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Best Volusion Website Examples

Volusion Example Websites

Volusion – is a website builder that may be used to get an eCommerce store up and running. The resource offers lots of features and tools that contribute to the success of the webs building process. Let’s have a look at some samples of online stores created with Volusion to get the idea of how it works.

Having a website is not a whim, but a necessity for business owners, who wish to promote their companies on the web and increase their profitability. This especially concerns online stores that can help boost any business.

While the need to launch a website may be urgent, not all business owners are aware of the basics of this process. Volusion allows to create own webstore in a short time.

1. Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

All the gourmets and cheese fans will be excited to pay a visit to Antonelli’s Cheese Shop – the web store offering an amazing variety of cheese sorts to come up to any taste and occasion! The website design is catchy and so tempting, with all those high res photos of cheese trays!

The website menu is convenient and easy to browse. Found at the top of the home page, it comes with drop-down windows that provide access to various website pages and sections. Having signed up for an account, you can browse the assortment of products and place your order. You can also join the Cheese Club, book an event, sign up for a cheese class or even become a wholesale partner! Options are numerous, so, hurry up to make your choice!

2. Jon Hart Design

Jon Hart Design

Jon Hart Design is the US-based eCommerce website of handcrafted, custom monogrammed bags and gifts. Website design is stylish, contemporary and it completely comes up to its major specialization. Visitors cannot but notice full-sized images of items offered for sale here.

It is possible to place an order either by reaching one of the menu points or by viewing the collections as you scroll down the homepage. Two video presentations of the web store do not only notify the potential customers about its history, but also encourage them to purchase from the shop. Users, who wish to stay connected with the company and intend to be informed about the recent updates, can subscribe for the newsletter or sign up for the social network accounts.

3. Night Ops Tactical

Night Ops Tactical

Night Ops Tactical is a web store of night vision equipment and gear. The company has over 18 years of experience, offering a broad range of high quality night vision products and accessories. They are available in numerous menu categories, including Night Vision Systems, Thermal Imagers, Lasers and IR Illumination, Scopes and Sights, Helmets, Accessories.

Each menu section comes with drop-down categories providing detailed access to the product assortment. Each item has the detailed description, specifications and high quality original photos. This helps customers get an idea of how the products look and what their implication is. There are also quick links, granting access to the major website sections, products and customer support. Users can also search the required product by name, part, keyword and other parameters. The design of the website absolutely adheres to its topic, with product images and info being published against the dark-grey background. This is a worthy sample of the Volusion-powered web store!

4. Saw House

Saw House

Saw House offers power equipment and supplies for businesses and individuals in the Houston TX metropolitan area. The web store has stylish design, which totally adheres to its niche specialization.

The menu is available here on the top of the page, with many sub-menu categories for easy product search. These include Tree Climbing, Rigging, Pruning, Safety, Traffic Control, Power Equipment as well as Service and Repair. The same categories are available at the home page as you scroll down for easy and quick access. They come with distinct and high quality images, product descriptions and specifications, shopping info and videos about the featured products. In the home page footer, you will find the contacts info, access to the major website sections and account sign up category. It’s also possible to sign up for the web store newsletter to be aware of the recent updates and special offers.

5. Get Rugged

Get Rugged

Get Rugged is an online distributor of rugged networking and computer technologies. They provide a rich assortment of products, which are specially engineered for mission critical applications and can be operated in various environments and under different (sometimes even critical) conditions.

Full-size image slider available at the home page presents the major information about the company and its featured products to notify customers about the place they have come to. The CTA button redirects to the web store, where everyone can place an order, having reviewed product specifications and shipping terms. Just sign up for an account and make the choice!

6. Glowback LED

Glowback LED

Glowback LED is a popular brand, which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of tailored linear LED lighting solutions for residential, decorative and commercial lighting needs. The company offers a rich assortment of linear LED lighting fixtures, LED backlighting panels, custom LED lighting control systems as well as other accessories. These and other products are displayed in the web store and are available for sale any time of the day.

The website impresses users by its design that does not compromise with high end functionality of the project. It is logically-structured, offering access to the main product categories. They are available in the extensive drop down menu as well as in the catalogue of products available on the homepage. Each lighting fixture comes with a description, shipping/payment details as well as price specifications. It’s possible to place the order in the web store within the shortest time possible. These are the major features that make the project a worthy sample of the eCommerce website powered by Volusion.

7. Pepper Palace

Pepper Palace

Pepper Palace is the family-run business and the planet’s top hot shop, which uses extensive popularity with customers due to the impressive assortment of small batch, natural, handcrafted and award winning spicy products. What’s interesting, Pepper Palace encompasses the chain of retail locations (there are currently over 60 shops in Canada and the US) as well as the online storefront where everyone can shop for their favorite products.

The website of the company looks really encouraging and thematic, with red colour prevalence in its colour scheme, which is manifested in all the design elements – images, fonts, gallery slideshows, banners, ads etc. To find the required product, you should browse the drop down menu with lots of sections and dozens of products available for sale there. Thus, you may choose products from the following menu categories: Hot Sauce, BBQ & Wings, Salsa, The Pantry, Seasonings & Rubs, Cooking & Dipping, Gift Items. When scrolling down the page, you will see the most popular photos you can order with a few clicks. To simplify the shopping process, the products are also divided into several groups – Best Sellers, New Products, Hottest Products etc. That’s handy and convenient.

8. Natale’s Men’s Clothier

Natale’s Men’s Clothier

Natale’s Men’s Clothier is a men’s specialty clothing store that offers professional servicing, individual customer approach and exceptional product quality. They have an astonishing assortment of models that differ in sizes, styles and other parameters. It; also possible to order tailored clothes with regard to your individual parameters here.

To avail unique personal and shopping experience, you should initially visit the website. This is where you will not only find out detailed information about the store, but will also get access to the product assortment. The catalogue is available both on the website and in the drop down menu. For great user convenience and order placement, all the products fall into several categories based on the type of clothing offered. These include Shirts & Sweaters, Pants & Shorts, Outerwear, Neck Ties & Accessories. There is also an opportunity to browse and order other services the store offers. The website design features elegance and style manifested in all the element, while the prevailing grey and blue color palette evokes the feeling of credibility. This is a notable advantage for any web store.

9. Real God Gum

Real God Gum

Real God Gum will certainly keep you excited and eager to browse the website to see what it has to offer. This is the manufacturer and distributor of safe, natural and risk-free chewing gums. The products are devoid of artificial sweeteners, plastic, carcinogens, additives, neurotoxins and the rest of ingredients that threaten human health. Instead, they are 100% biodegradable, gluten- and GMO-free, including organic cane sugar, wild harvested rainforest chicle, natural flavoring, organic glycerin and organic sunflower.

The website looks really bright, colourful, impressive and cheerful. Its color palette encompasses a wide spectrum of light and bright colours, with pink color that is always associated with chewing gums, dominating over the rest. This creates joyful and positive impression, which evokes the desire to find out more about the company and the products it manufactures. While scrolling down the page, you will discover general info about the company, history of its creation and development, the process of gum sourcing and the characteristics that make it withstand niche competition. To opt for the product, you should reach the Shop section to pick the gum you wish to taste and to place instant order. Easy, convenient and quick – that’s what makes this Volusion-based website a worthy project sample!

10. Fitness Finders

Fitness Finders

Fitness Finders is the organization that sees its lifelong mission in improving the health and fitness of young people, contributing to their physical and mental development. Having been in business for over 50 years, they have introduced multiple tools and techniques that encourage and motivate kids and adults to make great achievements. Toe Tokens introduced as a supplementary award for their Mileage Program are the most popular and the best-selling run club incentives in North America.

For those users, who wish to find out more about the company, its mission, goals, achievements and products/programs offered, the website provides the exhaustive and very detailed info. It is available in the major website sections – just reach the drop down menu to find answers to your questions. The main menu sections encompass Awards, Toe Tokens, Mileage Club, EZ Scan, Chains & Lanyards, Samples etc. You can also watch the video available on the homepage to discover the company’s priorities. To place the quick order directly on the website, fill out the online form to specify the details or reach the Catalogue to pick the products there.

Bottom Line

As you see, Volusion is a nice tool to build eCommerce websites of different complexity levels. The website builder involves the set of features and options that make the web building process engaging and help get functional and quality online stores up and running.

The resource comes with over 100 features and a set of high quality eCommerce templates that can be customized with regard to the needs and objectives of users. If you have created an online store or a website with Volusion, you are welcome to share your experience with us!


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