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uCoz Example Websites

With so many Do-It-Yourself site builders out there, it’s oh-so-easy to create a beautiful website. And even if you’re going to leave no stone unturned and customize every tiny detail, it’s still way easier than it used to be a decade ago.

If you’re in the process of building a new website and still can’t choose a web publishing platform, here are some uCoz-powered websites proving that website builders aren’t just for amateurs.

Example 1: Balt Trade LLC offers customers a rich assortment of fresh and high quality food products provided by Balt Trade, the largest European food wholesaler in Washington and Oregon.

Balttrade - uCoz Website Examples

The desire of the company to provide top-notch services reveals itself in the design of the website, which catches the attention of users from the very first page. It creates the retro-inspired atmosphere, with the accent on the best food products available on sale.

There is much useful information clients may need to get the most out of their shopping experience. A large slider with the best offers, new products as well as tempting photos of the best selling foods and availability of contact info cannot leave anyone indifferent. The assortment of goods is also impressive, while their subdivision into categories makes the search comfy and simple.

Example 2: Russian Step by Step is run by Natasha Alexandrova, yet another language tutor. Natasha’s years of teaching experience have culminated in a book series of her own. Through her website, Natasha reaches her current and future clients and sells the books.

Russian Step by Step - uCoz Website Examples

Visitors can create accounts with the website to be able to participate in forum discussions and receive website update notifications. The design of the site reveals its main topic by offering the most essential info right at the home page. The main menu involves nine sections, each of which is focused on a particular aspect, such as Grammar, Books, Forum, Contact etc.

The availability of the incorporated shop and a blog make the resource both useful and functional. There are also informative videos and interactive widgets, which contribute to the intricacy of website design.

Example 3: Team Rakaca is a real found for those users, who are fond of fishing. This is a Hungarian fishing portal, which provides exhaustive and interesting information on the topic.

Team Rakaca - uCoz Website Examples

The website abounds in useful content and attention-grabbing elements. Its design is so versatile that everyone will certainly be interested to keep browsing through the resource just to explore it better. Apart from informative articles and recent news, there are also lots of videos, photos and polls to make users interested.

One can also find fishing maps here, join the online community and make use of the recommended videos and books. The interactive widgets like live cams, social networks etc. contribute to the design of the website, making it much more effective.

Example 4: Summer Glau is a fan site about the American actress who’s name it bears. The website features the actress’s biography and filmography, as well as news about her latest activity and events. Here you will also find an extensive photo gallery and an active community. The website owners most successfully use such modules as Site News, Photo Albums, and Forum.

Summer Glau - uCoz Website Examples

The design of the site captivates the attention of the fans by the abundance of high quality photos of the actress, the list of her upcoming projects as well as new forum posts, comments, blog entries and videos found at the right panel of the home page. Information published at the resource is regularly updated to keep the visitors aware of what’s going on in the life and career of their favorite star.

Example 5: Vectorboom is a high-traffic site with a wide variety of content focused on web design and illustration. The website serves as a portfolio and blog. Users can create profiles with Vectorboom and participate in forum discussions. You can also buy various digital goods like tutorials, icon sets, and seamless patterns through the site.

Vectorboom - uCoz Website Examples

Vectorboom makes the most out of the File Catalog, Forum and E-shop modules, which stand out from the crowd due to the successful combination of the white background and bright images. The search filter option makes it easier to find the required info, which is very convenient, taking into account the complexity of design and abundance of information provided here. A nice sample of an informative and functional website!

Example 6: YourSDP is the official website of the Singapore Democratic Party, presenting the Party’s policies and members. It is also a good source of the Party’s news and events as the website is frequently updated. Such modules as Site News, Publisher and Page Editor form the basis of the website.

YourSDP - uCoz Website Examples

The website itself looks very impressive, with a large slider that occupies a notable part of the homepage. The slider provides high quality images featuring the major issues and news published at the website. This engaging element contributes to the ease of search and makes website navigation intuitive and simple.

Visitors can also follow the news of the website in social networks using corresponding information found here. The Contact Us section, with an online contact form, address and Google Maps app, also drives the attention by its informational value.

Example 7: Affordable Cebu is based on the Ad Board module. It’s a free classified website based in Cebu, Philippines. The website makes the process of registration and placing an advert easy and convenient. The website has tens of thousands of ads and is very popular in the region.

Affordable Cebu - uCoz Website Examples

To be able to post an ad at the website, users have to register with the resource first. The design of the website as well as the availability of the search filter option contribute to the ease of search. The ads are published against the white background of the homepage, which makes them a focal point for users. All entries are classified into categories based on the topic of the advertisement. Thus, the website is a nice combination of functionality, simplicity and convenience. What else is needed to make the search rewarding?

Example 8: is an excellent example of a gaming website powered by uCoz. The website offers both online and downloadable games. With a well-designed, thought-out menu, the website is really easy to navigate. - uCoz Website Examples

To simplify the search of the games, the developers have subdivided them into genres. The list of these categories is found at the right panel of the home page as well as in the main menu. There is also the search filter option, the list of the top games that enjoy popularity and the icons of games, which are in demand with users. These icons occupy the prevailing part of the home page and are regularly updated. Simple, informative and functional – these are the best words to describe this website!

Example 9: Fotos de Viagens is a Brazilian website that provides useful info on the highlights of the most popular places of the world. The site contains lots of high quality photos of locations posted by the registered website visitors.

Fotos de Viagens - uCoz Website Examples

The website is created in a soothing and pleasant color palette that helps point out the major elements of the resource. There are hundreds of images here, which are subdivided into separate categories based on the country. The list of countries is provided on the left panel of the home page, simplifying the search and saving the time of users.

Apart from the photos, there is also a forum here, where each user can share personal opinions and ideas regarding the countries discussed. This is very convenient and provides users with useful information they might need when traveling somewhere.

Bottom Line

Did you notice that all these websites look very different, even though they’re all based on the same platform? This proves that using a site builder doesn’t necessarily end up having a cookie-cutter site. uCoz templates can be modified to achieve different goals.

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  • hgw7m

    first of all: You have a great ressource here, and I can imagine how much time and effort you put into this project. Congrats!
    We were discussing website builders today as in Germany a reknown hosting company just started a cooperation with duda. Although the UX and features are impressive, my biggest concern is that the sites are beeing served from US and that the rankings in Google, if searching from Germany for German offerings, will suffer from that. So my question is: does uCoz or any other website builder give you the opportunity to have the site hosted in a country of your choice? I’m sceptical about that, but it would be a great plus for beeing able to build websites for clients with uCoz (or what ever) in Germany.

    • Hi, thanks for your kind words!

      There’s no possibility to choose your server’s geolocation. Your site will be placed on the company’s servers, and these can be located anywhere. But you shouldn’t worry about that, since the geolocation doesn’t affect your site’s SEO. It doesn’t matter where your site is hosted, as many site builders use smart content deliver systems to make sure your site loads quickly.