Unicorn Platform Review

Unicorn Platform Review

Unicorn Platform – is a typical SaaS software developed to create landing pages from scratch. It helps to promote and introduce mobile apps, other SaaS solutions, startups, and more. The product made its debut with an integrated HTML-based static page generator. Today, it comes with more flexibility and tools to create new pages, add different components, edit some of the site elements, etc. What is more important, no technical skills are necessary. The platform works great for newbies.

Users are able to not only build creative landing pages but also keep their visitors engaged with the help of different integration capabilities. Also, the software delivers clean HTML or CSS code with every new template. Some users on the web call it “the best landing page builder”. But the thing is that product serves narrower needs. The system does not offer such typical for one-page builders A\B testing or analytics to track the website stats. It means that the tool works mainly in its particular niche and cannot be diversified in case of necessity.

We have some doubts considering the lack of editing instruments and some other issues that may arise during our review. Let’s have a look is the Unicorn Platform deserves such high praise.

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  • Free landing page builder.
  • Great for startups and mobile apps.
  • Representation and promotion tools.

Pros and Cons

What we do like about the platform is its rapid evolution. From a static page generator, it has eventually grown into a full-scale website builder with the chance to create inner pages, edit fonts and colors, connect third-party services, and more. On the other hand, the developers still have much work to do.

Unicorn Platform pros:
Unicorn Platform cons:
Easy to useno coding is required. Clear HTML/CSS/JS code with each template.
Affordable prices – plans are not overpriced while there is also a free user mode.
Online editor – all changes you make in the browser are saved automatically.
Customization tools – edit colors and fonts, change styles to create the page your visitors will like.
Integration – users can choose from different widgets and connect them seamlessly.
Free features – apart from a free plan, the software comes with free SSL and CDN. But this is only for paid subscriptions.
Limited design option.
Ads removed in premium plans only.
The code exporting process could be smarter.
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  • Inline page editing.
  • Payment processing.
  • Free SSL and CDN.

What Is It Good For?

As it was stated earlier in our review, the software was developed to help teams promote their startups, mobile apps, web development services, etc. The latest Unicorn Platform version is even more startup-oriented. For example, some of the elements or features are tailored with the focus on startups mainly. Besides, it has additional options that make it a worthy landing page builder.

To understand, how good it is, we need to clarify essential landing page components and then see if the Unicorn Platform is able to handle them.

Baseline Components of a Successful Landing Page

What is the landing page necessary for? Its main mission is to convert the traffic or drive visitors to the target product or service you want to promote. On the other hand, each product or offer is unique. So, you cannot just take the same template and utilize it for each and every business competence you have. But the baseline components are still necessary to consider:

  • Compelling Heading – it must be clear, relevant, and empathic. The headline is the first thing you target audience notices. So, it is your first and might be the last chance to make a good impression.
  • Effective Writing – a high-quality copy is another vital component. It considers a flawless writing style and text formatting tools delivered by the website editor.
  • Media Content – it is the only way to keep your visitors engaged. Animations, videos, images, GIFs, and other formats can make a difference.
  • Good Reputation – trust indicators will help you increase the page credibility. Trust badges, seals, testimonials, 5-star ratings, or reviews can be very helpful.
  • Lead Capture – the way to collect as much information about the target audience as possible and eventually grow your mailing list.
  • Strong CTA – an effective CT block must look inspiring. It should encourage visitors to make a purchase, click on the button, or follow the link.

In some cases, a landing page should also contain a bit of eCommerce functionality in case you want to sell products or services right at once.

Now, it’s time we checked if the Unicorn Platform delivers enough tools to handle the above-mentioned tasks and if the software can some exclusive features.

Ease of Use

The landing page builder will work just fine for users of any level. Either you are a total newbie without the slightest idea of what HTML is or an experienced programmer with the will to edit the source code, the platform will serve great.

A free registration mode is for those who still have doubts about the tool that meets their requirements. The good news here is that you will not have to provide your billing info. The bad news is a crucial lack of key features that are available in paid plans only.

Getting Started

First of all, you need to open a new account or sign in. The registration process looks typical. A user is asked to provide a name and email address with a password to log in later. We were surprised NOT to see the social media sign-in feature. It would certainly make the process much easier.

Unicorn Platform registration

For now, you may only use the fields provided. After you have indicated the required data, you will have to check your email inbox and confirm the password. There you will also find a welcoming letter with greetings from the Unicorn team.

Unicorn Platform my websites

Page Editor

Your initial website will consist of the Homepage and the About Us section. Users are free to add other inner pages if needed. To start creating the layout, simply press on the “Edit Page” button. You will be transferred to a separate screen where you may add new components.

Unicorn Platform page editor

Unicorn Platform comes with a pretty vast collection of different elements and blocks. They are all divided into categories and include headers, buttons, forms, photos, features, price tables, sliders, testimonials, and more. In other words, the software offers all essential elements a successful landing page should have.

There is one thing that makes this platform different from other website builders. You get a chance to edit a component BEFORE you add it to your layout. If it does not meet your needs, delete it and pick another one. Users may change the header and description, add new texts to the button section, change styles, or upload new background images.

Unicorn Platform editor

When you are done with the editing and you are totally sure the element meets the website needs, click on the “Get it” button to make it appear in your template. If the mockup consists of several blocks, users are free to change their position by clicking on the “arrow” button. It can be used to move a component up or down. Another great feature here is that you are able to test how button links work in real life. All you need is to publish the page and open it in a new tab.

The overall editing process is very simple. It will hardly take you more than an hour to build a ready-to-go landing age considering you already have needed content and media files to upload.

Website Settings

Website settings include general issues to change. Here you may also choose a page you want or do not want to be published. Users may connect their own domains (in paid plans only) or use custom Unicorn Platform subdomain on default. Here users can upload favicon, social media images, edit source code, change styling, export HTML, or work with SEO.

Unicorn Platform website setting

When you are done with the settings, you may go love by pressing the “Publish” button. While landing pages are all about user engagement and interaction, Unicorn Platform has one huge downside. There is no mobile preview mode to check how the pages run on different devices. The only solution is to publish the website and enter it from your smartphone or tablet.

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  • Great for newbies with no coding skills.
  • No billing info required.
  • A rich collection of page components.

Features & Flexibility

The main idea of the landing page is to make a long story short and convert traffic. Besides, it may help to obtain vital data about your target audience, grow the mailing list, and use some of the marketing techniques to keep customers aware. Unicorn Platform has a set of features that will let you handle different tasks:


The product does not have a custom App Store. However, you will be able to connect website components with different third-party services. They include email marketing tools (MailChimp), CRM platforms (Salesforce and Pipedrive), messengers (Slack and Telegram), and other instruments to stay in touch with your visitors, collect feedback, and more.

Unicorn Platform integration


Unicorn Platform does not offer pretty much of SEO tools. But it still has baseline settings here you can edit URLs, change meta title, description, and some other parameters. Besides, we should note that one-page sites are mainly promoted with the help of ad campaigns but not SEO.

Unicorn Platform seo

Code Editing and Export

There is a chance to add your own pieces of code and have it embedded in the whole website or only some of its components. The system comes with support for HTML, CSS, and JS. Here is also an export feature that makes it possible to download any site as the HTML version.

Unicorn Platform code editing

Payment Processing

A great feature for startups that look for a chance to accept payments directly from the landing page. The only downside here is that the system supports Stripe as the only payment gateway yet available. However, it works well for both one-time or recurring payments.

Free Options

Each user gets free SSL even when using the software at zero cost. Distributed via CDN to ensure data protection and solid performance. There is no need to enable the feature manually. It is activated once you have published the website.

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  • Access to source code.
  • Third-party service and widget integration.
  • Baseline SEO settings.

Design & Templates

The platform does not have typical templates. It offers ready-made landing page components letting you create a layout of your own. All elements look pretty attractive for the potential user and simple to interact with. Besides, you are free to change the website general styling or edit each component separately.

The system lets you change color pallet, upload new background images, edit fonts, button sizes, etc. The only drawback is the lack of a mobile preview option although the platform promises mobile-responsive landing pages.

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  • Responsive page elements.
  • Design editor tools.
  • General styling settings.

Customer Support

It is hard to imagine why you should ever contact the support team. The building process is crystal clear. If you still need assistance, you can use a Live Chat feature to contact managers instantly. At the same time, there is a Help Center with a few articles on how to get started, connect forms, or integrate payment options.

Unicorn Platform customer support

Also, users will find plenty of prompts inside the editor. For example, when you enter the component collection for the first time, and automated assistance will advise on the best element to pick for a start, and so on. Summing up this particular paragraph, the support is good enough for such an easy platform to use.

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  • Smart prompt feature.
  • Help Center and Live Chat.
  • Growing Facebook community.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Unicorn Platform Cost?

When you are done with the free trial and need to go live with a landing page, there will be three different paid plans at your service. They all come with free HTML export, SSL, and custom code editing. They include:

  • Maker costs $8 per month and comes with custom Unicorn Platform ads.
  • Start Up costs $18 with no ads but for only 1 website.
  • Business costs $28 per month. No ads, all features included for 3 landing pages.

Unicorn Platform pricing

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  • Free plan to test the platform.
  • HTML export in each package.
  • Affordable prices to get started.

Unicorn Platform Website Examples

Chatbirds Startup Website

Chatbirds Startup Website

HR landing Page Website

HR landing Page Website

Lead Gen. Page Example

Lead Gen. Page Example

Unicorn Platform Review Conclusion

Unicorn Platform is certainly a good tool to create engaging landing pages. It comes with a rich component collection to create different blocks and sections. Besides, the software has some good features to promote and sell services online. It has support for different integration services and widgets addition to custom code editing and HTML export feature.

On the other hand, the software looks a bit narrow in terms of specialization. It works great only for startups or development teams. It does not offer much flexibility to create landing pages for other business niches. However, it is still worth paying that money.

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