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Best Travel Agency Website Builders

There are different ways to create a travel website today, but using website builders is the best variant possible. These services are specially designed with the needs of newbies in mind, but they can also be used by proficient web designers, who create websites for their clients. Website builders are intuitive, convenient and affordable – this is right what inexperienced web designers need these days!

For those, who are looking for the best travel website design, we have compiled a detailed comparison chart of two most popular website builders and their characteristics. Have a look at it now.

Best Travel Agency Website Builders Overview:
Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)
Best for:Travel AgenciesTravel Agents
EasinessTakes 5-6 hours to learnIntuitive interface
Travel Templates:Pre-designed templates for real travel agenciesSeparate travel category
Technical Support:Email support, forum answers, live chat24/7 real time Live-chat Support
Blogging OptionsBlog is on-boardBlog via News widget
SEO Options:Wizard to set up SEOSEO advisor
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

What Makes Website Builders a Nice Choice for Travel Websites?

One of the major objectives of creating a travel agency website is to make users aware of your company, the services you offer and other related aspects. A well-structured, functional and visually appealing travel website can tell your potential clients much more about your agency than a bulk of other advertising materials you invest in. Using a website builder is the best solution in this case and here is why:

  • Ease of Use. Website builders are easy to use and convenient, irrespective of skills and experience of a user. Even if you do not know how to make travel agency website, you will still avail decent result by following simple instructions during the web building process, which is quite understandable and intuitive for everyone.
  • Time Economy. It doesn’t take much effort and time to use a website builder. The web building process is so simple that you will get a pretty nice result in a couple of hours only. Just select, customize the template and fill it with content. It’s not that difficult, indeed!
  • Thematic Templates. One of the major benefits of website builders is the choice of thematic templates they offer. Many of them offer travel-related templates that will certainly come up to your needs and preferences. You will just need to create your tour and travel website design by using a variety of customization tools available in the dashboard. What’s more, these templates are frequently responsive to be easily viewed on mobile devices. This means that users will be able to browse through your newly created website even on the go.
  • Affordability. If you have just founded your travel agency and face the need to launch a website to boost its popularity, you will certainly wish to save a bit. While other web building options are quite expensive, plans offered by website builders prove to be much more affordable. At the same time, they provide superior functionality. Some website builders even offer a chance to build a free website by using a trial version of the website builder to enable you to make a thought-over decision prior to choosing one of the paid plans.
  • SEO Advantages. Having created a travel website, you will certainly wish to increase its search engine ranking. Website builders can help you here as well. They offer niche SEO options to boost your website visibility in the search engine results.

There are different quality website builders you can use to create a travel agency website. Wix and uKit, however, are the most popular and functional of them. Let’s have a look at their descriptions now.

Wix – Best Website Builder for Travel Website

Wix home page

Wix is a nice choice for a travel agency website. The system is convenient and super functional and you don’t have to be a web design pro to build a modern website with it. The website builder is easy to explore and master for everyone and it doesn’t take you long to learn all its features to the advantage. It works great for building quality websites for travel agencies. Currently, the system can boast over 70 millions of users and hundreds of professionally-built travel websites.

Wix Travel Website Designs

Wix has one of the richest collections of templates you can use to launch your own travel website from scratch. This is one of the strongest points of this website builder that matters a lot for people aiming at building professional and visually appealing travel websites with no special investment of effort and time.

Wix Travel Template

When it comes to the range of travel templates, the system offers decent themes needed to build websites for tour operators, travel agencies, food tours, tourist companies, hotels, travel blogs, safari rides, travel photographers, yachtsmen and special landing pages for travel companies. Whatever template you will eventually go for, you will be impressed by its quality, design and the range of features it offers. Each template is mobile-ready, so, it will perfectly adapt to any mobile device.

Wix Travel Website Features

  • Wix ADI Interface. Just like many other website builders, Wix has a standard design editing option that implies the customization of the theme you have chosen. At the same time, the system has a special Wix ADI Interface that is a real benefit for users with zero web building skills and expertise.<

    Wix Travel Website Builder

    The Artificial Design Intelligence tool was developed and introduced with the needs of non tech-savvy users in mind. What you need to do to build a travel website with it is to provide the required info and social media data (if any) so that the system could automatically generate a quality travel website for you. This is very convenient and simple.

  • Wix App Market. Wix App Market is another highlight of the system. This is the place, where you can find special travel-related applications and widgets that will give your website excellent performance and quality. Thus, you can add the Pluto TV app to surprise your users with impressive live TV streamings from your travels or other related events, integrate Wix Hotels App that allows booking hotel tickets right at the website or add a Moovit Maps and Routes widget, which gives visitors excellent transit options to your exact location. There are also many other widgets and apps you can add to your website to give it trusted look and superior functionality.

  • Wix Free App Market

  • Wix Bookings. For all those travel website owners, who are concerned with their clients’ comfort level and convenience, Wix has developed an app that makes it possible to make an appointment, sign for a meeting or make a payment directly at the website. Wix Bookings is available any time of the day, which is an extra benefit for the system users. The app will make your working schedule and your clients’ time more organized, thus, saving time. The system will not only register your clients and their orders at the website, but will also send automatic reminders to them (if needed). Group registration, management of several workers’ accounts and connection of Google Calendar are also available here.

  • Wix Bookings

  • Blogging. Having a blog is another benefit of any travel website. Blogging allows you to connect with your website visitors, publish niche-related articles and manage them as you need. This is a nice solution for website owners, who wish to be aware of everything that happens in the travel community.

  • Wix Free Blog Editor

  • Forum. If you own a travel website, you will surely appreciate an opportunity to connect a forum to it. This is quite easy and convenient with Wix. By adding a forum, you will be able to initiate and hold discussions with your website members, share useful information and encourage them to deal with you. You can connect a forum from the Wix App Market to add and manage posts, communicate with other forum members and stay in touch with them any time of the day.

  • Wix Forum

  • SEO Wizard. Effective SEO promotion is a must-have feature for any travel website. With SEO Wizard offered by Wix, you’ll be able to drive traffic and enhance your SEO results. The tool comes with a simple tutorial understandable to users with diverse expertise rate and web design skills. By using it, you will be able to analyze your current positions in the search engines and improve them in case of necessity.

    Wix Free SEO Wiz

Wix Cost

Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

Wix is not only a professional website builder, but it is also an affordable system that comes up to almost any user requirements and budgets. The service has an unlimited free plan, which works well for exploring the basic features of the system. However, if you have an intention to develop a full-featured travel website with Wix, you’ll need to upgrade to higher paid plans.

Any of the paid options will work well for the development of a travel website. What you need to make your choice is to analyze your needs and assess the results you expect to avail. The plans differ not only in cost, but also in the features, specific characteristics and options offered. Mind, however, that the Connect Domain Plan comes with ad banners that may be distracting for website visitors. So, if you run a serious travel business, consider upgrading to one of the advanced plans.


Wix is a universal website builder, which comes with drag-and-drop functionality. The system has intuitive interface and logically-structured dashboard that is easy to master for everyone. Wix has an impressive selection of travel templates and rich customization tools you can use to change the design of your website. The range of exquisite features, affordable pricing policy, safety and functionality of the system make Wix one of the decent niche leaders.

Wix Website Builder Review – see complete Wix review to discover more information about this website builder.

uKit – The Easiest Website Builder for Travel Agent

uKit home page

uKit is one of the easiest website builders ever. Due to the abundance of advanced web design features and customization tools, it is rightfully considered one of the best solutions to build a small business website. It’s a nice choice for your travel agency website. Even if you are a non-techie, the web building process won’t be a problem for you with uKit. By using the system, you will get a decent travel agency website in a few hours only.

uKit Travel Website Designs

When it comes to the template collection, uKit doesn’t lag behind Wix. The system offers a generous collection of travel-focused themes, which can be easily customized to meet the needs of newbies and web design pros. By browsing the collection, you will come across a variety of travel templates. You can effectively use them to build websites for your travel agency, mountain hiking or European tour, sea camping, holiday tourism activity, eco-tour, cruise ride and more. If you cannot find a template that comes up to your needs, you will still be able to select a blank template and start building your travel website from scratch.

uKit Travel Templates

This may take more effort and time, but the result will be certainly worth that as you will get a website, which will ideally meet your requirements. uKit also offers a possibility to change the template you have chosen in the process of creating your website. This is easy, convenient and safe for everyone. All uKit templates are responsive by default, which is a must-have feature.

uKit Features for Travel Agency Website

  • Extensive Widget Collection. If you are going to launch a travel website, an opportunity to add widgets to it will be a notable benefit for you. uKit offers a pretty nice selection of widgets that are a good addition to any travel website. Some of them are Online Chat, Social Networking Buttons, Timeline, User Comments, Service Calculator, Timer etc. The widgets come with niche-specific content that can be further replaced with the info you need to give your website desired functionality and look. It’s easy to select, customize and integrate a widget into any travel website and no specific skills or expertise are needed to do that.

  • uKit Widgets

  • CallBack Feature. To give your clients an easy opportunity to get in touch with you any time they need, you can add a CallBack widget to your travel website. This is how you can give your clients a chance to leave their callback request so that you could contact them at the most suitable time of the day.

  • uKit-CallBack widget

  • Blogging. Adding a blog to a travel website is the feature you will certainly appreciate. If you are serious about your online resource, you won’t miss a chance to connect a blog to it. This is a surefire way to add and share travel-related information and posts, stay in touch with your current and potential clients, publish photos and perform other actions.

  • uKit Travel Website Builder

  • Free SSL Certificate. uKit is a nice solution for everyone, who is concerned with a website safety level. The website builder makes it possible to connect SSL Certification feature to enhance the security of the resource. By using this feature, you will give your travel website the desired credibility level and confidentiality.

  • uKit SSL CRM Integration

  • Live Chat. One of the major missions of any travel website is to attract new clients and keep the existing ones. With a LiveChat feature offered by uKit, this won’t be a problem for you. This is a nice chance to stay in touch with clients, who have any questions or need ontime online support and assistance.

  • uKit LiveChat

uKit Cost

uKit Paid Plans:

uKit has a great pricing policy affordable to everyone. Even though, the service doesn’t have an unlimited free plan, it offers four paid plans, each of which comes with a free trial version, thus, allowing you to test the features of the system as you need. The duration of the trial period constitutes 14 days, which is more than enough to understand if the system really meets your requirements.

uKit price range is very affordable both to new clients, who are just going to build their first travel websites as well as for proficient web masters, who are seriously focused on the development of large-scale travel websites with advanced functionality. So, it’s up to you to make the choice.


uKit surely deserves to be included into the list of the easiest website builders available out there. The system is very simple and understandable to everyone. Due to the drag-and-drop functionality, easy website navigation, logically-structured interface, understandable dashboard, rich selection of niche templates and affordable pricing policy, uKit is a decent solution to build a professional travel website from scratch.

uKit Website Builder Review – read the complete uKit review for more detailes.

How To Create a Travel Agency Website

Building a travel agency website is super easy. The entire process does not take much time. By following these simple steps, you will cope with the task in the shortest time possible:

  • Sign Up for the Platform. Choose the website builder you’d like to work with and register with it. This takes a couple of minutes only. Just submit the required data and complete the signup procedure.
  • Select the Template. Find the travel-related category and choose a template you like. The choice may be quite versatile depending upon the service you select. So, preview each template prior to making your choice to get the one that is easier to customize.
  • Customize the Template. Having chosen the template you like, go to the dashboard to customize it there. Website builders usually offer lots of customization tools. So, make use of them to give your travel agency website stunning look and superior functionality.
  • Select the Plan. If you haven’t decided what features exactly you need, check whether the platform offers any trial or a free plan. By testing the features for free, you’ll be able to decide what paid plan suits you most of all.
  • Publish It! As soon as your website is ready, go ahead and publish it! Do not forget to take care of its further promotion, which is also implied by many website builders.

Must-Have Elements for a Travel Agency Website

Travel websites differ from other resources because of the niche they are used in. Thus, they have elements that are specific for them. These include:

  • About Us. The About Us page is a must-have for any business website and yours in not an exception. People, who are searching for the best travel website, initially look at the information about the company. So, make sure it is really catchy, informative and describes your agency to the advantage.
  • Wix About Page

  • Services. Different travel agencies may provide versatile services. It’s important to let your clients know about the range of services you offer and the prices you charge for these services.
  • Wix Services Page

  • Travel Tour Offers. When it comes to a travel agency website, providing the list of services is sometimes not enough for a client. It also makes sense to describe the travel tour offers you currently organize. This is exactly the info most clients seek for at travel agency websites. Make sure to enlist all the bonuses, discount packages and special offers that make your agency stand out from the crowd.
  • Wix Travel Offers

  • Blog. A blog is a nice addition to a travel agency website. This is a great chance for travelers to exchange their ideas and traveling experience. A blog will also improve your website search engine ranking.
  • Wix Travel Blog

  • Reviews and Testimonials. People looking for a travel agency cannot but pay attention to what other clients tell about this or that company. If the reviews published at your website are written by real people, they will make others interested in the comments. This builds customer trust and boosts your company recognition.
  • Wix Testimonials Page

  • Live Chat. Whether your clients need to specify the details available at the website or wish to have their questions answered, the best way to do that is by making use of the live chat. Users will definitely appreciate an opportunity to get professional consultation from the company experts available 24/7.
  • Wix Live Chat

  • Contacts. There is hardly a quality business website without contacts. This is another must-have for your travel agency website. Make sure to include the detailed contact info such as address, phone numbers, e-mail, Google maps app, Skype, Viber, feedback form and what not. The more – the better.
  • Wix Contact Page

Bottom Line

Launching a travel agency website is a great start for any travel company and a nice boost for the business that is already running. Many people are still wondering how to create a website for travel agency, while the answer is obvious: the simplest way to get a functional and visually appealing travel website is to create it with a website builder of your choice.

The best services that meet this goal most of all are Wix and uKit. They are easy to use, convenient, affordable and intuitive. They offer niche-related templates as well as a set of tools to customize them. That’s why, these services come up to the needs of newbies and web design pros, who create client websites.

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