Uscreen Video Distribution Platform Review

Uscreen – is a fully-featured video platform that provides users with tools needed to create, manage, host, distribute, and monetize different types of video content. The platform was developed as an all-in-one solution to run and customize your streaming service with integrated eCommerce functionality that lets you set subscription-based and online payment modalities.

Unlike major streaming services like YouTube that offer ad-based monetization, Uscreen relies on selling instruments that make it possible for content creators to distribute videos through a standalone website. The system offers some simple and intuitive tools to organize and manage video content, track analytics, create course-based videos, and more.

With so many competitors in the niche, Uscreen should have some crucial features to stand out. In this review, we will check if the platform has them or if it is just another video-on-demand service.

  • An all-in-one platform.
  • Advanced VOD system.
  • Great for beginners and pros.

1. Pros and Cons

The platform claims to have a rich set of features and improved functionality for video content producers and distributors. On the one hand, it comes with a comprehensive video CMS function to arrange and manage content. On the other hand, it definitely lacks some customization options:

A powerful video CMS.
Features to organize and manage videos.
Simple process of video uploading and setting.
An all-in-one solution with domain and hosting.
Responsive website templates.
Subscription, transactional, pay-per-view and hybrid monetization options.
Marketing, retention and promo tools.
A robust reporting and analytics functionality.
A limited number of streaming hours.
Plans seem to be a bit overpriced.
  • Fits individuals and teams.
  • Powerful content management tools.
  • Various monetization models.

2. What Is IT Good for?

Uscreen was developed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses eager to have a flexible tool that helps to organize and set video content on a stand-alone website. It is not just a streaming service. The system combines the features of an all-in-one website builder and VOD CMS that comes with online streaming facilities as well.

It might work well for individual entrepreneurs and teams. Uscreen will perfectly suit companies that operate in the niche of E-learning. Production studios, yoga, fitness, entertainment, arts and more similar businesses will be able to create trailers and full-length episodes. In other words, that platform might be a good option for everyone who wants to create and sell video-based content enclosing online courses, tutorials, guides, promo, entertainment, etc.

3. Ease of Use

The system claims to be super easy when it comes to uploading, managing, and arranging new content. It offers several ready-to-use templates with well-structured pages. All you need is to choose a layout, customize it a bit, add videos, connect a domain and go live. Je good news is that Uscreen offers a 14-day free trial letting users check how the system works and if it meets their expectations. As usually, the first thing you need to do is to sign up.

Signing Up

The process is quite mundane and simple. You will need to indicate your email. The next stage is to select the industry from a drop-down list on the same page. The fact that registration with Google or Facebook is missing can make some users feel a bit inconvenient. However, it definitely does not make the registration process more tedious or complex.

uscreen signin

The last step is to give your project a name, set the password, and add billing info. Users will be obliged to provide payment information, as they will not be able to move to the next step. This may also seem a bit confusing.

uscreen signin step 2

Uscreen Dashboard

After you have successfully completed the registration process you will get inside the Uscreen dashboard with all major actions to take and instruments to use. The system welcomes users with a short introduction video. However, it does not contain any useful tips on how to get started. Just some common info and the invitation to join a webinar. Looks more like a promotion rather than a useful tutorial.

uscreen dashboard

Inside the dashboard, you will find all necessary tools to create and add new videos, manage subscribers, organize sales, integrate third-party services and apps, look through website analytics, choose and customize a template for your future website.

Going Live

As stated earlier, Uscreen is an all-in-one solution. It means you get a default domain with a chance to connect your own.

uscreen domain setting

Hosting is also included in the package. Before going live, you will have to configure general settings. They include connecting preferable payment gateways, setting notifications and user fields, enable or disable a Geo-Blocking feature, etc.

uscreen general setting

Some users might be confused not finding a preview mode. On the other hand, there is not much to change or customize. Moreover, you may preview a template when choosing the layout that meets your needs.

  • Free domain and hosting.
  • Simple registration process.
  • Intuitive dashboard.

4. Features & Flexibility

Uscreen offers a rich feature set with enhanced flexibility when it comes to content management and organization. It helps to not just sell videos using different monetization models but also to track stats, promote content, and more.

Video CMS

The platform comes with a robust and intuitive CMS. Users will find it easy to upload new videos, arrange them into catalogs, create new collections and categories, add new filters, indicate authors, add events, etc. To add a new video, you only need to drag-and-drop it from the local folder or upload from Dropbox.

Users will be glad to find some baseline SEO options. They will have a chance to indicate meta tags for different video catalogs. What’s more, there is a possibility to set title and description for every new or existing page.


We cannot say, it offers a bunch of third-party services to connect. However, users may choose from some baseline services to track stats and analytics, launch promo campaigns and special offers, generate customers’ feedback, share content via major social networks, etc.

uscreen app


Users will have several options to distribute their videos. The first one includes a subscription-based model, when users pay on monthly or yearly bases and get full access to permitted content. Uscreen makes it easy to track all subscribed members along with all available plans, active subscribers, current MRR, and other data.

uscreen monetization

The second option involves a pay-per-view model where users pay every time they want to watch a specific video. To accept payments, you will only need to connect any of the available gateways. They currently involve Stripe, PayPal, and custom Uscreen service to accept credit and debit cards.

uscreen monetization 2

Analytics & Reports

Content producers will appreciate a comprehensive reporting feature with all major insights provided on default. You will have full access to manual and monthly sales reports, invoices, payout and coupons reports to track the efficiency of promo campaigns, etc.

uscreen analytics

It is very easy to track total earnings by months and years. Users can apply specific filters to highlight a needed time frame. Reports generally apply to website visitors depicting the number of views. Here you may also sort traffic by devices, locations, types of videos, and other parameters.

uscreen analytics 2

  • Integrated marketing and analytics.
  • SEO and video CMS.
  • Marketing and promotion tools.

5. Design & Templates

As an all-in-one solution, Uscreen has everything you may need to start producing and selling content online. It includes ready-made templates that look pretty cool. The layouts have all needed sections and blocks for a start, as you are free to create new pages further. The only drawback is that the system currently offers only 10 themes.

uscreen templates

To make things a bit better for your website, the system offers full control over the source code. Inside the code editor, you will be able to create your own exclusive template considering you have enough technical and coding skills.

  • Free stylish templates.
  • Access to source code.
  • Layout customization tools.

6. Customer Support

Uscreen seems to care about its users. It offers all possible ways to keep in touch either instantly or look for the answers in a huge knowledge base. If you need to get in touch with the support team personally, you may use:

  • Phone.
  • Live Chat.
  • Email.

uscreen support

These methods will help to resolve some urgent issues. Those who want to broaden their knowledge and skills, will benefit from regular webinars, podcasts, and a comprehensive Help Center with all major issues covered. You can use the search bar to find a specific topic or an answer to the question. Uscreen customers in specific niches, such as eLearning and fitness and yoga, will have access to specific accelerator programs.

  • Live Chat and Phone.
  • Webinars and podcasts.
  • FAQ and Help Center.

7. Plans & Pricing

The system does not offer a free plan though it does have a 14-day free trial. The only downside here is that you still need to provide billing info. Those, who want to continue using Uscreen, will need to choose from three of the following plans:

  • Basic costs $99 per month with all major selling, marketing, and website customization tools.
  • Amplify costs $499 per month with all features from the Basic plan + 50 hours of live streaming, Live Chat, and integrations.
  • Enterprise price is negotiable, as the plan may include White Labeling, API access, live TV and streaming, end user support, and more.

uscreen price

Developers guarantee a 30-day refund in case you are not satisfied with the platform.

  • A 14-day free trial.
  • 30-day refund guarantees.
  • Yearly subscription discounts.

8. Website Examples

After we have thoroughly examined all major platform’s features, let us have a look at some of the streaming services and projects created using Uscreen.

TINT Yoga – online yoga classes

TINT Yoga – online yoga classes

Magic Stream – a learning portal

Magic Stream – a learning portal

Fader Pro – sound production

Fader Pro – sound production

Horse.TV – TV network for horse fans

Horse.TV – TV network for horse fans

Ridewall Tutorials – dancing classes

Ridewall Tutorials – dancing classes

Playhouse Live – acting classes

Playhouse Live – acting classes

9. Conclusion

  • All-in-one VOD platform
  • Different video monetization models
  • Integrated reporting and analytics
  • A powerful video CMS platform

Uscreen is a powerful system that helps to upload, organize, and distribute video content in many ways. The platform offers flexible monetization solutions with a chance to sell videos from a stand-alone website. As an all-in-one solution, it comes with integrated analytics, hosting and domain, built-in CMS, stylish templates, and baseline customization options. What’s more, users will appreciate comprehensive support with all major tools to get in touch.

At the same time, some will find customization tools a bit limited while the plans are too pricy. Only 10 available templates increase the chances that someone will have the same website without many tools to change or customize it. However, the problem can be solved thanks to access to the code editor but only if you have enough coding skills. Last but not least, plans look very expensive. Independent entrepreneurs can actually afford them especially at the starting point of their careers.

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