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uCoz vs Wix

uCoz vs Wix

uCoz and Wix are two popular and full-featured website builders, which enjoy popularity with millions of users worldwide.

The systems have distinguished themselves due to their advanced and contemporary design customization approach, responsive templates and versatility of features that contribute to fast and effective web development process.

A Quick Snapshot:

uCozuCoz – is one of the oldest multi-purpose website builders, which works well for beginners and web design experts. The system has a module structure and makes it possible to launch quality projects from scratch without any coding involved.

WixWix is the world-popular all-in-one website builder, which does not require any presentation as its one of the best representatives of the web design niche. The platform boasts a powerful set of features, responsive designs and flexibility of website development. This is what lets users start professional projects that are worth time and effort investment.

uCoz and Wix hold the leading positions in the rating of the best website builders, but each service utilizes individual approach to the process of website creation. Which of them prevails over its competitor and is it possible to give preference to one service above the other? Join us discovering the benefits and disadvantages of each platform to make an informed decision.

1. Ease of Use

  • uCoz. The website builder is a multi-purpose tool, which means that it can be used to launch literally all types of websites. The system, however, is mostly used to solve complex web design tasks, such as the development of full-featured forums, blogs, news portals, business projects, websites of government and educational institutions as well as online stores. This, however, does not mean that you cannot create simpler projects with the system.


    uCoz allows creating portfolios, landing pages, promo websites and other suchike projects. Such an extensive application area is mainly explained by the module-based structure of the system. By choosing and integration versatile modules, you can easily reach your web design goals, giving your projects the required specialization.

    The very process of signing up for the service is not only fast, but convenient and simple as well. Just fill out the registration form or use the uID feature to join the platform. Having submitted all the required info, you’ll be redirected to the template collection, where you’ll have to choose the design you’ll further customize. To do that, you will additionally be offered to mark those modules you would like to see on the website. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Actually, uCoz is really quite simple, although, it may take some time to get used to its dashboard, structure, functionality and web design approach.

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  • Wix. This is by far one of the most popular and feature-laden website builder, which stands out from the crowd due to its impressive simplicity and convenience. This is almost an ideal option for creative people and businessmen. The system works great when it comes to creating small, visually appealing and functional websites without too many pages. These are blogs, portfolios, business websites, landing pages, promo websites as well as longreads. It is also possible to start small and mid-sized web stores with the platform, but if you plan to get a large-scale online store, then it makes sense to keep looking for a niche-focused website builder.

    Wix Standard Editor

    The website builder will appeal to everyone, who wants to launch stunning websites that can create an impression upon users. It uses the drag-and-drop editor, which supports in-line editing, ensuring the best WYSIWYG web design experience. Wix is a drag-and-drop system, which allows placing website elements in any part of a website to create individual website design.

    The platform uses the “absolute positioning” approach, when a website doesn’t have a fixed structure. This is good for website editing, but this does not allow switching between the templates during the website development process. This is sometimes not quite convenient, especially for newbies.

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uCoz vs Wix. Wix definitely stands out from the crowd in terms of simplicity. It offers easy and understandable registration process as well as intuitive and convenient web design approach. Newbies and professionals can equally master and use the system without any coding involved.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • uCoz. The system is full-featured, which means that it offers advanced functionality. It is predominantly realized via module integration, which has positive impact upon the web design process itself as well as upon the ready-made project. The feature allows forming clear website layout, while its functionality will be determined by the number and type of integrated widgets.

    uCoz ControlPanel

    There is everything you need to start and manage a professional website here. The set of modules is extensive here. These include Site Catalogue, Ad Board, FAQ, Tests, Eshop, Social Media Publisher, Page Editor, Forum, Blog, Site Catalog, Guest Book and Photo Catalogue to mention a few.

    You can find the required module or settings to complete your tasks. Much attention is given here to website promotion. There is a separate SEO module, which will make it possible to set up promo campaigns (context, internal optimization, link building etc.). Each module comes with its settings and is set up randomly: everything looks centralized, convenient and hassle-free. You can use as many functionality tools as needed. The rest can be left unactivated to simplify the work.

    uCoz eCommerce functionality is on a top notch level and it can be realized by means of integrating a corresponding uShop module, which is actually a ready-made digital store. Whether you plan to start a web store, promote your goods or services, offer the items for sale etc., you can easily do that, making use of the advanced eCommerce functionality of the website builder.

    uShop module comes with powerful product management system, which lets you create and customize categories, import/export products offered for sale, add descriptions and parameters etc. It’s also possible to manage customer orders, track sales and web store performance in general as well as to pick payment/shipping options. Additionally, the system offers an opportunity to set up SSL certificate in the dashboard, which has become a must for trading platforms (user personal data security, search engine ranking effect etc.).

    All in all, uCoz resembles CMS more than website builders in terms of its format and opportunities provided. This is an absolutely universal system, which comes up to any needs and makes it possible to achieve any result. It is quite simple and has deep essence.

  • Wix. This top-of-the-line website builder with a visual editor can offer much more options than any other product of this class. It supports the drag-n-drop feature as well as shortcut key combinations. You can quickly switch between the elements, add them, edit, copy, delete etc. Thus, there is everything you may need when completing any task here.

    Wix Editor

    Wix stands out from the crowd due to its editing option. Thus, experienced users may edit their websites with a standard Wix Editor. To do that, they will have to select one of the available templates and customize it, using the toolset the system offers. All the edits made are immediately displayed in the preview window of the dashboard. Newbies, in their turn, can choose to use the advanced Wix ADI tool. This is the featured based on the Artificial Design Intelligence, which ideally matches the needs of users, who are just making their first steps in web design. Wix ADI automatically creates websites based on the information submitted by users upon its request.

    Wix also boats powerful blogging and eCommerce functionality. The system allows creating and updating blogs and small-to-mid-sized online stores. There are specific templates you can pick to design this or that website as well as multiple integrated tools and design customization options. Additionally, the website builder is known for its SEO Wizard that make it possible to set up search optimization parameters. What you can do to boost your website SEO positions is to fill out and edit meta tags for all pages, share posts in social networks, set up human-friendly URLs, add Google Maps, integrate and control Google Analytics etc.

    App Market is another highlight of the website builder. This is the top destination for each and every web designer, who currently works on website development and wants to boost website performance. Widgets and add-ons available in the system are free and paid and it’s up to you to pick those that actually match your project needs and specialization, be it a restaurant website, a business project, a portfolio, a forum or what not.

    Apart from beginners, Wix also has much to offer to web design pros. Its Corvid feature allows using the advanced open development platform to create professional web applications without any coding skills at all. Business owners, in their turn, may get access to the Ascend by Wix tool. This is the all-in-one business solution that comprises around 20 products needed for effective and fast business growth.

uCos vs Wix. When it comes to the functionality aspect, both website builders have much to offer. While uCoz allows reaching high end result via module integration, Wix makes it possible to use content blocks, editing options, App Market widgets and add-ons, tools or web designers and lots of other functional features. In this respect, Wix seems more persuasive than uCoz.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:300+500+
Theme Change: YES NO
Visual Editor: YES YES
Code Editor: YES NO
Mobile Optimized: YES YES
  • uCoz. The website builder offers many templates. The quality of integrated system designs is not on the top level, but that’s not a problem. Additionally, the website builder grants access to its impressive and extensive marketplace that has quality and professional layouts and templates, which look really trendy and up-to-date. All the designs are sorted out by industries they belong to, including food, art, landing pages, automotive, restaurant and many more. What you should know, however, is that these designs are paid, but their cost is minimal – it ranges between $5 and $30 per template.

    uCoz vs Wix

    To give the selected designs personalized look, uCoz allows for code editing. Whatever website section or category you plan to improve, you can access its code and make the required edits there. What’s more, each module also comes with editable elements and blocks, which is an advantage in itself.

  • Wix. The system really deserves special attention due to its impressive,versatile and rich template collection. Experts agree on the fact that this is by far the most stunning set of designs available in the modern web development industry. As of today, the number of integrated themes exceeds 550 and it keeps growing with every passing year.

    All Wix templates are responsive by default and they are also 100% customizable. The designs are subdivided into topics based on the areas of specialization they belong to. Apart from that, you can pick a completely blank template to customize it from scratch. Mind, however, that you should be very careful when making the choice as Wix does not offer a template switch option because of the absolute positioning feature described above.

    Wix Templates

    When it comes to the design aspect, much attention is given to template quality and customization options. You can create stunning websites with lots of design elements. Templates are edited with a few clicks of a mouse. Just choose any element and drag it to get the preferred design.

    Wix offers lots of widgets. There are various effects, a great photo editor that makes it possible to edit photos before the publication, background video, animation and cinemagraph integration options, which can bring your website design to the brand new level.

uCoz vs Wix. Wix’s templates are amazing, but you can’t switch them, while uCoz templates can be changed anytime. What’s more, you may even create your own, unique template and use it for your site. The website builder ensures ultimate freedom of design customization and, thus, is beyond any comparison.

4. Customer Support

  • uCoz. uCoz has a strong, dynamic Community Forum where you can find support when you need it most. There’s also a detailed manual – uCoz Website Creation. The website builder also has a blog, where they regularly publish system updates and other related information. For urgent cases there’s a ticketing system, which is available in free and paid variants. Get ready that it may take around 24 hours to avail support from the ticketing system. Another demerit of the support service is that the system definitely lacks Live Chat as well as phone assistance that make it possible for users to solve the urgent issues they may encounter.
  • Wix. If you face any difficulties using Wix, go to their Forum or Support Center that contains a lot of useful information: video tutorials, FAQs and other links. You may also contact their support via email. The website builder also has a user-friendly interface with lots of tips, question marks and prompts that help understand the implication of all the dashboard elements.

uCoz vs Wix. In this part of the comparison, Wix has more features to offer. Its customer support options are more versatile and helpful. The website builder has an impressive learning center containing loads of useful media to help newbies get started in a stress-free manner. Users can also get in touch with the support team via email to have their questions answered by the system pros.

5. Pricing Policy

Pricing Options:✔ Minimal ($2.99/mo);
✔ Basic ($5.99/mo);
✔ Optimal ($7.99/mo);
✔ Maximal ($15.99/mo);
✔ Shop ($9.99/mo).
Standard Plans:
✔ Combo ($13/mo);
✔ Unlimited ($17/mo);
✔ Pro ($22/mo);
✔ VIP ($39).

eCommerce/Business Plans::
✔ Business Basic ($23/mo);
✔ Business Unlimited ($27/mo);
✔ Business VIP ($49/mo);
✔ Enterprise ($500).

Features:✔ It’s free;
✔ SEO Tools;
✔ Mobile Templates;
✔ Online Shop Module.
✔ Standard and business/eCommerce plans;
✔ Over 500 Professional Templates;
✔ Strong eCommerce;
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • uCoz. The website builder offers 4 plans, which come with versatile features based on your web design needs. The system has a free version that comes with the custom system domain, extra ads and limited disk space (400MB only). It works well for testing the feature set of the system only, but to get access to the advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid options. These include Basic, Optimal, Maximal and Shop plans. The latter is the best choice launching and managing eCommerce projects.

    uCoz removes its ad banner for non-commercial organizations for free. You will get the entire functionality, except for the online store, without any money and restrictions. Just write an inquiry to the tech support to avail this benefit.

  • Wix. The platform offers separate plans for standard websites as well as for eCommerce/business projects. It allows testing the integrated feature set by using the free plan, which never expires, at no cost at all. However, when you decide to develop your project, you won’t go without upgrading to one of the paid subscriptions. Standard Wix plans include Combo, Unlimited, Pro and VIP. eCommerce/business plans, in their turn, encompass Business Basic, Business Unlimited, Business VIP and Enterprise.

    All Wix plans encompass online payment acceptance feature, increased storage space, variety of payment methods, custom domain name connection, absence of Wix ads and other crucial features. Whatever plan you will go for, it will be 100% commission free, which also matters a lot for business owners. What’s important, the website builder frequently introduces discounts, bonuses and special offers that let you save big, while opting for Wix subscriptions.

uCoz vs Wix. In terms of pricing, both website builders are worth the investment. uCoz allows connecting custom domains free of charge without having to upgrade your account. Wix, in its turn, offers a more extensive range of pricing options. It lets you choose plans for standard websites and business projects, allowing pick the best option with the terms that match your web design needs most of all.

Bottom Line

Both uCoz and Wix are reputable, well established brands in the web publishing industry. The website builders make it possible to launch and effectively manage different types of projects, ensuring simple, intuitive and functional web building experience.

uCozuCoz – is a free website builder, which is known for its module-based structure, extensive design customization options, affordability and versatility of integrated and third-party templates. The system also allows for code editing, which lets you create individual website design.

WixWix is the most popular and full-featured website builder, which has gained great niche reputation due to its amazing collection of professional responsive and customizable templates, advanced AI-based website editing, rich App MArket and other high end features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Which website builder can be considered the winner of the comparison? The review has proven that both systems are worth the attention. No wonder, they are included into the list of the top web building tools available out there. They work equally great for first-timers and web experts. Just consider your current web design needs to pick the website builder that matches them most.

uCoz vs Wix : Comparison Chart

uCoz Wix
1. Easiness8 of 1010 of 10
2. Features10 of 1010 of 10
3. Design8 of 109 of 10
4. Support9 of 1010 of 10
5. Pricing10 of 1010 of 10
Overall:9.0 of 1010.0 of 10

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