feature, as well as over a hundred of customizable templates and pre-designed content blocks make the platform superb even for novice users.

Let’s see what essential basic and extra features the company offers.

Web.com Features

Web.com bases its website building process on dragging and dropping. The titles of the offered features are more than self explanatory. However, we shall address to some separately:

Social Media: Web.com enables adding links too to various social profiles and placing special buttons for sharing and liking the website. The available social media platforms are Instagram, Pinterest, and Disqus.

Blogging: Web.com has a wonderful feature hidden somewhere in the Sidebar (you can access it through the Settings). When you “Enable Blog”, you will add the blog page to your website. If you wish so, Web.com allows you to rename it. In this new page, you may later add a title, the appropriate text, and spice the content with attractive images. What we liked in adding images, is that their place is customizable. Add tags and schedule the publication of every post. Though the feature doesn’t come packed with many options for customization, it’s quite a decent one.

Web.com Blog Post

Search Engine: Once your brand new website is created, Web.com will take the responsibility of driving customers to it. The Search Engine Optimization is the feature built right for this purpose. Having your website optimized, it drives more organic search results.

Legal: This feature enables users to manage their website cookie policy and all legal pages. Accessing this section, you can switch on the cookie banner and website analytics. The latter permits getting information on all the visitors of your website thus giving you precise data on the website traffic.

Advanced: From the Advanced features, you get access to Site editor where you can save the layouts of the blocks you created and apply them to various pages created. The Advanced features also allow you to customize your 404 Error Page, or even delete it.

Web.com 404 page

Google services: Do you want to add a Google reCaptcha to your site? Or perhaps you’d like to deploy third-party or Google tags on your website? The Google Services feature offers all this, along with site verification and Google analytics.

For setting up a professional looking site regardless of the business type you plan to engage in, Web.com offers a package of properties, including:

  • Drag-and-drop site design;
  • Intelligible editing interface;
  • Completely customized mobile-friendly layouts.

Web.com Design and Templates

Web.com Design and Templates

The first step of establishing a website is choosing a template. Web.com states it has hundreds of templates to choose from. And yet, we have spotted only slightly over a hundred templates categorized into the following sections:

  • Services
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Portfolio
  • Restaurant

Even if the array is not too vast, it is definitely sufficient to create a worthwhile website. To edit a template, however, you don’t have to be a professional. The drag-and-drop interface serves as a great advantage of the service. Web.com enables editing the background image and color and customizing the font style. And still, Web.com doesn’t provide users with the possibility for HTML or CSS customization. So, you should take into consideration what you want your final website to look like when you choose a template.

Getting Started With Web.Com Website Builder

So, let’s suppose you have bought your first month and feel ready to start building your own website. Clicking on the “Launch Website Builder” button from your account and then opt for Create Site. This will open the array of templates. Even though Web.com is relatively a new service, it has quite an impressive range of professional-looking templates separated into sections. Every template is available in either a single or multi-page variant. After choosing the appropriate template, you will be provided with several useful tips. Web.com enables pre-watching how the chosen template will look on desktop, tablet, and phone screens through the respective icons on the top of the chosen template.

Now you use all the features described above to customize your website. Just drag whatever you find expedient onto the page and drop it to the appropriate space once the section turns red.

What concerns the block sections, they appear fairly assembled with images and texts to alter if necessary. Create a Call to Action, add Testimonials, customize the Galleries. It’s all very simple.

SEO Tools

Web.com appears packed with amazing SEO tools, including:

  • An advanced keyword strategy that ensures the site has all the keywords and key phrases that will lead more users to your website.
  • A honed content strategy to make the most of the invested marketing efforts.
  • The website builder creates and provides the user with a list of local customers, which is highly crucial for businesses that have physical locations.
  • As an attachment to the local listing option, Web.com can also include a Map placement on the site you create.

Pros and Cons

Web.com, like any other hosting and website building company, can be neither perfect nor completely dissatisfactory for all customers. Some may value those features of the company which are of no significance to others. To see if the service is catered to your needs, see the main advantages and downsides.

Affordable intro offer: Compared to many other hosting companies, Web.com features quite a cheap intro offer – $1.95 with a custom domain name. The intro offer is valid only for a month, though, and switches to the basic plan after the due time (priced at $22.95 per month).
Instantly published sites: With Web.com you save much time on choosing images, headings, and other content since the industry-specific templates come with all the necessary content to build a site fast with no troubles.
Premium phone support: We can’t say that the whole customer support of Web.com is on the top level. Yet, when not all offered options appear very helpful, the phone support is superb. Available 24/7, the company is ready to solve any issue of a customer regardless of their time zone.
Overpriced plans: Unlike most other hosting companies, Web.com doesn’t offer any free trial to new customers. Instead, it gives a money-back guarantee, which doesn’t always work in favor of users. However, what we mostly complain about is the quite expensive basic plan that comes at a $22.95 price tag.
No website immigration: If you have built a website using another host provider’s services, you won’t be allowed to transfer it into Web.com. This website hosting and building platform doesn’t offer any website immigration.

Web.com Plans and Pricing

As far as you are interested in the hosting services of Web.com, the company has schemed three available packages for you. Let’s see what each of them offers to potential customers:

  1. Essential$5.95. The plan offers 300GB of storage space, 100 email addresses, 25 FTP accounts.
  2. Professional$7.95. The plan offers 500GB storage space, 500 email addresses, 50 FTP accounts.
  3. Premium$9.95. The plan offers unlimited storage space, 1000 email addresses, unlimited FTP accounts.

Pricing for DIY Builder

The starting cost for the DIY builder is more than affordable. Priced at $1.95 per month, however, it skyrockets to $22.95/mo right when the four-week period passes. The same refers to all other plans – they are cheap at first and then drastically rise in cost. This pricing strategy is definitely higher than average, especially when other companies with more features and better software prices significantly lower. Get acquainted with the pricing of the plans for the first month and after that:

1st MonthAfterward
Website Builder$1.95$22.95 per month
Website and Marketing$2.95$32.95 per month
Website, Marketing and Ecommerce$3.95$42.95 per month
Build-It-For-MeFree$114.95 and more

E-Commerce Options

Web.com offers several methods of accepting payments through your site. The Take-a-Payment widget comes at an extra cost of $9.95, yet it’s not designed for stores. To run your business on more serious conditions, we would recommend you upgrade your package to at least eCommerce Express (priced $29.95) or eCommerce Standard (priced $59.95). The eCommerce Express package allows you to sell twenty products, provides limitless addresses of emails, and charges a 2.5% transaction fee. The eCommerce Standard package, meanwhile, gives more space to work – 500 products to sell, an abundance of email marketing tools, and a capability to submit the products to Google search. The transaction fee is 1.5%.

And last, the eCommerce Pro package (priced $99.95) offers the user a vast array of options to work with, including an unlimited number of products, is available for multiple uses, enables affiliate management, and has a dedicated SSL security certificate. The transaction fee is minimal – only 1%.

Customer Support

Web.com Customer Support

The hosting and website building company ensures round-the-clock customer service. From the several available contact means, however, phone support works the best. It’s literally available throughout the whole day, and the specialists answer your call almost immediately. So, you needn’t calculate the difference between the time zones of your location and the headquarters of the company located in the US.

However, if you aren’t in a hurry and don’t need an immediate answer to your question, you can get in touch with the company through their email support and get a reply within a day.

And at last, the committed Web.com support portal suggests browsing through an extended array of possible issues/questions regarding the company’s services already given detailed answers and explanations. Most probably, you will find the problem that bothers you already solved here.

Web.com Blog

Web.com Blog

The website host and builder presents to its clients’ attention a quite vivid blog, full of amazing articles and offers on how to create a winning website, or how to run a business successfully. Accessing it, you will get many tips and tricks about online marketing from specialists that come at no cost at all. The company’s social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are quite active, too.

Final Words

Today Web.com is already a web design agency representing itself under the name WDC. It aims at creating an online brand identity or its clientele. And yet, Web.com doesn’t come to mind first when you are to recommend a website host. On the other hand, the company doesn’t boast of being what it isn’t. Its hosting services are mostly targeted at newcomers. Web.com supplies everything for new users so that they can kickstart a website quickly and without trouble. So, if you are new to internet marketing, and it’s going to be your first website, you will get quite good hosting services at a good price.

Nevertheless, if you have set bigger plans with your online business, or already have a website established with another host, we’d recommend you consider more advanced hosting platforms.

As far as you are concerned with website building services by Web.com, here you can expect a decent-looking result, and not a superb brand website because of the limitations.

The pricing policy of Web.com leaves much to be desired. The company allures with cheap first-month packages (taking into consideration the limitations of features offered, the price can be considered even fair). And after the time proceeds, the price of the currently used package gets multiplied by several times. So, if you plan to make use of Web.com services, you’d better pay close attention to all details of a package before signing up for it.

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