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uCoz vs WordPress

uCoz vs WordPress

The market of website builders is progressing insanely fast. Searching Google for ‘website builder’ or ‘how to start a website with no experience’ will produce thousands of reviews, comparisons and articles on WordPress, Joomla, Wix, uCoz, Squarespace, Jimdo and others… This is likely how you found SuperbWebsiteBuilders 🙂 .

If years of testing various DIY site building apps have taught me anything, it’s that the challenge isn’t actually in creating your site, but in choosing which website builder is right for your purposes and webmaster level. So let me help you select the best for your needs – here’s my uCoz vs WordPress comparison. Important note: in this article we analyze (the self-hosted version) which is more popular and flexible than its .com counterpart.

#1 Ease of Use

WordPress. WordPress is comparatively easy to use, if you know what it takes to get a website online (how to acquire a domain name from a registrar; how to set up a host etc.). Besides, it requires software installation (the platform itself, the theme, the plugins etc.). All these technical details can be quite intimidating to newbies.

uCoz. uCoz is an ‘all-in-one’ web service that offers everything you might need for your website under the same roof: there are templates, included hosting, various modules and widgets (=plugins) that work out of the box. If you don’t have a domain, you can buy one via uCoz.


WordPress vs uCoz. Of course you could tinker with settings on both platforms for hundreds of hours, but just to get a website up and running uCoz is the better option. Because it has a library of ready-to-use modules and widgets, there’s no need to shop around for third-party plugins and extensions.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

WordPress. Since WordPress is an open source platform, it’s extremely flexible. It can power almost any website imaginable: а blog, portfolio, news site, webstore and so on. However, almost any new feature requires a plugin, be it a social media sharing panel, shopping cart or SEO pack. These tiny software packages are downloaded from the WordPress library and ‘plugged’ into your current theme. Though most of them are easy to install and configure, the problem with this concept is that over time your site accumulates tons of plugins which can conflict with each other and also make your site slower.

WordPress Plugins

uCoz. uCoz works as a system of customizable modules that can be turned on and off without you having to do anything extra. Suppose you want to create a webstore. In this case, you have to turn on the following modules: eShop, Users, Blog (optional), Forum (optional), Web Polls (optional) and some others. Since all these extensions are developed and updated by the same provider, they never conflict.

uCoz vs WordPress. While it may seem that WordPress is the clear winner, uCoz still offers everything you need to set up a decent website. WordPress is undoubtedly more flexible since it’s an open source piece of software. Advice: Don’t get caught up in the ‘more is better’ mentality, unless you actually need this flexibility for your project.

#3 Designs

WordPress. There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes. The theme directory is the biggest and most official place to find good WP themes. Important note: In case you decide to use a free theme, be sure to check it for malicious software, since many free themes are likely to include hidden malware that may harm your data files and even generate spam. In order to change the look of your website you have to manually edit the HTML and CSS.

WordPress Themes

uCoz. uCoz gives you access to over 200 free templates, including responsive ones. These themes can be switched any time with a few clicks. There are also paid premium templates. To properly edit uCoz templates (both free and premium) you must have at least a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

uCoz Templates

WordPress vs uCoz. Unfortunately, neither uCoz nor WordPress supports WYSIWYG editing of their templates. Both services require at least a rudimentary knowledge of HTML/CSS. The good news is that you can completely rebuild any theme to get the desired look, if you’re handy with codes of course.

#4 Customer Support

WordPress. There are hundreds of forums, video lessons and FAQs on WordPress, including official tutorials. Other than user forums and tutorials, there is no support staff or WordPress phone number to call for help.

uCoz. There’s uCoz Community Forum, uCoz manual and email support. There are also prompts and hints in the control panel.

uCoz vs WordPress. Both platforms have impressive knowledge centers. However, email support (free and premium) is only offered by uCoz.

#5 Pricing Policy

WordPress. Though the platform is technically free, you do have to pay for a domain name (starting at $10/year), hosting (starting at $130/year), theme (starting at $40; if you decide to use a premium theme) and plugins (starting at $40).

uCoz. uCoz has several pricing tiers including an absolutely free ad-supported plan. Ad-free packages start at $5.99. The key advantage is that this price covers hosting, widgets, themes and even domain names (when paying for the whole year).

uCoz pricing uCoz pricing

WordPress vs uCoz. Quality matters, especially when it comes to business websites. Building a quality website with uCoz appears to be less expensive.

uCoz vs WordPress: Conclusion

What’s the most important thing to a business? In my opinion, it’s time (though many ignore time as an investment). And what kind of stuff takes the most time? Stuff that we have no idea how to do. What I’m trying to say is that your choice will depend on your webmaster skills. While WordPress requires such steps as software installation, domain name and hosting purchase, theme installation, shopping around for plugins etc., uCoz provides users with completely functional and ready to use websites. On the other hand, WordPress is more flexible and let you host your website anywhere on the web. Happy site building 🙂 .

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