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Volusion vs Squarespace: Which is Better for Ecommerce?

Switching from Volusion to Shopify

Volusion and Squarespace are two contemporary web building platforms used by dozens of millions of users across the globe. The platforms have notable functionality distinctions as they target diverse audience types.

Volusion is a website builder oriented towards online store creation. The platform is quite difficult to master for beginners yet it offers powerful eCommerce options. Squarespace is the all-in-one web development platform that allows for the creation of different types of web-based projects – from simple promo sites and landing pages and up to powerful blogs and online stores. Squarespace is simpler to use even for newbies, but it also provides options to create full-featured online stores.

Website Builders Comparison Chart

Our score:          
Best for:Powerful eCommerce websitesSmall business websites, blogs, web stores, professional portfolios
Templates:Dozens of free and paid responsive templatesMultiple free high end responsive designs
Technical Support:Live Chat, Phone Support, Help Center, blog, detailed tutorials and guidesLive Chat, Email Support, Community Forum, Ticketing System, FAQ section
Blogging Options:No integrated blogging enginePowerful built-in blogging CMS
SEO Options:SEO-friendly platformAdvanced SEO parameters
Pricing:Starts from $29/moStarts from $12/mo
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Which service – Volusion or Squarespace – still works best for online store development? Which of them has more to offer and which of them is ready to ensure the best result? Read on the detailed comparison of two website builders to define the one that works best for eCommerce website creation.

Volusion vs Squarespace: General Overview

Volusion vs Squarespace: General Overview

Volusion is one of the most popular eCommerce website builders, which enjoys extensive user recognition in the contemporary web design market. The platform has made its name due to its high end functionality that allows starting all types of web stores, ranging from small projects and up to full-featured hypermarkets.

The foundation of the platform dates back to 1999, which speaks in favor of its performance and reputability. The website builder works equally well for beginners and web design experts as it has much to offer to both user categories. Current statistics tells about more than 59194 websites started with the website builder, while the amount of live web stores powered by it has reached 11269 websites. However, the system currently encounters financial problems, which may have negative impact upon its functionality and applicability.

Squarespace is another trendy website builder, which reveals more extensive functionality, making it possible to start all types of web projects. Online stores are not an exception. The platform works great for entrepreneurs and store owners willing to go live with their projects and aiming at growing their customer base along with profit.

The system was launched in 2003 and it has significantly changed over time. Current stats shows that the website builder has been used to start over 3884010 websites, while the number of live projects created with it has overcome 1536978 projects. These numbers are really striking and they definitely speak for themselves.

Thus, both website builders are worth user attention and both of them make it possible to start online stores. As you find out more about each system, you will discover that Squarespace enjoys higher demand of users – just have a look at updated statistics to make sure about that. Volusion cannot boast such an astonishing user recognition yet it still remains one of the eCommerce niche leaders.

Volusion vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Volusion vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Volusion is not the easiest website builder among its alternatives you can find in the modern web design market. It looks quite understandable after the registration, but you will encounter multiple challenges, trying to proceed to web store development with it. Having got access to the Storefront, you will be offered to pick a template using the wizard, upload the company logo, add products, customize the design and menu of your future website. Additionally, you will have to pick the subscription, if you have an intention to keep working with the system afterwards. If you are not quite sure about this, you can omit this step to test the functionality of the system on a trial version.

Volusion DashBoard

Such a diversity of steps may be quite challenging for a newbie. There are many options, charts and settings at first sight here. You will need several days to master them properly. This can make the creation of an online store with Volusion a time-taking process, especially if you plan to sell dozens of products.

Volusion customer support options are pretty versatile, letting you find answers to all the system-related questions you have. The major Volusion advantage is its Live chat, where you can get qualified assistance from tech support experts and eCommerce advisors. They can help users settle their financial, marketing and economic problems, offering step-by-step guidance and advising on the best choice in questionable situations. What’s more, Volusion offers qualified phone support assistance and it also comes with a powerful Help Center to solve technical problems and Guides, where all useful recommendations for those entrepreneurs, who just start their businesses, are provided.

Squarespace can hardly be called a simple website builder yet it is still easier as compared to its competitors. What you need is to pick the design (there is a separate template group for online stores), register, upload logo, name and description of a website and… that’s it. You can customize the selected template and positioning of website elements in the opened window as well as add products and their descriptions, specify payment and shipping settings. The process is simple and intuitive.

Squarespace Editor

Dashboard elements are grouped to help a user understand, where to look for the required settings. As far as we focus on online store creation, you’ll initially get access to eCommerce settings, where you can manage orders, add new products and set up discounts.

Speaking about ease of use, Squarespace is a better choice than Volusion. Intuitive visual editor and understandable settings make it convenient for quick creation of an appealing online store. You’ll need much time to master Volusion instead as this is a more niche-focused website builder, which explains the extensive diversity of eCommerce tools and deliberate web development approach it offers.

Volusion vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

Volusion vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

When it comes to online store development, Volusion and Squarespace both provide powerful out-of-the-box functionality. The website builders allow picking an extensive diversity of tools and features top come up to versatile eCommerce needs of users. To define the platform that has more to offer in terms of eCommerce, it makes sense to define and compare their major parameters. Read on to find out more about them.


Volusion abounds in powerful eCommerce settings, tools and functions. This is no wonder, considering the specific niche focus of the website builder. Detailed system settings make it possible to set up each product individually, edit shipping settings, specify suppliers and manage stock products. Apart from that, Volusion offers powerful analytics system you may use to track website traffic as well as to analyze sales indexes, TOP selling products as well as economic indexes like ROI.

Volusion eCommerce Features

The website builder also comes with a powerful eCommerce CRM that allows for convenient and hassle-free order management. Likewise, there is access to extensive dropshipping options, social management tools, integration with powerful eCommerce platforms like eBay and Amazon. Such a diversity of options makes Volusion a pretty nice choice for quality eCommerce website development.

Squarespace comes with a powerful integrated eCommerce engine, which allows setting up, managing and updating professional online stores that display great on mobile and desktop devices (see the best Squarespace-powered stores). When using Squarespace you will be able to create and update appealing show windows, offering dozens of physical and digital products for sale.

Squarespace Edit Product

The system grants access to multiple eCommerce features, such as CSV product import/export, integration with popular trading platforms, abandoned checkout recovery, Xero integration, multi currency support, Stripe and PayPal integration. All these features allow for quality web store development.

When it tackles the eCommerce aspect, Squarespace proves to be a more suitable solution to get started with your online store creation. Irrespective of the distinctive eCommerce focus Volusion provides, running a web store with Squarespace is more convenient and hassle-free. The website builder offers powerful eCommerce functionality that does not compromise with performance and ease of use.


Volusion doesn’t offer integrated blogging functionality and, thus it is impossible to start or connect a blog to your online store, when using the system. Even though this feature is not a must for an eCommerce project, it might be helpful when driving user attention. Volusion has not taken care of the blogging feature, which can be considered one of its most notable demerits.

Squarespace comes with a powerful built-in blogging engine. The website builder makes it possible to connect a blog to your web store to ensure convenient user interaction and to boost customer engagement rate. The system offers a collection of blog templates, which are customizable and responsive by default.

Squarespace Blogging

It allows adding and editing blog posts and pages, saving and scheduling new publications, setting up accessibility, social sharing and SEO parameters. All in all, it is possible to start a quality blog here to boost your web store reputation.

As to the blogging feature, there is nothing to compare here at all. While Volusion doesn’t have a blogging engine, Squarespace allows for quality blog creation, management and promotion. With this purpose, it offers multiple tools and features to let you connect a blog to your online store in case of necessity.

Integration Options

Volusion allows for rewarding collaboration with the world-popular marketplaces. Web stores created with the website builder can seamlessly integrate with the largest eCommerce niche leaders like Amazon and eBay. Such cooperation ensures better business exposure and sales growth. Additionally, the website builder allows for multiple payment gateway integration, including Stripe and PayPal support.

Squarespace is definitely worth user attention, when it comes to integration options. There are multiple widgets and add-ons to choose from, including those for photo gallery creation, social media sharing etc. It is possible to integrate Google Analytics tools, Squarespace Metrics App, Google Maps, Acuity Scheduling Platform as well as Unfold – Advanced Storytelling Tool.

Squarespace Analytics

Speaking about integrations, Squarepsace has more to offer. Unlike Volusion with itsa limited set of eCommerce-specific tools, the website builder grants access to high end features applied for web store development, marketing and promotion purposes.

Template Editing

Volusion template collection is not quite extensive. It currently encompasses 40 quality themes, which include free and paid designs. The cost of premium templates designed by the platform developers ranges between $50 and $180. All the themes are mobile-responsive even though they are not sorted out by industry.

Volusion vs Squarespace: Which is Better for Ecommerce?

This can somewhat complicate the choice. A nice advantage is that any template (even a paid one) is customizable. You can edit both CSS and initial HTML codes, which makes it possible to add the required code elements, such as Facebook pixel, for example, to the website without any problems.

Squarespace has over 80 templates available to users, but not all of them are meant for web store development. The number of eCommerce themes is not high, but all the templates are free and completely customizable. Additionally, there is an option that lets users change the chosen template, while saving the content.

Squarespace Page Sections and Elements

However, its necessity is quite questionable from the point of view of a commercial project, because the process of online store creation is quite serious and the benefits of this or that design should be considered in advance. A real highlight of the website builder is its Cover Page Builder, which makes it possible to design an appealing cover page for your online store. You can do that by picking and customizing content blocks to match your project style. Finally, Squarespace lets you insert media files, edit template design via code integration, submit business-related info etc.

As to template editing options, Squarespace prevails over Volusion. Along with a more extensive selection of eCommerce designs, the website builder grants access to the powerful toolset and high end niche-specific functionality. This allows giving your web store required design and outstanding performance.

Volusion vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

Volusion vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

Volusion pricing policy looks more democratic compared to that of its major competitor – Shopify (see review). The website builder offers a 14-day free trial that lets you test the integrated functionality of the platform. Upon the end of the trial period, you will be offered to upgrade to one of four paid subscriptions to get started with your web store development. Have a look at the cost of the plans and the services/terms they involve:

Volusion Pricing

  • Personal costing ($29/mo) – works well for small shops with annual revenues up to $50k. The subscription lets you add up to 100 products and only 1 staff account;
  • Professional costing ($79/mo) – is great for medium web stores that sell up to 5,000 products;
  • Business costing ($299) – is enough for a growing business with annual revenues over $500k. The plan offers unlimited products and Priority support.
  • Prime (price is negotiated individually) – is a nice pick for large international companies craving for VIP support and features in the pack.

All Volusion plans encompass unlimited bandwidth, 0% transaction fee and diverse product management options.

Squarespace pricing policy implies four plans for commercial websites. However, there is also a 14-day free trial that lets you test the features the system offers before deciding upon the suitable subscription. As soon as you are done with the test period, go ahead to upgrade to one of the paid options. Here they go:

Squarespace Price

  • Personal ($12/mo) – 3% sales transaction fee, 20 web pages, free custom domain name;
  • Business ($18/mo) – 2% sales transaction fee, unlimited web pages, AdWords credit;
  • Basic ($26/mo) – unlimited amount of storage and bandwidth, unlimited number of products to sell, integrated accounting options;
  • Advanced ($40/mo) – real time carrier shipping, label printing, abandoned checkout autorecovery.

Squarespace premium subscriptions come with domain name connection options and they also offer free hosting. If you have your domain name registered with another hosting provider, the platform allows transferring it with a few easy steps.

As to the pricing policy, both systems are quite affordable and feature-laden. They are moderately-priced, granting access to the distinctive seat of features provided out of the box. Squarespace, however, offers cheaper pricing solutions that are specially geared towards eCommerce website creation.

Volusion vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Volusion vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Volusion is a SEO-friendly website builder, which lets users adjust SEO parameters of their projects with regard to their website optimization needs and requirements. Users are put in charge of their website optimization. They have access to the intuitive dashboard of the system, where they can edit custom URLs to make their projects SEO-friendly.

This is also the place, where one can set unique meta titles and descriptions, assign ALT attributes to photos and images, edit robots.txt files etc. Additionally, the website builder allows tracking your web store detailed statistics, including crucial info about popular products, traffic behaviour and sources as well as other parameters.

Squarespace is good at SEO as the website builder allows adjusting SEO settings for the entire website as well as for its separate pages. The platform picks and uses the product name/post heading as the SEO title for the required page.

Squarespace Edit Product - SEO

Additionally, it lets you hide your website or its separate pages from indexation by the search engines until you are ready to publish a ready made project. This is done by means of adding the “noindex” tag to the page or pages that have to be hidden from indexing.

Speaking about SEO, both website builders allow starting SEO-friendly projects. Squarespace, however, unveils more options, making it possible to hide your project or its separate pages from indexing by the search engines. This contributes to quicker and more effective optimization of your eCommerce project.

Key Differences Between Volusion and Squarespace

Ease of Use:Volusion is a specialized eCommerce website builder, which lets you run quality online stores. The system works great for small and large eCommerce projects, irrespective of their specialization.Squarespace is a drag-and-drop cloud website builder. It is a nice solution for users with diverse coding skills. The system can be used to run web stores, business projects, blogs, portfolios, landing pages etc.
Functionality:The website builder abounds in eCommerce functionality. It ensures smooth and intuitive web store creation process. The system works well for newbies and web design pros, offering extensive out-of-the-box functionality.The website builder comes with integrated WYSIWYG editor, Logo Maker, blogging and eCommerce engines, social integrations, SEO tools, Cover Page Builder, statistics tracking options, advanced Google Maps embedding and marketing features, Unfold App and high end Acuity Scheduling platform.
Design:Volusion offers over 40 eCommerce templates, which are free and paid. They are also highly customizable and mobile-ready by default. Code editing is allowed here that lets you create unique website design.Squarespace designs collection includes dozens of quality and responsive templates. They make it possible to start various projects, which are fully-customizable and professional.
eCommerce:The website builder offers multiple eCommerce tools and features. It comes with extensive product management options, integration opportunities, web store and SEO settings.Squarespace eCommerce platform allows launching and updating small and medium web stores, assigning their special parameters.
Blogging:Volusion doesn’t have an integrated blogging engine and, thus, it is impossible to start a blog with the website builder.With Squarespace, you can start a professional blog. It’s up to you to update and edit it when required as well as to customize its design with regard to your project and industry requirements.
Small Business:The system makes it possible to start a small business website, which is geared towards eCommerce website development.The system works well for small business website development. It lets you integrate business widgets, numerous media files, Acuity Platform as well as useful email marketing and statistics tracking tools.
Pricing:Volusion has a free 14-day trial and four premium subscriptions. Their cost starts from $29/mo.Squarespace comes with a 14-day free trial and several pricing solutions. The subscriptions are meant for standard and eCommerce websites. Their cost starts from $12/mo.
SEO:The platform allows creating SEO-friendly websites that rank high in the search engines.Squarespace is a SEO-friendly website builder. Apart from the opportunity to fill out the major SEO parameters for effective website promotion, the system also lets you hide your website (or its separate pages) from indexing by the search engines.
Customer Support:Live Chat, Phone Support, Help Center, blog, detailed tutorials and guides24/7 Live Chat, Email Support, FAQ section, Ticketing System, Community Forum

Which Is Better for Online Store: Volusion vs Suqarespace

Starting a web store is often a challenge and this is where the choice of the right tools proves to be crucial. With so many eCommerce platforms available in the modern web design niche, it’s not easy to pick the one that adheres to your web store development needs.

Volusion is a powerful tool that combines the features of a website builder, CMS and CRM-system. It’s possible to create an online store with it to sell the unlimited number of products (see Volusion store examples). Squarespace works better for newbies, who are just starting their online businesses, exploring the science of website building. Intuitive interface makes it possible to create an online store in less than a day.

When it comes to web store creation, Squarespace definitely seems to be a more preferable solution. Due to its powerful integrated eCommerce engine, availability of eCommerce templates, high end design customization and web store management tools, affordable pricing and rich integration options, the website builder is a great pick for beginners and web design pros. Considering the financial problems and bankruptcy threat Volusion encounters these days, the choice becomes more than obvious. This is Squarespace.

Volusion vs Squarespace: Which is Better for Ecommerce?
  • Specialized e-Store builder
  • Free and paid designs
  • Several pricing options
  • Encounters financial problems
Volusion vs Squarespace: Which is Better for Ecommerce?
  • All-in-one website builder
  • eCommerce and blogging engines
  • Acuity scheduling platform
  • Unfold App for social media storytelling

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