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Volusion Alternatives

Despite Volusion obvious benefits that include an advanced educational database, customer support, extended e-commerce features, intuitive dashboard and already built-in marketing options, the platform will hardly get the title of the best e-commerce website builder considering its crucial cons and Volusion alternatives like Shopify or WIX.

Here are the most crucial Volusion misses:

  • Complex Implementation – although the software boasts intuitive dashboard and interface, strong HTML or CSS skills are required to edit your future website. The simplest SSL installation may appear to be a nightmare no matter if you have special technical skills or not;
  • The Lack of Widgets and Add-Ons – Volusion certainly lacks some extension capabilities. The website builder does not have a solid app or widget store. It offers a baseline set of features to launch your business without any opportunity to further extension;
  • Mobile Setup – there is a huge difference between mobile responsive templates that are customized in accordance with eh device type and screen dimensions and a built-in mobile site that is offered by Volusion. The last one is simply a mobile version of the web store that can look good on desktop versions or iPods and bad on other devices;
  • Extended Features – Volusion is a good website builder to launch a web store. However, it fails whenever it comes to further extension using Analytic, CMS or blogging features. It lets you only build a catchy catalog and integrate Google Analytics. And how about blog section or advanced ales? Sorry, folks not in this website builder;
  • Price – Volusion pricing plans range from $15 to $135 per month. PRO plan starts from $75 per month and it is actually the first plan that offers enough bandwidth. Moreover, Volusion users will be forced to pay credit card, add-on and transactions fees in addition to their monthly plan.

Considering the above-mentioned, Volusion is hardly the most cost-effective and handful website builder. Shopify and WIX come as an ultimate alternative to Volusion and let users solve all problems and cons described above.

#1. Shopify – The Best Alternative to Volusion

Shopify Home Page

For over a decade Shopify has been the #1 choice for thousands of web store owners and small e-commerce businesses that now have a strong online representation.

The Canadian-based website builder is a good alternative to Volusion due to wider integration capabilities, content management system, analytic tools, and lower price.

The main Shopify advantages include:

  • No Overpays or Extra Fees – Shopify looks like a more cost-effective solution if compared with Volusion. It does not charge users for credit card processing. Moreover, the platform provides a free shared SSL that is already included in the plan price;
  • CMS and Analytic Features – Shopify offers some handy content-management tools and third-party integration capabilities. Unlike Volusion that only has a baseline integration with Google Analytics, Shopify makes it easy to enable customer tracking tools, launch integrated promotions via major social networks like Instagram, link any of dozens available payment options and more;
  • Easy Editing – unlike Volusion, Shopify has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy for users to set up their website design or customize each page;
  • A Huge Add-On App Store – Shopify lets not only to launch but also to extend your web store. The platform has its own app store in addition to its built-in functionality. Download any necessary add-on from push up notifications to shipping bars, Black Friday banners, online currency converters and marketing messengers.

Shopify comes as an ultimate solution to any problems that may arise when using Volusion. It has proved to be a solid website builder to meet any e-commerce development needs.

#2. Wix – The Easiest Volusion Alternative

Wix main New

Wix is a simple and cost-effective multi-purpose website builder. It has proved to be efficient when building web stores and e-commerce websites from scratch as well.

Affordable plans with enough bandwidth, simple implementation, mobile-optimized sites, advanced SEO and Analytic tools, WIX app store and many other features make Wix a better alternative to Volusion.

The core advantages are as follows:

  • Mobile-Optimized Templates – unlike Volusion with its built-in mobile website for all templates, Wix boasts mobile-optimized themes that run equally well on any device despite its OS or screen dimensions;
  • Easy to Implement – building a Wix website does not require any CSS or HTML skills to edit or customize a webpage. A simple drag-and-drop feature makes the software perfect for newbies and those who eager to edit their websites on regular basis with the help of custom developers;
  • Blogging and SEO features – Wix delivers extended blogging opportunities. While Volusion does not even have this section, Wix delivers additional blogging widgets and basic SEO tools in addition to its SEO tools letting you edit titles and descriptions and set image previous;
  • Wix SEO Wiz – the website has launched its SEO algorithm that will create a unique SEO plan for your website in particular. The plan will cover all crucial steps to implement efficient baseline SEO strategy including image alt, title and description texts;
  • Pricing – Wix comes as a cost-effective alternative to Wix. Users can opt for a free version or paid plans that do not exceed $24.50 per month. The price includes free templates, free widgets and add-ons available at Wix app store, free hosting, and domain.

Wix has proved to be an easy and cheap alternative to Volusion with an extended list of extra features Volusion will never have. They include SEO and blogging options, more free widgets and mobile-optimized templates.

Vlousion Alternatives: Comparison Chart

Easy of Use:WYSIWYG editing toolVery Easy CMS
Templates:Mobile-Optimized templatesAdaptive templates
eCommerce:Shopping cart, secure payments, and shippingThird-Party Integration Widgets
SEO:Wix SEO WizSnippet Editing Tools, keywords
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$29 to $299/mo
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Summing Up

Volusion has proved to be a decent website building platform to handle e-commerce needs. The software powers thousands of web stores in the global web. However, there are some obviously better alternatives like Shopify and Wix. They are easier to use, cheaper and offer a wider option of tools and features to grow your business online.

Volusion is hardly a website builder for newbies. At the same time, it is very unlikely to put an ease on your wallet considering its plan prices. Luckily for small businesses and individuals, Shopify and Wix appear to be a more time-saving and effective solution. They are different but still serve the same purpose of building a solid website from scratch and customize pages to exceed users’ expectations.

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