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Volusion Alternatives

Volusion Alternatives

Volusion – is one of the leading platforms, when it comes to the development of professional eCommerce websites. The website builder has distinguished itself a trusted and full-featured tool to start all types of web stores, trangin from small platforms and up to large online hypermarkets (take a look at real Volusion examples).

The platform stands out from the crowd due to its intuitive dashboard, abundance of integrated eCommerce features, powerful and helpful customer support, built-in marketing options, CSS editing functionality, multiple payment gateways and advanced educational base. These are only some of the features that make Volusion a worthy eCommerce solution for everyone willing to start and then effectively manage a feature-laden online store.

The website builder ensures hassle-free web store set up process and it’s quite easy to get used to it even for a first-time user. However, there are still several issues that can prevent users from getting the most out of Volusion merits. These include lack of add-ons and widgets, complex implementation and pricing policy to mention a few. Such nuances may trigger the need to look for trusted and feature-rich Volusion alternatives. It’s high time now to review the most popular solutions.

Volusion Alternatives: Shopify

Shopify Home Page

Shopify – is the undeniable leader of the eCommerce web design niche. This is the software, which has gained worldwide reputation due to its high end eCommerce development, marketing and promotions tools, affordable pricing, advanced functionality, powerful integration options and flexibility. Shopify can be rightfully considered the best Volusion alternative that provides deep web store customization options, full-featured content management system, abundance of professional designs and built-in analytics tools. It works great for beginners and web design experts, making it possible to start and manage online stores of any sizes, specialization and functionality.

The main Shopify features are as follows:

  • CMS and Analytic Features – Shopify offers some handy content-management tools and third-party integration capabilities. Unlike Volusion that only has a baseline integration with Google Analytics, Shopify makes it easy to enable customer tracking tools, launch integrated promotions via major social networks like Instagram, link any of dozens available payment options and more;
  • Powerful App Store – Shopify lets not only to launch but also to extend your web store. The platform has its own app store in addition to its built-in functionality. Download any necessary add-on from push up notifications to shipping bars, Black Friday banners, online currency converters and marketing messengers;
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Software – The platform is known for its advanced Point-of-Sale software that makes it possible to sell products both in online and offline modes. Likewise, it is possible to manage several staff accounts, synchronize your web store account with other types of accounting software and complete other eCommerce-focused actions;
  • Extensive Code Editing Options – Proficient website developers can make use of extensive code editing options. This lets them create and customize personalized web stores that will stand out from the crowd;
  • Responsive eCommerce Designs – Shopify template collection is rich and stunning. As an eCommerce-focused software, the system lets you choose from dozens of free and paid themes, which are completely customizable, professional and responsive by default (see Shopify online store examples). To edit them, you can create and update headers/footers, set up product show windows, adjust shopping cart design, choose and set website style, background and other design elements;
  • Powerful Integrations – Shopify boasts powerful integration options, letting you integrate your web store account with popular marketplaces and external platforms. Some of these third-party services include Quickbooks, Xero, Amazon etc.;
  • Augmented Reality – The eCommerce software grants access to the contemporary Augmented Reality tool, which makes it possible to present the products offered for sale in 3D modes. This helps users see these items in details, thus boosting sales volumes and increasing customer engagement rate;
  • High End Marketing Capabilities – Shopify will value an opportunity to make use of multiple Shopify marketing features. These include the possibility to create online receipts, view and analyze sales stats, apply multilingual and multichannel support options, browse App Store widgets, control the account balance, activate Shopify Tap & Chip Reader, use BOGO discount feature etc.;
  • Enhanced eCommerce Management – With Shopify, you will be able to get access to lots of advanced web store management features. These include customer profile/account/group access, email templates, dropshipping options, fast order fulfillment tools and many more.

Shopify Cost: The eCommerce software isn’t free, but it has the 14-day trial that lets you test and practice the basic functionality of the service before upgrading to one of its paid subscriptions (due to the COVID-19 trial period is extended to 90 days). The platform generally has four of them. The cheapest Shopify plan will cost you $9/mo only, while the cost of the most expensive subscription constitutes $299/mo.

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Volusion Alternatives: Wix

Wix website builder

Wix – is a simple, full-featured and cost-effective all-in-one website builder, which can be used as a great alternative to Volusion. The system has proven its efficacy and simplicity, when it comes to eCommerce website development. With Wix, you can get access to multiple eCommerce-specific features that make it possible to start small and medium online stores in almost no time. The system comes with affordable pricing policy, proper amount of bandwidth and disk storage space, mobile-ready templates, integrated App Store, advanced SEO and analytic tools and other features that make it a worthy eCommerce web building solution.

The list of remarkable Wix highlights is as follows:

  • Integrated eCommerce Engine – Wix comes with a powerful integrated eCommerce engine, which allows for the development of quality online stores. What you can do to set up your eCommerce project here is creating and customizing show window design, importing/exporting products, setting up tax, shipping and payment parameters, uploading and managing product lists, adjust shopping cart settings and more. Wix is also known for its convenient drag-and-drop editing options, appealing and logically-structured product galleries, safe shopping process, web store mobile optimization, reliable 24/7 customer support and other handy eCommerce-related features;
  • eCommerce Designs. The website builder has a rich collection of templates, which are well optimized for mobile viewing and can be customized with regard to the needs of users. No coding or web design skills are required to give your project high end look and excellent coerce functionality;
  • Ease-of-Use – Building a Wix website does not require any CSS or HTML skills to edit or customize a webpage. A simple drag-and-drop feature makes the software a great choice for beginners as well as for users willing to edit their websites on a regular basis using the assistance of customer developers;
  • Blogging and SEO Features – While Volusion does not even have a blogging engine, Wix delivers additional widgets for blog development and customization;
  • Wix SEO Wiz – The website has launched its SEO algorithm that will create a unique SEO plan for your website in particular. The plan will cover all crucial steps to implement efficient baseline SEO strategy including image alt, title and description texts;
  • Wix ADI – The platform comes with the advanced Wix ADI tool that lets you use the power of Artificial Intelligence to create high end online stores without any effort/time investment. What you need to set up a web store is to provide the required details the system will ask you about and pick some of the required eCommerce options. Then you’ll just have to invest some time editing your web store and customizing its design – the system will do the rest for you;
  • Forum – The website builder makes it possible to connect a forum to your online store. This encourages users for better interaction and helps them share their opinions, ideas, reviews and other information they consider important.
  • Multilingual Support – Wix is also known for its multilingual support feature. It lets you create several language versions of your online store to increase sales volume and drive the amount of customers/partners – both local and international;
  • Customer Interaction Tools – With Wix, you can choose from multiple customer interaction tools to further integrate them into your eCommerce project. These tools/extensions/widgets will help you stay connected with the target audience, encouraging for better communication. Some of the best eCommerce tools include Wix Forms, Callback widget, 123 Form Builder, Live Chat, Google Event Calendar, Scheduling Pro, Wix Chat, Events Calendar, Book Appointments Online, Latest News etc.;
  • User Testimonials – When working on your eCommerce website development, you will certainly be interested in adding a user testimonials section. Wix grants access to the extensive App Market, where you can choose those widgets that will let your clients leave their reviews and testimonials directly on the website. Some of these apps and widgets include Customer Reviews, Yelp, MyReviews, Voice Comments+, Testimonial Builder, Comments, Social Testimonials and many more.
  • Personalized ShoutOut Emails. The feature allows sending email notifications to web store clients and visitors to make them aware of the most important business news, updates, upcoming events, special offers and other related info.

Wix Cost: The website builder offers a truly affordable pricing policy. There is a free plan you can test to check the functionality and feature set of the system. To proceed to web store development, you will have to pick one of the paid subscriptions the system offers. The cost of Business/eCommerce plans starts with $23/mo. All the subscriptions used to launch/manage web stores include the unlimited amount of disk storage space, absence of Wix ad banner, free domain name connection, acceptance of online payments, versatility of payment methods and other related features. Mind that Wix offers the 14-day money-back guarantee as well as regular discounts and bonuses that let you save big.

Volusion Alternatives: WooCommerce


WooCommerce – is an official open-source WordPress shopping cart plugin that lets you create and successfully manage feature-laden online stores with the Content Management System. The plugin has already been used to start over 350 thousands online stores and many more are under development. WooCommerce is absolutely free for download and installation, but it grants access to the set of paid features that let you get the most out of web store performance. What you should also know is that WooCommerce implies coding and web design awareness to manage the projects launched with it.

The list of eCommerce benefits currently includes:

  • Extensive Design Customization Options – The plugin makes it possible to start small and medium web stores. It’s easy to integrate it into any WordPress project, even if you are not a coding pro. As soon as you are done with plugin integration, you will be offered a detailed wizard on how to customize the project. You can also access the set of integrated features provided out of the box to pick those that will add to your web store design and performance;
  • Product Management Tools – WooCommerce makes it possible to create rich product catalogues, fill them with products, set up their parameters, assign product categories, add search filter options. Additionally, it is possible to control user sign up process, accept online payments and orders on the web, supervise sales statistics and customer behaviour, set up shipping/tax parameters, organize mailouts etc.;
  • Hosting Selection – WooCommerce is initially a WordPress plugin. Thus, all web stores created with it require the choice of hosting and domain name. There are many hosting providers offering versatile terms and domain connection options. It takes time to pick the one that absolutely comes up to your web building needs, but this is also the surefire way to get the service you can completely rely on;
  • GEO Location Support – WooCommerce offers reliable GEO location support. This makes it possible to offer users those products they need based on the location aspect. Likewise, it is possible to manage the accessibility of your web store based on its IP address, thus protecting your website from spammer attacks and unauthorized third-party access.

WooCommerce Cost: The plugin is absolutely free for download, installation and further use. However, when you decide to go live, you will require reliable hosting that comes with the domain name. In this respect, using Bluehost will be the best solution. Being officially recommended by WordPress, the hosting provider unveils multiple advantages. These include professional customer support, unique WordPress focused functionality, advanced SEO tools, IP blacklist, DDOS protection, extensive marketplace of widgets/add-ons, Site Access Blockage tool and more. Bluehost offers several subscriptions to choose from, but the cheapest plan will cost you $2.95/mo only.

Volusion Alternatives: 3dcart

3dcart - A Powerful & Secure eCommerce Software

3dcart – is a professional, safe and reliable eCommerce software that allows creating full-featured online stores. The system is not that well-known as compared to its industry competitors, but it is still a worthy investment for users willing to start a truly prospective online store.

The list of the platform’s special features is as follows:

  • eCommerce Functionality – 3dcart lets you create a feature-laden eCommerce project, using the entire integrated feature set of the service. Among the parameters you can set up here, it initially makes sense to mention product import/export option, opportunity to choose from several payment/shipping options and multiple eCommerce plugins, warehouse stock product charts, sales statistics tools and other high end features. Social network integration is available here as well, which allows promoting your business in the social networks. 3dcart is also known for its integrated SEO and marketing tools, blogging engine, CRM integration, reporting and automated mailout features and other eCommerce-related features;
  • eCommerce Designs – 3dcart templates are versatile and responsive by default. Currently, the design collection of the platform encompasses over 70 themes that are completely customizable. The system allows switching between the templates, if there is anything you are not satisfied with in the current design;
  • Integrated CRM – The website builder comes with the integrated CRM platform, which makes it possible to keep your clients and business well-organized. What you should know is that the feature is not available by default. If you face the need to use, you’ll need to activate it by integrating the corresponding Customer Relation Management system module;
  • Module-Based Approach – The eCommerce software makes it possible to create web store layout out of modules provided out-of-the-box. They are already pre-installed in the system – you just need to pick and integrate those modules that will contribute to your web store performance. These include LiveChat, Saved Carts, Facebook Ads/Connect, Zapier, RSS Feeds, Wish List, POS, AutoResponder, eBay, Group Deals, AWeber, MailChimp and many more;
  • eCommerce Marketing Tools – With 3dcart, you can make use of multiple eCommerce marketing tools that are integrated in the system by default. These mostly include shopping cart plugins, such as Godatafeed, NextTag Feed Export,, Export, Bing, Google Product Feed, Shopzilla and some others. However, it is also possible to edit social network buttons here by means of code integration. Likewise, it is possible to pick and add ready made buttons available in the social Bookmarking section;
  • Extensive Product Management Options – The system allows choosing from multiple product management options, which eventually lets you create and manage appealing and well-organized show windows and product galleries. With this purpose, you can upload new product and manage the existing ones, assign special product parameters, add payment/shopping info, add products to the stock list of your web store, upload media files, add SKU, GTIN, MPN, set pricing options etc.

3dcart Cost: 3dcart doesn’t have a completely free plan yet it’s possible to test the feature set of the platform during the 14-day trial available at no cost. As soon as you decide to keep working with the software, you will be offered to choose from four paid subscriptions. The most reasonable solution will cost you $9/mo. What’s important, the system doesn’t charge any set up or transaction fees. Additionally, it makes it possible to switch to another plan, if there is such a need.

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Volusion Alternatives: Squarespace

Squarespace - B&B Website Builder with Reservation System

Squarespace – is a one of the most well-known website builders, which stands out from the crowd due to its rich integrated feature set. The system comes with integrated shopping cart functionality that lets you create and manage a full-featured online store, not worse than with Volusion. It’s also a great pick for users willing to create appealing show windows and product portfolios to showcase their product stock.

Squarespace has multiple advantages, namely:

  • Integrated eCommerce Engine – The website builder qabounds in ecommerce features that let you develop web stores of diverse complexity level, functionality and size. Some of these features include integrated shopping cart, product presentation tools, SKUs access, multiple payment and loyalty options, multilingual support, Google Maps embedding, Logo Maker, commenting option, price specification, SSL Certificate connection, online calendar and many more;
  • Responsive Designs – Squarespace template collection is not quite rich, but quality of these themes is worth the attention. The templates are responsive by default and they are also completely customizable that lets you create high end and personalized web store design. eCommerce templates are also available here and it’s up to you to pick the one that comes up to your needs most;
  • Social Integrations – The website builder lets you post your web store-related info in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Twitch, Yelp, Dropbox, Linkedin, Pinterest, SoundCloud etc.) to be able to further update it when required.
  • Show Window Design – Squarespace is known for its special parameters that let you create outstanding show windows to present the products you have in stock to the advantage. Customization options are also versatile here. Among the things you can do, it’s worth to mention the following: product prices adjustment, creation of product galleries, extensive media integration options, opportunity to create product galleries and variations (SKUs), implementation of royalty programs and many more;
  • Acuity Scheduling – The website builder offers an advanced online appointment scheduling system known as Acuity Scheduling platform. This is a worthy investment for web store wonders, who wish to independently start and manage professional platforms, using the integrated set of the system;
  • Widget Integration – With Squarespace, you will be able to integrate eCommerce add-ons and widgets (widgets for image galleries, social media buttons, Google Analytics, eCommerce tools for cafes and restaurants etc.) to give your web store high end design and functionality.

Squarespace Cost: The website builder is not the cheapest platform in the modern web development market, but its pricing policy is quite reasonable and it definitely correlates with the system’s functionality. You won’t be able to use a free plan here, but it’s possible to use the 14-day trial to test the provided feature set. As to the paid plans, their cost starts with $12/mo.

Bottom Line

Volusion has proved to be a good website building platform to handle eCommerce needs. The software powers thousands of web stores in the global web. However, there are some obviously better alternatives like Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, 3dcart and Squarespace. They are easier to use, cheaper and offer a wider option of tools and features to grow your business online.

Volusion is hardly a website builder for newbies. At the same time, it is very unlikely to put an ease on your wallet considering its plan prices. Luckily for small businesses and individuals, Shopify and Wix appear to be a more time-saving and effective solution. They are different but still serve the same purpose of building a solid website from scratch and customize pages to exceed users’ expectations.


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