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Volusion – is the industry’s leading platform that helps to create professional eCommerce websites. The system made a name for itself thanks to its dynamic backend, rich feature set, and ease of use making the software suitable for both pros and those who only get started with their first digital shops. Volusion offers a hassle-free process of setting up an online shop and going online with just several clicks.

Users will appreciate professional support team, affordable starter plans if compared to other eCommerce focused website builders, over 30 different payment gateways available for integration, advanced Online Store Builder, CSS editing functionality, and more. Zero transaction fees at each of the available packages will also be a huge plus in favor of the platform.

But does it really work great for eCommerce needs? Are there any hidden stumbling blocks or challenges? Join us in our digital investigation.


  • Great for eCommerce projects.
  • Fits small, medium and large business needs.
  • Good for non-technicians and pros.

1. Ease of Use

Volusion has proved to be a relatively easy platform to use. It will meet the requirements of dedicated pros who know how to edit HTML or CSS as well as newbies with no technical skills to handle the web design on their own. Non-technicians will appreciate an intuitive WYSIWYG editor that turns the building process into a fast and hassle-free procedure.

Getting Started

First of all, you need to sign in in order to access Volusion baseline features. The process is pretty fast. Users only have to indicate their first and second names in addition to email and telephone number. That’s it. Now you may get started with your free 14-day trial t check how the system works and if it suits your needs.

Once you have successfully completed the first step, the system will offer a selection of themes to choose from. They vary depending on the business niche or the number of employees you have. If the template meets your requirements, you may go to the next stage and use the Style Editor. Here you may customize your theme by adding exclusive font pairings as well as update storefront colors, etc.

Volusion Site Editor

The next step is to add your company’s logo. There is an option to simply type in your motto or text as well as upload logo images. If you still do not have your corporate signature, Volusion has a pool of dedicated designers who will craft a unique logo. Now it is high time you finally added some products and went online with your brand new digital shop.

Adding New Products

The process is very simple and intuitive. All you need is to indicate the product’s name, write a few words to describe it, insert price, and press the “Same Product” button. It will automatically appear in your digital store. You might appreciate some extra customization tools that include:

  • Website Editor. Just like it is easy to make changes in website style, it’s also simple to edit product catalogue and pages of your online store here. You don’t have to be a web design pro to do that on your own. Just get to the dashboard and manage the website to your liking.
  • Online Store Builder. Due to the online store building tool, entrepreneurs are able to manage their eCommerce websites with regard to their requirements and preferences, getting the most out of their functionality. The tool allows adding product categories, subcategories and new products, cope with SEO management features, upload and edit images and perform other actions that contribute to better website performance.
  • Volusion Store Builder

  • CSS Editor. Even though, Volusion does not imply any coding skills or knowledge, it is still possible to make use of CSS website editing feature for all those users, who are aware of coding basics. Due to this tool, you can customize the website content by manually editing its code. As a result, you get a website that features utmost functionality and visual appeal.
  • Volusion CSS Editor

  • Navigation Editor. When it comes to selecting and modifying the navigation style of your website, the use of the navigation editor proves to be essential. It allows changing navigation styles to contribute to the simplicity of the web browsing process.
  • Volusion Navigation Editor

Summing up, Volusion may certainly meet expectations of newbies who dream to get started with their first ever online shop. Dedicated pros will also appreciate enough customization freedom delivered by HTML/CSS access.


  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor.
  • Access to HTML/CSS.
  • A bunch of customization tools.

2. Features & Flexibility

While eCommerce websites are the main Volusion competence, its major features are implemented to let users easily sell online. At the same time, it offers great security means, hosting solutions, and custom domain to make your project noticeable by the target audience. We should also mention marketing and promotion instruments to take your business to a new level:

  • Favicon + Logo – Volusion helps you stand out from the crowd by simply uploading your custom logo and favicon. It will make your website more recognizable among other competitors in the niche.
  • SEO and Stats – users are in charge of their site SEO settings thanks to an intuitive dashboard where you may change custom URLs making them more SEO-friendly. Here you may also set unique meta tags titles or descriptions, add alt attributes to images and photos, edit robots.txt files, and more. The dashboard provides detailed stats on most popular products, traffic sources, and channels that drive the most of your audience.
  • Online Store Builder. Due to the online store building tool, entrepreneurs are able to manage their eCommerce websites with regard to their requirements and preferences, getting the most out of their functionality. The tool allows adding product categories, subcategories and new products, cope with SEO management features, upload and edit images and perform other actions that contribute to better website performance.
  • Volusion Store Builder

  • Simple Product Management – Volusion offers a simple product management system on a separate page. It was designed to create new categories or subcategories, manage different settings including product’s SEO, customize items, and add photos and text content. The software supports .csv format letting upload a batch of products at the same time. In other words, you only need to create a single record once and benefit from simple database export capabilities at any time. Copying and pasting your products is another great feature. For example, you have the same T-Shirt available in various sizes. You do not have to add a separate short to S, M or L size filling in all fields again and again. All you need is to add a single product and implement various options.
  • Integration – great news for those who want to collaborate with the biggest online marketplaces. Your website may be seamlessly integrated with such industry leaders as eBay or Amazon. It will certainly let you widen the exposure and boost sales. Moreover, over 30 payment gateways are available for integration including PayPal or Stripe.
  • Extended Volusion Dashboard – the dashboard is the vital tool to track your sales and manage the online shop. It generates detailed info about your customers as well as provides comparisons and reports highlighting the most popular products from your collection. Order history, contact data, and other vital info – you will find everything you need in a single place.

The software has literally everything you might need to come up with a professional digital store and acquire customers with some extras such as promo codes, gift certificates, remarketing emails, social sharing links, and other tools to keep your users engaged.


  • Advanced eCommerce options.
  • Extended product management instruments.
  • Flexibility and integration capabilities.

3. Design

Number of Themes:40
Professional Templates: YES
Free Themes: YES
Template Cost:$50-$180
Sort by Industry: NO
CSS Code Editing: YES

When looking through the templates, it seems like Volusion pays attention to its theme quality. The layouts look pretty stylish and up-to-date. However, all themes are divided into free and paid. If we have a closer look at free themes, we will notice some typical features. In other words, they actually look the same with a standard full-width slider with the horizontally placed menu buttons. While the list of products is located underneath.

Good news is that all templates are mobile-responsive here we have a mobile preview option right in your dashboard. While free themes might not meet your creative requirements, you are free to choose from paid layouts. If you do so, get ready to pay extra $180 for a template designed by the Volusion pool of eCommerce experienced web designers. Those who crave for exclusiveness may opt for a local web design studio and create design of their own. The price will depend on various features such as site complexity, structure, etc.

If a user knows HTML/CSS, he or she won’t need to overpay for premium themes, as Volusion makes it easy to edit code and create a website concept that will stand out. The feature will not work for newbies with no special skills. They may only count on style editor with font color settings and some baseline tools to customize the pages. In the whole, Volusion templates make a good impression.


  • Both free and paid templates.
  • Mobile responsive themes.
  • Style editor to change site design.

4. Customer Support

According to numerous reviews online, Volusion has solid customer support. It appears to be true. The platform offers several fast and easy ways to stay in touch. They include:

  • Live Chat (it usually takes from 30 to 60 minutes for support specialists to respond).
  • International phone number to contact support instantly in case of emergency (not available in Personal plan).
  • Volusion Help Center is a huge knowledgebase with guides and descriptions of each process from getting started to running and growing your business. The Help Center has a simple navigation system to search threads by keywords.
  • Guides – the section contains detailed guides the cover different eCommerce topics. Here you may learn how to make your SMM strategy more successful, how to increase conversions or reduce the cart abandonment rate.

The platform has its own blog with tons of articles related to marketing, selling online, and other essential issues you might want to learn. In other words, Volusion support is truly great and versatile.


  • Live chat and Phone support.
  • Volusion Help Center.
  • Detailed tutorials, guided, and a blog.

5. Pricing Policy

As we have stated at the beginning of the article, the system offers a 14-day trial. Then you will have to choose from 4 of the available packages depending on your business size and expectations. All offers come with 0% transaction fees and unlimited bandwidth. The 4 major plans are as follows:

  • Personal costing $29/month is good for small shops with annual revenues that do not exceed $50k. The plan lets you add not more than 100 products and only 1 staff account.
  • Professional costing $79/month for medium shops that sell up to 5,000 products.
  • Business costing $299 for a growing business with annual revenues of about $500k. The plan offers unlimited products and Priority support.
  • Prime is good for huge international companies craving for VIP support and features in the pack. The price is negotiated.

  • Affordable starter plan.
  • Packages for small, medium and large business.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with each plan.

6. Pros and Cons

Volusion certainly deserves attention in terms of creating a new digital store from scratch. It is very easy to use with enough tools to set and manage your store. The software will suit both non-technicians and pros. At the same time, its free templates could be a bit more versatile. On the other hand, access to HTML and CSS will be a good solution.

Great for businesses of any size.
Affordable starting plan if compared to competitors.
Easy-to-use interface.
Advanced dashboard to manage the website.
Advanced eCommerce features to launch and grow business.
Comprehensive support team.

Phone support is not available in the starting plan.
Free templates could look more interesting.
Pricey premium themes

  • Advanced software to build eCommerce sites from scratch.
  • Caring support with tons of handy materials.
  • Tools to run and grow business online.

7. Competitors

One of the major Volusion competitors is Shopify. Some years ago Volusion and Shopify were at the same positions, but a review of 2016 and 2017 sales data showed Volusion stores produced 5.2x more revenue than Shopify’s stores. All in all these systems are very similar in functionality. You can read the detailed comparison of these eCommerce website builders in the corresponding post.

If you are right about to create a powerful eCommerce website, then you can also consider using Squarespace for this purpose. To some extent, the system can be compared to Volusion as it also allows building online stores. However, the website builder is mostly used for universal web building purposes, being a nice choice for newbies. To find out more about the system and its distinctions, you can read the detailed Volusion vs Squarespace comparison in the related post as well.


  • Designed by the pool of eCommerce experts.
  • ntuitive Online Shop Builder.
  • Integration with 30 payment gateways.


Volusion is a definite leader in the niche of website builders designed for eCommerce. It comes with a selection of features that make it easy to create and manage your digital store. The design process is intuitive and user-friendly while mobile-responsive templates are easy to customize.

The system is available in various plans to meet expectations of small, medium, and large companies. The price looks pretty affordable if compared to other competitors. However, premium themes might look a bit pricey while Pro and Business plan will hardly fit every budget. If you only plan to launch a small shop with a dozen products, you might look for a cheaper alternative.

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