TMDHosting Review

TMDHosting is an affordable and versatile website hosting provider. Established over a decade ago, TMD has gained a reputation as a well-established medium-sized website hosting company with an emphasis on functionality and customer service above anything else.

TMDHosting has a well-developed infrastructure, and it’s worth relying on. It features a high-security standard, so its data centers can withstand all sorts of obstructions, which is essential for a business site nowadays.

Today, TMD users will find richly packed plans of all hosting types. And before I dig into the core functionality of the provider and introduce its pricing system, let’s go over the main benefits and downsides TMDHosting users enjoy and have to deal with.

Affordable pricing;
Several free security tools;
User-friendly cPanel and native dashboard combination;
A selection of seven hosting locations;
60-day refund policy;
Free SSL and CDN on all hosting plans;
Free site migration;
Free backups;
Responsive and knowledgeable customer support.
Response time is poor;
High renewal costs;
Shared hosting users can’t get a dedicated IP.

TMDHosting Features

TMD Hosting Main

While small websites can perfectly get along with shared hosting only, projects with more complexity regarding resources and traffic need more powerful options, like Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. To meet all customers’ requirements, TMDHosting offers all possible types of hosting, including Reseller, which means a user can earn on selling services provided they have good marketing skills.

Shared Hosting

This is an excellent selection for new users as it is the cheapest option. TMDHosting offers fast Shared Web hosting plans for Linux and Windows. The company claims to provide 16x faster website page loading due to the three cache layers and the top SSD hardware.

Cloud Hosting

Being a faster and more scalable hosting type than Web hosting, Cloud Hosting will suit small-to-medium businesses. TMD offers three plans within this scope. With this provider, users get the latest Intel Xeon processors. Besides, the company’s Cloud hosting plans ensure a high page loading speed and better data protection. All TDM Cloud accounts reside in a private network with round-the-clock monitoring and protection from software and hardware appliances.

WordPress Hosting

WP is undeniably the most popular CMS out there. However, to run your WP site effectively, you need a credible hosting provider. TMDHosting’s perfectly optimized WP hosting options are worth a deal. It allows transferring an existing WordPress site or creating a new one right on its platform.

VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server is a flexible and robust hosting solution that gives users even greater control than Cloud or Shared hosting. This technology will provide a dedicated resource on a physical server and allow you to customize, control, and configure the virtual server. TMDHosting offers servers in Europe, the UK, the USA, Australia, and Asia.

Professionals who need exceptional power and flexibility for their projects can rely on TMDHosting VPS hosting plans. And those are five. All these plans offer high-performance SSD and round-the-clock monitoring.

Reseller Hosting

TMDHosting suggests small companies buy hosting resources and resell the hosting services to other companies. So, instead of using the server space you get from TMD, you re-rent it to your customers.

TMDHosting introduces three All-SSD WHM Reseller hosting options, with the storage having six cache layers. No matter which you choose, it features exceptional speed and perfect performance.

Dedicated Hosting

Enterprise-level businesses and big sites regularly dealing with enormous traffic will prefer their server. TMDHosting introduces four Dedicated hosting tiers to challenge various websites no matter how demanding they are. With this type of hosting, a customer leases a whole server not shared with anyone else. And the available servers are located in Europe and the USA.

Common Features

You will receive several features no matter which hosting type you need for your business. Let me introduce the essential tools:

  • Backups: TMDHosting delivers weekly file backups and daily database backups for the last five days free of charge. And if you need to have any file or database restored, you should contact the support and request it within the client area. The backup functionality is available on all Cloud and Shared plans except for the Starter one.

    At an extra cost, you can have seven personal copies of data stored at a physically remote location with instant access via FTP. However, this comes at a fixed monthly fee, though. cPanel settings like emails are not covered.

  • TMD Hosting cPanel Settings

  • Email & Anti Spam Tools: TMD will provide unlimited email addresses regardless of your hosting plan. It’s also simple to create one straight within cPanel. Besides, the company offers Spam Experts that help users manage their email spam. This advanced email filter is designed to scan and filter all incoming emails to detect phishing, viruses, spam, and all other email-related attacks. The tool functions with an impressively high 99.98% accuracy. Find the tool from the cPanel control panel, configure block lists, and allow lists, as well as monitor those messages detected as malicious by the Spam Experts. Note that the cPanel SpamAssassin is available, too.
  • TMDHosting Email Anti Spam Tools

  • Free Domain: By signing up for any TMDHosting plan, you get a free domain name, and the most famous domain extensions qualify for free. This can be done either during registration or within the first seven days.
  • Generous Resource Allocations: TMDHosting has become recognizable because of the low sale prices. The pricing system makes the service one of the cheapest managed hosting options today. Besides the free domain, the hosting provider delivers unmetered bandwidth and SSD storage to all its users, regardless of their plans. TMD customers get good value for their money.
  • eCommerce management: With TMDHosting, it’s also possible to manage an eCommerce store. The available features for eCommerce users involve unmetered storage and bandwidth, which ensure faster operating sites.
  • Sitebuilder: If a user doesn’t apply for TMDHosting services with an already schemed website, it’s possible to set one right on the platform thanks to the user-friendly website builder with a drag-and-drop editor. Furthermore, thousands of ready-made templates are presented to users’ attention to create fabulous site layouts. The templates library is available across all hosting tiers.
  • One-Click Installers: The company offers one-click installers for WP, Joomla, OpenCart, and several hundred applications, specializing in open-source hosting. For instance, TMD uses the renowned Softaculous app installer for getting all sorts of apps, including those for eCommerce, Forums, Project Management, Social Networks, Blogs, Wikis, and Education. Whatever app is required, it gets installed automatically within a minute or two.
  • Free Website/Domain Transfer: With TMDHosting, users should no longer worry about being obliged to migrate pages and databases manually. The company offers Free WP transfer with the whole database and zero downtime. Even if the user works on a new site, they can get a pre-built WP environment and have the firewall and security software covered on their behalf.
  • Live Malware Protection: TMDHosting ensures superior protection through its BitNinja-powered web-based firewall. This feature is especially great for eCommerce websites most subject to hacks and breaches. And even though there’s no fool-proof malware protection system, TMDHosting is effective.

TMDHosting Dashboard

TMDHosting features an accurately designed interface, making it simple to find whatever is needed. For site management, the company offers a slightly customized cPanel. And this difference lies only in the design as the biggest perk of this standard control panel type, the functionality, is virtually preserved. TMDHosting’s cPanel, however, looks easier to the eyes. Also, the client area is integrated with the control panel to make it even easier for a user to manage the site hosting.

TMD Hosting Dashboard

The homepage within the Client Area overviews the entire account with snapshots of invoices due, domains, services, and support tickets. Checking the Recent News section, you can see if any scheduled maintenance or downtime must be expected.

The Services section of the Client Area holds information about all product purchases the customer has made, including how much they have paid and the next due date for proceeding with payment.

TMDHosting introduces a one-click cPanel login right from the Client Area, where you can access the whole range of features. All the main aspects of the website can be managed from here:

  • Domain sets management. You can add, create, or delete domains from here.
  • SSL certificate activation. Look for the Let’s Encrypt SSL in the Security section and activate it before your website goes live.
  • Email account setup. TMDHosting allows the creation of as many email accounts as you may find necessary. Their setup and management are to be performed through the Email Accounts section. However, you shouldn’t approach the matter as a massive marketing campaign. Instead, the email accounts, which use the same resources as the website, will serve better for occasional mailing and business communication.
  • WP installation. The installation of WP or any other CMS is done through the cPanel. Here the hosting provider uses the standard Softaculous App Installer.
  • Opening the site builder. TMDHosting suggests using Weebly to build a website if you have no experience in the field.

So, TMDHosting’s cPanel is very easy to use, even if the customer has never dealt with a hosting provider before. The native interface is straightforward and used for billing and cPanel access only, while cPanel integration makes everything function smoothly.


Security is another TMDHosting characteristic one can’t get disappointed about. The company uses the latest technologies in the data center to keep users’ files secure. As a result, regardless of the hosting plan you purchase, it will be equipped with all the leading security tools like SSL, backups, and firewalls for free.

See what TMDHosting offers for free:

  • SSL certificate: This vital feature establishes stable and safe connections between the server and all browsers.
  • All in-house firewalls: Whatever data enters the network gets filtered. And in case of any suspicious activities, it gets prevented from reaching the network.
  • Automatic daily backups: TMDHosting provides free website restoration in case of a force majeure. Note that a website version is kept only for the latest five days.
  • Bitninja: This website-based firewall safeguards WP sites against DDoS attacks.

All these features incorporated into all TMDHosting plans aimed to protect against the most common threats showcase how seriously the company takes security.

Nevertheless, if you find these free security features don’t suffice, extra paid options are always available. Mainly, you can install SiteLock Basic, Domain Privacy, or SpamExperts.

Customer Support

TMDHosting offers two customer support means operating round the clock – via submitting a ticket and through live chat. The company’s friendly agents respond in several minutes when reaching the support through live chat. Even before you sign up, agents try to contact you just the moment you access the hosting provider’s website. This proves they are constantly online and ready to help registered and potential users.

TMD Hosting Support

What’s more, instead of providing links to the knowledge base as most hosting providers do, TMDHosting specialists answer your questions and give you detailed guidelines on how to solve your problem.

Furthermore, the company’s support team readily helps users with additional site maintenance tasks for free, including website transfers, extended troubleshooting, custom solution suggestions, and even malware detection and removal. Most other companies offer to hire their specialists instead.

However, if you still wish to solve your issue independently, check the Knowledge Base and the blog. Both sections have tons of helpful information and cover everything possible about TMDHosting services.


As for the performance of TMDHosting sites, you may be confused. The company ensures superior uptime of 99.99% having data centers worldwide to deliver premium website launching speed to all clients and site visitors. The available locations you can choose from include London, UK; Tokyo, JP; Amsterdam; Chicago; Phoenix; Sydney, AU; and Singapore, SG.

However, if the company is usually quick in connection, our tests showed the average response time went up to 2.31s, nearly four times the market’s average. This majorly depends on the location of the servers, though. The fastest results were registered in Western Europe.

Anyway, this small aspect fades against the overall TMDHosting functionality. The company provides next-generation hardware for file service with numerous CPU cores and third-party SSD hard drives. It claims to ensure a minimum of server downtime and maximum uptime. A user’s on-demand website hosting service won’t slow or fail often.


An affordable pricing system is another strength of this hosting provider. It offers reasonable pricing with all its hosting types. Let’s see the introductory tiers of each:

  • Shared Web Hosting: The introductory plan costs $2.95/mo (the renewal price is $4.95).
  • Cloud Hosting: The starting plan here is the Starter Cloud, offered at $5.95/mo (the regular price is $8.95).
  • WordPress Hosting: The cheapest WP hosting plan is $5.95/mo for the first year instead of the regular $8.95.
  • VPS Hosting: This hosting type starts at $19.97/mo (the renewal price is $39.95).
  • Reseller Hosting: The Standard introductory tier costs $29.95/mo while its renewal cost is $39.95/mo.
  • Dedicated Hosting: The Dedicated Starter plan comes at $79.97/mo, while the regular price of the tier is $159/95/mo.

As the prices for plans rise, their functionality increases, too. All Starter plans are reasonably priced, especially with those great discounts. And yet their renewal costs don’t look attractive. In all cases, the company offers a 60-day refund policy. Canceling the purchased plan and getting a refund is pretty straightforward.

TMDHosting Verdict

TMDHosting is an affordable website hosting provider covering all possible hosting types, from Shared hosting to Dedicated Servers. Plan prices start as small as $2.95/mo, yet the renewal prices are relatively high.

Furthermore, TMDHosting is user-friendly, featuring a straightforward cPanel interface for website management tasks. Despite the simplicity of use, the performance is pretty good, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and below-average response time intermittently.

TMDHosting features some of the best customer support in the market! The company’s assistance staff is friendly, responsive, and highly knowledgeable. Add a high-security level to this, and get a good website hosting provider for your next project. TMDHosting is especially recommendable for beginners and small businesses since the starting plans are affordable, the platform is easy to use, the customer assistance is superb, and there are many features to play around with.

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