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uCoz vs Wix

uCoz vs Wix

The web design industry is changing. What was once a time-, effort- and finance-consuming task can now be accomplished within minutes. A whole new generation of site builders has arrived to help non-tech savvy people not only minimize manual coding but reject it completely.

However, not all website builders are equal. Some focus on ease of use and visual appeal sacrificing functionality, while others introduce innovative technologies but overlook usability.

Here at SuperbWebsiteBuilders we avoid the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to recommending a website builder, since it’s practically impossible to agree upon the best platform. We do have our own Top 5 Rating that clearly reflects our preferences, but we highly recommend that you try out at least two or three site building platforms personally to examine usability, functionality and overall feel of the system.

Today we’re taking a closer look at uCoz and Wix website builders which hold the first and second positions in our list respectively. Join us discovering the benefits and disadvantages of each platform to make an informed decision.

#1 Ease of Use

Wix. Wix is super easy. Everything is done in What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing mode: just select, move, resize, point, click and save. The control panel is maximally simplified and uses plain language: Buttons & Menu, Social Settings, Statistics, SEO, Pages etc. All in all, it’s very intuitive.

Wix's editor

uCoz. Let’s face it. uCoz is more complex. Its control panel has a ton of buttons, tabs and links. It’s more like WordPress than a typical DIY site builder. It takes some time to get used to it, but the outcome can be splendid and will definitely justify the learning curve. Luckily, there’s an impressive knowledgebase at uCoz including forum, video tutorials, control panel tips and uCoz Textbook.

uCoz  control panel

Wix vs uCoz. Wix offers more fun. uCoz is more complex.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Both platforms can be used for creating websites of any complexity – portfolios, web stores, blogs, business websites and so on. We’re not going to bore you with long feature lists (we’ve already done that in our reviews – uCoz Review and Wix Review). Instead, we’ll try to figure out the key differences.

Wix. Wix itself offers a decent feature set enabling users to create basic, informational websites easily. However, when it comes to complex features and various add-ons it relies on Wix App Market (an inbuilt library of free and paid extensions developed by Wix and third-party companies like Shopify, Ecwid, Mailchimp, PayPal etc.). It operates similarly to Google Play: many basic apps come free of charge, but you have to pay in order to unlock more functionality.

Wix App Market

uCoz. With uCoz you can build nearly anything. As opposed to Wix, uCoz allows customers to make changes directly in the HTML code of their sites. In other words, you can fully rebuild your website with pixel accuracy. Of course, if you are handy with codes.

Besides, uCoz offers a set of native,feature-rich Modules most of which come free of charge. You can activate as many modules as required within a single website until you get the desired functionality. For instance, you may activate Forum, Online Chat, Polls and Photo Albums to build a feature-rich forum website. Each module is highly customizable.

uCoz Modules

Wix vs uCoz. As I see it, uCoz leaves more room for customization and growth. Wix is also rather flexible, yet it doesn’t let users change the code it generates.

#3 Designs

Wix. Wix has a huge collection of templates for all tastes. All Wix templates can be optimized for mobile viewing through the inbuilt Mobile Editor. The only possible drawback is that you can’t change the chosen template. You can rebuild it from the ground up, but there’s no way to replace it with another Wix template. That’s because Wix’s editor relies on the ‘absolute positioning’ principle, while uCoz uses the ‘box model’.

Wix templates

uCoz. Just recently uCoz added some new responsive templates to their library of free themes. In addition to these, there are paid premium templates. You can change templates via the control panel anytime.

New uCoz templates

Wix vs uCoz. Wix’s templates are amazing, but you can’t switch them, while uCoz templates can be changed anytime. What’s more, you may even create your own, unique template and use it for your site. If you’re a pro, you may want to join the uCozTemplates project and start earning from making templates.

#4 Customer Support

Wix. If you face any difficulties using Wix, go to their Support Center that contains a lot of useful information: video tutorials, FAQs and other links. You may also contact their support via email.

Wix - Getting Started

uCoz. uCoz has a strong, dynamic Community Forum where you can find support when you need it most. There’s also a detailed manual – uCoz Website Creation. For urgent cases there’s a ticketing system.

Wix vs uCoz. Both platforms offer impressive learning centers containing loads of useful media to help newbies get started in a stress-free manner.

#5 Pricing Policy

Wix. There’s a free account and four paid packages. If you sign up for an annual plan, you can save from 34% to 45%. It’s important to note that their basic paid package ‘Connect Domain’ doesn’t remove Wix ads from your site. Bear in mind that in order to add an extra feature through the Wix App Market, you may need to pay an additional monthly fee.

Wix pricing

uCoz. uCoz also has a free version that never expires unless you abandon your website. To unlock more features and get rid of the imposed advert you have to upgrade your account. Paid ad-free uCoz packages are rather affordable: the cheapest is $5.99/mo, while the most expensive is $15.99/mo.

uCoz pricing

Wix vs uCoz. In terms of pricing, uCoz is the clear winner. Firstly, because it allows to connect a custom domain free of charge without having to upgrade your account. Secondly, because its ad-free versions are cheaper.

uCoz vs Wix: Conclusion

Both site builders are reputable, well established brands in the web publishing industry. While Wix is primarily intended for completely HTML-illiterate users, uCoz seems to encompass a broader audience, as it gives full code control.

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