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Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which is Better?

ucraft vs squarespace

Ucraft and Squarespace are two popular and quite full-featured website builders, which are mainly used for commercial web building purposes. Whether you need to launch a business website, a landing page, a portfolio, an online store or any other website type, the systems will help you complete the task in the best way possible.

Ucraft – is a cloud website builder, which mainly targets creatives, who intend to start quality custom made projects. The system proves to be a nice choice for users of all expertise and skillfulness levels. It comes with a broad range of design customization options and it lets users start professional projects with no hassle at all. Squarespace – is a DIY website builder for users, who wish to create quality platforms that differ in complexity, size and integrated functionality. The system works great for all types of projects for online retailers, entrepreneurs and creatives. It provides a stunning set of features out-of-the-box, which contributes to the ease of use.

Website Builders Comparison Chart

Our score:          
Best for:Blog, small business website, portfolio, web store, landing pageBlogs, small business websites, professional portfolios, web stores
Templates:63 designs, which are responsive and freeDozens of free responsive templates
Technical Support:Ucraft forum, marketing guide, detailed tutorials, live chat, extensive user communityLive Chat, Email Support, Community Forum, Ticketing System, FAQ section
Blogging:Built-in blogging platformIntegrated blogging CMS
SEO Options:Quality SEO settingsAdvanced SEO parameters
Pricing:Starts from $10/moStarts from $12/mo
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Regardless of the superficial similarity of the platforms, they are quite versatile and each of them has much to offer to its target audience. So, the question is: which service works best for your needs and which of them offers a more extensive feature set? To find that out, it makes sense to analyze both platforms in detail. This is exactly what we are going to do right now.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: General Overview

Ucraft vs Squarespace: General Overview

Ucraft is a popular website builder, which comes with a simple drag-and-drop editor, rich collection of creative templates and rich integrated functionality. The platform grants access to the broad set of features to let you run simple blogs, landing pages, small business websites and even standard online stores. Launching a web project with Ucraft is easy due to its integrated WYSIWYG website editor and intuitive dashboard that helps you go through the process with maximum convenience.

The website builder was introduced to the market in 2014 and it has soon evolved into a trusted web platform. According to recent estimations, the customer base of the system currently enlists 12 119 subscribers, while the number of live websites the system power now constitutes 5 538 web projects. What’s important, the website builder does not require any coding proficiency to run quality projects with it. This is what makes it a good choice for beginners as well as for web design experts.

Squarespace is a simple and convenient DIY website builder, which makes it possible to reach a variety of goals. The platform boasts a handy WYSIWYG editor, abundance of responsive themes along with high end design customization tools to give them personalized design. The platform is a nice pick for first-time users as well as for web design professionals. It works well for starting all types of web projects, including blogs, small business projects, online stores, portfolios and landing pages. Whatever type of website you need, Squarespace lets you start the one, using rich functionality provided out-of-the-box.

Launched in 2003, the website builder has won worldwide popularity due to its outstanding performance. According to recent stats, the overall number of Squarespace subscriptions constitutes 4 014 536, while the number of live websites the service powers has exceeded 1 648 179 projects. These numbers are quite impressive and they really contribute to the system’s credibility and popularity.

Ucraft and Squarespace allow for DIY website creation, being a good choice for diverse user categories. Squarespace, however, still has more to offer. Its integrated feature set along with rich template collection and high end tools make the system stand out from the crowd.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Ucraft is easy to explore and master. You won’t face serious problems, when using the website builder. The registration process is simple and quick as well as the web design procedure itself. By following easy steps, you can get a full-featured website, even if your web design skills leave much to be desired.

Ucraft Editor

The developers of the website builder have taken care of the needs of newbies by subdividing all the features into several categories. Their purpose and designation are obvious from their titles. You can easily get used to the dashboard and interface of the system, even if you visit it for the first time. The website builder has a stylish and contemporary look, which creates a positive impression upon users.

Ucraft knowledge base is rich and informative. This is the place, where newly-registered users can find answers to their questions and solve the troubles they unexpectedly face, when working with the system. Each dashboard element comes with a detailed description for user convenience and time economy.

The support team of the service encompasses a live chat, tech support, FAQ section and a Blog. This is where you can read informative articles, tutorials and posts, providing useful tips on how to use the system features.

Squarespace ensures ease of use and allows designing websites in a smooth and hassle-free way. Its interface may seem a bit complicated for newbies, but you will get used to it in no time.The dashboard is more intuitive and understandable than that of Ucraft. The Squarespace menu is user-friendly and simple, though. It comes with several sections, each of which provides a choice of specific options.

Squarespace editor

The customer support is professional and valuable. Whatever web design problems you face when working on a project, you will effectively solve them by using the support section. The system offers 24/7 email support and live chat. As far as the Squarespace community is pretty extensive, they are always ready to share their recommendations and tips in the Q&A section. It is also accessible at the website and is regularly updated. Premium Plan users also have access to informative tutorials, manuals and other sources, which provide exhaustive information concerning the system use.

As to the ease of use, Squarespace proves to be more logically-structured, intuitive and convenient as compared to Ucraft. It offers a broad set of features and design customization options to launch any web project. It takes some time to master the website builder yet the result is worth that.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

Being two popular representatives of the web design niche, Ucraft and Squarespace both have much to offer to the target audience. The website builders deliver powerful design customization solutions and they abound in features that contribute to ease and hassle-free creation of different types of quality projects. These include small business websites, landing pages, blogs, web stores and more. To define the system, which has more features in stock, it is reasonable to compare theis main parameters. That’s what we are going to do below.


Ucraft comes with a quality eCommerce engine, which lets you start and promote small and medium online stores. No matter how many digital/physical products you intend to sell, the system will provide you with multiple web store creation options. Thus, you will grant access to multiple eCommerce templates, functional design customization tools, simple product/order management options.

Ucraft Add a Product

The system also delivers versatile payment solutions, supporting more than 70 different payment services you can integrate with, when starting a web store. What’s more, Ucraft lets you choose from several selling channels and world-known marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping etc.) to grow your profit. This feature, however, is provided exclusively in terms of the BigCommerce plan, which is quite expensive.

Squarespace also delivers extensive and quite powerful eCommerce options. Due to its feature-laden eCommerce engine, the website builder lets you run any type of a web store to come up to your needs.

Squarespace edit product

It is even possible to create a professional portfolio website with an integrated online store, where you will be able to sell your services or products. All in all, the website builder lets you sell up to 100 products, create versatile product lists, accept and manage orders, apply multiple payment options, set pricing and shipping parameters etc.

When it comes to the eCommerce aspect, Squarespace offers more web store customization options. The website builder provides extensive product/order management solutions and it also allows for setting up the required eCommerce parameters to enhance your web store performance.


Ucraft is also known for its quality blogging engine, which allows starting a feature-laden blog by means of Articles App integration. The application lets you connect a blog to your website and it also allows publishing a news section to drive user attention via adding business-related updates and informative articles.

Cкрин редактора блога

The feature lets you create any blog page layout, depending upon the number of posts you intend to add. Social media integration is also available here to let you and your website visitors share the articles with other subscribers. To properly optimize a blog for the search engines, you will be able to fill out meta tags and adjust the commenting system via Disqus platform integration. This should help drive traffic, generate leads and market your products in the best way possible.

Squarespace blogging engine is also a powerful one. The system offers easy post adding, editing and scheduling, geo tagging, URL customization etc. There is also access to multiple blog templates along with high end tools applied for their design. Squarespace makes it possible to use Google Analytics, set up blog post display parameters and show window options, enable multiple author support as well as other blog-related features.

Cкрин редактора блога

One of the highlights of the system is the opportunity to import blogs to the platform from other popular services used for blog publication, such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous and other blogging platforms.

As to blog development, Squarespace deserves more attention as well. It comes with quite a powerful blogging engine that lets you connect a feature-laden blog to your website. The system makes it possible to set up your blog parameters so that it could match your business requirements.

Third-Party Integrations

Ucraft provides extensive integration options that let you boost your website performance. Currently, the system lets you integrate with more than 15 world-known services, which are the leaders in their niches. These include Google Maps, Vimeo, Disqus, Mail Chimp, YouTube, SoundCloud, PayPal, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics and many more.

By choosing these platforms, you will be able to enhance your website functionality, eCommerce and blogging potential as well as overall website quality.

Squarespace has built partnership relations with multiple world-known companies. The most trusted of them include Etsy, Disqus, BookingBug, PayPal, Typekit, MailChimp, Google Maps, Google Analytics and more. Integration of these systems lets you enhance website quality, eCommerce and blogging options as well as website performance in general.

To sum it up, Squarespace is better at integrations than Ucraft. The system cooperates with multiple third-party extensions that allow for professional development and functionality enhancement of projects created with them. Integration of these platforms does not imply any code awareness at all, which is an advantage in itself.

Template Editing

Ucraft designs are remarkable and professional. All in all, the system offers 86 templates, which are sorted by industry for great convenience and ease of use. Whether you plan to launch a blog, a landing page, a business website, a portfolio or any other website type, you will certainly find a suitable theme with simple customization.

Ucraft Templates

Ucraft templates feature high quality, excellent design, full-screen formats. They are responsive by default. This means that your website will automatically adjust both to desktop and mobile screens.The templates come with niche-specific content you can further replace with that of your own. Whatever template you will go for, you can use a preview option to see it in details and read its description. One of the major Ucraft highlights is its free Landing Page creator, which helps launch a quality landing page effortlessly and in no time.

If you expect a higher design customization degree, Ucraft Designer Tools are always at hand. The tools include UI Kit options, Typography Adjustment and Layout Development. They can notably enhance the way a website looks. Designer tools are found in the dashboard of the system. You can use them to adjust website typography settings (heading styles, font parameters, letter spacing etc.), use the form builder, edit website layout, adjust mobile/desktop website view etc.

Logo Maker is another feature, which contributes to the popularity of the system. By using it, you can create a killer company logo out of a set of icons. It is also possible to upload your own logo and customize it, if needed. All in all, it takes around a few minutes to design a unique and personalized logo that will comply with your website requirements and specialization.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which is Better?

Squarespace designs are also spectacular and worth the attention. They were created by the system developers and, thus, feature high quality and customization options. The website builder currently offers 100 template layouts, which are easy-to-navigate, browse and customize. The themes also fall into industry-specific categories and you can use them at no cost at all. Each theme comes with responsive design, clear layout, rich image gallery, refined fonts and styles.

Squarespace template

If you feel that a template doesn’t match your business specification for some reason, you can change it without the loss of content. That’s definitely a benefit. Users with web design skills can also make use of CSS editing option to give their websites personalized look.

Just like Ucraft, Squarespace grants access to quality design tools that make it possible to enhance your project look. Apart from standard typography settings that let you change template colours, fonts, spacing and some other parameters, the system makes it possible to add visual effects, animations and special design elements to website pages. Likewise, it is possible to edit image blocks and buttons as well as to customize product pages and edit gallery parameters, if needed.

Squarespace also comes with an advanced Logo Maker, which lets you design your company logo within minutes and with no coding skills required. The website builder offers a set of logo design tools that ensure hassle-free and simple logo creation process. What you need is to provide your company name and pick the elements and style for your logo. The system will automatically generate the logo so that you could integrate it into your website.

Squarespace logo maker

Speaking about design editing, Squarespace website builder offers a more impressive template collection than its competitor. Its themes feature high quality and are responsive by default. The system offers a handy preview option, includes a Logo Maker tool and multiple design customization features to make your business stand out from the crowd. Squarespace also allows working with CSS codes to ensure more personalized result.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

Ucraft vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

Ucraft offers moderate pricing policy. To test its integrated features, you’ll be provided with a 14-day free trial. There is also a completely free plan here, which works well for one-page projects as well as for landing pages built for lead generation and traffic growth. The plan comes with a set of standard elements, free hosting and SSL Certificate connection, integrated Google Analytics, free custom domain name connection opportunity. If you face the need to upgrade to one of the premium plans, you’ll be offered to choose from three options, namely:

Ucraft Pricing

  • Pro Website ($10/mo) – works well for small business sites and small digital stores with up to 50 products, HTML/CSS/JS embedding feature, multilingual support etc.;
  • Pro Shop ($21/mo) – good for growing mobile shops with up to 1,000 items to sell online. It includes a web store management app, tax exemption, 0% transaction fee, discount coupons etc.;
  • Unlimited ($69/mo) – ultimate eCommerce plan with all unlimited features in addition to multiple selling channels including eBay, Amazon, Facebook, unlimited products, reverse-charge VAT.

Additionally, Ucraft has an advanced White Label Solution, which comes in three plans, namely an Agency Plan (works well for designers and small marketing agencies), a Partner Package (is great for marketing agencies and webmasters) and an Enterprise Plan (good for domain and hosting providers). The cost of these plans constitutes $399 and $1299 per month for the first two options, while the cost of the Enterprise Package is discussed individually with the system developers.

Squarespace doesn’t offer a free plan, yet it also has a 14-day free trial period that grants access to all the features of the advanced plans. As to the paid subscriptions, there are four of them here, each offering a distinctive set of features, services, tools and terms. Have a look at them now to figure out the best premium options for you:

Squarespace price

  • Personal ($12/mo billed annually) – 2 contributors, 24/7 customer support, free custom domain, SSL Security, SEO features, unlimited bandwidth and storage, website metrics;
  • Business ($18/mo billed annually) – unlimited contributors, CSS/JavaScript design customization, advanced website analytics, fully-integrated eCommerce, professional email from Google, premium blocks and integrations, 3% transaction fees etc.;
  • Basic Commerce ($26/mo billed annually) – powerful eCommerce analytics, Instagram synchronization, customer accounts, domain checkout feature etc.;
  • Advanced Commerce ($40/mo billed annually) – advanced shipping and discounts, APIs for order and inventory, abandoned cart recovery, gift cards, limited availability labels etc.

When it comes to the comparison of pricing options, Squarespace proves to be a moderately-priced platform. The cost of its plans is affordable, while the terms included into each premium subscription come up to the needs of various user categories. There is a free option to test the system features before upgrading to one of the palid plans. That’s a handy option for beginners.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Ucraft grants access to the integrated set of SEO tools that make it possible to optimize your website for the search engines. To adjust the settings, just reach the SEO section in the dashboard and fill out the required fields, which are a must-have for any website promotion.

Ucraft SEO

This is where you should add the meta tags (titles and descriptions) for your website pages, keywords, alt tags for images and other required info. The website builder also includes integrated statistics tracking tools that let you control your website positions and performance.

Squarespace is a SEO-friendly website builder. It offers a set of integrated tools for better and more effective website search engine optimization. Some of these tools include automatic sitemap generation, distinct HTML markup, SSL certification, friendly URLs for website pages, meta tags, Google statistics collection and other features needed to promote your website and generate traffic.

Squarespace SEO Settings

A real highlight of the website builder is the opportunity to hide some of your website pages or the entire project from indexing by the search engines until you are sure it is ready for publication.

When it tackles the SEO aspect, Squarespace can rightfully be considered a SEO-friendly website builder. It makes it possible to specify the parameters for quality search engine optimization and to fill out SEO settings. The system additionally offers a notable bonus. It lets you hide your website pages from indexing by the search engines, while you adjust its SEO parameters.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which One Is Better for a Small Business Website?

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which One Is Better for a Small Business Website?

Ucraft allows starting a quality small business website. It especially works great for promo website and landing page creation as both types of projects ensure worthy presentation of your business. The website builder grants access to the set of impressive business templates that are divided into thematic niches with regard to your business specialization. There is also an opportunity to use an advanced Logo Maker to design your own business website logo and integrate into your website, if you don’t have the one yet. Free Landing Page Creator helps design a quality and feature-laden website to present your business in the most favorable light and to drive traffic. It is provided absolutely for free and you don’t have to subscribe to any premium subscription to use it.

Squarespace works great for small business website development (see its recent website examples). Its feature set as well as a choice of business templates notably simplifies the choice, ensuring great result. There is an opportunity to browse a collection of widgets and add-ons, integration of which will enhance your business presentation. Squarespace delivers extensive social media integration options and stunning analytics/statistics tracking tools. The highlight of the system is its Acuity Scheduling platform. This is a feature-rich online appointment system, which ensures convenient organization of the sales process as well as simple customer interaction.

If you are right about to start a small business website, then Squarespace is a top system to go for. This especially concerns the creation of professional websites that come with distinctive niche functionality. You get access to a rich choice of tools and features geared towards small business website development and management.

Which One Is the Best for Portfolio – Ucraft or Squarespace?

Which One Is the Best for Portfolio - Ucraft or Squarespace?

Ucraft can easily be chosen to start a portfolio project (see the best Squarespace portfolios). The website bilder stands out from the crowd due to its advanced set of Designer Tools that can ensure worthy presentation of your works. There is also a nice selection of portfolio templates here, which are responsive, free and customizable. Ucraft comes with a Logo Maker that lets you design a creative logo for your project, while the use of the Articles App allows integrating a blog feed into it to drive the attention of users. Due to the eCommerce engine, you can avail a great opportunity to offer your works for sale, which is definitely an advantage in itself.

Squarespace is a perfect solution, when it comes to portfolio website development. The system has distinguished itself due to its strong creative focus, rich assortment of free responsive portfolio designs and advanced built-in integrations. The website builder boasts quality blogging and eCommerce engines that let you connect a blog or a web store to your portfolio. This allows generating traffic and profit at a time. Squarespace also offers access to its Logo Maker, Image and Style Editor, Google Maps and Form Builder – these are only some of the tools that help create stunning portfolios. A real benefit of using the website builder is availability of its Unfold App, which allows starting and sharing appealing and full-featured posts and stories in social networks. That’s one of the best ways to popularize your portfolio project online.

Portfolio website development is more effective, when using Squarespace. The system has more to offer in this respect due to its advanced Unfold App, high end social media sharing options, stunning portfolio templates and absence of coding requirements.

Which One Works Best for eCommerce – Ucraft or Squarespace?

Which One Works Best for eCommerce - Ucraft or Squarespace?

Ucraft has much to offer in terms of eCommerce. The website builder allows launching and managing all types of online stores, irrespective of their sizes, complexity, integrated functionality and budget. You can sell any number of products there, assigning their characteristics and special parameters. Ucraft boats a collection of ready-made responsive templates and support of versatile payment options. All in all, the system allows choosing from over 70 payment services to integrate into your web store. Ucraft product management options are quite simple as well.The system allows adding new items with a few clicks only, customizing product pages with regard to your needs, upload images, product descriptions and other required elements. You will be able to use various sales channels to boost your profit. The website builder lets you cooperate with some of the biggest marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping Feed, Facebook etc.) to sell your products there. Mind, however, that this feature as well as eCommerce SEO settings and discount creation option is available exclusively for BigCommerce plan subscribers.

Squarespace eCommerce potential is far beyond the average. The system boasts a powerful integrated eCommerce engine, which makes it possible to start a professional web store (take a look at online stores powered by Squarespace). There are several subscriptions to choose from with regard to your eCommerce preferences and requirements. What you can do here is creating show windows to present your physical/digital products and specify their characteristics, uploading over 100 product variations and SKUs, connecting SSL Certificate, setting up SEO parameters etc. Squarespace also boasts an impressive choice of eCommerce templates that specialize in various niches. The system additionally lets you connect a blog, choose from several payment options, connect PaPal and Stripe accounts, integrate with Xero platform and set up abandoned checkout recovery parameters.

Thus, Squarespace provides a more powerful eCommerce functionality. The website builder makes it possible to set up and manage quality web stores that fit various niches. You can choose from multiple eCommerce templates, design customization options, extensive product/web store management and marketing setting here. Ucraft cannot ensure the same functionality.

Key Differences Between Ucraft and Squarespace

Ease of Use:Ucraft is a drag-and-drop DIY website builder, which lets you start and manage different types of quality web projects. No coding and web design proficiency are required to work with the system.Squarespace is a cloud website builder, which comes with a drag-and-drop editor. It works best for users with various web design skills. The system is a nice pick to start portfolio websites, landing pages, web stores, blogs, business projects etc.
Functionality:The website builder offers distinctive integrated functionality. It comes with blogging and eCommerce engines, free Landing Page Creator, Google Analytics, free Logo Maker, high end customization options etc.The system comes with blogging and eCommerce engines, integrated WYSIWYG editor, SEO options, advanced marketing features as well as Google Maps embedding, professional Cover Page Builder, statistics tracking tools, high end Logo Maker, social integrations, Acuity Scheduling platform and Unfold App.
Design:Ucraft encompasses over 67 templates, which are free, responsive and customizable. It grants access to advanced Designer Tools that let you create unique website design.Squarespace template collection involves over a hundred of responsive quality templates. They allow setting up multiple projects, targeting creatives and entrepreneurs.
eCommerce:The website builder has an integrated eCommerce engine, which lets you start online stores and manage their basic parameters.The platform comes with an integrated eCommerce engine. It allows running small and medium web stores, setting up their crucial parameters.
Blogging:The system lets you realize your blog creation option via integrating its Articles App. Along with blog development, you can integrate a news feed into your project to boost user awareness rate.The website builder boasts a powerful blogging engine. Iit is possible to run a quality blog with it. It’s up to you to update the project when required as well as to customize its design with regard to your blogging intentions.
Small Business:Ucraft can be used as a small business website builder. Its Landing Page Creator, free business templates, Logo Maker and other niche-related features make the system a good pick for the creation of quality promo websites and landing pages.Squarespace works great for small business website development. It makes it possible to integrate business widgets, social media files, Acuity Platform as well as must-have stats tracking and email marketing tools.
Pricing:The website builder has a free 14-day trial and a free plan to test its functionality. The number of its premium subscriptions constitutes 3 plans. Their cost starts from $10/mo.The website builder has a 14-day free trial and several pricing options for standard and eCommerce websites. Their cost starts from $12/mo.
SEO:The platform makes it possible to adjust SEO settings in order to increase the positions of your website in the search engines.Squarespace is a SEO-friendly website builder. Apart from the opportunity to fill out the main SEO parameters for quality website promotion, it also lets you hide your website (or its separate pages) from indexing by the search engines.
Customer Support:Ucraft forum, marketing guide, detailed tutorials, live chat, extensive user community.24/7 Live Chat, Ticketing System, Community Forum, Email Support, FAQ section.

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

As soon as you decide to launch a website for personal or business use, the choice of the right platform becomes a must. The list of website builders you can use for this purpose is quite long, but there are systems, which are worth special attention. Ucraft and Squarespace are the services, which rank high on this list. Each of them comes with its pros and cons users have to consider, when making the final choice.

Ucraft allows building small-to-large business websites, portfolios, online stores and landing pages. It comes with responsive niche-specific templates, the choice of which is currently somewhat limited. There is a logo editor, free landing page creator and a pretty large selection of customizable widgets. Owners of large companies should also consider an opportunity of using the White Label tool the system offers.

Squarespace, in its turn, is a worthy choice for web design pros, online retailers and creatives as it offers a rich set of web design tools. The website builder is very flexible and allows integrating your own scripts or editing website code. The platform is somewhat complicated for inexperienced users, but websites created with it have professional look and advanced performance. It is also somewhat more expensive as compared to Ucraft.

So, which website builder is the leader of the comparison? Both of them are worth user attention as they definitely have much to offer. Squarespace, however, stands out from the crowd due to its advanced small business website development tools, extensive blogging and eCommerce capabilities, impressive integrations, high end portfolio creation solutions, quality customer support and moderate pricing. These are the features that give the website builder prevalence over its competitor.

Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which is Better?
  • Drag-&-drop website builder
  • Free Landing Page Creator
  • Advanced Designer Tools
  • Free and paid subscriptions
Ucraft vs Squarespace: Which is Better?
  • Popular all-in-one website builder
  • eCommerce and blogging platforms
  • Unfold App for social media storytelling
  • Acuity scheduling platform

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