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Best Ucraft Website Examples

Best Ucraft Website Examples

Ucraft – is a cloud website builder, the sphere of application of which comes down to the development of business websites and landing pages. The platform is comparatively easy to use for people with diverse web design background, although, newbies may require more time to master the service and start building projects with it.

Ucraft makes it possible to create responsive websites that come with full-screen blocks, advanced web creation features and flat design.

The website builder is completely free, but it has several paid options which come with a 2-weeks free trial that allows testing the entire feature set of the service. This time is more than enough to understand whether the platform comes up to your needs or not. To help you make the right choice, take your time to view the best samples of Ucraft-powered websites. This is the surefire way to check the system’s functionality and feature set. Let’s get started now.

1. SNKH Studio

SNKH Studio

SNKH Studio is a studio based in Yerevan, which has been specializing in interior and architecture design since 2014. The place is known for its ambitious and young team, stunning portfolio of successfully completed projects and the desire to change the places they re-design for the better. You won’t find many texts and descriptions here as the website mainly offers an extensive portfolio of its works with project names.

As you access each project, you will find its brief description (location, completion status, year, area etc.). The website menu also contains People, Media and Say Hi sections as well as social network accounts access. These features make it possible to find out more about the team of designers working for the company and articles published in the media sources to provide maximum information potential clients would like to know.

2. We Explain It

We Explain It

We Explain It grabs user attention from the very first seconds spent at the website due to the animated background presented at the homepage. If you are in a hurry, you don’t have to browse further to understand what the company specializes in. However, if you intend to become their clients, you’ll be excited to explore the portfolio section and find out the description of the video production process in action.

The team of developers is also presented here, on the homepage. Do you wish to get in touch with them? Then hurry up to fill out the contact form, specifying your name, the type of the project you need and the budget you are ready to invest. To stay aware of the studio updates and special offers, sign up for a newsletter. These are the major features that make this project a decent sample of the Ucraft website.

3. NGUYEN Expeditions

NGUYEN Expeditions

NGUYEN is a project, the owner and manager of which is Viet Nguyen – the chairman and founder of Nguyen Expeditions, a hard technology company. The company is involved in building, acquiring and investing in hard tech businesses. The website offers a blog and an investment portfolio, which encompasses digital samples of apps, websites, online programs and software they have successfully completed.

The design of the project looks somewhat gloomy, if not even mystic. Its black background creates stylish yet a bit unusual impression. At the same time, it focuses user attention on the posts and services list the company offers. You can follow the company updates in the social accounts by signing up for them at the website. When visiting the Contacts page, you cannot only find out the ways to get in touch with the company, but also to make a donation for further company improvement and development.

4. Maerten & Partners

Maerten & Partners

Maerten & Partners is the interim and project management agency that has rich experience in corporate business. The founder of the company is Tom Maerten, who works in close cooperation with other team members to provide the best result. The website of the company has stylish business look.

There is nothing excessive there – all the elements are on their places, while the light background effectively highlights the major website sections. The menu of the website grants access to the list of services the company offers, client reviews, open assignments, interim managers team and contacts. All information is well-structured to ensure maximum ease of use, convenience and time economy.

5. Yerishi Milano

Yerishi Milano

Yerishi Milano is a Luxury Handbag brand founded and based in Milan. The idea of brand creation belongs to Irina Yeritsyan, the Armenian fashion designer known for her unpredictability and unique vision of femininity. Her handbag designs always drive the attention of women from all over the world due to their blend of Italian Luxury and innovative modern style as well as eclectic unique design.

The website has contemporary look and it absolutely comes up to the niche specialization of the company. It abounds in thematic fashion-related photos that vividly stand out against the white background of the project. The website has four pages, which cover all the issues customers may be interested in. These include the About Us page that tells the story of Irina, her biography, goals and career advancement, the Gallery with lots of handbag photos, Contacts page and a separate Shop section, where everyone can place an order in almost no time. This Ucraft-based website looks professional and feature-laden.

6. Collectif Medz Bazar

Collectif Medz Bazar

Collectif Medz Bazar is the official website of the alternative-folk band that consists of Turkish, Armenian, American and French musicians. The fact that the brand encompasses people of different nationalities and cultures contributes to the unique sounding of its music compositions.

The website does not only deliver the most exhaustive information about the ban, its members, story, scheduled tours, news and updates as well as creative plans. It also abounds in music compositions that belong to the band. Thus, it is possible to listed to these songs directly on the website, share the links to them with other fans or buy either separate compositions or the albums you like most. All the albums are available on the homepage and you can opt for any of them when there is such a need. The website also abounds in multiple photos of the band, which are displayed on all the pages. This creates positive impression for each and every user browsing the website.

7. Med 911

Med 911

Med 911 is the Yerevan-based online pharmacy, which offers a rich assortment of drugs to treat a variety of health conditions. This is also the place, where each and every customer can come across useful information about those medications he/she is interested in. As of today, the pharmacy is one of the most trusted and convenient ways to shop for medications and other health-related products, such as medical appliances, sports and fitness products, bioactive additives, hygiene and treatment solutions, cosmetics and more.

The website presents a rich catalogue of drugs available on the homepage. The catalogue consists of several product categories with regard to their implications. The search filter option available in each section helps find the required product without any extra time and effort investment. Each product listed in the catalogue comes with detailed description and price specifications to simplify customer’s choice. Additionally, it is possible to schedule a visit to the doctor online, filling out the integrated form. All in all, this Ucraft-powered website is logically-structured, which contributes to its ease of use and convenience of the shopping process.

8. Plume Illustrations

Plume Illustrations

Plume Illustrations is a personal project of Marine Feuilleabois, who creates unique and high quality posters the art fans are interested in. This is where you can find out information about the artist, her creative approach, goals and expectations.

The website harmoniously encompasses a portfolio, an eCommerce project and a blog. This is also the place, where everyone can take drawing lessons held by the artist. To get them, you should just visit the corresponding page to learn the terms of the cooperation. The portfolio page allows browsing the best works belonging to Marine that better reveal her individual creative style. There is a preview option for each image that lets you see it in details. One of the distinctive features of the website is the fact that its content is written in the French language. This may somewhat complicate the browsing process for everyone, who doesn’t know this language.

9. Matt Gallery

Matt Gallery

Matt Gallery is a unique art jewelry gallery designed and created by Matt – an 8 year-old boy, who loves to express himself by means of drawing. Matt personally creates cute and original characters that are further used to design pins and pendants that are handmade of brass and silver.

The very first look at the website cannot but drives user attention – there is the full-screen photo gallery presenting one of the characters created by Matt. This is a small flying elephant named Yuakok, who introduces itself and its friends to the audience. This is really fun, unusual and original and this is what evokes the desire to keep browsing the website. As you scroll down the page, you will come across real life pictures of products made with Matt’s characters. Those, who have the intention to buy these products, should access the Find Us page that lists all the locations, where it’s possible to buy them. Additionally, it’s possible to reach the Contacts page, where one can fill out the online contact form to get in touch with the website owner.

10. Bet Construct

Bet Construct

Bet Construct is the new generation online gaming software, the award-winning technology and the provider of services for online and land-based gaming industry. They regularly present innovative and proven offerings for a variety of gaming industries. With over 15 years of niche expertise, the company has much to offer to its partners, including the high end white label solution, stand-alone set up projects as well as turn key programs. The platform offers the 30-day free trial to test these and other options they offer.

To find out more about the software and the company in general, it makes sense to visit their website. This is where you will come across several main pages, namely Products, Marketplace, Events, Integrations. For more info, it’s also possible to access the hidden menu found in the right website corner. The menu contains more pages, such as About Company, Partners, Careers, Press & Media, Resources, Blog and Awards. By viewing these sources, you will discover plenty of solutions and useful info on how to start your own gaming business. The project is available in several languages, which makes it possible to expand its target audience. That’s a worthy sample of a business website created with Ucraft!

Bottom Line

Ucraft is worth the attention, when you have an idea to build a business website, a landing page or a project for personal use. The samples of websites reviewed above are the best proof of the system’s credibility, convenience, ease of use and functionality. Projects built with the service look stylish, responsive and modern and there are multiple design customization tools you can use to boost your website performance.

Ucraft is a nice choice for users, who intend to create high quality websites with no coding skills required. Working with the website builder is easy and quick as there are multiple design features to choose from. The platform works great for those, who expect to avail decent result without serious web design background and expertise.


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