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The Easiest Way to Create a Clan Website

Creating a website for your gaming clan is a great way to enhance communication within your group, keep your members informed as well as recruit new gamers. A well-designed website can easily become your ‘official’ center of communication so that everyone knows what’s going on.

The good news is that you can accomplish this task for little or no cost, without writing a single line of code, as there are so many websitte builders to choose from. So here’s how you can keep your guild organized:

Option #1: Use a specialized clan builder

While you can choose to create a clan website from scratch or using a versatile DIY site builder, generally it’s easier to use a specialized web service that provides specially designed features. These include: recruitment application forms, fully-featured forums, tournament managers (you can host competitive tournaments inside your own community), win/loss statistics, instant chat, user ranks and more.

iClanWebsites Homepage is a great example of a specialized web service for gamers. It’s exclusively geared towards creating clan websites. It even helps users set up their own voice servers to communicate with ease while in game (users can choose between TeamSpeak 3, Mumble and Ventrilo). Find out more about this site builder in our in-depth review.

Option #2: Use a versatile site builder

Though there are many specialized clan builders out there, you can equally benefit from using a versatile site builder for your guild, too. If you know your way around uCoz, for example, you can easily set up a clan website with it.

This site builder offers an impressive user management platform that will help you effectively manage your clan members. Use it to control which members can access different parts of your website. uCoz also supports forum, blogging, chatting and other features.

The Easiest Way to Create a Clan Website

uCoz provides free site building tools, themed templates and included hosting, in return for the display of advert banners on your site. You can upgrade your account to have these banners removed and unlock more features. You can attach a custom domain name without having to upgrade your website.

The best thing about uCoz is that it lets you extend and develop your website as your community grows. Read more about uCoz modules (building blocks) here.

So, which option is better? It all depends on how in depth you want to customize your website. If you want to create a simple central hub for all communication between you and your fellow members, you’ll get more than enough within the free plan of uCoz. But if you plan to hold competitive tournaments and track win/loss statistics of your matches, then web services like iClanWebsites seem to be a better option. And what are your thoughts?

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