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Unbounce Landing Page Examples

Unbounce website builder has distinguished itself as a professional marketing tool used for landing page creation, optimization, management and further promotion. Websites launched with the software help increase conversion rates via traffic generation and product/services promotion. An important issue about using the platform is that no deep coding knowledge is needed to work with it – the steps are quite intuitive and logical here.

At the same time, professional web designers have an opportunity to deal with custom codes or add scripts to set up full-featured landing pages here. This obviously requires programming knowledge or preliminary web design expertise.

The software has a broad range of landing page tools in stock for successful promo campaign launch. All of them are available in the control panel for a quick and easy start. This makes the software a worthy pick for beginners.

Unbounce customers of all skill levels and industries have managed to create professional and high-converting landing pages. If you are right about to set up your own project, have a look at several interesting samples now.

1. Drizzle Honey

Pure Honey Superfood

Drizzle Honey highlighted their impressive collection of healthy superfoods with this interesting and engaging eCommerce landing page. The main goal the honey supplier pursues is to encourage wholesale purchasing. The website elements along with its overall design absolutely adhere to this purpose. The only look at the project triggers the desire to find out more about the products the company offers for sale and to place an order there.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Newsletter subscription pop-up window;
  • Interactive video thematic background;
  • Discounts and special offers;
  • Tidio-powered live chat widget;
  • Support of 2 currencies for Canadian and US buyers;
  • Client reviews;
  • Online store;
  • Detailed product descriptions with recipes, customer ratings and testimonials;
  • FAQ and CTA buttons.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Order status tracking;
  • Shopping, payment and shipping guidelines;
  • Detailed contacts.

2. Promo

Promo video maker decided to present their services to the target audience by creating this landing page. It just cannot but attracts user attention due to interactive video backgrounds, preview galleries, animated design elements, typography and other features that are a must for this type of website. The landing page looks really engaging, energetic and contemporary.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Video backgrounds and previews;
  • Company logo;
  • List of globally known partners;
  • Extensive drop-down menu;
  • Live chat help window;
  • Free trial;
  • Customer reviews on the homepage;
  • Promo App download option;
  • Social network buttons;
  • List of tools the company uses for their products.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Complex navigation because of high information volume;
  • Takes time to find the required info;
  • Small fonts that may have a negative impact upon content reading.

3. Athabasca University

Canada Online University

Athabasca University landing page was created with the major mission in mind – to boost its enrollment initiatives via popularizing the available programs. The website itself abounds in information about the University, available courses, admission rules, the process of studying, news, facilities for students, advantages and other related data. The interface is intuitive and logically-structured, while the design itself adheres to contemporary trends.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Video background in the header;
  • University logo;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Stats, infographics, charts etc.;
  • Clickable sections that lead to other website pages;
  • News and Upcoming Events sections;
  • Multiple links in the footer;
  • Social network buttons;
  • Pop up chat window;
  • Website search field;
  • Regular updates;
  • Rich drop-down website menu.

What the Website Lacks:

  • A bit complex website navigation because of high information volume;
  • FAQ page;
  • Online forms for user inquiries;
  • Reviews and stories of students.

4. Wavehuggers


Wavehuggers landing page belongs to the related surfing school located in Southern California and serves a popular mission – to promote their services and special offers as well as to drive traffic to the lessons booking page. The entire website design absolutely complies with the specialization of the surfing school. There are multiple photos and videos here that encourage users to find out more about the school and the services they offer.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Unique surfing school logo;
  • Upcoming events;
  • Surf lessons page;
  • Strong CTA focus;
  • Students reviews;
  • Interactive elements, videos and images;
  • FAQs;
  • Pricing and Reservations button;
  • Surf blog;
  • Plan Your Adventure form.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Live chat window;
  • Detailed contacts;
  • Small and indistinct fonts.

5. Aaptiv


Aaptiv is a modern fitness app that targets potential business owners who would like to use the software as a part of their brand wellness program. The design of the project abounds in sports-related images that highlight the importance of being healthy and fit. You won’t find many pages here, but this is actually not needed. The major info is provided on the homepage for quick and instant access.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Mobile App logo;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account;
  • Free trial;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Real photos and videos of workouts;
  • Live chat support window;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Online magazine and press reviews;
  • Mobile app download feature;
  • Blog/Online magazine.

What the Website Lacks:

  • FAQ;
  • More info about the app;
  • Detailed contacts.


Unbounce is one of the most popular contemporary landing page builders and a powerful marketing tool that helps increase conversion rates and overall user awareness of your products/services.

If you need to launch a professional business campaign, using this software will certainly help you get started. Just have a look at the samples of Unbounce-powered projects to see what the platform has to offer and what advantages you can avail, when using it.

What you should know, though, is that the website builder is quite pricey. If you run a large-scale business, this is ok then, but if you have a start up that requires promotion, it makes sense to look for more affordable alternatives.

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