Unbounce Landing Page Builder Review

Unbounce – is a marketing tool that helps to create optimized landing pages to boost the conversion rate. The system offers an intuitive interface to build pop-ups, sticky forms, and AMPs to interact with the target audience and generate priceless feedback for the bigger product. Users have a chance to develop engaging landing pages without coding or knowing advanced programming or web technologies.

On the other hand, the platform reserves enough room to deal with custom code or add scripts. The platform was developed with the aim of boosting website conversion and generating more traffic to the target page. Users will be able to track the stats, use integrations to launch marketing and promo campaigns without special skills or technique. This fact makes the system perfect for newbies.

With all those features in the pack, Unbounce seems to be an ultimate landing page builder. In this review, we will find out how helpful it may be depending on the users’ purposes and goals.

  • Helps to build pages, pop-ups, and AMPs.
  • Smart Traffic AI-drive technology.
  • Form integration with existing websites.

1. Pros and Cons

On the one hand, Unbounce brings everything you may need to boost users’ engagement. It is easy to use and does not require coding or programming skills. On the other hand, you may find some tools a bit complex to figure out right from the start. It will take time to understand how the particular feature operates or how to enable it. What’s more, the plan prices are to exceed the average budget.

Multiple building options for landing pages to AMP, sticky forms, and pop-ups.
No coding skills are necessary.
Powerful marketing tools and integration opportunities.
Drag and drop editor.
Dozens of free templates to build forms and pages.
Integrated reporting engine and A/B testing.
A bit complex interface right from the start.
Free trial requires billing info.
Overpriced plans.
  • A comprehensive marketing tool.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Free form and pop-up layouts.

2. What Is It Good For?

Developers claim their product will meet various needs. It may help agencies, digital shops, or SaaS developers to promote their brands and eventually benefit from a higher conversion rate.

  • For SaaS. Unbounce makes it possible to skip the stage of programming and create a simple funnel faster. With the drag-and-drop editor and multiple templates, SaaS developers will be able to increase product awareness. The selection of themes and pop-up forms makes it easy to find the one that meets different types of campaigns. Have a look at some of the landing pages examples at the end of this paragraph.
  • For Agencies. The system comes as a powerful marketing tool. The main benefit is the ability to create and launch different types of promo and marketing campaigns faster. What’s more, the platform has a built-in A/B testing functionality to understand the campaign potential and fine-tune the overall strategy.
  • For eCommerce. If you plan to sell products online, you will need to have an effective analytic system by your side. With Unbounce, users are able to track all the stats, download leads in CSV files, and add eCommerce features to the landing page or form by either using a pre-designed element such as the “Buy Now” button or adding a custom piece of code.

Now, let’s have a look at several Unbounce landing page examples to understand how flexible and functional they can be when serving different needs.

1. Western Rise Landing Page

Western Rise

The landing page was created to drive more traffic to the major online shop. The idea was to boost conversion and direct more customers to a particular product from the list. The page itself has all the needed features and blocks. It is informative enough. Besides, it highlights the key product features, specifications, descriptions, and benefits. A good option for the eCommerce project.

2. Zola Landing Page


Zola is a popular dating website that helps users to find their soul mates and build happy relations. The project promotes the idea of online matching with the aim of getting married to singles from different countries. Also, it has a wedding shop. The landing pages were developed to send invitations to the target audience as well as let them do shopping right from the page thanks to eCommerce button integration.

3. Peakon Landing Page


Peakon.com is a globally recognizable platform to measure employee engagement and efficiency. The idea of creating a landing page was to increase brand awareness and to attract more registered users. It has a capturing registration form with the key features, benefits, and real-time insights displayed in one place. As a result, we have a smart, minimalistic, and effective landing page.

As you may see, Unbounce is a flexible tool to serve different needs and goals. The only question is how easy it is to create landing pages and forms lie in the examples above. It is high time we found that out.

3. Ease of Use

As stated earlier, the platform does not require coding or technical skills although experienced users may still add custom codes and scripts to add more functionality to the page or form. However, the initial idea was to help non-technicians build their project fast and skip the developing stage.

Getting Started

At this step, everything looks mundane. The system asks you to sign up. You may use a Google account in case you have it. If not, simply type in the needed personal data to register with the email.

Unbounce Getting Started

The second step is to submit your billing info. That’s right. Unbounce does not offer a free plan although it does have a 14-day free trial. The only problem here is that you still need to provide your credit/debit card details. Here you will also need to indicate your location and real address. Otherwise, the system will not activate the free trial.

Unbounce Create Accaunt

The final step is to indicate some business details and explain why you actually want to use Unbounce. Users are supposed to specify the business industry as well as their technical background as well as the results you want to get from the platform.

Unbounce Create Accaunt

Building Process

Now you are inside the page builder. It welcomes you with a short video tutorial on how to get started and how to use some of the baseline tools. Nothing special in this video, so you can simply skip.

Unbounce Building Process

We have already said that Unbounce is a multi-purpose marketing tool. Users can use it to build not only landing pages but also AMPs, pop-up forms, and sticky bars. To add a new project, click on the “Create New” button. You will see a huge variety of pre-designed templates for any type of marketing campaign. Select the one you lie, choose a name for it, and start editing.

Unbounce pop-up form

The system makes it possible to upload an already existing Unbounce page. All you need is to enable the feature, find the file in the local folder, and have it successfully downloaded and available for further customization inside the editor.

Unbounce upload page

When the building process is over and you want to go live, add a new domain or use the existing one. The second option works only for already existing WordPress websites.

  • A simple tool for AMPs, sticky bars, and pop-ups.
  • Blank or use pre-designed layouts.
  • Import and edit already existing Unbounce pages.

4. Features & Flexibility

At first, it may seem like Unbounce has too many tools and features to manage. This fact may confuse beginner users from the start. However, once you have got engaged with the system, you will see how easy it is to create new projects despite the type. Besides, the system offers multiple ways to craft an effective campaign thanks to additional features you will find under the hood.

Page Editing and Customization

It does not matter what type of project you will need to create. As mentioned earlier, Unbounce has dozens of ready-to-use layouts. You can choose predesigned, landing pages, sticky bars, pop-us, or AMPs depending on your business industry and goals. Simply select the type of content and start editing.

Unbounce select type pop-up

The system comes with drag-and-drop functionality. It means that you are free to rearrange blocks and sections however you need. It is easy to change the content inside each block as well as upload new background images, icons, etc. Each block can be rotated. The main downside here is that you cannot delete the custom element or section. You may only add a new one to the pre-designed layout. This looks quite strange.

Unbounce editor

If none of the available templates meets your states, you can create your own layout from the blank. In this case, you will need to design the new structure for the content. The system offers a set of baseline elements that include sections, boxes, texts, images, buttons, forms, and so on. Simply drag and drop the one you need to the area and add content.

Unbounce editor

Content Management

Unbounce makes it easy to manage the on-page content with all the assets and texts. The dashboard depicts the internal structure of the project. For example, you do not need to scroll down in order to edit the bottom sections. Simply choose the block you want to customize and press on it. The system will immediately transfer you to the desired editing area.

Unbounce Content management

Project Management

The good news is that Unbounce lets you create several projects depending on the plan. They are displayed in the editor and easy to manage. For example, the system comes with an effective page management system. Users may create separate groups for specific page types as well as sort them out by status, date, or action.

Unbounce project management

Scripts Management and Embedded Code

A great feature for those who want to stand out with their forms and landing pages. You may not need to use pre-designed buttons or sections. Experienced users are free to add their own instead. Simply open the script manager and paste in the piece of code to have it enabled on the website.

The form you create can be integrated with the existing website thanks to the embedded code feature. All you need is to copy it from the line and paste it on the website after the <head> tag. Make sure you have access to the site’s source code. The good news is that the platform shows how to use the function with WordPress, Shopify, and Magento sites along with the tag manager. All you need is to follow the instructions.


To make the most of their marketing strategies, users may connect different services. Your landing page can be integrated with MailChimp to launch effective marketing campaigns. Connection to Salesforce can boost eCommerce projects. Users will be able to connect different messengers and notification services to keep their target audience aware.

Unbounce inegration

Some users will appreciate the integration with Google Sheets. It will let you download all your leads in the CSV file. Simply select the period to cover and the system will send the file directly to your email.

Unbounce download leads

Traffic Modes and A/B Testing

With Unbounce, users can try different traffic modes. The first one is the Standard traffic mode that simply directs visitors to the target site or page. Nothing special here. The result will depend on the campaign efficiency as well as your marketing skills. If you are not sure about the campaign quality, try the Smart Traffic feature. It uses AI-based technologies to consider users’ habits and preferences. Unbounce developers promise a 30% conversion.

Unbounce traffic modes

Well, you should not take that for granted but test the campaign instead. The A/B testing feature delivers a detailed overview with a chance to change the project or use the same one in case you are satisfied with the results. The system will save all the variants to let you compare them anytime you want.

Unbounce A/B testing variant


Each block has additional fields that refer to SEO settings. Users may set titles, metadata, and keywords to every element that contains the text. What’s more, image containers come with descriptions, customizable URLs, and alt texts.

Unbounce seo

Additional features include the IP filter. Use it to exclude the traffic from an unknown IP address. The main benefit here is that visitors will not be blocked. The system will still capture them. However, they will not be depicted in the page stats. A good tool to get rid of unwanted traffic.

Unbounce IP filters

Hyperspace Publishing is a useless but nice feature. The idea is to show users the moving universe instead of watching the page loading process.

  • Dozens of aps and widgets to integrate.
  • Marketing campaign A/B testing.
  • Built-in content management and SEO tools.

5. Design & Templates

Unbounce offers a wide selection of different layouts and templates that are free and ready to use. Users may select from dozens of different content types. They include more than 100 landing page templates, 42 pop-ups, 31 sticky bars, and 19 AMPs. They are all divided into categories. Specify the industry or type and pick the one you like. All layouts are 100% responsive.

Unbounce mobile design

As for the design tools, Unbounce does not offer many of them. They include baseline styling and typography options. You may change the background color, set new dimensions, and geometry for a chosen block.

  • Free responsive layouts.
  • Support for different content types.
  • Mobile preview mode.

6. Customer Support

Unbounce offers a huge knowledge base with plenty of useful materials to learn. They include landing page basics with handy tips to boost conversation. There is a constantly updated blog with a bunch of additional marketing resources.

Unbounce support

If you need to contact the support team directly, you may use the live chat feature, email, or phone available for US, UK, Australian and European users. Good to know real addresses with offices in Berlin and Vancouver are also indicated on the website.

  • Global customer support.
  • A comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Free marketing resources and tips.

7. Plans & Pricing

The plans may look a bit disappointing in terms of price and features they include. The system currently offers four major packages with different functionality depending on the user’s needs:

  • Launch costs $80 per month. It has only baseline features and does not include A/B testing.
  • Optimize costs $120 per month. It comes with more features that include A/B testing and Smart Traffic AI tools.
  • Accelerate costs $200 per month with improved AMP page loading and more space.
  • Scale costs $300 per month with actually the same features as in the previous plan. It offers additional bandwidth.

Unbounce pricing

The price is indicated when billed monthly. Annual subscriptions will let you save a bit although the plans still hardly look like a bargain.

  • Discounts for annual subscriptions.
  • Commercial domains included in the price.
  • 4 plans to meet different business needs.

8. Website Examples

As a multi-purpose web marketing platform, Unbounce offers several content and project types to fit different campaigns. Let’s have a look at some of the highly-converted examples of landing pages and forms.

Just Saiyan

Promo – Marketing Video Maker


edX – Online Python Course

Flow Movement

Simple Business – Insurance Company

Sharks Palermo Football

Later – Marketing Guide

Store – DH6

The Listing Lab – Commercial real Estate

Amnesty International

Twillory – Online Clothes Shop

9. Conclusion

Unbounce Landing Page Builder Review
  • Online store builder
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Marketing and promotion tools
  • Compatible with CMS and SaaS

Unbounce is definitely a powerful marketing tool with a very rich feature set. It has a variety of instruments to improve conversion and increase brand or product awareness. Besides, it meets multiple needs and helps to launch effective and well-crafted marketing campaigns. It is easy to use and makes it possible to create and manage various content types in case you can afford it.

The plans are too pricey. Even for $80 per month you do not get the A/B testing, which is probably one of the core functions that makes the difference. Besides, users may face some difficulties when customizing pre-designed layouts without a chance to remove some of the blocks. On the other hand, companies with enough budget may find it a good way to increase traffic and forward the target audience to the need page.


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