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uCoz vs WordPress

Due to its simplicity and absence of fees, WordPress managed to withstand competition among other CMS.

Ease of Use:4/54/5
Overall Score:4.6/54.6/5

Such popularity has additionally strengthened system ranking, resulting in the availability of various user manuals and introducing the service to the broad audience.

uCoz is powerful, although, it’s not the most popular website builder. Users like it because of its functionality, convenience and universal nature. The system is a nice choice to create different types of personal and client websites. It’s popular with webmasters aiming at the monetization of their products as well as among ordinary users. Even though, this is a cloud website builder, the system can cater to well-known CMS in terms of options provided.

We have decided to compare the most popular CMS with a universal website builder. So, what’s better – WordPress or uCoz and for whom? Let’s find that out now.

1. Ease of Use

  • uCoz. The service is meant to create all website types, including promo websites, blogs, forums, online stores, landing pages, portals and their varieties. Some of them allow designing these websites by means of connecting specialized modules (forum, blog, online store etc.). Much attention of web developers to details has made it possible to avoid functionality problems in the process of creating any of the enlisted website types. uCoz helps achieve decent result granted that you approach the process in a responsible way.

    uCoz Control Panel

    Apart from that, uCoz offers one of the best modules to manage the promotion of websites created with it. An opportunity to set human-friendly URLs, title and description meta tags for all materials/categories – this is not the full list of SEO optimization options the system offers. SEO module can also be used to monitor the positions, link purchasing etc.

    The dashboard is not that simple, but it is logically structured. It’s possible to explore it in a couple of days. It abounds in versatile settings – just like each module it has. This website builder is a nice choice both for newbies and professionals.

  • WordPress. This is a blogging CMS, the basic functionality of which makes it possible to create nothing more than ordinary promo websites. The major attention is given here to convenient posting options. Regardless of this fact, WordPress is used to create online stores and forums. The stock variant doesn’t offer such options, but they become available after the installation of certain plugins available in the dashboard. Having done that, you will be able to create more complicated websites. The system comes with a plugin store. You can choose between paid and free plugins here.

    WordPress Editor

    It initially seems that WordPress dashboard is even simpler than that of uCoz. Having installed the system, you can launch a standard blog with almost zero knowledge. However, the dashboard gets less user-friendly to newbies as you upload widgets, plugins and various web pages.

    Users need a wide spectrum of skills to reveal the functionality of the system. Newbies can also use it, having read a couple of manuals, forums and YouTube video tutorials, but they will hardly be able to build websites that would be more complicated than an ordinary template-based promo website. Even such a simple CMS as WordPress requires professional approach to develop serious projects. The major problems one may face here are hosting, plugins and safety issues.

WordPress vs uCoz. Of course you could tinker with settings on both platforms for hundreds of hours, but just to get a website up and running uCoz is the better option. Because it has a library of ready-to-use modules and widgets, there’s no need to shop around for third-party plugins and extensions.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • uCoz. System options come in two areas: general settings and parameters of each module. You don’t have to use all the modules at a time. Instead, you can choose only those of them you will need for your project realization. It’s possible to adjust the amount settings in the dashboard on your own. Just add all the necessary elements and remove those you won’t need at all. uCoz will look just as you want to.

    uCoz Page Editor

    A feature that deserves to be underlined here is an opportunity of one-click activation of website version for visually-impaired people. This is a notable benefit for non-profit organizations that adopt a decision to create a website with uCoz.

    The system comes with lots of modules, such as forum, blog, article catalogues, files, call board, news, social network posting, online store, SEO etc. By using these modules, you can create a website of any complexity level, especially if you possess certain HTML/CSS skills. Paid plans make it possible to work with PHP scripts.

    Even if you lack coding skills, uCoz offers enough options for most users. Each module is thoroughly thought over and comes with deep niche functionality. For example, a “Forum” module allows creating a forum that will be not worse than that designed with specialized CMS like vBulletin, phpBB, exBB etc.

    uCoz SEO Module

    The same concerns online stores: it’s possible to make use of package product editing options, product control, extra description fields etc. All in all, uCoz module functionality is very deep. You can be 100% sure that you will find everything you’ve seen or looked for in other systems and even more. This is included into basic system functionality. You don’t have to install anything here.

  • WordPress. As opposed to uCoz, WordPress installation requires the availability of pre-paid hosting. As soon as a new version of the system becomes available, you should update it manually. The basic variant of the system can be used to create a blog or a promo page. To design the latter website, you will have to select a static page as a homepage instead of that providing the latest news. This can be done in the settings.

    If you need more options, you won’t go without plugin installation. The basic WordPress version is quite poor. Thus, you won’t be able to insert a chart into your post – the basic version doesn’t have this feature. The system abounds in such nuances. To get extra features, you will have to reach the plugin dashboard.

    WordPress Plugins

    If you are a newbie, you’ll have to experiment by making your own plugin collection. You will also be able to edit the plugins manually, if you know PHP programming language. It goes without saying that you have to perform all the code-associated actions having saved the copy of your website. Otherwise, this may end up sadly.

    However, it’s simple and convenient to create new pages, their menus and publish news in WordPress. In this respect, the system ranks high. What’s more, it’s convenient and easy to organize and store media files here. Generally, WordPress is a simple and intuitive blogging platform, if you don’t take into account the need of hosting management and plugin setup. It’s better to use it to reach the goals it is meant for, that is, to avoid creating online stores and portals with it. There are other systems meant for this purpose.

uCoz vs WordPress. While it may seem that WordPress is more flexible, uCoz still offers everything you need to set up a decent website. WordPress is undoubtedly more flexible since it’s an open source piece of software. Advice: Don’t get caught up in the ‘more is better’ mentality, unless you actually need this flexibility for your project.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:300+Thousands
Theme Import: YES YES
Visual Editor: YES YES
Theme Change: YES YES
Mobile Optimized: YES YES/NO
  • uCoz. The system has over 300 built-in templates. They are subdivided into 16 themes (sports, music, food, photo, nature etc.). You can choose the required one by popularity or novelty. The quality of templates differs, but most of them look outdated.

    They are nice, but they don’t come up to 2017 web design trends. It’s better to select responsive templates, because they are newer and more appealing. You can solve this problem by visiting the brand store of the system –, where you will find thousands of affordable samples to meet any preferences. You can also get a premium template of your choice from this collection by upgrading to any paid plan, starting with “Optimal”.

    uCoz Templates

    Another option is to get a standard template and customize it to your liking. uCoz offers extensive design customization options. It’s possible to upload your own template, edit the code in the ready made template, replace the sections in it or create your own design from scratch in the website builder. This makes it possible to get the design of any type and complexity level.

    uCoz Design and CSS Editor

    All in all, uCoz has broad options in terms of interface design creation. This is one of the best systems in this respect, but you will not go without basic HTML/CSS knowledge to complete the majority of operations. It’s more beneficial to upgrade the plan to get an appealing and unique bonus template as well as other useful features.

  • WordPress. The system makes it possible to change template design in the settings right from the start. There are 3 available options here, but you can additionally choose between thousands of design variants as well. You can use lots of search filters, sorting them out by color, functionality, layout and theme. We recommend choosing the templates by filling out the required features in the filters, because this will affect the possibility to integrate the required functionality without any coding.

    WordPress Themes

    The quality of templates varies a lot, but the system offers lots of decent variants. Customization options mostly depend upon the activated template: each of them may have extra settings that are not available in the stock variant. The amount of settings is usually extensive: general, layout, editor, typography, slider, lightbox, menu, color scheme, home page etc. Having selected the most suitable template, you will avail great result, which is easy to edit in case of necessity.

    WordPress almost doesn’t have limits when it comes to website design. You can also edit template codes, but this feature is generally meant for web design pros. Ordinary users will also be able to choose/setup the template and customize website design.

WordPress vs uCoz. Unfortunately, neither uCoz nor WordPress supports WYSIWYG editing of their templates. Both services require at least a rudimentary knowledge of HTML/CSS. The good news is that you can completely rebuild any theme to get the desired look, if you’re handy with codes of course.

4. Customer Support

  • uCoz. There’s uCoz Community Forum, uCoz manual and email support. There are also prompts and hints in the control panel.

  • WordPress. There are hundreds of forums, video lessons and FAQs on WordPress, including official tutorials. Other than user forums and tutorials, there is no support staff or WordPress phone number to call for help.

uCoz vs WordPress. Both platforms have impressive knowledge centers. However, email support (free and premium) is only offered by uCoz.

5. Pricing Policy

  • uCoz. The system has several paid pricing plans as well as an option allowing to use the service almost for free. Non-profit organizations like schools, hospitals etc., won’t face any restrictions at all: they will get full functionality absolutely for free, including active SEO module, ad banner removal, PHP usage options etc.

    A user can get a 50% discount on any pricing plan during 48 hours after the registration. This means that anyone can get it. You just test the system for as long as you need, then create a new website and get the discount.

    Thus, the most suitable “Optimal” plan requires only $48 yearly fee. If you wish to create an online store, you’ll have to pay $60 per year. In both cases, you will be offered a premium template and the 2nd level domain. In other words, the cost of a plan is equal to that of buying the required features and hosting separately.

Pricing Options:✔ Minimal ($2.99/mo);
✔ Basic ($5.99/mo);
✔ Optimal ($7.99/mo);
✔ Maximal ($15.99/mo);
✔ Shop ($9.99/mo).
✔ Installation(free);
✔ Template ($50 at once);
✔ Hosting (from $10/mo);
✔ Plugins(from $50).
Features:✔ Unlimited Bandwidth;
✔ SEO Tools;
✔ Mobile Templates;
✔ Online Shop Module.
✔ Free Start;
✔ Vast Modifying Options;
✔ Numerous Plugins.
  • WordPress. This is a free service that can be installed to any hosting nowadays. Your CMS usage expenses go down to the cost of hosting, domain and extra plugins that are not available in the dashboard store (paid plugins are generally connected with an online store or website promotion). All plugins and templates available in the dashboard are free. The choice is amazing.

    The more plugins you install, the stronger the hosting load will be. Consequently, your website may work slow, which will have negative effect upon its traffic. That’s why, it’s recommended to buy quality hosting (ideally, separate server), especially if you aim at developing large-scale projects. To sum it up, the cost of using WordPress (including the paid template, plugins, hosting) is almost equal to that of uCoz.

WordPress vs uCoz. Quality matters, especially when it comes to business websites. Building a quality website with uCoz appears to be less expensive.


uCoz. The service is a great choice for users willing to create their first website and aiming at its monetization. You can launch a decent online store or a business website with it. It is universal. It’s the ideal variant for non-profit organizations due to the absence of any fees. It’s also more convenient to setup SSL-certificates to websites created with uCoz. The service has all the security settings required for this purpose.

uCoz allows creating websites for personal use and business purposes. It’s a nice choice both for newbies and pros. You will certainly avail decent result, regardless of the sum of money invested (or without any fees at all). The system works great for freelancers and webmasters willing to create portfolios or just for users, who wish to test their web design skills. In other words, the range of tasks you can solve with uCoz is very extensive. It’s recommended for a broad user community.

WordPress. The basic variant of the system looks pretty simple, if not even primitive. It requires installation of lots of templates and plugins to design appealing websites with decent functionality.

Newbies often face problems associated with hosting selection and administration as well as with plugin use. The more plugins you need, the more complicated it will be for you to work with WordPress. Each plugin resembles a certain uCoz module to some extent. There are small plugins and those that can be compared to separate complex software in terms of parameters and settings.

WordPress flexibility is theoretically unlimited, but it is realized by means of plugin setup. This may slow down the work of a website, triggering security concerns. It is up to web design pros to develop large-scale projects with the system. Ordinary users can successfully cope with promo websites and blogs here.

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