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Volusion Example Websites

Having a website is not a whim, but a necessity for business owners, who wish to promote their companies on the web and increase their profitability. This especially concerns online stores that can help boost any business. While the need to launch a website may be urgent, not all business owners are aware of the basics of this process. Volusion allows to create own webstore in a short time.

Volusion is a website builder that may be used to get an eCommerce store up and running. The resource offers lots of features and tools that contribute to the success of the webs building process. Let’s have a look at some samples of online stores created with Volusion to get the idea of how it works.

Example 1: Techie Warehouse offers a rich assortment of mobile accessories to meet any needs and preferences.

Techiwarehouse - Volusion Store Examples

The design of the website comes up to its theme and looks quite simple at first sight. Such simplicity does not compromise with functionality, which is far more important for customers. The online shop starts with a home page that offers the groups of accessories based on the brand of smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to browse through the categories of these products by using the catalogue found at the right panel of the site or the main menu. The latter is very detailed and rich.

To simplify users’ search and save their shopping time, the developers of the site have incorporated the search filter option, which is also available at the home page. Nice job that will surely prove its value!

Example 2: The Venetian Point Loma is a successful sample of a restaurant website, which comes up to expectations and preferences of any foodie. The only look at the site is enough to appreciate its design.

Venetian - Volusion Store Examples

The website is created in a comforting and soothing color palette with the focus on the services and special offers of the restaurant. There are only two pages here, but this is more than enough to make the clients interested and attract their attention. The home page involves a large slider, where a user may see what exactly a restaurant is ready to offer. There is also brief information about the restaurant itself as well as special services and offers they have.

What differs this website from other suchlike resources is a feature that makes it possible to book a table online. This is very convenient and time saving. A great idea for busy people!

Example 3: J.Christopher’s Winery is a website of a small winery located on Chehalem Mountain in Oregon’s Northern Willamette Valley. The resource offers a rich assortment of quality wines that are handcrafted and sourced from the best vineyards in Oregon.

J. Cristopher Wine - Volusion Store Examples

The website impresses users with its exquisite design that makes it possible to feel the atmosphere of the vineyards and causes the desire to test the wines. The home page captivates the attention by a large and quality image of sun-lit vineyards. There is also the “Shop” button, which redirects a user to the store, where the best wines are offered for sale.

The developers of the website have taken care about the convenience of customers by offering them the search filter and newsletter options, the social media buttons and the detailed contact info that comes with the Google Maps app to help detect the location of the winery. Nice job!

Example 4: Evutec is the place, where you can shop for trendy and high quality cases for mobile phones. The website was created with customers’ needs and searching convenience in mind, highlighting the benefits of the accessories they offer for sale.

Evutec - Volusion Store Examples

The design of a website looks modern and stylish, with a large slider that occupies the major part of the home page and high quality bright photos that display the benefits of the products. What differs this online shop from other resources of the same type is the availability of video reviews providing the most essential information about the products sold online.

For all those customers willing to leave their comments at the site, there is the pop-up feedback window found to the left of the home page. As far as Euvtec has shops all over the world, the developers of the resource have made it possible to search for the nearest store using the Google Maps application. Shopping for a trendy accessory online is, however, more convenient and time saving and this is exactly what a shop is meant for.

Example 5: Dogstuff is an online store, which was specially designed for dog lovers looking for the best accessories for their pets and homes. The website has a wide range of products for dogs and their owners.

Dogstuff - Volusion Store Examples

The website is designed in a simple but easy-to-use manner, which is a real benefit for customers. The main menu involves nine categories, each of which serves a separate goal. This makes the shopping process engaging and simple enough to let users save their time and effort. It is even possible to shop for dog accessories by the breed.

Dog lovers will also appreciate the availability of a blog, where they can find exhaustive and informative articles about dogs. Want to leave a comment? That’s also simple! Just make use of the pop up feedback window to share your thoughts!


As you see, Volusion is a nice tool to build eCommerce websites of different complexity levels. The website builder involves the set of features and options that make the web building process engaging and help get functional and quality online stores up and running.

The resource comes with over 100 features and a set of high quality eCommerce templates that can be customized with regard to the needs and objectives of users. If you have created an online store or a website with Volusion, you are welcome to share your experience with us!

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