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People love online site builders for a good reason: they are user-friendly, fast, and affordable. With a code-free site creation platform, adding a new blog post or even a whole new page is as easy as logging in and pressing ‘Add new’, saying nothing about What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing of the design elements through the frontend of your site.

It goes without saying that building an international ecommerce-driven site needs and relies on absolute professionalism and can’t be brought online with just a few clicks. But we are now talking about small businesses (including sellers) and individuals who need a representation of themselves on the web, but do not need to invest into a super expensive cutting-edge gem. But considering the functionality modern code-free site builders bring to the end user today, it seems like anyone can indeed build a gem without writing a single line of code 🙂 .

So, VEVS. Wows! Here at SuperbWebsiteBuilders we are impressed with the serious approach of the guys behind the site builder. Powered by StivaSoft, a solid software company with ten years’ experience in providing web solutions, VEVS site builder definitely adds fuel to the fire in the DIY site creation market.

In this review, we will be going over what we think of this comparatively new service, and the features that stand out the most to us.

#1 Ease of use

You can sign up to a free trial of VEVS without entering billing details. All you need is a browser and a valid email address. You start by selecting an industry (car rental, vacation rental, job portal websites, holiday property) and then you are redirected to the admin panel. The admin panel itself is very simple and logically structured. From the admin panel you can manage global site options, such as language, users, newsletters, and more, while by enabling the front-end editor, you can make changes to the site design in the WYSIWYG mode.

VEVS - admin panel

All in all, all looks quite cohesive and user-friendly. What we found unfriendly was the absence of ‘upgrade your account’ button in the admin panel (or we just could not find it). If you like the service, you need to go to the Pricing page and pay for your account there (ticking ‘I have a trial account’). Also, we could not find the ‘Create your site’ button on the homepage. You can find the ‘sign up’ button only by going to the ‘Websites’ tab and choosing the industry, while with most site builders you click the ‘Create site’ button first and then choose the site type.

The good news these small flaws are compensated by the platform’s rich feature set.

#2 Feature set and flexibility

Normally, we divide site builders into specialized (like eCommerce, blogging, portfolio, forum builders) and versatile. VEVS is a bit different. It looks like a multi-specialized site builder. It’s not just for building three-page brochure-like site, but rather for creating highly functional niche portals.

VEVS - Real Estate Website

What we found outstanding in VEVS is the extensive degree of customization. For instance, the Real estate site template lets your users submit properties, and even set prices for submitting properties by owners. You can charge different price according to the length of time that the property is active (visible) on your listing.

To get a better understanding of the platform’s feature set, you may want to check out a demo site built on VEVS’ car rental template, for instance:

VEVS lets you fine-tune your site’s country and language settings: you can translate the site into multiple languages, change flags and show titles in native language, change text direction to right-to-left and even get your content translated and added by VEVS.

The site builder generates SEO-friendly URLs and cleaner code compared to what other similar companies generate.

To go beyond the features delivered in the default industry template, you will need to purchase those as add-ons. For instance, you can purchase the Blog or Forum add-on for $65 (one-time fee).

Another distinctive option is the ability to download the website and host it on your own hosting account ($1,199, one-time fee).

#3 Designs

VEVS pre-designed templates can be customized to a certain extent, you can select different page layouts and choose website colors that match your brand, but unfortunately, there is no way to radically change the site look. VEVS doesn’t support code editing. However, you can order a custom design for your site at $149-199 (one-time fee).

All VEVS-powered sites are mobile-friendly.

VEVS - frontend editor

#4 Pricing

VEVS offers two pricing tiers: monthly ($39/month) and yearly ($31/month). By choosing the yearly option, you save on the setup fee ($49, one-time payment) and domain name ($15, one-time payment) – these come as a bonus.


VEVS is a powerful website builder that lets you build a solid web presence. We were impressed with its in-house features. VEVS is focused on delivering industry specific software, along with the standard CMS functionality and this makes it different from the competition. However, it does have some shortcomings, one of which is the inability to make radical design-related changes. Sign up and see how it works today 😉

 Get started today, it’s easy!

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