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Normally, when I start testing another website builder I use the following list of criteria to help you quickly jump to the point of interest: ease of use, designs, pricing, feature set etc. Today, I see no reason to follow this tradition. As it turned out, Vistaprint – the ‘new’ site builder I was about to test – is a disguised version of, a well-established web publishing service.

So, instead of writing another review of the same builder I decided to redirect your to our in-depth review. However, it’s important to note that Vistaprint isn’t as good as Webs. In particular, Webs has features that Vistaprint does not, for instance the RSS feed and members-only area. What’s more, Vistaprint locks some of the important features such as eCommerce and mobile-friendly design for their most expensive plans – while Webs includes these features in every plan.

Vistaprint Design

Vistaprint doesn’t have its own site builder – the company is primarily providing printed and promotional material as well as marketing services to micro businesses and consumers. They don’t have their own site builder, instead they partner with Webs. Thus, why create a website with Vistaprint? Simply choose Webs, if you like it.

In the industry of web publishing, such partnerships rarely work out. While ‘direct’ users can enjoy amazing new features as the builder grows, those who decide to go with a ‘partner’ simply stuck on an old version of the software.

What’s more, seems to be a lot better from the financial end. Vistaprint’s pricing is really confusing. The more I read about their offerings, the more confused I became. During sign-up they show you monthly prices, and later on it appears all packages are paid annually. Vistaprint also requires your billing information in order to sign up to their free trial.

Even if you have no web building skills, Vistaprint is certainly not the best solution. I can’t recommend it. It isn’t worth your time. Why risking and choosing uncertain future for your website when there are so many established, tried-and-tested website builders out there?


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