uCalc Calculator and Form Builder Review

uCalc – is a simple yet powerful tool for those who want to add custom-built forms and calculators to their existing websites. The platform was developed with newbies in mind letting them easily create different types of calcs in minutes without special background or technical skills. Apart from being 100% beginner-friendly, the platform allows multiple integrations with other services.

Besides, it is 100% compatible with all major CMS and SaaS website builders. The tool works great whenever you need to build a customizable calculator with just a few clicks. The system offers affordable plans and a free package letting different businesses test the tool and decide if it meets prior needs.

In this review, we will test all major features to decide if uCalc is really one of the best tools to build forms and calculators for your site.

  • Free calc and form builder.
  • 100% compatibility.
  • A powerful lead-generating tool.

1. Pros and Cons

With that being said, the platform comes as a super-easy instrument though with some slight downsides in terms of forms customization and integration:

Simple calc configuration without the need to code.
Affordable plans to meet any budget.
Absolutely beginner-friendly.
Compatibility with major CMS platforms and website builders.
Integration opportunities.
An Unlimited free plan.
No access to the source code.
Some features are hard to configure.
A free plan comes with ads and copyright.
  • Unlimited free plan.
  • 100% compatibility.
  • Widgets and integrations.

2. What Is It Good for?

The platform appears to be an ultimate solution for small and medium companies or independent entrepreneurs with limited financial opportunities. The main benefit here is a diverse functionality that makes it possible for business owners to generate more leads, keep control over payments and running orders, receive requests directly from the target audience, keep users subscribed to newsletters and events, send notifications on special deals, and offers.

Besides, uCalc can be used as a multi-purpose tool for companies and online shops with a limited staff. For example, as an owner, you can also be a marketer and consultant using the tool to send price quotes directly to the client via email, phone, and some other sales channels.

3. Ease of Use

As stated earlier, the platform was built with newbies in mind. It means a simple building process that lets users create a ready-to-go calculator or from in minutes. You may either start building from the blank or jump to a selection of ready-made templates. But first, you need to sign in.


The system offers an unlimited free plan that makes it possible to test how it works. All you need is to sign in using a social or Google account with a click. If you do not have one, you may opt for a conventional way to register by indicating your name, email, and password. The registration is fast and simple without useless questions and stages that interfere with the building process.

ucalc sign up

Once you have signed in, you will immediately jump to the dashboard to start creating from the ground or using any of the available layouts.

ucalc create form

The selection of templates is surprisingly wide. All layouts are divided into relevant categories with more than 13 different groups to choose from. All you need is to pick a niche-related theme and start customizing it.

ucalc choose template

Template Customization

After you have selected a theme, you may start configuring it. The system utilizes drag-and-drop functionality making it easy to arrange all blocks within the layout. Apart from the predesigned structure, users can choose additional blocks and add them to the form structure. Here we have additional lists, sliders, buttons, text fields, HTML code options, etc.

ucalc template costumization

Each block can be additionally customized. You are free to enter custom texts and background images. What’s more, it is possible to change the general scheme as well as delete or duplicate a particular element. The process is very simple. The only drawback for a bit more demanding and experienced users is the inability to access and edit the template’s source code.

ucalc form theme

Form Configuration

While uCalc was developed to create price quotes and calculations, we will need to configure the form before adding it to the website. The dashboard has a separate Formula ecosystem where you can add price values and fares depending on the service you provide. The system lets you add as many formulas as you need. Besides, it is possible to set values for specific custom fields, special services, and extra options your clients may select.

ucalc form costumization

Connecting the Form

When you are done with editing and setting the form, you may preview it and save it. At this stage, the system will automatically generate a calc code that should be added to the needed website page through the code editor or special container in the list of available blocks and elements in the site admin. The process is actually the same as adding Google Analytics or other widgets to the page. So, you will hardly face any difficulties.

ucalc calculatore code

  • Fast registration.
  • Intuitive building process.
  • Smooth formula workflow.

4. Features & Flexibility

Although the number of features does not look quite impressive, the system has literally everything you might need to build a fully featured calculator or form to generate leads.


A selection of widgets is pretty rich. It is available either when building a form from the blank or when using a template. Users may connect radio buttons, images, pieces of HTML code, and other elements with a click. It is possible to add additional images, checkboxes, formula results for extra services, and more.


With uCalc, users will be able to keep their target audience always aware. You can send notifications directly to your clients via phone (SMS) or email depending on the plan. Besides, you get an instrument that helps not only to calculate the price or cost of the service but also generate clients’ info, request specific contact details and other crucial information to grow your mailing list, send special deals, and personalized offers.

Formula Mode

In this mode, you can keep control over all calculations and manage them in one place. The workflow is very simple. The intuitive editor will do all mathematical calculations automatically while you will only need to add specific values or create new formulas for another type of service with a click.

ucalc formula mode

Button Customization

uCalc has an advanced button customization feature. It helps to enable or disable successful message delivery. In addition, users may connect any of the available statistic generating services (Google Analytics or Yandex. Metrica), set specific goals, configure antispam settings, and change the button design.

ucalc button costumization

CRM Integration

Thanks to the integration with amoCRM, it is possible to track orders and customers, set up leads, create new tasks, conduct lists, and more.


The fact that the system is compatible with all major CMS platforms and website builders ensures its smooth operation on practically any website built with WordPress, Joomla, uKit, uCoz, Drupal, MODX, and many others.

  • SMS and email notification.
  • CRM integration capabilities.
  • Stats tracking and analytics.

5. Design & Templates

The selection of templates is quite rich. There are 13 different categories to choose from. They include automotive, construction & repair, real estate, restaurants and cafes, event planning, and more. They all come with a preview mode, which, surprisingly, does not offer a mobile view. However, you will still get a touch to preview the form on a tablet or smartphone during the editing process inside the dashboard.

ucalc mobile preview

As for the design tools, you should not expect many of them. The platform comes with some baseline options letting you change the background or scheme color, change some of the element’s dimensions, customize button shapes and colors, or choose different schemes for some of the layout blocks.

ucalc color scheme

  • Dozens of free templates.
  • Mobile preview mode.
  • Baseline design tools.

6. Customer Support

Users will not find a Live Chat feature (available only in Pro plan) or phone for instant contact. This is definitely a miss. On the other hand, the system is so simple that a comprehensive knowledge base with all issues covered and described in detail would be enough. Besides, there is a ticketing system to send direct messages to the support team. However, we still expect developers to add some video tutorials and guides.

ucalc support

  • A comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Direct emailing system.
  • True testimonials and reviews.

7. Plans & Pricing

Ucalc has an unlimited free plan. However, it does not let you collect payments, set specific goals, monitor stats, or add custom HTML code. What’s more, it is limited to only 1 page and 3 forms to build. If you need more resources with ads and copyright removed, you will need to select any of three paid plans:

  • Basic costs $4 per month with 3 pages, 5 forms, and more than 300 email notifications.
  • Standard costs $10 per month with up to 10 pages, 1,000 emails and 10 SMS notifications.
  • Pro costs $24 per month with unlimited forms, 999 pages, over 3,000 email and 30 SMS notifications.

ucalc prices

All paid plans offer CRM integration, file attachment, payment processing, and analytics. The Live Chat feature is available only for Pro plan users. 6 month and annual plans come with 10% and 20% discount respectively. There is a chance to buy a lifetime license with a one-time payment from $90 to $390 per license depending on the plan.

  • Discounts with annual plans.
  • Lifetime licenses.
  • 140day free trial.

8. Online Calculator Examples

Now, let’s have a look at several live examples of different forms and calculators built with uCalc.

Live Santa Claus – entertainment for kids

Live Santa Claus – entertainment for kids

Ordering Pizza – a food ordering form

Ordering Pizza – a food ordering form

Indoor cleaning – cleaning services

Indoor cleaning – cleaning services

Kitchen Cost Calculator – a furniture pricing calc

Kitchen Cost Calculator – a furniture pricing calc

Rent calculator – rental price form

Rent calculator – rental price form

Laminate flooring calculator – construction and repair price calc

Laminate flooring calculator – construction and repair price calc

9. Conclusion

  • Simple calculator and form builder
  • Compatible with CMS and SaaS
  • 100% Compatibility
  • Good for small business

uCalc is a simple calc and form builder with affordable plans to generate leads and engage directly with the target audience. It is perfect for small and medium businesses that do not want to hire custom development teams and handle the building process themselves instead. The tool is very beginner-friendly with lots of templates and widgets to add with a click. Creating a ready-to-use form will take several minutes.

Professional users might dislike the lack of advanced customization and editing features. On the other hand, the platform is perfect for entrepreneurs with a limited budget and zero coding skills. It lets them quickly launch a new form while an automatic editor will do all price calculations for them.

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