Ucraft Website Builder Review

Ucraft – is an artsy website builder that combines creative templates with a sleek and easy-to-use editor. It delivers enough features to create websites of different types. Users may launch a simple blog as well as set up a small business site or jump into the eCommerce niche with a fully functional digital store. Creating new pages and projects with Ucraft is very easy thanks to its proprietary WYSIWYG editor while the ready-made templates look very stylish and up-to-date.

The website builder is mainly focused on quality although it does not boast an expanded feature set like some of the biggest industry names. At the same time, it boasts a completely free package with integrated security means in addition to its free logo maker, designer tools, and more. Let’s have a closer look at what Ucraft may offer to its users.

  • Completely free plan.
  • Professionally-Designed Templates.
  • Good for any Website Type.

1. Pros and Cons

Ucraft is a website builder that is good for newbies, as no coding skills are required. It delivers enough features out of the box to create different website types in minutes. The platform has affordable plans and lots of extra functions to benefit from. On the other hand, some users might require more flexibility in terms of page customization while the selection of templates still looks a bit limited.

Stylish templates and powerful designer tools.
Good for newbies thanks to its drag-and-drop editor.
Plenty of free features including Logo and Landing Page Maker.
Decent free package.
Integrated Google analytics and security means.
Expanded knowledge base.
No phone support.
Not good for growing business.
Only 15 products to sell in the Pro plan.
Limited integration options.
  • Addons and widgets availability.
  • A pack of handy free tools.
  • Built-in features and services.

2. What Is It Good for?

Ucraft was developed mainly with a focus on small businesses, online merchants, and individual service providers. It offers a fast and easy way to introduce yourself and your services to the online audience as well as highlight some core benefits that differentiate your business from others. It is perfect for newbies, who do not have any coding experience but still want to go live fast. The website builder makes it simple to create small online shops, portfolios, business cards, event websites, restaurants and café, sites, and other types of small business projects.

If you look for a platform to create and scale your business in the future, Ucraft will not work out. It comes with limited options in terms of eCommerce. For instance, even with a paid Pro plan users will not be able to sell more than 15 products. Again, this fact proves that the system will meet only individuals and small business needs. At some point, you may want to switch the platform when seeking expanded resourcefulness and functionality.

3. Ease of Use

The website builder is very easy to use, as it has a drag-and-drop feature. Users have a chance to start the building process from the blank canvas or opt for any of the available ready-made themes. The second variant is better for newbies, as creating a new site from blank can be a tricky challenge. But first things first. Let’s find out how to sign in and get started.

Signing In

Before signing in, the system will ask you to choose a platform first. Users can select from more than 80 different options divided into specific categories. All templates come with a preview option. The bad news is that it does not let you preview the future website on mobile or tablet. You will be able to do this inside the editor after completing the registration.

ucraft choose template

The next stage is to choose a domain. Ucraft offers a free domain name on default. All you need is to type in a unique combination of characters that will define your project and make it different from others. If you want to connect a custom domain, you will also need to go to general settings inside the dashboard.

ucraft choose subdomain

Now, you can actually sign up. The first way to sign in is to use your social media account and log in with a click. The second way looks more brick-to-mortar and requires indicating your password and email to create a new account. No matter, which path you choose, the process will hardly take you more than several seconds. Although the system offers a 14-day free trial, you will need to choose a paid plan before entering the website editor. The good news is that users are not obliged to indicate billing info right from the start.

ucraft sign up

Template Editing

As we have mentioned before, the editing process might be a tricky one despite the fact Ucraft has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. At first, you find it easy to construct a new page using ready-made blocks. They include headers, contact forms, “About Us” blocks, footers, etc. The idea is to put one block upon another.

The key problem here is that you cannot move them around. The idea is to let users work in sections. It means that each and every block is supposed to stay in the prescribed section. On the other hand, users may still add different elements to customize some of the pages. The dashboard contains a selection of elements you may add with a click. They include image galleries, text blocks, sliders, icons, media file distributors, etc.

The website builder recently got a new feature. Users may easily switch to the smartphone or tablet mode not just to preview the future layout and the way it runs on mobile devices but also to benefit from full-spectrum theme customization, Besides, here you will find the QR-code to provide quick access to the mockup.

ucraft mobile editor

Going Live

After you have completed editing pages, you only need to connect a domain, preview it, and go live in case you are totally satisfied with the way it looks on desktop and mobile devices. Publish your website and make it accessible to the users.

Despite the fact, all Ucraft plans have a 14-day free trial; we strongly recommend opting for a free package to check how the editor and other features work. It will clarify whether the platform suits your needs or not. Now, it is high time we moved on to the website customization process.

  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor.
  • Powerful Customization Engine.
  • Mobile editing feature.

4. Features & Flexibility

Ucraft certainly has some strong points in terms of its features. Apart from baseline free SSL, SEO app and integrated Google Analytics in each of the plans even including the free package, users may count on expanded functionality that delivers more eCommerce, blogging, and customization capabilities.

Online Stores

Ucraft makes it easy to launch and manage your new store despite its size. Whether you have several products to sell or want to create a huge marketplace with unlimited items, the website builder eCommerce features will come in handy. Here is what you get:

  • Ready-Made Templates – launching a shop with Ucraft is very easy. Pick a template with built-in blocks and relevant elements, and products, and publish your store.
  • Simple Product Management – add new items with a single click, customize the product page by uploading images, adding product descriptions, editing fields, etc.
  • Versatile Payment Options – the platform currently supports over 70 different payment services available for seamless integration. Connect the method and benefit from instant payments in addition to integrated shipping options.
  • Multiple Selling Channels – you may use various selling channels to grow your revenues. The system lets you enter some of the biggest marketplaces and sell your products on eBay, Google Shopping Feed, Amazon, Facebook, etc. The bad news is that the feature is available only with BigCommerce plan, which is the most expensive one.
  • Ucraft Add a Product

The eCommerce package additionally includes product page SEO settings, analytical tools, and promotions. Shop owners may create personalized offers, discount coupons or other campaigns to boost your customers’ loyalty.

Designer Tools

Although Ucraft templates look pretty good, users will still have a chance to add a finishing touch to make the website design more exclusive. Designer tools provide a simple way to stand out thanks to the following:

  • Typography Editing – the tool makes it easy to edit texts, change font styles, and implement various colors, dimensions, and sizes. Users are free to edit headings as well as the entire paragraphs.
  • UIKit – a tool to change or edit any of the custom blocks and elements. Feel free to change the button and icons colors, styles or dimensions. Change slider sizes to let it fit the overall page design.
  • Mockup Settings – go to advanced settings and change the way your layout looks like. For example, users may edit distance between each element, customize the dimensions for the mobile website version, etc.
  • Ucraft Designer Tools

Free Logo Maker

The website builder comes with a free and super easy logo maker. It lets you create a unique brand representation in minutes. All you need is to complete three simple steps:

  1. Choose an icon from a huge selection of stock images available free (over 1 million icons).
  2. Customize the logo by stretching or narrowing the icon. Add some colors or edit dimensions.
  3. Save the logo in any of the available formats (.PNG or .SVG).
  4. Ucraft Logo Maker

You may use the logo not only on the website but also on the physically sold goods and items to increase your store’s recognition.

Free Landing Page Creator

A free landing page builder is another great feature from Ucraft. It is available for all subscribers despite the plan. You may benefit from it even if you use a free package. Here is how it works:

  1. You sing in, choose a plan, and pick a free landing page feature.
  2. Browse through ready-made one-page themes and layouts to choose the best-matching one.
  3. Customize the landing page structure, add additional elements or blocks.
  4. Use SEO settings to create SEO-friendly content.
  5. Connect a custom domain for free and publish your landing page.

It is a great way to drive more traffic and keep customers aware of your new products or special offers.

Blogging Platform

Creative bloggers, who intend to launch and manage full-featured and visually-appealing blogs, will certainly appreciate an opportunity to use the Articles App offered by Ucraft. The application allows creating a blog or publishing a news section on a website to attract user attention. The entire process doesn’t take it longer than several minutes and is generally completed in a few easy steps.

Ucraft Dashboard Articles

By using the application, you will be able to create a blog page layout for as many posts as you need. Go ahead to connect social media buttons to each post to enable users to share the articles with subscribers.

Do not forget to optimize the newly created blog by filling out the meta tags. This is the best way to boost your blog search engine ranking. Adjust the system of comments by adding the Disqus commenting add-on. Finally, make use of the WYSIWYG Ucraft Text Editor to make content editing simpler and more flexible.

If you cope with the task on a high level, you will avail multiple benefits from your blog. It will help you drive traffic, market your services or products, share your experience with subscribers, establish a reliable web presence, boost your authority, generate leads and encourage your target audience for communication.

  • Free Logo Maker.
  • Free Landing Page Creator.
  • Comprehensive Blogging Platform.

5. Design & Templates

Ucraft offers a rich collection of templates and of them may be used to create landing pages, while the others are good for business websites. All of them, however, look quite appealing, with their flat designs, full-screen formats, high-quality industry-specific content, and other features you will certainly appreciate. In general, the quality of these templates is above the average here.

Each theme comes with a description and a preview option. It won’t take you long to pick the right template. The variety of themes is somewhat limited, but any template can be customized to suit your specific business needs.

Having chosen a template, you will be offered to view a short, but detailed and useful video giving an insight into the system’s basics. Watched it already? Then you are ready to customize your template with the help of a drag-and-drop visual editor, which results in the availability. You can choose among a wide range of pre-designed blocks and widgets that can help you develop the structure of your website.

Ucraft Blocks

Just drag a required element to the pages change its color, position, spacing, size, content, and you will achieve the desired result in no time! Each block or widget has several settings: background image, opacity, block position (vertical or horizontal), alignment, color, etc. Due to these and other features, you will be able to make any template your own to meet your objectives and requirements.

What’s more, you can additionally use the Designer tools section located on the Dashboard. The tool will make it possible to adjust the typography (heading styles, font, size, letter spacing, etc.), use the button and form builder As well as to edit the website’s layout (its width, indentations for desktop and mobile view, etc.).

Actually, the use of the Designer tools section is not required – Ucraft templates look great as they are, while the default editing tools are well enough to give the website an individual and outstanding look.

Another interesting thing about Ucraft is an opportunity to divide sections within a block by colors. This allows for the use of duotone, a fresh trend in website design, when each half of a block comes with its own color, while their proportions and sizes can be changed. Many users may find this feature helpful when developing their websites.

To sum up, despite the limited number of templates, Ucraft looks great from the design perspective. High-Quality templates that come with a variety of convenient tools make it possible to achieve a fantastic result. No coding needed. Perfect for newbies.

  • Responsive Templates for any Niche.
  • Powerful Designer Tools.
  • Templates Mobile and Desktop Preview.

6. Customer Support

Ucraft has an extended knowledgeable represented by detailed how-to guides and articles. They cover all the essential topics. You will learn how to start using a website in addition to dashboard tips, app integration, etc. The articles also describe all eCommerce features, White Label solution, etc.

The platform has a separate Marketing Guide. It is a step-by-step instruction for business owners, companies, and entrepreneurs. Users will learn how to fine-tune SEO settings, conduct effective SMM strategies, use PPC, email and content marketing, etc.

Ucraft has a growing community of users represented with a local forum and multiple threads to discuss. Here you may find handy expert tips, recent update releases, and notes, create new threads to ask pros any question.

Live Chat feature is the last but not least if you require an urgent resolution to an issue. It takes a few minutes for support team to come back with a response. Summing up, the support here is very good.

ucraft support

  • Growing Community and Ucraft Forum.
  • Detailed Tutorials and Live Chat.
  • Marketing How-to Guides.

7. Plans & Pricing

The website builder is available in 4 different plans. Users may choose the best package depending on the website type, its complexity, and general goals. The first plan is 100% free. It might be a good option for one-page projects as well as landing pages to generate leads or drive traffic to the necessary products page. It comes with all basic elements for page customization in addition to free SSL, integrated Google Analytics, and the ability to connect a custom domain for free.

As for the paid plans, they are as follows:

  • Pro Plan costs $10 per month with a free domain and SSL, eCommerce, designer, and SEO tools, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 15 products to sell.
  • Pro Shop plan costs $21 per month with an unlimited number of pages and up to 1,000 products to sell.
  • Unlimited plan costs $69 per month offering over 50 payment gateways and 20 shipping methods to customers, product variation, filters, and more.

ucraft pricing

As you can see, only Pro Shop and Unlimited plans provide enough business flexibility to grow and scale your projects. However, for that price, you may opt for niche-specific platforms with a focus on eCommerce and even more features to use.

  • 14-day free trial.
  • Entry plan at zero cost.
  • Separate White Label packages.

8. White Label Solution

For those users, who intend to use the system for website builder business setup, Ucraft offers a scalable White Label solution providing multiple advantages. The service allows using its features and tools under your brand name to boost your marketing success and build customer trust.

Just take your time to design the templates and sections to be further offered to your customers and get ready to sell websites under your business name. This solution will come in handy to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and web design agencies willing to get the most out of their business promotion.

The white label solution is currently available in two different models. They include:

  • SaaS Model – you actually get your own brand-named website builder to create a small business website, landing pages, or digital stores for your customers on behalf of your own studio. Moreover, you may provide access to the website builder for the clients to let them build their own projects. The model comes with a simple dashboard where you may set the pricing policy or manage orders.
  • Custom Solution – this one will work out for bigger companies and service providers who want to have the website builder integrated into their corporate ecosystem. Developers are free to create exclusive elements and blocks while business owners may launch affiliate programs or operate as resellers.

Each model comes with a separate plan:

  • Agency Package costs $599 per month and meets the needs of designers and small marketing agencies.
  • Partner Package starts at $1,999 per month. It might work out for independent designers and webmasters as well as marketing agencies.
  • Enterprise Package comes with negotiated price. It is good for hosting providers, domain registrars, resellers, etc.

Ucraft White Label

Among the benefits you will avail, when using the tool, you’ll certainly appreciate a simple drag-and-drop editor, integrated Google Cloud hosting, availability of over 15 third-party integrations (Google Maps, Vimeo, Disqus, Mail Chimp, YouTube, SoundCloud, PayPal, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics etc.), domain reseller, understandable and user-friendly admin dashboard, several payment gateways, rest API, dedicated account manager and more.

9. Website Examples

After a detailed website builder review, it is high time we looked at several examples of sites built using Ucraft.

Wee plaint – motion design studio

Wee plaint – motion design studio

261 – countdown page

261 – countdown page

Tes Models – a fashion and models’ website

Tes Models – a fashion and models’ website

Hedge fox studios – indie games development studio

Hedge fox studios – indie games development studio

12 ator – office furniture store

12 ator – office furniture store

Kaffa – a coffee shop

Kaffa – a coffee shop

10. Conclusion

  • An unlimited free plan
  • Great for beginners
  • Suits small business needs
  • White Labeling opportunities

Ucraft – is a stylish, modern, and appealing website builder, which will certainly be of great help to newbies. The platform is also a good solution to create complex and large-scale websites (except forums).

This website builder is a nice choice due to the range of features it offers. Creating a nice business website is a piece of cake with this platform. There is everything you might need for the purpose: a rich selection of widgets and drag-and-drop blocks that can be customized with a few clicks, SEO parameters for further promotion of the website, and first-class templates.

However, the system will mainly meet the needs of small projects without plans to scale and grow. Only Pro Shop and Unlimited plans offer a bit of flexibility with more features and products to sell. However, the price looks too high if compared to more professional and niche-specific platforms.

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