Volusion Website Builder Review

Volusion – is one of the most famous and efficient hosted ecommerce platforms. This all-in-one shopping cart solution was founded in 1999. Today it centralizes over 250 employees and combines more than 30,000 merchants worldwide!

Using this cloud-based eCommerce software, internet merchants set up online stores, add the necessary details on products and payments, which all boost the selling process. Initially, the software was available in two formats – Volusion 1 (V1) and Volusion 2 (VOLT). Both are available today, yet the second format is much more preferable and advanced. Therefore, this Volusion review is mostly addressed to characterizing VOLT. We have surveyed and are going to introduce all ins and outs of the eCommerce solution with the features, pricing, support, and add-ons in particular.

  • Great for eCommerce projects.
  • Fits small and medium business needs.
  • Good for non-technicians and pros.

Volusion Features

Volusion features everything necessary for a small business to build an online store. Surely, there are some missings to be yet completed, but overall, the software justifies a user’s expectations, especially at such a low price range as compared to other competitive services in the niche. Just remember that Volusion is an ideal solution for startups and small businesses.

Let’s break down the major features available to users today.


Volusion Dashboard

Accessing the client, you will instantly notice how well-organized and simple the admin page is. All the categories covered are presented in the toolbar to the left. After logging into your cabinet, the Home page will clearly show you the instructions on setting up an internet store step by step. After publishing the new website of your store, you can get a more general overview of it from your Volusion account.


volusion product

Once you are ready to add products to your newly-created online store, use the bulk import tool by Volusion. It uses CSV files to import the new inventory. Even if your products come in various colors, sizes, shapes, or styles, yet must be categorized under one product type with just several available options, you can do that through Volusion. Moreover, each item can be priced differently, even if it’s one of those options. Volusion allows picking up different images to display every option. You see, it’s a grandiose tool, yet as long as you are selling physical products. For digital products, Volusion can appear not as efficient because it doesn’t suggest any simple way to bring downloadable content to customers’ attention. Everything here must be selected and completed by hand.


Tax calculation in online retail can be a daunting task. Volusion offers an automatic tax calculation. Due to it, you can adjust your shipping policy – charge shipping rates based on the product or its weight, or even offer free shipping for big purchases. However, if calculating the shipping rates directly from the carriers in real-time is what you seek, you will have to acquire Shippo for it because Volusion doesn’t provide such information itself.


volusion marketing

Volusion offers a wonderful marketing tool to its users. With it, you can watch the stats of your sales, create and promote discount codes. The CRM tools show the contact information and purchase history of every client. Using it, you will better know what to suggest to every individual client. You may even wish to suggest complementary products to your previous clients so that they get inspired for additional purchases.

Multichannel Selling

volusion integration

Volusion allows integrating your products with such a major service as Pinterest and selling your goods with Product Pins. Taking into account how many people seek inspiration for a certain type of product before looking for it at online stores, you get all chances to be noticed by even a larger audience of potential customers.

Inventory Management

This tool by Volusion is built to eliminate such an awkward situation as when a client wants to order a product, and you find out you have run out of it. Agree that this is not a good way to establish reciprocally trusted relationships with your clientele. So, use the inventory management tool to track all your products and their variants to make sure you offer only those to your customers, which you have in your storage.

Dropshipping Features

Volusion Templates

Volusion has integrated a dropshipping Fulfillment Services app to enable its clients to shop products straight from suppliers without overpaying for them. It is entirely free of charge and allows searching for products to sell in a broad array of categories. Since Volusion curates all products, clients are unlikely to get stuck with an unreliable supplier. The product choice is impressively broad, letting you decide what type of online shop you want to run, even if you plan to set up a network of shops.

SEO Tools

volusion seo

Regardless of which Volusion plan you have purchased, you can make use of the SEO tools. This way you will have more accurate and working meta tags, custom URLs, product descriptions, and so much more. Remember to use all the Volusion features available to you to the maximum for better sales results.

Reports and Analytics

volusion analytics

Keeping an eye on the backstage of your online store is highly essential if you aim at developing your business. Volusion suggests using Google Analytics integration or its brand Facebook Pixel app to view reports. The built-in analytics tools will give you a credible insight into your traffic metrics, store sales, top products, site visits, as well as abandoned cart data. Use the received information and stats wisely to boost your retailing business.

Volusion Payment Processing

As far as you are interested in the banking methods available to deal with Volusion, we can’t assure you there are many. Actually, the software cooperates only with three payment solutions – Stripe, PayPal Express Checkout, and Volusion Payments, a brand payment solution. If you connect with Stripe, you can make the payment through Apple Pay, too. All the mentioned banking methods are available for all pricing plans. You will just have to select one at a time.

The already-mentioned brand payment method Volusion Payments connects a client with two other third-party payment solutions – Fort Point Payments and Authorize.Net. Both services offer discounted payment processing rates. The fees for transactions here are as low as 2.15% with a fixed additional $0.30 per transaction. Volusion Payments, however, is not a global payment method. It’s available only to merchants with US citizenship and residence.

Integrations and Add-Ons

If you want to pair Volusion with more advanced features, you need to set up integrations with third-party software. At present, Volusion allows users to integrate with 21 apps with payment processors not counted. Among the allowed apps you will find Zapier, a wonderful tool that will let you integrate your Volusion account with even more third-party solutions than the software allows. However, Zapier is not a free app.

Volusion Website Design and Templates

How do you expect a decent web design of online store-building software to be? Perhaps customizable, offering elegant design templates, and usable theme editors? Well, with Volusion you are ensured with all this. Actually, the program offers to choose from 14 free themes. They are all pretty, image-focused, and mobile responsive. However, if you need something more specific, Volusion also has two premium themes each priced at $180. 16 themes appropriate for various industries will most certainly be enough to choose from.

Volusion DropshippingFeatures

After choosing the design for your online store, you can apply some changes to it. Web developers, for instance, can use CSS to customize their content blocks on the website.

However, if you have no coding knowledge or abilities, never mind. There is a visual editor that’s very easy to use. With it, you can add content blocks for images, texts, headers, and footers. Customize the blocks choosing the buttons, colors, text fonts, and images. Surely, the visual editor of the software doesn’t give you the highest customization level. And still, the simplicity of use and the decent array of options to choose from make it quite useful.

Customer Support

No matter which Volusion pricing plan you are currently using, you can get in touch with the support round the clock. On basic plans, the support options are not many though all are quick-responsive. Higher-level plans, however, presume priority support. Let’s sort out the methods of contacting the tech assistance:

  • Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Help Center
  • In-Software Help
  • Social Media

Besides these basic means of contacting the support team, Volusion also offers special options for higher-level payment plans. The “Quick Wins” support service is payable (priced $100 to $400). It ensures expert support in anything connected with Volusion use, including web design, SEO, ads, etc. Higher-level payment plan users can contact a special success team and traffic growth consultants, to carry out training and build more effective and profitable online stores. Volusion also enables chatting directly with its team’s higher-ups through the Slack account to its Prime plan users. Volusion users will find the blog and videos on the website useful, too.

Volusion Pricing Plans

Volusion introduces a completely free-of-charge trial plan for 14 days. You can test out the platform, see how it performs, and whether it meets your requirements without any risks involved. After this, if you find this is the software you need to grow your online retailing business, you will be presented with several flexible pricing plans. The pricing tiers are organized per volume of sales that a business makes during 12 months. Hence, if your business luckily grows, you can easily pass to the next pricing tier once you have excelled your sales cap for the year on your current Volusion plan.

With every step up the ladder of Volusion plans, you access more progressive features, as well as more prompt customer support. Generally, the chosen plan is renewed once the month ends and the price is billed automatically. There are no setup fees involved. However, if you want to cancel the current plan, you will need to perform that manually.

To start using Volusion, you won’t have to sign any contract. Furthermore, the company offers impressive discounts when purchasing several months of Volusion beforehand. For instance, the three-month package is 10% cheaper than if you bought the months separately. And if you are going to enlarge your business by founding several additional stores online, you will get a 10% discount for every additional store you create using Volusion.

Let’s see what packages the software offers through this table:

  1. Personal Plan$29/month, provides the basic features necessary to get into eCommerce, including social media integrations and secure payments. Good for annual sales of up to $50K.
  2. Professional Plan$79/month, provides all features of the Personal plan + a CRM system, integrations with Amazon or eBay, and phone orders. Good for annual sales of up to $100K.
  3. Startup Plan$179/month, provides all features of the Professional plan + abandoned cart reports, digital products, competitive shipping rates, and Quick Wins service (for extra $50). Good for annual sales for up to $250K.
  4. Business Plan$299/month provides all features of the Startup plan + premium shipping rates, a success team, and priority support. Good for annual sales for up to $500K.
  5. Prime Plan – available at custom pricing, suggests all features of the Business plan + a Volusion Slack account (for individual support and training) and multiple admin users. Good for annual sales of above $500K.

Volusion Competitors and Alternatives

One of the major Volusion competitors is Shopify. Some years ago Volusion and Shopify were at the same positions, but a review of 2020 and 2019 sales data showed Volusion stores produced 5.2x less revenue than Shopify’s stores. All in all these systems are very similar in functionality. You can read the detailed comparison of these eCommerce website builders in the corresponding post.

If you are right about to create a powerful eCommerce website, then you can also consider using Squarespace or Wix for this purpose. To some extent, the system can be compared to Volusion as it also allows building online stores. However, these website builders are used for universal web building purposes, being a nice choice for newbies. To find out more about the systems and their distinctions, you can read our Voulsion alternatives deep research.


Is Volusion the right software to build the online store you want? Let’s sum up together. From one side, Volusion has a natural interface. You won’t have to hire a web developer and can do any basic adjustments to your store yourself. Volusion has an edge over many competing alternatives thanks to the inventory integration features. The tool is quite easy to use when you have numerous SKUs you need to be content with. Volusion ensures its clients with quick-response support to give a solution to any issue they may face. And finally, it comes with different pricing plans to meet any client’s needs.

On the other hand, the fee structure of the tool is somewhat complicated. There are many secondary costs that the mere price for the plan is usually exceeded. Another downside of Volusion is the forced SSL payment if you want to include card payments into your business plan. After integrating the SSL application, you will have to make further payments every time an order exceeds $100. The choice of a website template is limited, and if you want to get a premium template, know that the price won’t be affordable. It can be as high as $900.

With all this in mind, we come to conclude that Volusion is a great choice only for small businesses. Larger scale ones should seek more advanced and reliable eCommerce software. If you have a startup business or run B2B shops offering multiple product categories, you should consider getting Volusion.

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