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uCoz Users: Interview with Khen N. Salce

uCoz website builder sets itself apart from the competition by providing easy access to lots of high-complexity features, like forums, ad boards, user management, advanced blogging and more. Which is why we thought a great choice for our interviews section would be AffordableCebu, a free classified website based in Cebu, Philippines. This uCoz-based website has tens of thousands of ads and is very popular in the region.

We decided to contact Khen N. Salce, the owner and administrator of AffordableCebu, to see if he would be interested in sharing his story with our readers. Thankfully, Khen was willing to share his experience with us 🙂 .

SWB: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Please tell us about yourself and what prompted the creation of AffordableCebu.

Khen N. Salce

Khen: Hi, I’m a web developer and entrepreneur. AffordableCebu is the product of my hobby as a computer enthusiast and also as a self-study on how to create a website.

I used to sell my second hand items on a number of already established classified ads websites in the Philippines, so I decided to make my own type of classified ads but in a different way. It’s unique because I added another section to the site – the Articles section – in which very useful tips and guides are posted and published for the visitors to come back to the site.

SWB: How did you learn about uCoz? Did you try any other DIY website builders? If yes, what was your impression of them?

Khen: uCoz was a new name to me. I’ve found uCoz when I searched the internet for different website builders and content management systems.

I remember it was in 2010, and Weebly was very popular at that time. They appeared on the first page of Google when I searched “how to create a website”. It was the first platform I’ve used. Then, I’ve tested a few more – Blogspot and WordPress. Then, I switched to Joomla and some other content management systems out there.

But when I encountered uCoz and used it, I found out that uCoz was a very, very flexible platform compared to others. I could tweak the CSS, HTML and other codes of the website myself. With many beautiful templates, modules, widgets and some powerful features I could choose and use, I was addicted to uCoz as a learning hub. That was the time I eventually settled on uCoz.

SWB: With uCoz, was prior experience necessary? If so, what was needed?

Khen: Learning a new thing requires experience and a lot of trial and errors. Before I used uCoz, I’ve studied basic HTML and CSS first myself. It’s hard to customize uCoz templates and change some features if you don’t know those things.

SWB: How many administrators make up the AffordableCebu team?

Khen: As of now, two. My wife and I are the admins of the site. We are planning to hire one assistant soon.

SWB: What were the greatest challenges you faced when creating your site using uCoz?

Khen: I was a newbie in web development at that time, but my website’s growth was noticeable. Someone (who was outside uCoz) offered me help in customizing my template. I was thinking of sharing my control panel password at that time. But I asked help from uCoz team particularly Sunny in the uCoz forum if it’s okay to share password to someone else. Sunny said it was better to keep the password by myself and I shouldn’t share the password to somebody. So, I thanked Sunny for that advice otherwise if I shared my password, would not be what it is today.

Another challenge was when I corrupted the HTML code of my website, the whole website was so ugly and visitors were unlikely to visit the ugly site. I worked on it until past midnight in order to fix my website.

SWB: In your opinion, is uCoz reasonably priced?

Khen: Absolutely yes. Very affordable for a powerful CMS compared to other platforms out there. However, uCoz paid domains are expensive.

SWB: Do you have any other uCoz websites?

Khen: Yes,  I do. is my another website made with the uCoz platform.

SWB: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Khen. Do you have any closing remarks?

Khen: Thank you Howard for giving me the pleasure and honor to be featured on your website. Even though my site is still small in terms of ads posted and number of visitors 🙂 . I’m wishing more power and lots of luck to your SuperWebsiteBuilders journey.

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